All People, sorted by Surname then by Given name
SurnameGiven NamesBornDiedFatherMother
(Surname Unknown)Ada M.28 May 1881circa Nov 1945
(Surname Unknown)Adelina Francesbefore 1911
(Surname Unknown)Amelia Harriet25 May 1878
(Surname Unknown)Annbefore 1600after 1662
(Surname Unknown)Annbefore 1600
(Surname Unknown)Anncirca 1640
(Surname Unknown)Annbetween 1780 and 1790
(Surname Unknown)Annbefore 1785
(Surname Unknown)Annbetween 1799 and 1800
(Surname Unknown)Annbetween 1800 and 1820
(Surname Unknown)Annbetween 1807 and 1808Dec 1838
(Surname Unknown)Annbetween 1809 and 1810
(Surname Unknown)Annbefore 1810after 1851
(Surname Unknown)Annbetween 1811 and 1812
(Surname Unknown)Annbefore 1820
(Surname Unknown)Annbetween 1827 and 1828after 1881
(Surname Unknown)Annbetween 1828 and 1829
(Surname Unknown)AnnAug 1828
(Surname Unknown)Annbetween 1830 and 1831after 1891
(Surname Unknown)Annbetween 1838 and 1839
(Surname Unknown)Annbetween 1840 and 1843
(Surname Unknown)Annbetween 1842 and 1843after 1881
(Surname Unknown)Annbetween 1843 and 1844
(Surname Unknown)Annbetween 1844 and 1845after 1901
(Surname Unknown)Annbetween 1847 and 1848
(Surname Unknown)Annbetween 1853 and 1854
(Surname Unknown)Annbetween 1853 and 1854
(Surname Unknown)Annacirca 1894
(Surname Unknown)Annie1854
(Surname Unknown)Anniebetween 1854 and 1855
(Surname Unknown)Anniebetween 1875 and 1876
(Surname Unknown)Annie24 Feb 1876
(Surname Unknown)Anniebetween 1879 and 1880after 1901
(Surname Unknown)Annie Elizabeth21 Jun 18751948
(Surname Unknown)Audreybefore 1549
(Surname Unknown)Betty
(Surname Unknown)Carolinebetween 1806 and 1807
(Surname Unknown)Carolinebetween 1807 and 1827
(Surname Unknown)Carolinebetween 1821 and 1822
(Surname Unknown)Carolinebetween 1828 and 1829after 1881
(Surname Unknown)Carolinebetween 1846 and 1847
(Surname Unknown)Carolinebefore 18511875
(Surname Unknown)Carolinebetween 1858 and 1859
(Surname Unknown)Catherinebefore 1800
(Surname Unknown)Catherinebetween 1834 and 1835
(Surname Unknown)Catherinebetween 1842 and 1843
(Surname Unknown)Charliebefore 1895circa 1915
(Surname Unknown)Charlottebetween 1798 and 1799
(Surname Unknown)Charlottebetween 1811 and 1812
(Surname Unknown)Charlottebetween 1845 and 1846
(Surname Unknown)Charlotte B.between 1814 and 1815
(Surname Unknown)Christina
(Surname Unknown)Cissiebetween 1879 and 1920Goff, Dot
(Surname Unknown)Cleorabetween 1822 and 1823
(Surname Unknown)Constanceafter 1901(Surname Unknown), WillMontgomery, Naomi Anna Puttick
(Surname Unknown)Cordeliabetween 1868 and 1869
(Surname Unknown)Denisebefore 19742014
(Surname Unknown)Doreencirca 1915
(Surname Unknown)Doris Irene21 Jun 1914Nov 2000
(Surname Unknown)Dorothy1 Sep 1903after 1939
(Surname Unknown)Dorothy M.27 Feb 1909
(Surname Unknown)Edith M.6 Oct 1907
(Surname Unknown)Edwin Jennerbetween 1864 and 1865
(Surname Unknown)Elizabetween 1814 and 1815after 1881
(Surname Unknown)Elizabetween 1817 and 1825
(Surname Unknown)Elizabetween 1826 and 1827circa Aug 1896
(Surname Unknown)Elizabetween 1827 and 1828
(Surname Unknown)Elizabetween 1836 and 1837
(Surname Unknown)Elizabetween 1839 and 1840after 1901
(Surname Unknown)Elizabetween 1846 and 1847
(Surname Unknown)Elizabetween 1863 and 1864
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbefore 1530after 1577
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbefore 1670
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbefore 1719
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbetween 1780 and 1781circa Feb 1856
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbetween 1799 and 1800
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbefore 1800before 1826
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbefore 1803
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbefore 1805
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbetween 1813 and 1814
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbetween 1815 and 1816
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbetween 1820 and 1821
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbetween 1821 and 1822after 1901
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbetween 1828 and 1829
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbetween 1829 and 1830
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbetween 1830 and 1831
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbetween 1830 and 1831after 1901
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbetween 1834 and 1835
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbetween 1848 and 1849
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbefore 1856
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbetween 1859 and 1860
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbetween 1866 and 1867
(Surname Unknown)Elizabethbetween 1866 and 1867
(Surname Unknown)Elizabeth A.between 1860 and 1861
(Surname Unknown)Elizabeth A.8 Mar 1875circa Aug 1959
(Surname Unknown)Ellenbetween 1835 and 1836circa Feb 1910
(Surname Unknown)Ellenbetween 1835 and 1836
(Surname Unknown)Ellenbetween 1840 and 1841circa Aug 1908
(Surname Unknown)Ellenbetween 1845 and 1846
(Surname Unknown)Ellenbetween 1862 and 1863
(Surname Unknown)Ellenbetween 1873 and 1874
(Surname Unknown)Emily14 Nov 1880
(Surname Unknown)Emilybetween 1892 and 1893
(Surname Unknown)Emily H.between 1837 and 1838
(Surname Unknown)Emmabefore 1796
(Surname Unknown)Emmabetween 1803 and 1804
(Surname Unknown)Emmabetween 1838 and 1839
(Surname Unknown)Emmabetween 1855 and 1856
(Surname Unknown)Emmacirca 1902
(Surname Unknown)Estherbetween 1799 and 1800
(Surname Unknown)Estherbefore 1832
(Surname Unknown)Estherbetween 1844 and 1845after 1911
(Surname Unknown)Ethel A.between 1904 and 1905
(Surname Unknown)Ettiebetween 1856 and 1857
(Surname Unknown)Eva G. M.before 1905
(Surname Unknown)Eva Lee26 Jun 18874 Oct 1941
(Surname Unknown)Fannybetween 1826 and 1827
(Surname Unknown)Fannybetween 1832 and 1833between 1881 and 1891
(Surname Unknown)Fannybetween 1862 and 1863
(Surname Unknown)Fanny Elizabethbetween 1865 and 1866
(Surname Unknown)Fanny R.between 1854 and 1855after 1901
(Surname Unknown)female
(Surname Unknown)femalebefore 1977
(Surname Unknown)female
(Surname Unknown)femalecirca 15501594
(Surname Unknown)femalebefore 1646
(Surname Unknown)femalebefore 1710
(Surname Unknown)female1800before 1834
(Surname Unknown)femalebefore 1831before 1851
(Surname Unknown)femalebetween 1840 and 1860between 1876 and 1881
(Surname Unknown)femalebefore 1892
(Surname Unknown)female18 Jul 1898
(Surname Unknown)femalebefore 1919before 1939
(Surname Unknown)Florence Rose22 Jan 1891circa Nov 1977
(Surname Unknown)Francesbetween 1833 and 1834
(Surname Unknown)Fredalisia A.between 1836 and 1837
(Surname Unknown)Georginabetween 1870 and 1871
(Surname Unknown)Georginacirca 1905
(Surname Unknown)Gracebetween 1873 and 1874before 1910
(Surname Unknown)Hannah
(Surname Unknown)Hannahbefore 1730
(Surname Unknown)Hannahbefore 1782
(Surname Unknown)Hannahbefore 1820
(Surname Unknown)Hannahbetween 1821 and 1822
(Surname Unknown)Hannahbetween 1828 and 1829after 1901
(Surname Unknown)Harrietbetween 1819 and 1820
(Surname Unknown)Harrietbetween 1841 and 1842
(Surname Unknown)Harrietbetween 1850 and 1851
(Surname Unknown)Harriettbetween 1823 and 1824
(Surname Unknown)Helen M.between 1913 and 1914
(Surname Unknown)Hilda
(Surname Unknown)Hilda Lilian24 Jul 192814 Dec 2015
(Surname Unknown)Isabellabetween 1835 and 1836
(Surname Unknown)Janebefore 1553after 1573
(Surname Unknown)Janebefore 1708
(Surname Unknown)Janebetween 1787 and 1788
(Surname Unknown)Janebefore 1795
(Surname Unknown)Janebetween 1810 and 1811
(Surname Unknown)Janebetween 1820 and 1821circa Feb 1857
(Surname Unknown)Janebetween 1830 and 1831
(Surname Unknown)Janebetween 1831 and 1832
(Surname Unknown)Janebetween 1841 and 1842
(Surname Unknown)Janebetween 1851 and 1852
(Surname Unknown)Janebetween 1852 and 1853
(Surname Unknown)Janebetween 1853 and 1854
(Surname Unknown)Janebetween 1862 and 1863after 1901
(Surname Unknown)Janebetween 1868 and 1869
(Surname Unknown)Joanbefore 1659
(Surname Unknown)Joanebefore 1523May 1588
(Surname Unknown)Joanebefore 1570
(Surname Unknown)John
(Surname Unknown)Julia Agnesbetween 1885 and 1886
(Surname Unknown)Kathleen4 Feb 1901Feb 1994
(Surname Unknown)Laviniabetween 1856 and 1857
(Surname Unknown)Lavinia N.between 1866 and 1867after 1901
(Surname Unknown)Lilian G.2 Mar 1887
(Surname Unknown)Loisafter 1962
(Surname Unknown)Lucybetween 1808 and 1809
(Surname Unknown)Lucy Fannybetween 1848 and 1849
(Surname Unknown)Magdalena Anniebefore 18911938
(Surname Unknown)Maisie
(Surname Unknown)Margaretbetween 1840 and 1841
(Surname Unknown)Margaretbetween 1844 and 1845
(Surname Unknown)Margaret Ferguson29 May 1899Oct 1992
(Surname Unknown)Margery
(Surname Unknown)Mariabefore 1847
(Surname Unknown)Mariabetween 1848 and 1849
(Surname Unknown)Maria Elizabeth17 Jan 2013
(Surname Unknown)Marianbefore 1817
(Surname Unknown)Marion Beatrice5 Apr 1885circa May 1950
(Surname Unknown)Marthabefore 1782
(Surname Unknown)Marthabetween 1853 and 1854after 1901
(Surname Unknown)Marybefore 1604
(Surname Unknown)Marybetween 1640 and 1654after Dec 1680
(Surname Unknown)Marybetween 1692 and 1712after 1739
(Surname Unknown)Marybefore 1707after 28 Aug 1748
(Surname Unknown)Marybefore 17201753
(Surname Unknown)Marybetween 1725 and 1730after 20 Apr 1772
(Surname Unknown)Marybefore 1735after 1761
(Surname Unknown)Marybefore 1739
(Surname Unknown)Marybetween 1745 and 1765after 4 Jul 1794
(Surname Unknown)Marycirca 1765
(Surname Unknown)Marybefore 1783
(Surname Unknown)Marybefore 1787
(Surname Unknown)Marybetween 1789 and 1809
(Surname Unknown)Marybefore 1790
(Surname Unknown)Marybefore 1793
(Surname Unknown)Marybetween 1796 and 1816
(Surname Unknown)Marybetween 1797 and 1817
(Surname Unknown)Mary1798
(Surname Unknown)Marycirca 1800
(Surname Unknown)Marybetween 1803 and 1823
(Surname Unknown)Marybefore 1808
(Surname Unknown)Marybefore 1809
(Surname Unknown)Marybetween 1811 and 1812
(Surname Unknown)Marybetween 1812 and 1832
(Surname Unknown)Marybetween 1820 and 1821
(Surname Unknown)Marybetween 1821 and 1822after 1901
(Surname Unknown)Marybetween 1822 and 1823
(Surname Unknown)Marybetween 1827 and 1828after 1901
(Surname Unknown)Marybetween 1828 and 1829
(Surname Unknown)Marybetween 1834 and 1836
(Surname Unknown)Marybetween 1839 and 1840
(Surname Unknown)Marybefore 1843
(Surname Unknown)Marybetween 1843 and 1844
(Surname Unknown)Marybetween 1852 and 1853
(Surname Unknown)Mary1861
(Surname Unknown)Marybefore 1905
(Surname Unknown)Mary A.between 1819 and 1820between 1871 and 1891
(Surname Unknown)Mary A.between 1846 and 1847
(Surname Unknown)Mary Annbefore 1826
(Surname Unknown)Mary Annbetween 1826 and 1827after 1901
(Surname Unknown)Mary Annbetween 1841 and 1842
(Surname Unknown)Mary Annbetween 1847 and 1848
(Surname Unknown)Mary Annebetween 1806 and 1807after 1881
(Surname Unknown)Mary Elizabeth
(Surname Unknown)Mary Katebetween 1871 and 1872
(Surname Unknown)Mary Mariabefore 18055 Jul 1867
(Surname Unknown)Maudebetween 1879 and 1880
(Surname Unknown)May
(Surname Unknown)May
(Surname Unknown)Mildredbefore 1582before 20 Apr 1616
(Surname Unknown)Minnie13 Dec 1909circa Nov 1978
(Surname Unknown)Nettie B.Nov 1867
(Surname Unknown)Newell John Vierra2 Aug 195412 Nov 1999Harris, Diana Helen
(Surname Unknown)Nora
(Surname Unknown)Olivebetween 1828 and 1829
(Surname Unknown)Rachaelbefore 1770
(Surname Unknown)Rebeccabetween 1822 and 1823
(Surname Unknown)Rhodabetween 1851 and 1852after 1901
(Surname Unknown)Rosannabetween 1827 and 1828circa Aug 1896
(Surname Unknown)Rose29 Mar 1898
(Surname Unknown)Rosettabetween 1826 and 1827after 1881
(Surname Unknown)Ruthbetween 1839 and 1840
(Surname Unknown)Ruthbetween 1844 and 1845
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbetween 1720 and 1760after 1760
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbefore 1738
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbetween 1765 and 1766
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbetween 1766 and 1767after 1851
(Surname Unknown)Sarahcirca 177422 Feb 1844
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbefore 1776
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbetween 1776 and 1777after 1851
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbefore 1780
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbetween 1788 and 1808
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbetween 1794 and 1814
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbefore 1797
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbetween 1805 and 1806before 1846
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbetween 1811 and 1812after 1891
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbetween 1814 and 1815
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbetween 1821 and 1822circa Feb 1892
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbetween 1828 and 1829
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbetween 1831 and 1832
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbetween 1832 and 1833
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbetween 1832 and 1833
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbetween 1834 and 1835
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbetween 1836 and 1837
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbefore 1840
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbetween 1841 and 1842after 1901
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbetween 1843 and 1844
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbetween 1846 and 1847
(Surname Unknown)Sarahbefore 1849
(Surname Unknown)Sarah A.between 1854 and 1855
(Surname Unknown)Sarah Annbetween 1805 and 180612 May 1855
(Surname Unknown)Sarah Annbetween 1849 and 1850
(Surname Unknown)Sarah Annbetween 1858 and 1859
(Surname Unknown)Sophia1818
(Surname Unknown)Sophiabetween 1838 and 1839
(Surname Unknown)Stellabetween 1910 and 1911
(Surname Unknown)Susanbefore 1593circa May 1616
(Surname Unknown)Susancirca 1620before 1666
(Surname Unknown)Susanbefore 17051762
(Surname Unknown)Susannabetween 1834 and 1835
(Surname Unknown)Victoria
(Surname Unknown)Violet Elizabethbetween 1892 and 1893
(Surname Unknown)Virginiabetween 1915 and 1916
(Surname Unknown)Willbefore 1881
(Surname Unknown)Williambefore 1806
A'moreBernardbefore 15501593
A'moreElizabethbefore 1557A'more, BernardOckenden, Margery
AamodtHaakon18 Jan 1859
AamodtHilma Eugenia13 Feb 188715 May 1984Aamodt, HaakonJacobsen, Julia Josephine
AbbottAlfred Williambefore 1871
AbbottFlorence Maycirca Aug 1896after 1911Abbott, Frank SuttonLake, Elizabeth Bowden
AbbottFrank Sutton17 Jun 186827 Jun 1952
AbbottGladys Annie24 Apr 1893after 1952Abbott, Frank SuttonLake, Elizabeth Bowden
AbbottGladys Muriel11 May 1901Mar 1978
AbbottHarold Arthur George30 Jul 191715 Nov 1988
AbbottHarold Frankcirca Aug 1894after 1911Abbott, Frank SuttonLake, Elizabeth Bowden
AbbottJames L.19 Apr 1895
AbbottSarahbetween 1831 and 1832circa May 1891
AbbottWinifred Maudcirca Oct 1900after 1911Abbott, Frank SuttonLake, Elizabeth Bowden
AbrahamGrace Frances8 Mar 1879circa May 1962Abrahams, HenryWilkins, Sarah Ann
AbrahamsHenrybetween 1847 and 1848
AbreyNelliebefore 1917
AbsalomElizabethbefore 1911
AcocksRedvers B.between 1899 and 1900circa Nov 1947
AdamsAlbert John22 Jun 1885after 1939Adams, Noel JohnLighting, Louisa
AdamsAnnie Mariacirca Aug 1882Adams, James Francis RotchLighting, Maria
AdamsArthur Edwardbefore 1921
AdamsBeatrice Marybetween 1873 and 187424 Mar 1949
AdamsDorothy A. C.29 Sep 1923Adams, Albert John(Surname Unknown), Dorothy
AdamsDorothy Gertrude11 Nov 1897after 1911Adams, Noel JohnLighting, Louisa
AdamsEllenbetween 1836 and 1837before 1891
AdamsElsiebefore 1916
AdamsEmilybetween 1870 and 1871
AdamsFlorence Emilycirca Nov 1892after 1911Adams, Noel JohnLighting, Louisa
AdamsGeorge Gordoncirca Aug 1894
AdamsGordon Ernest20 Aug 1926Mar 1998Adams, George GordonSharp, Emmeline Kate
AdamsHarold Coates23 Sep 1909Feb 1998Adams, Henry WilliamPeacock, Mercy
AdamsHarrycirca Jan 1861after 1911Adams, IsaacDowlen, Ann West
AdamsHenrybetween 1776 and 1796before Jul 1838
AdamsHenry William30 Dec 1882after 1963
AdamsIsaacbetween 1824 and 18259 Jul 1862
AdamsJamesbefore 1834
AdamsJames Francis Rotchcirca Aug 1858
AdamsJeannette Katecirca Feb 1859circa May 1859Adams, IsaacDowlen, Ann West
AdamsKathleen Mary Page1 Jun 1908Jan 1989Adams, Henry WilliamPeacock, Mercy
AdamsLouisa Carolinecirca Feb 1853circa Nov 1884Adams, John
AdamsLouisa Janecirca Mar 1884after 1906Adams, Noel JohnLighting, Louisa
AdamsNellie Elizabeth28 Mar 1887after 1911Adams, Noel JohnLighting, Louisa
AdamsNessie P.circa Feb 1921Adams, Henry WilliamPeacock, Mercy
AdamsNoel Johncirca Feb 1854Adams, James
AdamsOlive Marycirca Aug 1884Adams, James Francis RotchLighting, Maria
AdcockRubycirca Feb 1916
AdfieldElizabeth Mary14 Aug 1909Nov 1999
AdlamCharles H.before 1920
AdsettJamesbefore 1826
AdsettSarah1846after 1911Adsett, James
AgateRobert Michael10 Mar 193629 Jul 2015
AgatesMarybefore 1790
AggetEllenbetween 1863 and 1864circa Feb 1938
AhlinJoseph Leonardbefore 1891
AhlinMarie2 Dec 19119 Jun 1975Ahlin, Joseph LeonardCarter, Elmira Irene
AkehurstFlorence Marjoriecirca May 1916Akehurst, HenryFarley, Florence Maud
AkehurstHenrybefore 1895
AkehurstMary1780circa Sep 1861
AkersAlfredbefore 1822
AkersEmma16 Feb 1843between 1891 and 1901Akers, AlfredHaslop, Caroline
AlcockHenry Leslie18928 Aug 1932
AldermanLeslie Sidney29 Jun 1910circa Nov 1977
AldermanLouisabetween 1833 and 1834
AldissAlbert Victorcirca May 1899circa Feb 1931
AldridgeDoris Lilian24 Nov 1914Feb 2005
AlexanderBertram Alfredcirca Aug 1897circa Nov 1921
AlexanderErnest Edward12 Apr 1914Dec 1993
AlexanderHannahbetween 1860 and 18613 Jan 1934
AlexanderJoline Olive Wentworthcirca Aug 19311 Oct 1997Alexander, Leslie WentworthLake, Mabel Alice
AlexanderLeslie Wentworth1 Jan 189311 May 1957
AlingAnnie Elizabethcirca May 1871circa Nov 1937
AllawayAlbert George26 Jan 1919May 1992Allaway, William GeorgePuttick, Ellen
AllawayArthur William18 Oct 191718 Oct 2004Allaway, William GeorgePuttick, Ellen
AllawayWilliam George11 Jun 188927 Jul 1963
AllbonHenrietta Merah9 Dec 188624 Jan 1973Allbon, Walter GeorgeTyler, Mary
AllbonWalter Georgebetween 1846 and 1866before 5 Apr 1891
AllcockAda Doreen15 Aug 1924Mar 2000
AlldisPamela D.circa Feb 1938circa May 1938Avis, Edith Florence
AllenAgnes Marycirca Nov 1864Allen, Arthur JamesRicks, Sarah Ann Keneday
AllenAlbert F.circa Feb 1938circa Feb 1939Allen, Cecil HenryRimell, Catherine
AllenAlgernon Nathaniel17 Nov 185927 Feb 1944Allen, Arthur JamesRicks, Sarah Ann Keneday
AllenAlgina Cameroncirca 1894Allen, Algernon NathanielCameron, Ann
AllenAlice Maycirca Feb 1914Allen, George HenryWilcox, Margaret Matilda
AllenAnnie Christina1891Jul 1975Allen, Algernon NathanielCameron, Ann
AllenArthur James1826between 1865 and 1895Allen, JamesBowyer, Hannah
AllenBeatrice Rose22 Jan 190218 Oct 1947
AllenCecil Henry19 Nov 1910circa May 1966Allen, George HenryWilcox, Margaret Matilda
AllenCharlesbetween 1828 and 1829circa Nov 1895Allen, JamesBowyer, Hannah
AllenCharles4 Mar 1886
AllenChristiana23 Aug 186924 Feb 1945Allen, FrancisPerkins, Lucy
AllenCregg26 Feb 186219 Mar 1941Allen, HenryWebb, Helen
AllenDaisy Esther15 Jul 1897circa Nov 1979
AllenDoracirca Nov 1894after 1911Allen, Francis AlbertHughes, Elizabeth
AllenDorothy4 Jun 1892circa May 1972
AllenEleanor Florence8 Feb 1892circa Nov 1973Allen, GeorgeDavies, Sarah Jane
AllenElizabethcirca Feb 1872after 1881Allen, FrancisPerkins, Lucy
AllenElizabeth Ada2 Nov 18863 Feb 1976Allen, CreggBarnett, Ada Sarah Elizabeth
AllenElizabeth Clara11 Jul 189519 Jan 1974
AllenEmily Anniecirca Nov 1863after 1911Allen, George WilliamNicholls, Elizabeth
AllenEric William4 Sep 1915circa May 1971Allen, William JamesTaggart, Florence Maud Mary
AllenEssie Lydiacirca Feb 188927 Mar 1939Allen, Hubert JamesColler, Emily
AllenFlorencecirca Nov 1891circa Aug 1894Allen, William GodfreyFisher, Helen
AllenFrancis1836circa May 1899Allen, JamesBowyer, Hannah
AllenFrancis Albert29 Jul 1866circa May 1937Allen, FrancisPerkins, Lucy
AllenFrank26 Aug 18865 Jul 1956Allen, William GodfreyFisher, Helen
AllenFrankcirca Feb 189813 Jan 1964Allen, CreggHopkins, Mary
AllenFrank Alexander12 Aug 1899circa Aug 1981Allen, GeorgeDavies, Sarah Jane
AllenFrederickcirca Feb 1867Allen, JohnGoff, Maria
AllenGeorgecirca Jun 1859circa Aug 1932Allen, HenryWebb, Helen
AllenGeorgecirca Apr 1877circa Nov 1877Allen, FrancisPerkins, Lucy
AllenGeorge Henrycirca Nov 1878Apr 1879Allen, FrancisPerkins, Lucy
AllenGeorge Henry9 Dec 1886circa May 1950Allen, GeorgeDavies, Sarah Jane
AllenGeorge William1833circa May 1873Allen, JamesBowyer, Hannah
AllenGladys Amelia22 Jan 1926Sep 2004Allen, Godfrey AustinGould, Grace Priscilla
AllenGladys Maycirca Nov 1890after 1911Allen, GeorgeDavies, Sarah Jane
AllenGodfrey20 Jun 18806 Nov 1949Allen, William GodfreyFisher, Helen
AllenGodfrey Austincirca Aug 1897circa Aug 1960Allen, GeorgeDavies, Sarah Jane
AllenGordon Austin J.2 Apr 1927Dec 2002Allen, Godfrey AustinGould, Grace Priscilla
AllenGrace N.between 1908 and 1909Allen, Joseph BenjaminForsey, Elizabeth Annie Grace
AllenGwenlliancirca May 1893circa Nov 1894Allen, GeorgeDavies, Sarah Jane
AllenHeber21 Jul 1870circa Aug 1943Allen, HenryWebb, Helen
AllenHenry18244 Jun 1874Allen, JamesBowyer, Hannah
AllenHoward Frankcirca Aug 18843 Dec 1938Allen, Hubert JamesColler, Emily
AllenHubert James11 Apr 185424 Apr 1934Allen, JamesDangerfield, Rosetta
AllenHubert Martincirca Feb 1883after 1911Allen, Hubert JamesColler, Emily
AllenIvor Charles10 Jun 1896circa May 1943Allen, GeorgeDavies, Sarah Jane
AllenJack5 Dec 1913Allen, FrankOwen, Elizabeth C.
AllenJamesbetween 1796 and 179718 Dec 1844
AllenJamesbetween 1830 and 1831between 1891 and 1901Allen, JamesBowyer, Hannah
AllenJanet Marybefore 1892after 1948
AllenJennie26 Jul 1891circa Aug 1973Allen, CreggHopkins, Mary
AllenJohn18 Jan 1838after 1881Allen, JamesBowyer, Hannah
AllenJohnbefore 1844before 1871
AllenJohn Franciscirca Dec 1900circa Nov 1938Allen, Francis AlbertHughes, Elizabeth
AllenJohn Henrycirca Nov 1896circa Feb 1976Allen, CreggHopkins, Mary
AllenJohn Stanleycirca Nov 1892after 1914Allen, Hubert JamesColler, Emily
AllenJoseph Benjamin4 Dec 188121 Jul 1934Allen, William WilfordBull, Mary Elizabeth
AllenJoseph Kenneth8 May 19074 Mar 1965Allen, Joseph BenjaminForsey, Elizabeth Annie Grace
AllenKate23 Jan 187915 Mar 1932Allen, William GodfreyFisher, Helen
AllenLeah Hughes27 Sep 19046 Jul 1960Allen, Francis AlbertHughes, Elizabeth
AllenLeonard J.circa Aug 1919Allen, CharlesHoadley, Winifred
AllenLeslie Georgecirca Nov 1909circa Feb 1910Allen, George HenryWilcox, Margaret Matilda
AllenLucillebetween 1913 and 1914Allen, Joseph BenjaminForsey, Elizabeth Annie Grace
AllenLucy Harriet10 Oct 1865after 1911Allen, George WilliamNicholls, Elizabeth
AllenMaggie Margaret19 Oct 1921Oct 2002Allen, George HenryWilcox, Margaret Matilda
AllenMargaret Helencirca Aug 1895after 1911Allen, CreggHopkins, Mary
AllenMartha Rosettacirca May 1890after 1911Allen, William GodfreyFisher, Helen
AllenMartin Bowyercirca May 1860circa Feb 1863Allen, JamesDangerfield, Rosetta
AllenMary Alicecirca Nov 1859after 1894Allen, HenryWebb, Helen
AllenMary Annbetween 1826 and 1827after 1844Allen, JamesBowyer, Hannah
AllenMary Ann21 Jun 1864after 1881Allen, FrancisPerkins, Lucy
AllenMary Ann Lydia16 Apr 1883circa May 1971
AllenMary Kate2 Apr 186212 Jan 1951Allen, JamesDangerfield, Rosetta
AllenMary Matildabetween 1846 and 184727 Jan 1899
AllenMay Elsiecirca Nov 1911Allen, Hubert MartinCollier, Florence M.
AllenMinnie Blanchebetween 1879 and 18802 Feb 1931Allen, William(Surname Unknown), Sarah Ann
AllenPeggycirca Nov 1920Allen, FrankOwen, Elizabeth C.
AllenRosecirca Feb 1897circa Nov 1906Allen, Francis AlbertHughes, Elizabeth
AllenRosetta Emilycirca Aug 1880after 1908Allen, Hubert JamesColler, Emily
AllenSarah Janebetween 1842 and 1843circa Nov 1907
AllenSidney Hebercirca Feb 1895Mar 1895Allen, GeorgeDavies, Sarah Jane
AllenSusie Phyllis Sybil21 Feb 1909circa Feb 1961Allen, GodfreySherbourne, Henrietta
AllenThomasbetween 1876 and 1877after 1891Allen, George(Surname Unknown), female
AllenThomas Richard27 Nov 1875circa Nov 1954Allen, FrancisPerkins, Lucy
AllenVictor George19 Oct 1919Sep 2001Allen, George HenryWilcox, Margaret Matilda
AllenWilhelmina Florence18 Feb 1865circa Nov 1954Allen, JamesDangerfield, Rosetta
AllenWilliambetween 1844 and 1845
AllenWilliam Godfrey1 Jan 18574 Mar 1916Allen, JamesDangerfield, Rosetta
AllenWilliam James5 Jan 1886between 1915 and 1939Allen, Hubert JamesColler, Emily
AllenWilliam Wilfordbefore 1861
AlleyStephen Eric22 Sep 1906Nov 1987
AllisonDoris Ellen31 Oct 1917May 2005
AllsebrookElizabethcirca Feb 1871circa Nov 1922
AlmondGeorge Henrybefore 1893
AlsopMary Francis Henrietta22 Apr 18625 Nov 1916
AlvisMichael Andrew11 Apr 1921Feb 2001
AlwardBertha June28 Jun 192919 Jan 2007
AmbroseEileencirca Aug 192119 Dec 2012Ambrose, William GeorgeCouchman, Alice Maud Conrid Fanny
AmbroseJoan G.circa Aug 1923circa Aug 1923Ambrose, William GeorgeCouchman, Alice Maud Conrid Fanny
AmbroseWilliam George21 Jan 1894
AmosRoland Clark15 Feb 19069 Apr 1980
AndersonCecil Earl13 May 19326 Jan 2018
AndersonDorothybefore 1935
AndersonJohn Edward22 Dec 190818 Aug 1978
AndrewBetty Evelyn16 Jan 19217 Jul 1960
AndrewGladys24 Sep 1897
AndrewsAlbert Edward30 May 1898circa Nov 1954
AndrewsAlma22 Jul 1900circa Nov 1969
AndrewsAlma Fannycirca Nov 1876circa Nov 1878Andrews, JamesPuttick, Fanny
AndrewsCharles Jamescirca Aug 1901after 1911Andrews, Charles MartinLaker, Harriet
AndrewsCharles Martincirca May 1872after 1911Andrews, JamesPuttick, Fanny
AndrewsConstancecirca Nov 1901after 1911Andrews, Robert ErnestGoff, Elizabeth
AndrewsEdith Mabelcirca Dec 1890after 1911Andrews, Edward JamesClarke, Georgina
AndrewsEdward James8 Nov 186018 Dec 1946Andrews, JamesPuttick, Fanny
AndrewsEdward William27 May 189325 Dec 1967Andrews, Edward JamesClarke, Georgina
AndrewsElma Kathleencirca May 1899after 1911Andrews, Charles MartinLaker, Harriet
AndrewsErnestcirca Aug 1911Andrews, Robert ErnestGoff, Elizabeth
AndrewsErnest Matthew5 May 186728 Aug 1955Andrews, JamesPuttick, Fanny
AndrewsGladyscirca Aug 1900after 1911Andrews, Robert ErnestGoff, Elizabeth
AndrewsHarriett20 Dec 186422 Jan 1954Andrews, JamesPuttick, Fanny
AndrewsHenry James8 Jun 1895circa Feb 1976Andrews, Edward JamesClarke, Georgina
AndrewsHenry Puttickcirca Jul 1856circa Feb 1881Andrews, JamesPuttick, Fanny
AndrewsJack A.6 Oct 1919Andrews, Henry JamesGriffin, female
AndrewsJames1832circa Feb 1882Andrews, MatthewHopkins, Frances
AndrewsJesse24 May 1863Mar 1864Andrews, JamesPuttick, Fanny
AndrewsMatthewbetween 1792 and 1812
AndrewsMurielcirca May 1909Andrews, Robert ErnestGoff, Elizabeth
AndrewsNorah Minnie8 Jun 1895circa Aug 1980
AndrewsRhoda185828 Aug 1936Andrews, JamesPuttick, Fanny
AndrewsRobert Ernestbetween 1875 and 1876
AndrewsSarah AnnApr 1870after 1891Andrews, JamesPuttick, Fanny
AndrewsStanley John25 May 1926Apr 1998Andrews, Albert EdwardColes, Mary Jane
AngelGeorge E.before 1904
AngellEvelyn Cicely3 Dec 190721 Apr 1992
AngusWilbert19173 Apr 1974
AnscombAnnbefore 1815
AnscombeEdmundbefore 1840
AnscombeElizabeth Ann186015 May 1948Anscombe, Edmund(Surname Unknown), Sarah
AnsellAda Florence Nancy19 Jan 189829 Oct 1979Ansell, HenryAustin, Ellen Ann
AnsellAggie Eva6 Apr 1879Apr 1946Ansell, GeorgeAnsell, Emma
AnsellAlfred Lynn23 Feb 187929 Dec 1940Ansell, PeterLynn, Mary Ann
AnsellAlice Louisacirca Aug 1886after 1911Ansell, CharlesGriffin, Annie
AnsellAlice Mary9 Aug 18661 Mar 1954Ansell, GeorgeMorris, Mary
AnsellAlice Maud5 Feb 189512 Feb 1949Ansell, HenryAustin, Ellen Ann
AnsellAlice Sissie11 Sep 187128 Aug 1956Ansell, GeorgeAnsell, Emma
AnsellAllen23 Sep 186628 Jul 1933Ansell, HenryGrace, Caroline Sharp
AnsellAllen Drawbridge16 Sep 1919Feb 1997Ansell, John WilliamBeard, Alice Cissie
AnsellAlmira Susan4 May 1858circa Feb 1933Ansell, WilliamCosstick, Susannah
AnsellAnncirca 181927 Aug 1861Ansell, WilliamWells, Louisa
AnsellAnna Catherinecirca May 1909Ansell, James ErnestStarling, Rose
AnsellAnnie Lavinia1866circa Feb 1924Ansell, FrederickWitten, Jane
AnsellArchibald Renville Henry11 May 1894circa Aug 1979Ansell, FrankGubby, Ida Lucy
AnsellArthur27 Oct 186219 Mar 1864Ansell, GeorgeMorris, Mary
AnsellArthur28 Jan 18905 Apr 1918Ansell, WilliamSullivan, Julia
AnsellArthur Charles25 Feb 189619 Apr 1966Ansell, HenryAustin, Ellen Ann
AnsellArthur Georgecirca Nov 189425 Apr 1918Ansell, Arthur JohnLynes, Emma
AnsellArthur John12 Nov 1864circa Aug 1945Ansell, WilliamCosstick, Susannah
AnsellAugusta Beryl3 Jul 1911Jun 1997Ansell, Charles LynnGoringe, Elizabeth Sarah
AnsellBarbara Molly27 Aug 1924Jul 2005Ansell, John WilliamBeard, Alice Cissie
AnsellBeatrice Mabel14 Nov 188329 Nov 1971Ansell, Henry HeasmanPeerless, Hephsibah
AnsellBert Richard15 Jan 19161 Nov 2005Ansell, Cecil GeorgePratt, Mabel
AnsellBetty D.circa Aug 1927circa Aug 1927Ansell, William HoraceSampford, Sarah Jane
AnsellBlanche Emma May5 Mar 188230 Jun 1956Ansell, Henry HeasmanPeerless, Hephsibah
AnsellBrian Walter23 Jul 1933Mar 1985Ansell, Gordon MatthewBeeching, Kathleen Joan
AnsellCandace Ann15 May 185622 Oct 1937Ansell, WilliamCosstick, Susannah
AnsellCassy Katecirca Aug 186221 Jan 1884Ansell, WilliamCosstick, Susannah
AnsellCatherine Stevens13 Jul 1846circa Nov 1904Ansell, WilliamWells, Louisa
AnsellCecil George27 Jan 188416 Mar 1965Ansell, William ClementBotting, Mary
AnsellCharles12 Sep 1860circa May 1914Ansell, GeorgeMorris, Mary
AnsellCharles Bertram11 Jul 1916circa Feb 1978Ansell, Charles GriffinPrier, Bessie Elizabeth
AnsellCharles Griffincirca Feb 1885circa May 1926Ansell, CharlesGriffin, Annie
AnsellCharles Lynncirca Feb 187028 Sep 1935Ansell, PeterLynn, Mary Ann
AnsellCharles Ronald6 Dec 1903May 1984Ansell, Charles LynnGoringe, Elizabeth Sarah
AnsellCicely16 Feb 184213 Feb 1921Ansell, WilliamWells, Louisa
AnsellCisse Ellen21 Oct 1915Feb 1999Ansell, John WilliamBeard, Alice Cissie
AnsellClaraJun 1851Nov 1859Ansell, JohnMobsby, Sarah Hall
AnsellClaracirca May 1870after 1911Ansell, HenryGrace, Caroline Sharp
AnsellClement15 Jul 18449 Feb 1921Ansell, WilliamWells, Louisa
AnsellClement Stanley8 Apr 192219 Jan 2002Ansell, Cecil GeorgePratt, Mabel
AnsellClifford Peter Heasmancirca Feb 191929 Jan 1943Ansell, Joseph WilliamArmstrong, Margaret Anne
AnsellCyril George Kitchener27 Nov 191411 Jul 2003Ansell, George Charles WilliamMillard, Rose
AnsellDavid Edward19231967Ansell, Edward DrawbridgeEdwards, Irene Marguerite
AnsellDavid Leonard25 Dec 1925Jul 1991Ansell, John WilliamBeard, Alice Cissie
AnsellDerek William Henry28 Oct 192924 Apr 2013Ansell, William HoraceSampford, Sarah Jane
AnsellDonald R.circa Feb 1921Ansell, GeorgeGraham, Ann Charlotte
AnsellDora Elsie17 Oct 1911Jun 2004Ansell, GeorgeGraham, Ann Charlotte
AnsellDoris Louisa Mary13 Oct 1907Jan 1989Ansell, FrankFaulkner, Katie Hilda
AnsellDorothy Maude8 Apr 19012 Apr 1987Ansell, George WilliamNicholls, Eleanor Jane
AnsellDorothy May23 Feb 1902circa May 1980Ansell, Arthur JohnLynes, Emma
AnsellDouglas George21 Apr 1892circa Feb 1981Ansell, Walter GeorgeJenner, Beatrice Helena
AnsellEdgar Morrice6 Jun 1888Jul 1967Ansell, Edward LeonardRowlinson, Emma
AnsellEdward Drawbridgecirca Aug 188921 Sep 1979Ansell, Walter GeorgeJenner, Beatrice Helena
AnsellEdward Leonard10 Jul 18546 Jul 1944Ansell, WilliamCosstick, Susannah
AnsellElizabethcirca Aug 1843circa Nov 1907Ansell, Ann
AnsellElla Gertrude14 Mar 1878circa May 1879Ansell, Henry HeasmanPeerless, Hephsibah
AnsellEllen2 Feb 1840Jun 1897Ansell, WilliamWells, Louisa
AnsellEllen9 Aug 186216 Feb 1952Ansell, PeterLynn, Mary Ann
AnsellEllen Mary21 Jan 1875after 1911Ansell, HenryAustin, Ellen Ann
AnsellElsie Ada5 Apr 1888circa May 1973Ansell, CharlesGriffin, Annie
AnsellEmily Jane8 Apr 18686 Jan 1945Ansell, HenryGrace, Caroline Sharp
AnsellEmmabetween 1830 and 1831after 1871Ansell, WilliamWells, Louisa
AnsellEmma30 Aug 184616 Nov 1921Ansell, WilliamBrooker, Eliza
AnsellEthel May28 May 1886Jun 1977Ansell, Edward LeonardRowlinson, Emma
AnsellEthel Peerless22 Sep 1879circa Nov 1914Ansell, Henry HeasmanPeerless, Hephsibah
AnsellEunice Ethel27 Nov 191620 Oct 2012Ansell, John WilliamBeard, Alice Cissie
AnsellEvelyn Lily30 Jul 1925Sep 1991Ansell, William HoraceSampford, Sarah Jane
AnsellFlorence8 Jun 1873Sep 1940Ansell, HenryGrace, Caroline Sharp
AnsellFlorence Mary24 Dec 1889circa Nov 1982Ansell, CharlesGriffin, Annie
AnsellFrancescirca May 1838circa Feb 1873Ansell, WilliamWells, Louisa
AnsellFrances22 May 1852circa Nov 1913Ansell, GeorgeMorris, Mary
AnsellFrankcirca Feb 1868circa Feb 1928Ansell, RenvillBourne, Mary Hannah Eleanor
AnsellFrankAug 1893Feb 1894Ansell, CharlesGriffin, Annie
AnsellFrederickbetween 1826 and 1846
AnsellFrederickcirca Aug 1930circa Feb 1931Ansell, MatthewLand, Beatrice Dorothy A.
AnsellFrederick Peter30 Jul 187615 Jul 1961Ansell, Henry HeasmanPeerless, Hephsibah
AnsellGeorgeApr 1825Jan 1893Ansell, WilliamWells, Louisa
AnsellGeorge29 May 184826 Aug 1922Ansell, GeorgeMorris, Mary
AnsellGeorge4 Apr 188118 May 1949Ansell, WilliamSullivan, Julia
AnsellGeorge Albert5 Mar 18829 Apr 1962Ansell, HenryAustin, Ellen Ann
AnsellGeorge Albert Graham26 Jul 1901circa Feb 1982Ansell, GeorgeGraham, Ann Charlotte
AnsellGeorge Charles William17 Nov 188313 Apr 1945Ansell, CharlesGriffin, Annie
AnsellGeorge Henry26 Mar 19107 Apr 1980Ansell, George AlbertBathe, Geraldine
AnsellGeorge Matthew13 Oct 1913circa Nov 1963Ansell, James ErnestStarling, Rose
AnsellGeorge William15 Apr 18707 Feb 1942Ansell, GeorgeAnsell, Emma
AnsellGeorge William25 Jun 19144 Nov 1988Ansell, Cecil GeorgePratt, Mabel
AnsellGladys Alice25 May 1913Mar 1984Ansell, George AlbertBathe, Geraldine
AnsellGordon Matthew5 Jan 1907circa Aug 1978Ansell, GeorgeGraham, Ann Charlotte
AnsellHamlin George17 Aug 188413 Apr 1982Ansell, Edward LeonardRowlinson, Emma
AnsellHannah Louisacirca Aug 1864after 1901Ansell, RenvillBourne, Mary Hannah Eleanor
AnsellHarrycirca Aug 186726 Apr 1922Ansell, PeterLynn, Mary Ann
AnsellHarry Clement9 Nov 1898circa May 1967Ansell, Edward LeonardRowlinson, Emma
AnsellHarry Edward Peter16 May 1907Mar 1985Ansell, HarryDale, Sophia Matilda
AnsellHedley William George16 Jul 18765 Oct 1876Ansell, William ClementClark, Emma
AnsellHenrybetween 1832 and 18332 Jan 1908Ansell, WilliamWells, Louisa
AnsellHenry5 Mar 185625 Jan 1915Ansell, GeorgeMorris, Mary
AnsellHenry Bertram7 Jun 187312 Nov 1873Ansell, GeorgeAnsell, Emma
AnsellHenry Heasmancirca May 185029 Dec 1916Ansell, WilliamCosstick, Susannah
AnsellHenry Louis11 Nov 187717 Nov 1951Ansell, HenryAustin, Ellen Ann
AnsellHenry Moon20 Jan 1875after 1911Ansell, Henry HeasmanPeerless, Hephsibah
AnsellHuldah Joyce16 Jun 1899circa Nov 1979Ansell, Walter GeorgeJenner, Beatrice Helena
AnsellIda Cassy8 May 188518 Jan 1955Ansell, William ClementBotting, Mary
AnsellIrene M. L.circa May 1920Ansell, William LynnBlewitt, Daisy Gertrude
AnsellJames Ernest20 Nov 18781 Apr 1927Ansell, WilliamSullivan, Julia
AnsellJames Ernestcirca Aug 1912Ansell, James ErnestStarling, Rose
AnsellJames Lynn17 Sep 186422 Jan 1946Ansell, PeterLynn, Mary Ann
AnsellJane6 Nov 1853after 1911Ansell, GeorgeMorris, Mary
AnsellJessiecirca May 1918Ansell, James ErnestStarling, Rose
AnsellJohnbetween 1822 and 182316 Mar 1904Ansell, WilliamWells, Louisa
AnsellJohn Alfred27 Aug 1924Jul 1998Ansell, John WilliamBeard, Alice Cissie
AnsellJohn Thomas18 May 188720 Jul 1974Ansell, WilliamSullivan, Julia
AnsellJohn William10 Jul 188911 Oct 1960Ansell, AllenBrown, Ellen
AnsellJoseph6 May 189522 Sep 1961Ansell, WilliamSullivan, Julia
AnsellJoseph William14 Nov 18878 Feb 1935Ansell, Henry HeasmanPeerless, Hephsibah
AnsellJulia Lily5 Jan 1910Sep 2000Ansell, GeorgeGraham, Ann Charlotte
AnsellJulia May22 Sep 187612 Dec 1895Ansell, WilliamSullivan, Julia
AnsellKate Purveycirca Feb 1892after 1911Ansell, Arthur JohnPurvey, Kate
AnsellKathleen Lilian Eleanor13 Nov 1903Oct 1987Ansell, FrankFaulkner, Katie Hilda
AnsellKenneth Victor2 Aug 1906Jan 1987Ansell, Charles LynnGoringe, Elizabeth Sarah
AnsellLawrence Sidney Frankcirca Nov 1890after 1901Ansell, FrankGubby, Ida Lucy
AnsellLeonard Thomas4 Apr 192619 Dec 2004Ansell, Cecil GeorgePratt, Mabel
AnsellLewis Georgecirca Feb 191818 Feb 1963Ansell, Charles GriffinPrier, Bessie Elizabeth
AnsellLilliancirca May 1866after 1911Ansell, RenvillBourne, Mary Hannah Eleanor
AnsellLily May Julia12 Jun 1915Sep 2005Ansell, John ThomasBrooks, Ethel May
AnsellLouisa30 Jan 1858after 1871Ansell, GeorgeMorris, Mary
AnsellLouisa Alice Elizabeth26 Mar 18897 Dec 1965Ansell, HenryAustin, Ellen Ann
AnsellLouisa Geraldine1 Jun 1907May 1996Ansell, George AlbertBathe, Geraldine
AnsellLucy Louisacirca Nov 1860circa May 1929Ansell, JohnMobsby, Sarah Hall
AnsellMabelAug 1893Oct 1893Ansell, CharlesGriffin, Annie
AnsellMaidie Marion16 Oct 192827 Nov 2008Ansell, John WilliamBeard, Alice Cissie
AnsellMary3 Dec 186713 Jul 1950Ansell, JohnMobsby, Sarah Hall
AnsellMary Ann Lynn18 Nov 187225 Jan 1951Ansell, PeterLynn, Mary Ann
AnsellMatilda Isabelcirca Nov 1901after 1925Ansell, HarryDale, Sophia Matilda
AnsellMatthew3 May 18845 Mar 1941Ansell, WilliamSullivan, Julia
AnsellMyra Joyce11 Nov 190812 Apr 1971Ansell, GeorgeGraham, Ann Charlotte
AnsellNancycirca Nov 1852circa May 1943Ansell, JohnMobsby, Sarah Hall
AnsellNancy Eileen3 Mar 1913Aug 2004Ansell, GeorgeGraham, Ann Charlotte
AnsellNorah Mary26 Apr 1907circa May 1981Ansell, James ErnestStarling, Rose
AnsellOlivebetween 1827 and 182826 Dec 1917Ansell, WilliamWells, Louisa
AnsellPeggy Iris26 Jan 1919May 2005Ansell, GeorgeGraham, Ann Charlotte
AnsellPercy Raymond24 Mar 189720 Oct 1972Ansell, Arthur JohnLynes, Emma
AnsellPeterApr 18345 Mar 1902Ansell, WilliamWells, Louisa
AnsellPeter Frankcirca Aug 185226 Feb 1936Ansell, WilliamCosstick, Susannah
AnsellPeter James L.18 Oct 1923Apr 1996Ansell, William LynnBlewitt, Daisy Gertrude
AnsellPeter Robert15 Sep 1928circa Feb 1977Ansell, George Albert GrahamHow, Elsie Doris
AnsellRenvillbetween 1835 and 183618 Nov 1904Ansell, WilliamWells, Louisa
AnsellRenvill Rolandcirca Nov 1862Aug 1935Ansell, RenvillBourne, Mary Hannah Eleanor
AnsellRichard Owen Lynn23 Nov 1918Apr 1992Ansell, William LynnBlewitt, Daisy Gertrude
AnsellRobert Frank30 Jul 1895circa Nov 1982Ansell, FrankGubby, Ida Lucy
AnsellRonald Leslie11 Mar 189425 Dec 1966Ansell, Walter GeorgeJenner, Beatrice Helena
AnsellRose Lilian30 Oct 1905after 1963Ansell, James ErnestStarling, Rose
AnsellSarah Jane29 Nov 1865after 1939Ansell, JohnMobsby, Sarah Hall
AnsellSidney James15 Mar 1916Ansell, William J.Hook, Phoebe
AnsellThomas6 May 189513 Apr 1963Ansell, WilliamSullivan, Julia
AnsellUna Marguerite12 Dec 1916Sep 1988Ansell, GeorgeGraham, Ann Charlotte
AnsellVictor Brian29 Apr 1915Oct 2004Ansell, GeorgeGraham, Ann Charlotte
AnsellWalter George1 Nov 186027 Nov 1944Ansell, WilliamCosstick, Susannah
AnsellWilliam1 Aug 179821 Nov 1872
AnsellWilliam7 Feb 181921 Jan 1895Ansell, WilliamWells, Louisa
AnsellWilliam5 May 18505 Jun 1921Ansell, GeorgeMorris, Mary
AnsellWilliam20 Jul 1874after 1911Ansell, WilliamSullivan, Julia
AnsellWilliam Clement27 May 184826 May 1922Ansell, WilliamCosstick, Susannah
AnsellWilliam Henry31 Oct 1904circa May 1982Ansell, GeorgeGraham, Ann Charlotte
AnsellWilliam Horace8 Aug 189221 Dec 1978Ansell, HenryAustin, Ellen Ann
AnsellWilliam J.28 Apr 1891
AnsellWilliam John Lynn31 Dec 1914Apr 2004Ansell, William LynnBlewitt, Daisy Gertrude
AnsellWilliam Leonard10 Aug 188222 Aug 1956Ansell, Edward LeonardRowlinson, Emma
AnsellWilliam Lynn8 May 18774 Oct 1961Ansell, PeterLynn, Mary Ann
AnsleJoanbefore 1639Mar 1672
ApplebeeMary Ann Elizabethbetween 1853 and 185410 Dec 1934
AppsEleanorbetween 1849 and 1850
ArchardSarahbetween 1852 and 1853
ArchboldArlene28 Feb 192228 Dec 2012
ArcherEvelyn Mary29 Sep 1892Mar 1983
ArcherJoan Muriel12 Jul 192110 Feb 1989
ArchinalArthur5 Jul 189119 Jun 1985
ArmigerBriancirca Aug 1918Armiger, William James GowerDunham, Dorothy
ArmigerHenry Robert Gowercirca May 1891circa May 1893Armiger, WilliamGower, Julia
ArmigerWilliam16 Aug 186028 Sep 1940
ArmigerWilliam James Gower9 Nov 1889circa Nov 1962Armiger, WilliamGower, Julia
ArmorMaud Eugeniabetween 1879 and 1880
ArmstrongAlgernon Bennett13 Sep 18899 Jan 1956Armstrong, William
ArmstrongJean Staden11 Nov 1919Jun 2006Armstrong, Algernon BennettStaden, Julia Rosetta Winifred Dorothy
ArmstrongMargaret Anne23 Apr 1890Sep 1988
ArmstrongWilliambefore 1868
ArnoldAnnbetween 1823 and 1824Feb 1901Arnold, WilliamClifford, Ann
ArnoldAnniebetween 1862 and 1863
ArnoldCharles E.28 Apr 1896
ArnoldJames Michael13 Apr 1921Dec 1988
ArnoldWilliam19 Oct 178829 Dec 1862
ArthurAlice Florence12 Aug 189516 Aug 1950
ArthursRita Amy Georgina6 Oct 1918circa Aug 1976
AshAlice Maud3 Mar 19097 Apr 1991
AshbeeElizabeth10 Feb 185913 Mar 1942
AshbyCharles George28 Dec 1908circa Aug 1979Ashby, George CliftonHill, Bertha Rose
AshbyDorothy Mabel7 Jun 1914Jun 1985Ashby, George CliftonHill, Bertha Rose
AshbyGeorge Clifton16 Sep 188616 Nov 1947
AshbyGwendoline Phoebe1 Dec 1887circa Nov 1962Ashby, William
AshbyJudith Ann28 Sep 192523 Apr 2012
AshbyLena May25 Jul 1919circa Feb 1983Ashby, George CliftonHill, Bertha Rose
AshbyRonald Cyril13 Aug 1930Mar 1978Ashby, Charles GeorgeCurd, Christina Anne
AshbyWilliambefore 1868
AshdownBessie Catherine15 Oct 1901circa May 1969
AshdownHarold A. V.circa Aug 1946circa Aug 1947Ashdown, Harold OswaldTucknott, Beatrice May
AshdownHarold Oswaldbetween 1921 and 192216 Oct 2007
AsheWarrenbefore 2015
AshfordDoris10 Feb 1915
AshickRobert19178 Mar 1979
AshleyErnest Gilmanbetween 1873 and 187421 Mar 1963
AshleyReginald George6 Feb 1925Sep 2004
AshplantJoyce16 Mar 191520 Dec 1998
AshtonGrace19 Feb 1877circa May 1978
AshtonHenry T.before 1912
AsmanMargaret Emily27 Nov 1911Apr 1998
AspinFrederickbetween 1881 and 1882circa Feb 1968
AspinallHarry3 Nov 1901circa Nov 1980
AssamSamuelbefore 1862
AsterlindRaymond Gustaf26 May 191627 Sep 1944
AstonBenjamin19 Nov 185012 Jun 1940
AtherallAnnie Louise24 Oct 1866circa Feb 1940
AtkinsBertram Henry6 Mar 1911circa May 1965Atkins, Charles ThomasHatchard, Sarah
AtkinsCharles Thomas20 Aug 1878circa May 1934Atkins, William HenryAnsell, Jane
AtkinsCharles Thomascirca Aug 1904Atkins, Charles ThomasHatchard, Sarah
AtkinsEdward Jamescirca May 1888circa Feb 1954Atkins, William HenryAnsell, Jane
AtkinsElsie Eleanor M.14 Jul 1921circa May 1974Atkins, Edward JamesTwiddy, Selina
AtkinsEmma Ruth Margaretcirca May 1919Atkins, George AlfredPyemont, Emma Elizabeth
AtkinsGeorge Alfred2 Nov 1880circa Feb 1934Atkins, William HenryAnsell, Jane
AtkinsGeorge Olivercirca May 1909Atkins, George AlfredPyemont, Emma Elizabeth
AtkinsHenry Charlescirca Aug 1911Atkins, George AlfredPyemont, Emma Elizabeth
AtkinsIrene19 Jul 1910Mar 1985
AtkinsIris Patricia1 May 1938Jun 1995Atkins, Bertram HenryStiggins, Elizabeth
AtkinsJane Ellen6 Jan 1886circa Feb 1940Atkins, William HenryAnsell, Jane
AtkinsJane Ellencirca Feb 1916Atkins, Charles ThomasHatchard, Sarah
AtkinsJohn Williamcirca Aug 1906Atkins, Charles ThomasHatchard, Sarah
AtkinsKenneth Johncirca Nov 1943Apr 2008Atkins, Bertram HenryStiggins, Elizabeth
AtkinsLouisa Emily19 Dec 1889after 1939Atkins, William HenryAnsell, Jane
AtkinsMary Louisacirca Aug 1876Atkins, William HenryAnsell, Jane
AtkinsOliver Walter12 Jan 1916Jun 1984Atkins, George AlfredPyemont, Emma Elizabeth
AtkinsRosecirca Aug 1913Atkins, Charles ThomasHatchard, Sarah
AtkinsRuth Olive26 Jan 1926Jan 1995Atkins, George AlfredPyemont, Emma Elizabeth
AtkinsSarah Gracecirca Feb 1909Atkins, Charles ThomasHatchard, Sarah
AtkinsTerence Charles22 Sep 1934Dec 1989Atkins, Bertram HenryStiggins, Elizabeth
AtkinsThomasbefore 1832
AtkinsWilliam Henry1852Atkins, Thomas
AtkinsWilliam Henry10 Dec 1873after 1911Atkins, William HenryAnsell, Jane
AtkinsWilliam Thomas5 May 1913circa May 1976Atkins, George AlfredPyemont, Emma Elizabeth
AtkinsonMargery13 Feb 1911circa May 1978
AtreeBessie Georginabetween 1856 and 1857
AttewellAlicecirca May 185114 Oct 1909Attewell, JohnTurner, Harriet
AttewellJohnbetween 1800 and 1801
AttrillBernard22 Mar 18917 Mar 1974
AttrillKathleencirca Nov 192713 Apr 2018Attrill, BernardSharp, Edith Kate
AtwellCharles Jamescirca Feb 1852circa Feb 1927Atwell, John CharlesMaggs, Emma
AtwellEdward Georgecirca Feb 1864circa Feb 1877Atwell, John CharlesMaggs, Emma
AtwellEdward Henrycirca Sep 1880circa Feb 1934Atwell, Henry WilliamVicker, Emily Eliza
AtwellEmily Alicecirca Feb 1852circa Aug 1925Atwell, HenryWoodward, Emily
AtwellFlorence Emily27 Dec 187728 Jul 1962Atwell, Henry WilliamVicker, Emily Eliza
AtwellHenry19 Jun 1826after 1857Atwell, ThomasHodges, Mary
AtwellHenry Williamcirca Feb 1856circa Feb 1939Atwell, John CharlesMaggs, Emma
AtwellJane Amelia12 May 1828circa May 1912Atwell, ThomasHodges, Mary
AtwellJohn Charles11 Aug 1824circa Nov 1897Atwell, ThomasHodges, Mary
AtwellLucy H.1 Sep 1857circa Nov 1951Atwell, HenryWoodward, Emily
AtwellThomasbefore 1800before 1851
AtwellWinifred Mary10 Nov 18871 Mar 1972Atwell, Henry WilliamVicker, Emily Eliza
AustenFannybetween 1832 and 1833circa Feb 1917
AustinAlexander Adolphuscirca Nov 1886after 1891Austin, Joseph AllenMontgomery, Sarah
AustinAlice Amycirca Nov 1891after 1911Austin, Joseph AllenMontgomery, Sarah
AustinArchibaldbetween 1888 and 1889after 1901Austin, Joseph AllenMontgomery, Sarah
AustinArthur Allancirca May 1885Austin, Joseph AllenMontgomery, Sarah
AustinChristopher Stephen16 Jun 1909Jul 1984
AustinEllen Anncirca May 1857circa Feb 1903Austin, James
AustinHenrybefore 1837
AustinJamesbefore 1837
AustinJoseph Allancirca May 1906Austin, Arthur AllanDriver, Gertrude Mabel
AustinJoseph Allenbetween 1857 and 1858Austin, Henry
AveryClement Harold James28 May 189227 Jul 1950
AveryElizabeth3 May 1872
AveryFlorence M.before 1910
AveryFlorence Sarahbefore 1921
AveryGordon William Jonah16 Apr 1911
AveryJoan V.before 1921
AveryPamela Marycirca Nov 192915 Apr 2010
AvisAlbert Edwardcirca Aug 1902Avis, EdwardHarding, Marian
AvisArthur Leslie16 Oct 1916Avis, EdwardHarding, Marian
AvisCharles Victorcirca May 1909Avis, EdwardHarding, Marian
AvisDoris May12 Oct 192019 Jul 2009
AvisDouglas5 Feb 1927Mar 1999Avis, James A.Miles, Dorothy Elizabeth
AvisEdith Florence16 Jan 1900circa Aug 1972Avis, EdwardHarding, Marian
AvisEdwardbetween 1879 and 1880circa May 1955
AvisElizabeth Emilybetween 1885 and 1886
AvisEmily May21 Apr 1907Avis, EdwardHarding, Marian
AvisGeorge Basilcirca Feb 1899circa Feb 1899Avis, EdwardHarding, Marian
AvisJamesbefore 1831
AvisJames A.before 1903before 1939
AvisRosalie24 Jul 1851circa Feb 1916Avis, James
AvisRose Liliancirca May 1901Avis, EdwardHarding, Marian
AvisWilliam Haroldcirca Nov 1904Avis, EdwardHarding, Marian
AwcockAlec Archie10 Feb 1933circa Aug 1981
AwcockHarriett11 Feb 18644 Nov 1962
AwcockJohnbefore 1706
AwcockJohn Ernest28 Jun 1926Jan 2000
AxbeyJamesbetween 1816 and 1817
AxbeyMary Jane29 Apr 1842after 1902Axbey, JamesGoodyear, Eliza
AylingAlbertcirca May 1880after 1911Ayling, GeorgePuttick, Mary
AylingAlbert George12 Dec 1907circa Feb 1983Ayling, AlbertMaslin, Minnie Elizabeth
AylingCarolyn A. M. G.circa Aug 1953circa Nov 1962Ayling, PercyCane, Edith
AylingCecil Percycirca Aug 193212 Dec 2012Ayling, PercyCane, Edith
AylingEdith23 Feb 1887
AylingElizabethcirca Feb 1905after 1911Ayling, JohnEdwards, Ellen
AylingElizabeth Marybetween 1867 and 1868before 1939
AylingEllenbetween 1844 and 1845circa May 1931
AylingEllencirca 1872after 1911Ayling, GeorgePuttick, Mary
AylingEllen Charlottecirca Nov 1895after 1911Ayling, JohnEdwards, Ellen
AylingEmilycirca May 1868after 1881Ayling, Thomas KingshottLuxford, Charlotte
AylingFlorence Alicebetween 1866 and 1867
AylingFrederick George26 Jul 1881circa Aug 1966Ayling, GeorgeStoner, Kate
AylingFrederick Thomascirca Aug 18984 Oct 1917Ayling, JohnEdwards, Ellen
AylingGeorge1842circa Feb 1932Ayling, JohnCarter, Mary Ann
AylingGeorgebetween 1856 and 1857circa Feb 1900
AylingGeorgecirca Feb 1885circa Nov 1949Ayling, GeorgePuttick, Mary
AylingGeorgecirca Aug 1889after 1911Ayling, JohnEdwards, Ellen
AylingGeorgina Wilhelmina15 Jun 1911Dec 1998Ayling, Henry CharlesTurner, Mary Ann
AylingGwendoline Liliancirca May 1909circa Aug 1924Ayling, Frederick GeorgeHead, Violet Winifred
AylingGwendoline Marycirca May 1906Ayling, Henry CharlesTurner, Mary Ann
AylingHarrietcirca Apr 1877after 1911Ayling, GeorgePuttick, Mary
AylingHarriett26 Aug 1893circa Nov 1948
AylingHenry Charles14 Jul 187430 Jan 1947
AylingHenry Reginald11 Aug 1904Sep 1980Ayling, Henry CharlesTurner, Mary Ann
AylingJamesbefore 1805before 7 Aug 1864
AylingJanebetween 1858 and 1859
AylingJanet29 Sep 192313 Apr 1992
AylingJohnbefore 1820
AylingJohncirca Nov 1864after 1911Ayling, Thomas KingshottLuxford, Charlotte
AylingJohncirca May 189325 Sep 1915Ayling, JohnEdwards, Ellen
AylingKatebetween 1888 and 1889after 1911Ayling, JohnEdwards, Ellen
AylingLilian Katecirca Aug 1894circa Nov 1912Ayling, GeorgeStoner, Kate
AylingMarthacirca Nov 1902after 1911Ayling, JohnEdwards, Ellen
AylingMarycirca Feb 1891after 1911Ayling, GeorgePuttick, Mary
AylingMary Anncirca May 1900after 1911Ayling, JohnEdwards, Ellen
AylingPercy3 Feb 1910Apr 1993Ayling, JohnEdwards, Ellen
AylingReginald Frederick18 Oct 1922Feb 1987Ayling, Frederick GeorgeHead, Violet Winifred
AylingReginald Leslie7 Aug 190911 Feb 1967Ayling, Henry CharlesTurner, Mary Ann
AylingRonald Charles12 Aug 1915Jan 1988Ayling, Henry CharlesTurner, Mary Ann
AylingRosecirca May 1870after 1891Ayling, Thomas KingshottLuxford, Charlotte
AylingThomas Kingshottcirca Feb 1842circa Nov 1931Ayling, JamesWhite, Philadelphia
AylingWalter Guycirca Feb 1910after 1911Ayling, AlbertMaslin, Minnie Elizabeth
AylingWilliamcirca May 1886after 1901Ayling, GeorgeStoner, Kate
AylingWilliam3 Dec 1906circa Aug 1978Ayling, JohnEdwards, Ellen
AylingWilliam Henry T.26 Dec 1932Nov 2006Ayling, WilliamHayes, Winifred Emily
AylingWinifred Evelyn May3 Jul 1906Apr 1998Ayling, AlbertMaslin, Minnie Elizabeth
AylwardAlbert Percy Jamescirca Aug 1889Aylward, RichardPuttock, Kate
AylwardFrancis Charlescirca Feb 1891Aylward, RichardPuttock, Kate
Aylwardmale4 Jun 1920circa Aug 1920Aylward, William Henry Joseph LeonardHorn, Winifred Mary
AylwardPercival4 Jun 192023 Apr 2007Aylward, William Henry Joseph LeonardHorn, Winifred Mary
AylwardRichardbetween 1863 and 1864between 1911 and 1915
AylwardWilliam Henry Joseph Leonard5 Sep 188713 Jan 1973Aylward, RichardPuttock, Kate
AylwardWilliam Jack Charlescirca Nov 191826 Apr 1943Aylward, William Henry Joseph LeonardHorn, Winifred Mary
BabidgeCharles Frederick18691936
BacchusAlice Sheilacirca Aug 1913Bacchus, Arthur GordonBrooker, Hilda Mary
BacchusArthur Gordon22 Apr 1884Mar 1974
BacchusBetty Hilda15 Feb 1917after 1954Bacchus, Arthur GordonBrooker, Hilda Mary
BackAnn Priscillacirca Feb 1853after 1861Back, SamuelLake, Elizabeth
BackEmma Janecirca Aug 1854after 1871Back, SamuelLake, Elizabeth
BackFrancis Samuelcirca Feb 1846circa Aug 1876Back, SamuelLake, Elizabeth
BackMary Anncirca Aug 184415 Apr 1917Back, SamuelLake, Elizabeth
BackSamuelbetween 1823 and 1824circa Nov 1888
BackThomas Williamcirca Dec 1850after 1851Back, SamuelLake, Elizabeth
BackThomas Williambetween 1863 and 1864Back, Francis SamuelRichards, Mary Jane
BackshellJohnbefore 1566
BackshellJohnbefore 1586Feb 1635/36Backshell, John
BackshellJohncirca 1621after 1655Backshell, JohnRoberts, Ann
BaconArthur P.before 1921
BaconErnest W.1908
BaconFlorence Maudcirca Feb 1909Bacon, Richard AlfredStoner, Hannah
BaconMabel Liliancirca Nov 1906Bacon, Richard AlfredStoner, Hannah
BaconPercival George Alfredcirca Nov 1905circa May 1907Bacon, Richard AlfredStoner, Hannah
BaconRichard Alfredbetween 1864 and 1865circa Feb 1916
BadmanPhyllis Siviabetween 1911 and 191215 Aug 1992
BadmanSarah Anne7 Apr 1827circa Nov 1876Badman, William
BadmanWilliambefore 1807
BaggottEdith Emilycirca Feb 1905Baggott, Frederick ThomasHarber, Emily
BaggottFrederick Thomas14 Sep 1872circa Aug 1951
BaggottGeorge Charles28 Jul 19077 Apr 1984Baggott, Frederick ThomasHarber, Emily
BaggottLiliancirca Aug 1909Baggott, Frederick ThomasHarber, Emily
BaggsCharles Stanley26 Aug 18873 Jun 1966
BaggsDaisy M.circa Feb 1921before 2018Baggs, Charles StanleyStoner, Elizabeth Caroline
BaggsIvy Violet4 Nov 191723 Mar 2016Baggs, Charles StanleyStoner, Elizabeth Caroline
BaggsVera8 Dec 1915Feb 2005Baggs, Charles StanleyStoner, Elizabeth Caroline
BagwellBeatrice Mary8 May 1925Mar 2007
BaileyAlice Mary7 Jul 1882circa May 1963
BaileyAlice Murielcirca Feb 1910after 1911Bailey, William HenryFreemantle, Florence May
BaileyAnnebefore 1778Nov 1835
BaileyAnnie Agnes Frances4 Dec 1886circa Feb 1976Bailey, GeorgeGardner, Sarah Ann Elizabeth
BaileyArthurcirca Nov 1858Bailey, GeorgeGallard, Harriet
BaileyCharles A.before 1915
BaileyCharles Horacecirca May 185715 Dec 1933Bailey, GeorgeGallard, Harriet
BaileyCharles Stanley11 Mar 1902circa Nov 1982Bailey, George SamuelStanley, Mabel
BaileyCharlotte Eleanorcirca Aug 1872after 1911Bailey, GeorgeGardner, Sarah Ann Elizabeth
BaileyConstance Rebecca2 Oct 18778 Apr 1945Bailey, GeorgeGardner, Sarah Ann Elizabeth
BaileyDonald Henrycirca Nov 1906circa Nov 1906Bailey, William HenryFreemantle, Florence May
BaileyDonald Walter29 Sep 188430 Oct 1975Bailey, GeorgeGardner, Sarah Ann Elizabeth
BaileyDorothycirca May 1855Bailey, GeorgeGallard, Harriet
BaileyEdith Adelaidecirca Feb 1910Bailey, William ThomasHarber, Edith Maria
BaileyEmily Anncirca Nov 1862after 1871Bailey, GeorgeGallard, Harriet
BaileyEmily Janecirca May 1867after 1911Bailey, GeorgeGardner, Sarah Ann Elizabeth
BaileyFlorencebefore 1893
BaileyFlorence Alice19 Jan 1874circa Nov 1973Bailey, GeorgeGardner, Sarah Ann Elizabeth
BaileyFrances John25 Sep 190024 Nov 1974
BaileyFrederick Thomas3 Feb 1919after 1939Bailey, William ThomasHarber, Edith Maria
BaileyGeorgebetween 1817 and 1818circa Feb 1902
BaileyGeorgebetween 1841 and 1842circa Nov 1914Bailey, GeorgeGallard, Harriet
BaileyGeorge Samuel19 Dec 1868circa Aug 1955Bailey, GeorgeGardner, Sarah Ann Elizabeth
BaileyGwendoline I.before 1921
BaileyGwendoline Maycirca Aug 1905after 1911Bailey, William HenryFreemantle, Florence May
BaileyHenrycirca Feb 1847after 1861Bailey, GeorgeGallard, Harriet
BaileyJackcirca Nov 1915Bailey, William ThomasHarber, Edith Maria
BaileyJames E.13 May 1952Jul 1998Pullen, Amy Edith
BaileyJessie Ethel22 Nov 188028 Feb 1957Bailey, GeorgeGardner, Sarah Ann Elizabeth
BaileyJohnbefore 1912
BaileyKate Edith20 Apr 187920 Feb 1961Bailey, GeorgeGardner, Sarah Ann Elizabeth
BaileyKathleen Helen27 Oct 1918after 1947Bailey, William HenryFreemantle, Florence May
BaileyLouisa Sarahcirca Sep 1870after 1911Bailey, GeorgeGardner, Sarah Ann Elizabeth
BaileyMabelbetween 1883 and 188425 Apr 1936Bailey, Charles HoraceHearnden, Elizabeth Jane
BaileyMaggie Elizabethcirca Nov 1882Bailey, GeorgeGardner, Sarah Ann Elizabeth
BaileyMarjoriecirca Feb 1904Bailey, George SamuelStanley, Mabel
BaileyPeter John14 Jun 1937Sep 2003Bailey, Charles A.Goff, Lucy
BaileyRichardbetween 1848 and 1849Bailey, GeorgeGallard, Harriet
BaileySarah Anncirca Nov 1859after 1881Bailey, GeorgeGallard, Harriet
BaileyThomascirca May 1850Bailey, GeorgeGallard, Harriet
BaileyVincentcirca Nov 1851circa Nov 1852Bailey, GeorgeGallard, Harriet
BaileyWilliam Charles Thomas6 Dec 19112 Apr 1965Bailey, William ThomasHarber, Edith Maria
BaileyWilliam Henry28 Apr 1876after 1939Bailey, GeorgeGardner, Sarah Ann Elizabeth
BaileyWilliam Thomasbetween 1885 and 1886
BaileyWilliam Vincentcirca Aug 1853circa Feb 1897Bailey, GeorgeGallard, Harriet
BaileyWinifredcirca Nov 1906Bailey, George SamuelStanley, Mabel
BainClara Maud11 Apr 1907circa Aug 1978
BainesAlbert Edward23 Jun 1884circa May 1965Baines, ClementAvis, Rosalie
BainesAlice Marycirca Aug 1873circa May 1921Baines, JohnLovett, Mary Ann
BainesAlice Maude1 Apr 1894after 1911Baines, ClementAvis, Rosalie
BainesArthur E.circa Feb 188819 Aug 1917Baines, Spencer GeorgeCrane, Mary Eleanor
BainesArthur Raymond25 Aug 191910 Sep 2004Baines, LeonardWildish, Florence Alice
BainesArthur Roland10 Sep 18816 Jan 1941Baines, ClementAvis, Rosalie
BainesBeatricecirca Feb 1907Baines, Thomas WilliamDuck, Catherine Jane
BainesBeatrice Rosalie7 Sep 188629 Mar 1961Baines, ClementAvis, Rosalie
BainesBenjamin George5 Jan 1894circa Aug 1969Baines, Thomas WilliamDuck, Catherine Jane
BainesBrenda Muriel9 Aug 191616 Jan 1969Baines, Richard DouglasKnevett, Charlotte Mary
BainesCatherine Maudcirca Aug 1886after 1901Baines, Thomas WilliamDuck, Catherine Jane
BainesCicely Anncirca Nov 1854circa Feb 1927Baines, WilliamAnsell, Ann
BainesClement8 Dec 185014 Jul 1931Baines, WilliamAnsell, Ann
BainesClement Algernon10 Nov 18789 Oct 1959Baines, ClementAvis, Rosalie
BainesClement Algernon17 May 1906Jul 1981Baines, Clement AlgernonLane, Eliza
BainesEdward George21 Dec 1910May 1994Baines, GeorgeHumber, Ellen Sarah
BainesEleanor Victoriacirca Aug 1887after 1891Baines, Thomas WilliamDuck, Catherine Jane
BainesEna Daisy May17 May 190622 Feb 1980Baines, Clement AlgernonLane, Eliza
BainesFlorence Annie18 Nov 18889 Jul 1959Baines, JohnLovett, Mary Ann
BainesFrederick Alexander21 Nov 188825 Feb 1982Baines, ClementAvis, Rosalie
BainesGeorge26 Jan 187817 Dec 1949Baines, Spencer GeorgeClark, Mary
BainesGeorge William A.6 Jul 1923Mar 1993Baines, Benjamin GeorgeSearle, Florence Hilda
BainesGwendeline Veracirca Aug 1912Baines, Arthur RolandStockwell, Agnes Louise
BainesIrene Agnes22 Sep 1907Apr 1998Baines, Arthur RolandStockwell, Agnes Louise
BainesIris Mary15 Jun 1915Baines, GeorgeHumber, Ellen Sarah
BainesJoan Margaret29 Apr 1916Baines, Albert EdwardSchuberth, Florence Olivia
BainesJohnNov 18484 Oct 1931Baines, WilliamAnsell, Ann
BainesJohncirca Aug 1878after 1901Baines, JohnLovett, Mary Ann
BainesJoyce Elaine18 Mar 1915Sep 1986Baines, SydneyScott, Elsie Mary
BainesLeonard28 Aug 189022 May 1974Baines, Spencer GeorgeCrane, Mary Eleanor
BainesLottie M.circa Nov 1921circa Nov 1921Baines, Richard DouglasKnevett, Charlotte Mary
BainesMaurice Henry Stanley22 Mar 189011 May 1961Baines, ClementAvis, Rosalie
BainesMay Winifred24 Apr 1891circa Nov 1976Baines, JohnLovett, Mary Ann
BainesMillicentcirca May 1908Baines, SydneyScott, Elsie Mary
BainesNina May13 Jan 189216 Feb 1973Baines, ClementAvis, Rosalie
BainesNoelcirca Nov 1904circa Nov 1904Baines, Clement AlgernonLane, Eliza
BainesPeter15 Mar 1923circa Nov 1979Baines, ClementTytherleigh, Penelope Ethel
BainesPhyllis Olivia Evalinecirca Aug 1913Baines, Albert EdwardSchuberth, Florence Olivia
BainesRichard Douglas6 Aug 188517 Aug 1957Baines, ClementAvis, Rosalie
BainesRonald Edwardcirca Aug 191812 Sep 1945Baines, Albert EdwardSchuberth, Florence Olivia
BainesRowland Ernest11 Sep 192628 Sep 2008Baines, Benjamin GeorgeSearle, Florence Hilda
BainesSarah Louisa7 Apr 1858circa Aug 1944Baines, WilliamAnsell, Ann
BainesSpencer Georgecirca Feb 1847Feb 1931Baines, WilliamAnsell, Ann
BainesSydney22 Apr 18831 Feb 1941Baines, ClementAvis, Rosalie
BainesThomas Georgecirca May 1876after 1891Baines, JohnLovett, Mary Ann
BainesThomas WilliamJan 1861circa Feb 1924Baines, WilliamAnsell, Ann
BainesThomas Williamcirca Feb 1889after 1901Baines, Thomas WilliamDuck, Catherine Jane
BainesVictoria Mary20 Jun 195011 Feb 2005Baines, Arthur RaymondLindsay, Joan
BainesWilliam24 Aug 1823circa May 1891
BainesYvonnecirca May 19203 Sep 2013Baines, Frederick AlexanderBaxter, Jeannette
BakerAnniecirca May 1874Baker, HenryGravett, Rebecca
BakerCharlesbetween 1844 and 1845after 1891
BakerCharles Robertbefore 1927
BakerCharlotte25 Jul 1868circa Feb 1946
BakerClifford John26 Nov 1914Dec 1986
BakerDaisy Elizabeth9 Jul 1925circa Nov 1972
BakerDoris M.before 1915
BakerEdith Marion29 Sep 1895
BakerElizacirca Feb 1873Baker, HenryGravett, Rebecca
BakerElizabethbetween 1852 and 1853circa Nov 1879
BakerElsie22 Mar 1904Jun 1980
BakerEva Emmacirca Feb 1869circa Feb 1923
BakerFlorence Mary26 Jan 1915May 2002
BakerFrankcirca Aug 1899after 1911Baker, HarryIves, Mary Jane
BakerGladys Helen2 Nov 1906circa Feb 1966
BakerGwendolinebetween 1892 and 1893Baker, HarryIves, Mary Jane
BakerHaroldbefore 1905
BakerHarrycirca Feb 1868after 1911Baker, HenryGravett, Rebecca
BakerHenrybetween 1841 and 1842after 1911
BakerJamesbetween 1800 and 1805
BakerJane1828Baker, JamesPuttick, Elizabeth
BakerJanebetween 1847 and 1848before 1887
BakerJoan D.circa 1929Apr 2019
BakerJohnbefore 1779
BakerJohncirca 1836
BakerKateJan 1881after 1911Baker, HenryGravett, Rebecca
BakerLeonard Jamesbetween 1905 and 1906after 1911Baker, HarryIves, Mary Jane
BakerMaria Sealycirca Feb 1872circa Nov 1930
BakerMarie Corine10 Mar 189712 Apr 1986
BakerMary Annbefore 1883
BakerMuriel E.19 Dec 1908circa Feb 1959
BakerRebecca19 Sep 187627 Jan 1963Baker, HenryGravett, Rebecca
BakerReginald A.10 Aug 1907
BakerReginald Henrycirca Feb 1895circa Feb 1905Baker, HarryIves, Mary Jane
BakerRhoda2 Nov 1894circa Aug 1972
BakerSarah1799Baker, John(Surname Unknown), Sarah
BakerWinifred Anniecirca Feb 1893after 1911Baker, HarryIves, Mary Jane
BakerWinifred Joyce12 Jul 1920Dec 2004
BalchinMargaret E.before 1921
BalcombeJoan Kathleen May24 Apr 1920Dec 1995
BaldwinArthurbefore 1919
BaldwinHarrietbetween 1842 and 1843
BaldwinMaria1829circa May 1903
BallAgnes Mary25 Dec 1887circa Feb 1969Ball, Gabriel HodgesGriffiths, Emma Jane
BallAlbert2 May 1811May 1867Ball, JohnHackman, Sarah
BallAlbertcirca May 1838circa Jun 1838Ball, SidneyEngland, Hannah
BallAlbert Williamcirca May 1870circa Nov 1897Ball, WilliamWilliams, Emily
BallAnnie18 Dec 18636 Feb 1952Ball, JohnHodges, Eliza Crandon
BallAnnie Eliza9 Aug 1882circa Aug 1965Ball, Gabriel HodgesGriffiths, Emma Jane
BallAnnie Louisacirca Feb 1882Ball, JohnHiggs, Eliza
BallAnnie Louise14 Nov 1910Jan 1996Ball, John WilliamChandler, Emily
BallArabellacirca Feb 1862after 1901Ball, JohnHodges, Eliza Crandon
BallArthur Louiscirca May 1884Ball, WilliamWilliams, Emily
BallCeliacirca May 1845after 1851Ball, JohnHodges, Eliza Crandon
BallCharlesbefore 1920
BallChristopher Thomas13 Oct 1917Ball, Frederick WilliamMonks, Esther
BallDoris Agnes31 Dec 191113 Mar 1986Ball, Frederick WilliamMonks, Esther
BallDorothy M.20 Jul 1937Aug 1991Ball, Francis AlbertMacMahon, Dorothy
BallEdith Maycirca May 1886circa May 1887Ball, Gabriel HodgesGriffiths, Emma Jane
BallElizacirca Aug 1857after 1911Ball, JohnHodges, Eliza Crandon
BallElizabeth22 Jan 1781Ball, JohnWillett, Hannah
BallElizabethcirca Feb 1869Ball, JohnHiggs, Eliza
BallEmilycirca Feb 1872Ball, WilliamWilliams, Emily
BallEmily Elizabeth19 Jan 1871circa May 1945Ball, JohnHiggs, Eliza
BallEmily Louisa13 Oct 1873circa Nov 1953Ball, Gabriel HodgesGriffiths, Emma Jane
BallErnest Albert4 Feb 1914Ball, John WilliamChandler, Emily
BallErnest Sidneycirca Aug 1884circa May 1888Ball, Gabriel HodgesGriffiths, Emma Jane
BallFlorence Jane10 Jul 1873after 1939Ball, JohnHiggs, Eliza
BallFrancisbefore 29 Mar 1839before 1847Ball, JohnHodges, Eliza Crandon
BallFranciscirca Feb 1847after 1861Ball, JohnHodges, Eliza Crandon
BallFrancis Albertcirca Nov 18754 Jan 1934Ball, Gabriel HodgesGriffiths, Emma Jane
BallFrancis Albert11 Sep 1909circa May 1977Ball, Frederick WilliamMonks, Esther
BallFrederick William24 Aug 1877circa Feb 1959Ball, Gabriel HodgesGriffiths, Emma Jane
BallGabriel Hodges15 Nov 1850Feb 1919Ball, JohnHodges, Eliza Crandon
BallGeorgecirca May 1853Ball, SidneyEngland, Hannah
BallGeorgebetween 1878 and 1879Ball, WilliamWilliams, Emily
BallGeorge Edwincirca May 1889after 1911Richardson, AlbertBall, Florence Jane
BallHannahbefore 11 Sep 1757before 1779Ball, JohnWillett, Hannah
BallHannah15 Apr 1779Ball, JohnWillett, Hannah
BallHenry Frederick William26 Dec 1904Apr 1992Ball, Frederick WilliamMonks, Esther
BallHenry Johncirca Aug 1880circa Feb 1888Ball, Gabriel HodgesGriffiths, Emma Jane
BallHerbert Charlescirca Nov 1889circa Nov 1890Ball, Gabriel HodgesGriffiths, Emma Jane
BallIrene Mabel2 Dec 1913Nov 1988Ball, Sidney GeorgeCopeland, Lucy Agnes Ella
BallIvor Stanleycirca Aug 1893circa Nov 1893Ball, Gabriel HodgesGriffiths, Emma Jane
BallJames19 Dec 1773Ball, JohnWillett, Hannah
BallJamescirca Nov 1874Ball, WilliamWilliams, Emily
BallJean Yvonne M. M.14 Feb 1925Dec 2003Ball, Sidney GeorgeCopeland, Lucy Agnes Ella
BallJohnbefore 1735Jul 1799
BallJohn21 Jun 1777circa Sep 1778Ball, JohnWillett, Hannah
BallJohnJan 178414 Aug 1852Ball, JohnWillett, Hannah
BallJohn1 Aug 18173 Jan 1879Ball, JohnHackman, Sarah
BallJohn15 Aug 1847circa Nov 1903Ball, SidneyEngland, Hannah
BallJohn William19 Jan 188429 Dec 1961Ball, JohnHiggs, Eliza
BallJulia Hodgescirca May 1841circa Aug 1864Ball, JohnHodges, Eliza Crandon
BallKenneth H.circa May 1919circa Feb 1927Ball, John WilliamChandler, Emily
BallLeonard Victorcirca May 1892Ball, WilliamJones, Sarah J.
BallLeslie E.circa Aug 1922circa Feb 1924Ball, John WilliamChandler, Emily
BallLydiacirca Feb 1843circa May 1912Ball, JohnHodges, Eliza Crandon
BallMaria Hodgescirca Nov 1859Ball, JohnHodges, Eliza Crandon
BallMarycirca Dec 1805May 1860Ball, JohnHackman, Sarah
BallMary Janecirca Feb 1849circa Feb 1933Ball, JohnHodges, Eliza Crandon
BallMary L.circa Nov 1920Ball, Francis AlbertHenderson, Hannah Zipporah
BallNelliecirca May 1886Ball, JohnHiggs, Eliza
BallNorman George24 Dec 1923Nov 1987Ball, John WilliamChandler, Emily
BallRhoda Hodgescirca Aug 1855May 1856Ball, JohnHodges, Eliza Crandon
BallRichard2 Jun 1772Ball, JohnWillett, Hannah
BallRichard15 Aug 181522 Feb 1881Ball, JohnHackman, Sarah
BallRichard Georgecirca May 1844Ball, SidneyEngland, Hannah
BallRobert Olivercirca Nov 1891circa Aug 1892Ball, Gabriel HodgesGriffiths, Emma Jane
BallSamuelbefore 17 Mar 1767Ball, JohnWillett, Hannah
BallSidney3 Apr 1809between 1871 and 1881Ball, JohnHackman, Sarah
BallSidney George30 Nov 1891circa Nov 1965Ball, JohnHiggs, Eliza
BallSidney George9 Jul 1908Nov 1995Ball, John WilliamChandler, Emily
BallStellacirca Feb 1853circa May 1896Ball, JohnHodges, Eliza Crandon
BallSylvia G.circa May 1920Ball, Sidney GeorgeCopeland, Lucy Agnes Ella
BallThomas4 Dec 1775Ball, JohnWillett, Hannah
BallThomas John William20 Jun 1907circa Aug 1982Ball, John WilliamChandler, Emily
BallWalter Leonardcirca Feb 1907circa Aug 1922Ball, Frederick WilliamMonks, Esther
BallWilliamcirca Feb 1850circa May 1900Ball, SidneyEngland, Hannah
BallWilliam Robert1839Ball, SidneyEngland, Hannah
BallWinifred Ivy8 Feb 1915Ball, Frederick WilliamMonks, Esther
BallardEmily E.10 Feb 1897
BallardErnest Stephen18 Mar 188524 Aug 1968
BallsFrank Alan22 May 1922Sep 2004Balls, Frank HiltonSteverson, Winifred Emily
BallsFrank Hilton18 Nov 18865 Apr 1943
BallsReginald Alec21 Mar 1916Apr 1985Balls, Frank HiltonSteverson, Winifred Emily
BamfordMargaretbefore 1917
BanfieldBeatrice Edith31 May 1909circa Aug 1950
BanfieldElizabetween 1811 and 1812circa Feb 1891
BanfordNellie M.15 Feb 1894circa Feb 1960
BangsWilliam Wells Francis5 Feb 187415 Sep 1960
BanisterReginald John12 Nov 190922 Feb 1993
BanksAlbert Henry Gordon19 Dec 1913Aug 1991Banks, Charles JamesCharles, Caroline Emily
BanksAlfred Stanley27 May 1910Mar 1986Banks, Charles JamesCharles, Caroline Emily
BanksCharles Harry29 Sep 1902circa May 1970Banks, Charles JamesCharles, Caroline Emily
BanksCharles James7 Apr 1876
BanksDavid L.before 1899
BanksEdith Maycirca May 1909circa Nov 1909Banks, Charles JamesCharles, Caroline Emily
BanksElizabeth Katecirca Feb 1874circa Aug 1957
BanksElsie Emily12 Aug 19042 Aug 1989Banks, Charles JamesCharles, Caroline Emily
BanksErnest Edward30 Nov 1911Jul 1985Banks, Charles JamesCharles, Caroline Emily
BanksGeorgecirca Feb 1916Banks, Charles JamesCharles, Caroline Emily
BanksIvycirca Feb 1907after 1911Banks, Charles JamesCharles, Caroline Emily
BanksLeslie5 Apr 1920Jul 1984Banks, Charles JamesCharles, Caroline Emily
BanksMabel Dorothycirca May 1908circa Nov 1923Banks, Charles JamesCharles, Caroline Emily
Banksmalebefore 1804
BanksMinnie Harriet Kate18 Sep 1905circa Apr 1994Banks, Charles JamesCharles, Caroline Emily
BanksSarah Selina Annebetween 1824 and 18258 May 1907Banks, male
BanksStanley Aubrey6 Nov 1927Sep 1988Banks, Charles HarryDean, Rose V.
BannisterEdward1 Jul 1870circa Feb 1906
BanwellWilliam C. M.4 Mar 1920Jan 2002
BaranAntonybefore 1920
BaranGemma Chanderbassie22 Jul 194021 Feb 1973Baran, Antony
BarberHenry Standerwickcirca Nov 1867circa May 1903
BarberSusannahbetween 1812 and 1813circa Nov 1841
BarberWalterbefore 1910
BarbrookRandolph Clement J.28 Mar 1908Jun 1988
BardoClarisse Ellaline31 Aug 189727 Feb 1988Bardo, William FrederickWetton, Emma Helena Harriet
BardoGeorgina Janecirca Aug 185329 Oct 1938Bardo, James WilliamHodges, Jane Anne
BardoHester Rhodacirca May 1855circa Nov 1921Bardo, James WilliamHodges, Jane Anne
BardoJames Williambetween 1826 and 1827circa Feb 1905Bardo, William
BardoRoy Travice6 Feb 1912Nov 1986Bardo, William FrederickJones, Annie Ellen
BardoSarah Anncirca Nov 186227 Feb 1924Bardo, James WilliamHodges, Jane Anne
BardoWilliambefore 1811
BardoWilliam Frederickcirca Oct 1870circa May 1916Bardo, James WilliamHodges, Jane Anne
BargJankiel8 Aug 191323 Sep 2006
BarhamElsie7 Jan 1910Feb 1994
BarhamMichael John5 Nov 1925Feb 2006
BarkasHenry John13 Sep 1901circa May 1981
BarkasJoyce M.3 Mar 1935Sep 2004Barkas, Henry JohnHardington, Florence May
BarkerBarbara Kathleen7 Nov 1913Oct 1998
BarkerJohn Richardbefore 1876before 1906
BarkerViolet13 Dec 1911Mar 2002
BarnardMariacirca 1814circa Nov 1875
BarnesAlbert29 Jan 187519 Feb 1953
BarnesAlbert24 Sep 19016 Feb 1961Barnes, AlbertPenfold, Rhoda Jane
BarnesDorisbefore 1918
BarnesEdith16 Mar 1884circa May 1970
BarnesElsie5 Jul 1899circa Nov 1967Barnes, AlbertPenfold, Rhoda Jane
BarnesFrancis Frederickbefore 1875
BarnesHenry James15 Nov 1903May 1991Barnes, AlbertPenfold, Rhoda Jane
BarnesIvy Winifred16 Sep 1911Oct 1988
BarnesJane A.between 1842 and 1844
BarnesLewis24 Jul 190722 Jul 1942Barnes, AlbertPenfold, Rhoda Jane
BarnesMary Annbetween 1815 and 18161842
BarnesOlivecirca Nov 1905circa May 1911Barnes, AlbertPenfold, Rhoda Jane
BarnesRhoda15 Oct 1909Sep 1989Barnes, AlbertPenfold, Rhoda Jane
BarnesRuth Margaretcirca Aug 19301 Dec 2019Barnes, Henry JamesEames, Edith Alice
BarnesStanley11 Sep 1907circa May 1980
BarnesThelma Eileenbefore 1915
BarnesThomas W.before 1900
BarnesWinifred Ivy11 Oct 1912Sep 2003
BarnettAdaMar 1881circa May 1881Barnett, HenryColchester, Jane
BarnettAda Sarah Elizabeth21 Apr 186425 Apr 1888Barnett, George FrederickHarris, Elizabeth
BarnettAlbert George24 Apr 1910Dec 1989
BarnettAlec Gilbert10 Jun 1930Feb 1999Barnett, Alfred GeorgePerkins, Ellen Irene
BarnettAlfred Charles29 Apr 1860circa May 1864Barnett, George FrederickHarris, Elizabeth
BarnettAlfred Georgecirca May 1893circa Feb 1976Barnett, George FrederickParrott, Susan Jane
BarnettAlice Maud30 Apr 1876circa Feb 1960Barnett, HenryColchester, Jane
BarnettAnn SophiaMar 1861circa Nov 1861Barnett, RichardBaldwin, Maria
BarnettArthur30 Sep 1871circa Aug 1940Barnett, RichardBaldwin, Maria
BarnettArthur Thomas28 Nov 186528 Dec 1925Barnett, George FrederickHarris, Elizabeth
BarnettArthur Thomascirca Aug 1903Barnett, ArthurBarnett, Sarah Isabel
BarnettArthur W.circa May 1925circa Nov 1929Barnett, Arthur WilliamCoppin, Beatrice Victoria
BarnettArthur William2 Oct 1890circa Aug 1969Barnett, Arthur ThomasScammell, Eliza Ada
BarnettCharlescirca Aug 1847circa Feb 1907Barnett, JohnCook, Elizabeth
BarnettCharles Henry11 Aug 1869after 1939Barnett, HenryColchester, Jane
BarnettDaisy Theodora7 Mar 189523 Nov 1959Barnett, Arthur ThomasScammell, Eliza Ada
BarnettDoris Evelinecirca Nov 1892circa May 1906Barnett, Arthur ThomasScammell, Eliza Ada
BarnettDorothybetween 1901 and 1902Barnett, JohnWilliams, Jane
BarnettEdith Elizabethcirca Feb 1896after 1911Barnett, ArthurBarnett, Sarah Isabel
BarnettEdith Maudcirca Feb 1898circa Aug 1921Barnett, George FrederickParrott, Susan Jane
BarnettElizacirca Nov 1862between 1911 and 1939Barnett, RichardBaldwin, Maria
BarnettElizabeth Emily11 Sep 1877circa May 1883Barnett, George FrederickHarris, Elizabeth
BarnettElizabeth Mariacirca Feb 1859Barnett, RichardBaldwin, Maria
BarnettEllaline Ellencirca Nov 1906after 1911Barnett, Arthur ThomasScammell, Eliza Ada
BarnettEriccirca Nov 18944 Oct 1917Barnett, JohnWilliams, Jane
BarnettEva Rubycirca Aug 1909after 1911Barnett, ArthurBarnett, Sarah Isabel
BarnettEvelyn Muriel3 Nov 1908Oct 1998Barnett, Arthur ThomasScammell, Eliza Ada
BarnettFlorence2 Mar 1881circa Feb 1959Barnett, HenryColchester, Jane
BarnettFlorence Mary Kate28 Mar 187226 Aug 1962Barnett, CharlesMurray, Mary
BarnettFlorence Winifred1 Jan 1900circa Feb 1979Barnett, Arthur ThomasScammell, Eliza Ada
BarnettFrank A.13 Jul 1925circa Feb 1978Barnett, Arthur ThomasGardner, Mary
BarnettFrederick Charles28 Oct 189110 Feb 1975Barnett, CharlesMurray, Mary
BarnettFrederick George4 Jun 1922Nov 2002Barnett, Alfred GeorgePerkins, Ellen Irene
BarnettFrederick Percycirca Aug 1901circa Aug 1919Barnett, George FrederickParrott, Susan Jane
BarnettGarfield Richard8 Jun 1921circa Aug 1979Barnett, SidneyAshby, Gwendoline Phoebe
BarnettGeorge F.before 1923
BarnettGeorge Frederick26 Aug 183711 Jun 1884Barnett, JohnCook, Elizabeth
BarnettGeorge Frederickcirca Aug 1862circa May 1906Barnett, George FrederickHarris, Elizabeth
BarnettGilbert Charles6 Dec 1918circa May 1955Barnett, SidneyAshby, Gwendoline Phoebe
BarnettGladys Ada30 Jul 1888circa Nov 1981Barnett, Arthur ThomasScammell, Eliza Ada
BarnettGladys Hilda30 Jun 1904Sep 1984Barnett, William JohnCross, Rosetta
BarnettHenryApr 1845circa Nov 1895Barnett, JohnCook, Elizabeth
BarnettJamescirca May 1865circa Jun 1866Barnett, RichardBaldwin, Maria
BarnettJames Frederickcirca May 1858circa May 1864Barnett, George FrederickHarris, Elizabeth
BarnettJessie Mildred24 Feb 190214 Mar 1955Barnett, Arthur ThomasScammell, Eliza Ada
BarnettJohnbetween 1793 and 17946 Jan 1870
BarnettJohncirca May 1842circa Feb 1916Barnett, JohnCook, Elizabeth
BarnettJohn Charlescirca May 1851Feb 1852Barnett, RichardBaldwin, Maria
BarnettJohn Charlescirca Feb 1855circa Aug 1859Barnett, RichardBaldwin, Maria
BarnettJohn Williamcirca Nov 1905after 1911Barnett, ArthurBarnett, Sarah Isabel
BarnettKenneth T.circa Feb 1921Barnett, Frederick CharlesPowell, Ethel
BarnettLeslie John9 Aug 1923Mar 1985Barnett, Alfred GeorgePerkins, Ellen Irene
BarnettLilian Gladyscirca Feb 1900Barnett, William JohnCross, Rosetta
BarnettLilian Maycirca May 1895after 1911Barnett, Arthur ThomasScammell, Eliza Ada
BarnettLizziebetween 1895 and 1896Barnett, Charles Henry(Surname Unknown), Annie
BarnettMabel Anne18 May 188221 Mar 1964Barnett, CharlesMurray, Mary
BarnettMabel Isabel8 May 1898circa Nov 1971Barnett, ArthurBarnett, Sarah Isabel
BarnettMabel Susan18 Jul 18942 Apr 1950Barnett, George FrederickParrott, Susan Jane
BarnettMary Anncirca May 1857circa Nov 1857Barnett, RichardBaldwin, Maria
BarnettMary Annebetween 1832 and 1833after 1841Barnett, JohnCook, Elizabeth
BarnettMaud Mary4 Aug 1870circa Aug 1870Barnett, RichardBaldwin, Maria
BarnettPhyllis Louisacirca Nov 1911Barnett, SidneyAshby, Gwendoline Phoebe
BarnettReginald Frankcirca Aug 1907Barnett, ArthurBarnett, Sarah Isabel
BarnettRichard1825circa Nov 1893Barnett, JohnCook, Elizabeth
BarnettRichardcirca Nov 1878Barnett, HenryColchester, Jane
BarnettRoy Henry G.13 Aug 1931circa Feb 1974Barnett, Sydney GeorgeAyling, Georgina Wilhelmina
BarnettSarah AnnOct 1845circa Nov 1845Barnett, RichardRussell, Ann
BarnettSarah Isabel1 Apr 1875circa May 1946
BarnettSidney27 Jun 1886circa Feb 1968Barnett, HenryColchester, Jane
BarnettSydney Ernest28 Jun 191523 Mar 1965Barnett, SidneyAshby, Gwendoline Phoebe
BarnettSydney George21 Jun 1908circa Feb 1982
BarnettThomasbetween 1834 and 1835Sep 1842Barnett, JohnCook, Elizabeth
BarnettViolet D.2 Jan 1922Barnett, Arthur WilliamCoppin, Beatrice Victoria
BarnettViolet Fanny5 Dec 1883circa Nov 1966Barnett, HenryColchester, Jane
BarnettWalter Richardcirca Feb 1853circa Feb 1934Barnett, RichardBaldwin, Maria
BarnettWalter Richard Arthur23 Apr 1900circa Aug 1980Barnett, ArthurBarnett, Sarah Isabel
BarnettWilliambetween 1826 and 1827after 1851Barnett, JohnCook, Elizabeth
BarnettWilliam C.27 Feb 1919Barnett, Frederick CharlesPowell, Ethel
BarnettWilliam Henrycirca Aug 1909Barnett, SidneyAshby, Gwendoline Phoebe
BarnettWilliam Johncirca Nov 187323 Oct 1938Barnett, HenryColchester, Jane
BarnettWilliam JohnJul 1895circa Aug 1895Barnett, William JohnCross, Rosetta
BarnettWilliam Sydney21 Nov 1897circa Nov 1969Barnett, William JohnCross, Rosetta
BarrDouglas Herbert24 Jun 1913Jul 1986
BarrJessie Mayborn22 Feb 191315 Jul 1995
BarranceEveline May25 Feb 1888circa Feb 1967
BarrandCatherine Elizabeth30 Jun 1959Sep 1999
BarrattAlbert Thomas W.20 Dec 1917Sep 1984
BarrattEdward John F.29 Jan 1912circa May 1982
BarrellDaisy Florence27 Jul 1904Feb 1989Barrell, Henry PhilipHeasman, Edith Grace Termperance
BarrellHenry Philip29 Sep 188228 May 1962
BarrellIvy Grace Ellen2 Jun 1903Jun 1983Barrell, Henry PhilipHeasman, Edith Grace Termperance
BarrellLilian13 Nov 1906Mar 1976Barrell, Henry PhilipHeasman, Edith Grace Termperance
BarrellRose Emilycirca Mar 1911Barrell, Henry PhilipHeasman, Edith Grace Termperance
BarrettAda R.13 Apr 1908
BarrettConstance Marycirca May 19054 Apr 1929
BarrettEdwardbefore 1927
BarrettEllen Sophie24 Jun 1882circa May 1955
Barrettfemalebetween 1873 and 1893
BarrettJackbefore 1919before 1950
BarrettJamesbefore 1851
BarrettLouisa Ann3 Oct 1912Mar 1996
BarrettSusan11 Apr 1871circa Nov 1962Barrett, James
BarrickEverett L.10 Aug 192014 Apr 2007Barrick, Roy WillettMcPherson, Vera Loie
BarrickMaverette Marie14 Jul 1923Jun 2016Barrick, Roy WillettMcPherson, Vera Loie
BarrickRoy Willett12 May 189416 Aug 1979
BarrowAda Caroline15 Mar 1911circa Nov 1982Barrow, William CharlesPuttick, Annie
BarrowAnnie Ellencirca Nov 1904before Feb 2000Barrow, William CharlesPuttick, Annie
BarrowArthur William Ronaldcirca May 1909Barrow, William CharlesPuttick, Annie
BarrowDorothy Ena11 Apr 1906Jul 2002Barrow, William CharlesPuttick, Annie
BarrowEvelyn Alice Rosecirca Aug 1913circa Feb 1914Barrow, William CharlesPuttick, Annie
BarrowLeslie Jamescirca May 1917Dec 1986Barrow, William CharlesPuttick, Annie
BarrowWilliambetween 1856 and 1857
BarrowWilliam Charles28 Jun 18789 Feb 1959Barrow, William(Surname Unknown), Caroline
BarrsMarjorie Jane31 Jan 1921Jan 1993
BartholomewAlbert Edwardbefore 1900
BartleJohn16 Jul 19136 Feb 1992
BartlettEllen Edith20 Oct 1906Jan 2000
BartlettRoy Griffinbefore 1891Oct 1974
BartleyJanebefore 1607
BashfordEdith Emily29 Mar 190912 Jul 1972
BashfordViolet Beatrice18941968
BassCaroline J.circa Aug 1955circa Aug 1955Briggs, Alma Emily
BassDouglas Percy13 Oct 1878circa Nov 1971
BassettDaisycirca Feb 1914Bassett, Walter WilliamTowes, Elizabeth
BassettFrederick Williamcirca Feb 1914after 1939Bassett, Walter WilliamTowes, Elizabeth
BassettWalter William6 Apr 1888
BassfordSarahbefore 1715
BatchelorAdacirca May 1872Batchelor, WilliamWarren, Elizabeth
BatchelorAda LouisaJun 187612 Jan 1961Batchelor, BenjaminPoulton, Mary Ann
BatchelorAda Susannah29 Oct 18801 Jun 1961Batchelor, BenjaminPoulton, Mary Ann
BatchelorAlan James1 Jul 192030 Oct 1991Batchelor, Ernest CharlesOttley, Ethel Elizabeth
BatchelorAlbert Jamescirca Feb 1883after 1901Batchelor, Charles BarnardRobinson, Jane
BatchelorAlfred Charles22 Nov 1907circa May 1978Batchelor, SidneyWye, Mary
BatchelorAlice Ellen19 Sep 190315 Mar 1975Batchelor, BenjaminOttley, Lily Mary May
BatchelorAnncirca Nov 1862Batchelor, John
BatchelorArthurcirca Feb 1866Batchelor, WilliamWarren, Elizabeth
BatchelorBenjamin183518 Dec 1912Batchelor, StephenOngley, Ann
BatchelorBenjamincirca Feb 1870Jan 1947Batchelor, BenjaminPoulton, Mary Ann
BatchelorBob192812 Mar 2018Emmerson, JohnBatchelor, Alice Ellen
BatchelorCaleb1838circa May 1914Batchelor, StephenOngley, Ann
BatchelorCathie L.13 Oct 19262 Oct 1988Emmerson, JohnBatchelor, Alice Ellen
BatchelorCharles1830circa Feb 1910Batchelor, StephenOngley, Ann
BatchelorCharlescirca Feb 1867Batchelor, CharlesLoveland, Jane
BatchelorCharles Barnardcirca Nov 184829 Sep 1900
BatchelorCharles Ernest2 Feb 191028 Jan 1983Batchelor, Ernest CharlesOttley, Ethel Elizabeth
BatchelorCharles Williamcirca Aug 1873Batchelor, Charles BarnardRobinson, Jane
BatchelorDoris Aileen24 Jul 190225 Oct 1955Batchelor, Thomas HenrySiggery, Florence Emily
BatchelorEdith Marycirca Aug 1877Batchelor, Charles BarnardRobinson, Jane
BatchelorEleanor8 Dec 1860circa Nov 1945Batchelor, WilliamWarren, Elizabeth
BatchelorEllencirca Feb 1856after 1911Batchelor, CharlesFriday, Jane
BatchelorEllen Gladys18991990Batchelor, BenjaminOttley, Lily Mary May
BatchelorEmilycirca Nov 1873Jan 1947Batchelor, BenjaminPoulton, Mary Ann
BatchelorEmily Eliza25 Aug 1905circa Aug 1979
BatchelorEric29 Aug 192010 Jul 2010Batchelor, BenjaminOttley, Lily Mary May
BatchelorErnest Charles20 Nov 187827 Jun 1950Batchelor, BenjaminPoulton, Mary Ann
BatchelorGertrude13 Jul 1875circa May 1954Batchelor, JohnSmith, Mary Ann
BatchelorGertrude Mary22 Mar 1900circa Feb 1983Batchelor, SidneyWye, Mary
BatchelorHarold9 Jun 1904circa Feb 1968Batchelor, SidneyWye, Mary
BatchelorHarriett1843after 1901Batchelor, StephenOngley, Ann
BatchelorHector21 Apr 190714 Jan 1994Batchelor, BenjaminOttley, Lily Mary May
BatchelorHelen Francescirca May 1900Batchelor, Henry WilliamHarber, Ada Naomi
BatchelorHenry Williamcirca May 1874
BatchelorHenry Williamcirca Aug 1898after 1911Batchelor, Henry WilliamHarber, Ada Naomi
BatchelorJack12 Aug 192519 Sep 2004Emmerson, JohnBatchelor, Alice Ellen
BatchelorJohn1828circa Feb 1911Batchelor, StephenOngley, Ann
BatchelorJohn Thomas1 Oct 1919Nov 1995Batchelor, John W.Penfold, Florence Harriet
BatchelorJohn W.between 1885 and 1886circa Feb 1930
BatchelorKathleen11 Mar 1902circa May 1948Batchelor, SidneyWye, Mary
BatchelorKenneth4 Apr 191318 Jun 1984Batchelor, Ernest CharlesOttley, Ethel Elizabeth
BatchelorLeslie21 Aug 192310 Oct 2000Batchelor, Ernest CharlesOttley, Ethel Elizabeth
BatchelorLouisa Janecirca Nov 1878Batchelor, Charles BarnardRobinson, Jane
BatchelorLouisa Marycirca Nov 1876Batchelor, WilliamWarren, Elizabeth
BatchelorMargaret1845Jan 1850Batchelor, StephenOngley, Ann
BatchelorMargaretcirca Feb 1870Batchelor, StephenPoulton, Susannah
BatchelorMary Anncirca Dec 1840circa Aug 1892Batchelor, StephenOngley, Ann
BatchelorNellie Maycirca Aug 1884Batchelor, Charles BarnardRobinson, Jane
BatchelorPhyllis Ellen7 Nov 1915May 2006Batchelor, John W.Penfold, Florence Harriet
BatchelorPhyllis Marycirca Aug 19173 Dec 1984Batchelor, Ernest CharlesOttley, Ethel Elizabeth
BatchelorRaymond Stephen17 Apr 19121980Batchelor, BenjaminOttley, Lily Mary May
BatchelorRebecca1825Feb 1829Batchelor, StephenOngley, Ann
BatchelorSarah Elizabethcirca Nov 1868Batchelor, WilliamWarren, Elizabeth
BatchelorShirley Ann9 Dec 1936Sep 1988Batchelor, Alfred CharlesCrutch, Doris Elizabeth
BatchelorSidneycirca Aug 1871circa Aug 1935Batchelor, JohnSmith, Mary Ann
BatchelorSidney Johncirca Feb 1899circa May 1931Batchelor, SidneyWye, Mary
BatchelorStanley11 Jun 191531 Aug 1986Batchelor, Ernest CharlesOttley, Ethel Elizabeth
BatchelorStephencirca 1800circa Feb 1871Batchelor, WilliamRandall, Ann
BatchelorStephen18471932Batchelor, StephenOngley, Ann
BatchelorStephen22 Mar 18681889Batchelor, StephenPoulton, Susannah
BatchelorStephen CharlesNov 1880after 1911Batchelor, WilliamWarren, Elizabeth
BatchelorThomascirca May 1863after 1901Batchelor, WilliamWarren, Elizabeth
BatchelorThomas Henrycirca Feb 18751 Feb 1931Batchelor, Charles BarnardRobinson, Jane
BatchelorWilliam176012 Nov 1804
BatchelorWilliam1832circa Aug 1895Batchelor, StephenOngley, Ann
BatchelorWilliamcirca Feb 1875circa May 1899Batchelor, WilliamWarren, Elizabeth
BatchelorWilliam13 Nov 19001989Batchelor, BenjaminOttley, Lily Mary May
BatchelorWilliam J.circa Nov 1865after 1911Batchelor, JohnSmith, Mary Ann
BatchelorWinifred Margery9 Jun 191731 Dec 2014Batchelor, SidneyWye, Mary
BateAlbert Edward15 Dec 1908Aug 1995Bate, William LeonardStyles, Rose Elizabeth
BateAlice Elizabeth18 Jul 190728 Feb 1975Bate, William LeonardStyles, Rose Elizabeth
BateFrederick Thomas12 Dec 19131918Bate, William LeonardStyles, Rose Elizabeth
BateGavin Cooper19422011Bate, William LeonardPorter, Janet Hunter
BateGeorge Henry11 Apr 192028 Nov 1978Bate, William LeonardStyles, Rose Elizabeth
BateLilian Rose1911between 1974 and 1986Bate, William LeonardStyles, Rose Elizabeth
BateMargaret Rose19362012Bate, William LeonardPorter, Janet Hunter
BateMichael Leonard19361993Bate, William LeonardPorter, Janet Hunter
BateWilliam Leonard8 Jul 18763 Mar 1944
BateWilliam Leonard12 Dec 191316 Oct 1971Bate, William LeonardStyles, Rose Elizabeth
Batemanfemalebetween 1903 and 1923
BatemanLaura Louisacirca Aug 18587 Mar 1941Bateman, Thomas
BatemanThomasbefore 1837
BatesAda E.20 Oct 1898circa Feb 1963
BatesAlfred Albert19 Sep 1886circa Aug 1966
BatesAlfred John8 Mar 1924Dec 2002Bates, Alfred AlbertRawlings, Alice Jane
BatesAnnie E.5 Apr 1892circa Feb 1961
BatesJean Muriel Maude1 Aug 1931Sep 1998
BatesMary J.between 1833 and 1834circa May 1897
BatesWilliam Henry14 Apr 1929Apr 2006Bates, Alfred AlbertRawlings, Alice Jane
BatheGeraldine21 Apr 188415 May 1958Bathe, Harry
BatheHarrybefore 1864
BatleyMary Janebetween 1850 and 1851circa Aug 1916
BattAnnbetween 1737 and 1738Apr 1816
BatteAnnie Cecilia Hackett24 Mar 1883circa Aug 1968Batte, Charles HeadPegg, Ann Eliza B.
BatteCharles Headcirca May 1848
BattenArthur Walter James15 Apr 1913Mar 1999Batten, William JamesBarnett, Gladys Ada
BattenLydiabetween 1863 and 1864
BattenWilliam James18 Dec 1887circa Aug 1978
BattleyElizabeth Louise25 Apr 1887circa Aug 1967
BaverstockFlorence1 Jan 1876
BavinGertrude Lilian Maud7 Feb 1912Jun 1999
BaxterHarrietcirca 1892
BaxterJeannette4 Aug 188912 Apr 1987
BaxterMargaretafter 19221978
BayesJohnbefore 1920
BaylissElizabeth Ann18194 Oct 1876
BeachRoy William14 Jan 193211 Mar 2008
BeachamOrvelcirca 1907
BeadleFlorence Nightingale Louise1 Oct 1907circa Nov 1977
BealCharles Arthurcirca Nov 1908circa Feb 1930Beal, William JohnSayers, Frances
BealCharles Frederick13 Jun 19307 May 1973Beal, William ThomasRogers, Irene
BealFrances Mary3 Oct 1906Oct 1998Beal, William JohnSayers, Frances
BealHarry Alfred15 Apr 190420 Jul 1973Beal, William JohnSayers, Frances
BealWilliam Johnbetween 1873 and 1874circa Feb 1914
BealWilliam Thomas28 Aug 190228 Jun 1958Beal, William JohnSayers, Frances
BealeJohn23 Feb 1906
BealePeter J.24 Feb 1932Mar 1990Beale, JohnRoberts, Daisy Kate
BeamesAnnie Dorothy Gayner13 Sep 19069 Jul 1973Beames, Frank GaynerSercombe, Ellen Dora
BeamesFrank Gaynercirca Nov 1873circa Nov 1926
BeanMabelbetween 1897 and 1898
BeanishCharles George Stephen10 Jan 192830 Apr 2008
BeanishClifford27 Dec 195716 Jan 1958Beanish, Charles George StephenChellew, Pauline Irene
BearAnn17803 Dec 1852Bear, JohnPooke, Mary
BearJohnbefore 1760
BeardAlice Cissie19 Nov 1890circa Feb 1947
BeardowBarbara J.circa Aug 1920
BearmanGeorge W.19 Jul 1906
BeasantEdith Martha Ann1 Nov 1889circa Feb 1968
BeattieAlec Terrence10 May 1903circa Aug 1978Beattie, John Alexander LawPenfold, Jessie Clara
BeattieEileen Jessie10 Sep 1907circa Feb 1975Beattie, John Alexander LawPenfold, Jessie Clara
BeattieJohn Alexander Law9 May 187629 Jan 1956
BeattieKathleen Florencecirca Feb 19103 Apr 1952Beattie, John Alexander LawPenfold, Jessie Clara
BeattieTerence Colincirca May 194216 Jan 2017Beattie, Alec TerrenceHolloway, Rose
Beazley-LongMarion E.circa Aug 1916
BeckettMinniebetween 1862 and 1863circa Nov 1935
BeckfordCarolinebetween 1829 and 1830after 1891
BecksteadLeo Merrill21 May 19047 Jun 1988
BeckworthArthur Samuelbefore 1820
BeckworthLouisa Rebeccabetween 1840 and 184125 Oct 1919Beckworth, Arthur Samuel
BedfordCharlesbefore 1840before 1885
BedfordMary Ann4 May 18608 Dec 1956Bedford, Charles(Surname Unknown), Ann
BedwellReginald16 Jun 1925Jun 2000
BeechWilliam F.before 1921
BeechingKathleen Joan8 Dec 1909Dec 1987
BeedleMarybefore 1670
BeerArchibald F.before 1906before 1939
BeerBillie Lee11 Jun 194725 May 2009Beer, James BertramMcLeod, Edith Virginia
BeerJames15 Jun 1901
BeerJames Bertram15 Jun 19247 Aug 1982
BeestonReginald Frederick B.25 May 1899circa Aug 1981
BegentPercy Charles16 Feb 1898Jan 1991
BelcherCaroline Emma16 Feb 1895circa Nov 1979
BellCissiecirca Feb 1915circa Feb 1915Bell, ErnestGoodyear, Lily
BellErnest13 Jun 1888
BellErnest Frederick2 Apr 1907circa Feb 1972Bell, ErnestGoodyear, Lily
BellFlorence Bromley24 Jun 187125 Jun 1965Bell, Thomas Bromley
BellGrace Ethel14 Jun 1907Jun 2003
BellLilly Ada Maybetween 1878 and 187929 Dec 1935
BellLily May12 Feb 1911circa Feb 1979Bell, ErnestGoodyear, Lily
BellNathan D.26 Mar 1967
BellRaymond29 Dec 1924Oct 2006Bell, ErnestGoodyear, Lily
BellRonaldcirca Feb 1923circa May 1923Bell, ErnestGoodyear, Lily
BellThomas Bromleybefore 1851before 1899
BellamyPhillipa Mary E.8 Feb 1924Aug 1984
BellengerRose Florence25 Sep 1900circa Nov 1983
BeltonBeatrice May6 Mar 1911Sep 1995
BengerClifford John21 Jun 190623 Sep 1971Benger, WilliamKendall, Henrietta
BengerMarguerite E.circa Aug 1937circa Aug 1943Benger, Clifford JohnAbsalom, Elizabeth
BengerVictor Cecil10 Nov 189927 Oct 1965Benger, WilliamKendall, Henrietta
BengerVivien Diane8 Jan 1935May 1987Benger, Clifford JohnAbsalom, Elizabeth
BengerWilliambetween 1867 and 1868
BenhamMarybetween 1776 and 1796
BennetHarrietbetween 1804 and 1809
BennetSarahbefore 1685circa Dec 1720
BennettAlbertbefore 1877
BennettAlbert Henrycirca Feb 1899after 1911Bennett, Albert SpencerLowman, Eliza Jane
BennettAlbert Spencerbetween 1869 and 1870circa May 1927
BennettAnnbefore 1772after 1814
BennettBeverly Faye19 Apr 194223 Dec 2005Bennett, Thomas ElmerMitchell, Chelta Beverly
BennettCharles William2 Jan 1908
BennettEdith Elizabeth Dorothycirca May 1900after 1911Bennett, Albert SpencerLowman, Eliza Jane
BennettEdna16 Nov 1920Nov 2005
BennettElizabeth Sarah11 Oct 187328 Dec 1948
BennettEmily Edith May5 May 1898Bennett, AlbertParsons, Ellen
BennettFrancesbetween 1917 and 1918Bennett, Gilbert GilfillanHarris, Gladys A.
BennettFred Harris12 Mar 1920Jun 1998Bennett, Gilbert GilfillanHarris, Gladys A.
BennettGilbert Gilfillan9 Aug 18933 Aug 1941
BennettGlenford Russell16 Jan 192330 Mar 1980
BennettGrace Maud24 May 18981990
BennettHelen Emma1 Mar 19168 Nov 2005Bennett, Gilbert GilfillanHarris, Gladys A.
BennettKenneth Geoffrey Edward Lloyd1 Feb 19139 Jul 2007Bennett, Albert SpencerLowman, Eliza Jane
BennettRichardbetween 1816 and 1817
BennettRobert C.20 Oct 192321 Aug 2011Bennett, Gilbert GilfillanHarris, Gladys A.
BennettRosabetween 1861 and 1862circa May 1943Bennett, Richard(Surname Unknown), Cleora
BennettThomas Elmerbefore 1922before 2005
BennettVeronica Rose11 May 1939Jan 2003Bennett, Charles WilliamNorton, Winifred Irene
BensleyJames1815Dec 1893
BentlerWilliamcirca 1826
BentleyJanebefore 1858
BentleyThomas James Henry10 Sep 1906Feb 1991
BentonLeslie Henry25 Jul 1927Jan 1993
BernardyFrances Annbetween 1834 and 1835before 1867Bernardy, Henry
BernardyHenrybefore 1814
BerndtFrederickbetween 1845 and 1846Apr 1912
BerneyConstance Florence6 Nov 1907Feb 1992
BerreteDaisy Blanche24 Dec 1896circa Nov 1969
BerrimanBenjamin R.before 1919
BerryArthur Henry16 Sep 1905Jul 1984
BerryPhyllis May28 Jul 1914Apr 1999
BerryRichard26 Apr 1888
BerrymanCharles Henrybetween 1879 and 1899
BerrymanDulcie Myra11 Mar 191510 Dec 1974
BerrymanGeorge Henry29 Mar 1919Oct 1995Berryman, Charles Henry
BerrymanWinifred M.30 Sep 1904Dec 1997
BestAnniebetween 1874 and 1875circa Nov 1958
BestGwendoline Florence5 Nov 1911Apr 2004
BestJames Ralph15 Mar 19052 Jun 1993
BestWalterbefore 1902
BethuneJames Francis15 Mar 192729 Jan 1998
BetteridgeMarybetween 1804 and 18057 Mar 1876
BettsAda Cecilia6 Oct 1903Sep 1992
BettsElizabeth M.between 1848 and 1849after 1901
BevenAlfred Albertcirca Feb 189630 Mar 1918Beven, HenryCouchman, Avis
BevenAnnie Louisa22 Aug 1886after 1939Beven, HenryCouchman, Avis
BevenArthur Lewiscirca Feb 1872circa Aug 1927Beven, HenryCouchman, Avis
BevenCarmen P.circa Nov 1939circa Nov 1939Beven, Charles FrederickCarpenter, Alice D. M.
BevenCharles Frederick23 Sep 1913circa May 1968Beven, William ThomasStoneham, Emily Lizzie
BevenCharlottebetween 1887 and 1889after 1901Beven, HenryCouchman, Avis
BevenDoris May21 May 1900after 1939Beven, William ThomasStoneham, Emily Lizzie
BevenEdith Emma2 Mar 1880circa Nov 1956Beven, HenryCouchman, Avis
BevenElsie Edith11 Nov 190218 Jan 1971Beven, William ThomasStoneham, Emily Lizzie
BevenEmma Margaretcirca Aug 1893after 1918Beven, HenryCouchman, Avis
BevenGeorge Albertcirca May 1884after 1911Beven, HenryCouchman, Avis
BevenHenrybetween 1851 and 1852
BevenHenry Jamescirca Feb 1891after 1911Beven, HenryCouchman, Avis
BevenHilda Avisbetween 1904 and 1905after 1911Beven, William ThomasStoneham, Emily Lizzie
BevenIda Lilian6 Mar 1905circa Aug 1975Beven, William ThomasStoneham, Emily Lizzie
BevenJohn Edwardcirca Feb 1882after 1911Beven, HenryCouchman, Avis
BevenMinniecirca May 1876circa Aug 1889Beven, HenryCouchman, Avis
BevenWilliam George20 Jun 1909circa Feb 1975Beven, William ThomasStoneham, Emily Lizzie
BevenWilliam Thomas11 Mar 1878circa Feb 1951Beven, HenryCouchman, Avis
BevillardEdward P.before 1906
BevisHenrybetween 1853 and 1854Bevis, Robert George
BevisRobert Georgebefore 1833before 1900
BickfordSandra4 Apr 194710 Jul 2014
BicknellCecil Lelsie C. V.18 Aug 1920Feb 1998
BidderGeorgebetween 1857 and 1858circa Feb 1881
BidgoodAlice13 Aug 188224 Dec 1950
BidgoodAnn Emilycirca Feb 1854
BidgoodDiana18 Aug 19425 Jul 2006Bidgood, Hedley C. W.Fear, Elsie May
BidgoodHedley C. W.1 Apr 1904
BidgoodIvor F.circa May 19333 Jun 2015Bidgood, Hedley C. W.Fear, Elsie May
BidgoodPauline Elsie30 Mar 1927Sep 1999Bidgood, Hedley C. W.Fear, Elsie May
BidwellIris J.before 1947before 2015
BidwellSarah14 Dec 186020 Mar 1946
BiggsGeorge Edward13 Apr 1906circa Nov 1975
BiggsMarybetween 1780 and 178124 Aug 1868
BiggsWilliam Henry21 Apr 1915Apr 2005
BignallEnid Dorothycirca Nov 1914circa Aug 1917Bignall, James AlfredGlanvill, Rose Maud
BignallEric Leonard30 Jun 1938May 1995Bignall, Leonard StanleySparks, Ruby Doreen S.
BignallEthel Maud23 Jun 1907circa Nov 1979Bignall, James AlfredGlanvill, Rose Maud
BignallGladys V.circa Feb 1920Bignall, James AlfredGlanvill, Rose Maud
BignallHerbert James28 Jan 1906Oct 1989Bignall, James AlfredGlanvill, Rose Maud
BignallJames Alfred20 Sep 187624 May 1952Bignall, Thomas(Surname Unknown), Rhoda
BignallLeonard Stanley27 Sep 1908Jun 1986Bignall, James AlfredGlanvill, Rose Maud
BignallMarybefore 1723Mar 1790
BignallThomasbetween 1846 and 1847after 1905
BignallWinifred Joycecirca May 1910Bignall, James AlfredGlanvill, Rose Maud
BignellBeatrice May23 May 1900circa May 1972
BillingeEllencirca 1816
Billingemalebefore 1831
BillingtonHorace John5 Sep 18818 Jun 1941
BillsHoward Loveless19 Aug 191311 May 1961
BinfieldArthur Johnbetween 1877 and 1878
BinghamReginald A.5 Mar 1915
Bingham24 sep 1908Eva Mae23 Jan 2002
BinksEdith Adelinacirca Aug 18851928
BinsteadFannybetween 1840 and 1841
BirchArthur Godfrey24 Apr 1907Sep 1996
BirdAlfredbetween 1858 and 1859
BirdAlice Marycirca Nov 1904Bird, AlfredKey, Emily Sarah
BirdAllancirca Feb 1907Bird, AlfredKey, Emily Sarah
BirdAnnie Louisa29 May 189516 Mar 1974
BirdElizabethbefore 1844before 1872
BirdErnestbefore 1903
BirdHarry Joseph19 Oct 1888circa Nov 1972
BirdKathleen Emily14 Nov 1901Jan 1988Bird, AlfredKey, Emily Sarah
BirdMinnie30 Sep 1907circa Feb 1976
BirdNewton Charles3 Jun 1900circa Nov 1982Bird, AlfredKey, Emily Sarah
BirdTony Margaret Violetbetween 1927 and 192822 Jun 1979
BirdWaltercirca Feb 1903Bird, AlfredKey, Emily Sarah
BishAda26 Dec 1900circa Aug 1971Bish, JohnRedford, Ann
BishAda Ellencirca May 18796 Feb 1935Bish, AlbertCook, Rosetta
BishAlbertcirca May 185617 Feb 1923Bish, JamesOngley, Lucy
BishAlbert28 Nov 187620 Oct 1952Bish, WilliamNorris, Ellen
BishAlfred1847before 1891Bish, JamesOngley, Lucy
BishAlice Rosettacirca Feb 1882after 1911Bish, AlbertCook, Rosetta
BishArthur1853circa Feb 1882Bish, JamesOngley, Lucy
BishArthurcirca Feb 187623 May 1930Bish, ArthurApps, Eleanor
BishArthur Randell Waltercirca Nov 19107 Apr 1960Bish, ArthurStevenson, Ada Mary
BishCharles21 Mar 18798 Aug 1962Bish, WilliamNorris, Ellen
BishDaisycirca May 1916Bish, GeorgeMonckton, Jessie Violet
BishDorothycirca Feb 1908Bish, James ArthurLeech, Emily Eliza
BishDorothy Millicent1 Apr 1907Jul 1986Bish, HerbertPinion, Edith Elizabeth
BishEdgar Charles8 Nov 190825 Sep 1975Bish, CharlesBaverstock, Florence
BishEdith Elizacirca May 1888after 1911Bish, AlbertCook, Rosetta
BishEllencirca May 1874after 1881Bish, ArthurApps, Eleanor
BishEllen F.circa Nov 1843circa May 1919Bish, JamesOngley, Lucy
BishEva22 Sep 1906Oct 1990Bish, JohnRedford, Ann
BishFlorence17 Oct 1905Jul 1998Bish, ThomasVille, Florence Ada
BishFlorence Veracirca Jul 1910Bish, HarryWynes, Florence May
BishFrankcirca Nov 1886circa Feb 1897Bish, JohnRedford, Ann
BishFrank25 Feb 1892circa May 1968Bish, WilliamNorris, Ellen
BishFrank Josephcirca Feb 1915circa Feb 1915Bish, HerbertPinion, Edith Elizabeth
BishFred11 Sep 1899circa Aug 1981Bish, JohnRedford, Ann
BishGeorgebefore 30 Aug 1846before 1851Bish, JamesOngley, Lucy
BishGeorgecirca Aug 187531 Aug 1938Bish, JamesFullex, Mary
BishGertrude20 Jul 1891circa Feb 1976Bish, AlbertCook, Rosetta
BishHarold13 Jan 1904Sep 1988Bish, ThomasVille, Florence Ada
BishHarry26 May 1882circa Feb 1951Bish, WilliamNorris, Ellen
BishHerbertbetween 1881 and 18835 Dec 1961Bish, JohnReed, Rose
BishHerbert Johncirca Aug 1913circa Aug 1914Bish, HerbertPinion, Edith Elizabeth
BishJamesbetween 1815 and 1816circa Aug 1877
BishJamescirca Mar 184116 Feb 1907Bish, JamesOngley, Lucy
BishJamescirca Jun 1910Bish, James ArthurLeech, Emily Eliza
BishJames Arthurcirca Aug 1882circa Feb 1937Bish, JamesFullex, Mary
BishJames Williamcirca Aug 1880circa May 1881Bish, AlfredOngley, Elizabeth
BishJanecirca Feb 1870after 1911Bish, JamesFullex, Mary
BishJessie Barbaracirca May 1907after 1929Bish, AlbertSmith, Alice Maude
BishJohncirca Nov 185829 Mar 1945Bish, JamesOngley, Lucy
BishJohncirca Feb 1893after 1901Bish, JohnRedford, Ann
BishJohn Edward Kitchenercirca Aug 1916circa May 1917Bish, FrankSargent, Edith Mary
BishJosephcirca Nov 1889after 1901Bish, JohnRedford, Ann
BishKathleencirca Nov 1914Bish, James ArthurLeech, Emily Eliza
BishKathleen Ellen17 Apr 1910Sep 1995Bish, CharlesBaverstock, Florence
BishLilycirca May 1916circa Feb 1917Bish, GeorgeMonckton, Jessie Violet
BishLouisacirca Aug 1874after 1911Bish, WilliamNorris, Ellen
BishLouisa31 Aug 1898circa Nov 1970Bish, ThomasVille, Florence Ada
BishLucycirca Sep 1880after 1914Bish, AlbertCook, Rosetta
BishLucycirca Nov 1890after 1921Bish, JohnRedford, Ann
BishLucy Evelyn27 Mar 1909Feb 2001Bish, HerbertPinion, Edith Elizabeth
BishMargaret J.circa Aug 1912Bish, HarryWynes, Florence May
BishMarjorie25 Jun 1917Apr 1998Bish, ThomasSmith, Kate
BishMarjorie Beatricecirca May 1905circa Aug 1908Bish, AlbertSmith, Alice Maude
BishMartincirca May 185216 Jun 1852Bish, JamesOngley, Lucy
BishMary1 Sep 1811Jul 1839
BishMinniecirca Feb 1879after 1911Bish, JamesFullex, Mary
BishMiriam Olive24 Oct 190210 Aug 1988Bish, AlbertGibbard, Amy Alice
BishNorah Kathleen8 Sep 1893Mar 1986Bish, AlbertCook, Rosetta
BishNorah Mary21 Jun 19167 Dec 1980Bish, AlbertGibbard, Amy Alice
BishNorman Rothwellcirca Dec 191010 May 1961Bish, AlbertSmith, Alice Maude
BishOlive Eleanor Mary1 May 190825 Jan 1990Bish, ArthurStevenson, Ada Mary
BishPhiladelphiabetween 1770 and 1771Jul 1808
BishReginald Arthur28 Apr 1902circa Feb 1972Bish, ThomasVille, Florence Ada
BishRonald Frank16 Mar 19223 Aug 2007Bish, FrankSargent, Edith Mary
BishRosa Ellen19 May 1884circa Nov 1970Bish, WilliamNorris, Ellen
BishStephenJan 1839after 1861Bish, JamesOngley, Lucy
BishSydney Haroldcirca Nov 188719 Jun 1944Bish, WilliamNorris, Ellen
BishSydney Haroldcirca Feb 192019 Jun 1944Bish, Sydney HaroldOliver, Violet
BishThomascirca Dec 1860after 1861Bish, JamesOngley, Lucy
BishThomascirca May 187127 May 1939Bish, WilliamNorris, Ellen
BishWilliamcirca Feb 1850circa Aug 1905Bish, JamesOngley, Lucy
BishopAda Ellen26 Sep 1916Mar 2002
BishopAlfred R.before 1870
BishopEdith28 Feb 1882circa Nov 1946Bishop, Alfred R.
BishopLilian A.before 1917
BishopMatilda10 Feb 18683 Jan 1945
BishopThomasbetween 1834 and 1836circa Aug 1917
BishopWilliam John4 Oct 19011 Feb 1968Bishop, CharlesBaker, Henrietta
BishoppLaura Winifred17 Dec 1915Feb 2004
BissBeatrice Olivecirca Aug 1908after 1911Biss, TomGill, Mabel Gertrude
BissDoris M.22 Mar 1913Biss, JamesBidgood, Alice
BissElizabeth Maycirca Nov 1875circa Feb 1876Biss, William HenryLake, Lucy
BissFlorence Elizabeth27 Aug 1893circa Nov 1979Biss, William HenryLake, Lucy
BissJamescirca May 1880circa Nov 1880Biss, William HenryLake, Lucy
BissJames26 Feb 1882circa Feb 1958Biss, William HenryLake, Lucy
BissLionel George4 Nov 191230 Dec 1991Biss, William HenryLeach, Ethel Mary
BissRose Ellen25 May 1877circa Aug 1969Biss, William HenryLake, Lucy
BissRoy25 Feb 192027 Jul 1975Biss, William HenryLeach, Ethel Mary
BissThomas Georgecirca Feb 1910after 1911Biss, TomGill, Mabel Gertrude
BissTomcirca Feb 1889circa Nov 1961Biss, William HenryLake, Lucy
BissWilliam Henrycirca Nov 1853circa Feb 1925
BissWilliam Henrycirca Aug 1884circa May 1964Biss, William HenryLake, Lucy
BissellEdith Maybefore 1915before 2000
BjerregaardAndrew Thomas12 Jul 187326 Aug 1927
BjerregaardErato17 Dec 189913 Feb 1971Bjerregaard, Andrew ThomasLarsen, Mary Marinda
BlackEdgar Alexanderbefore 1878
BlackGordonbefore 2013
BlackVera Helen21 Dec 1902circa Aug 1965Black, Edgar AlexanderObey, Mary Alice
BlackburnWilliam John23 Oct 190415 Nov 1935
BlackmanArthur J.22 Mar 1905
BlackmanBasil Arthur15 Nov 1932May 2003Blackman, Arthur J.Stoner, Maud Audrey Mary
BlackmanHelen May20 May 1901
BlackmanPhoebebetween 1874 and 1875circa May 1963
BlackmoreAlbert Georgecirca May 191512 Feb 2013Blackmore, WilliamLake, Elsie Bertha Kate
BlackmoreAnnie Amelia5 Nov 1910Mar 1996Blackmore, WilliamLake, Elsie Bertha Kate
BlackmoreElsie Maycirca Aug 1914Blackmore, WilliamLake, Elsie Bertha Kate
BlackmoreHilda Violet12 Oct 1912Jan 1992Blackmore, WilliamLake, Elsie Bertha Kate
BlackmoreJohn William31 Dec 1906May 1992Blackmore, WilliamLake, Elsie Bertha Kate
BlackmoreLeslie Frank15 Oct 1909Blackmore, WilliamLake, Elsie Bertha Kate
BlackmoreLydia Amelia14 Jul 1882circa May 1961
BlackmoreRonald E.circa Aug 1920Blackmore, WilliamLake, Elsie Bertha Kate
BlackmoreWilliam10 Jul 1878circa Nov 1961
BlackshireBarbara Olive14 Aug 193017 Nov 2013Blackshire, William EdwardGriffin, Alice Gertrude
BlackshireBernard Stanley25 Mar 1927Mar 1995Blackshire, William EdwardGriffin, Alice Gertrude
BlackshireEdward George29 Nov 1924Mar 2004Blackshire, William EdwardGriffin, Alice Gertrude
BlackshireWilliam Edward22 Oct 1895circa Aug 1968
BlackshireWilliam Ronald6 Oct 1923Mar 1994Blackshire, William EdwardGriffin, Alice Gertrude
BlackstoneEllenbetween 1867 and 1868before 1939
BlackwellMuriel Edith M.20 Jul 1917Dec 1993
BladeDorothy Lilian14 Nov 1929Sep 2006
BlagdonAlexander James1897circa 1966
BlairEvelyn Christina5 Sep 1917Aug 2000
BlakeAlice Constance Mary29 Dec 191524 May 2015
BlakeMargaretta Ruth11 Jun 1892circa Nov 1973
BlakeRobert Charles29 Jan 1909Jan 1991
BlakerAda Rosina16 Mar 187411 Jan 1958Blaker, SamuelStill, Sarah
BlakerSamuelbetween 1842 and 1843circa Nov 1926
BlameyKitty E. R.19 Mar 1912circa Nov 1958
BlatchEllen Joyce A.27 Nov 1922Apr 1988
BleachWilliam James20 May 1909
BleathmanClifford Francis24 Jul 1915Feb 1987Bleathman, GilbertPuttock, Alice Winifred Mary
BleathmanDaisy Mary7 Nov 1908circa Nov 1979Bleathman, GilbertPuttock, Alice Winifred Mary
BleathmanDonald Peter J.23 Jun 1920Feb 1992Bleathman, GilbertPuttock, Alice Winifred Mary
BleathmanDoris May Clare15 Aug 1906Aug 2000Bleathman, GilbertPuttock, Alice Winifred Mary
BleathmanGilbert21 May 188127 Mar 1964Bleathman, Thomas(Surname Unknown), Catherine
BleathmanGilbert Alfred12 Dec 1911May 2003Bleathman, GilbertPuttock, Alice Winifred Mary
BleathmanGwendoline Winifred Mary25 Mar 1904Jan 1994Bleathman, GilbertPuttock, Alice Winifred Mary
BleathmanKathleen Mary1 Dec 190629 Jul 1972Bleathman, GilbertPuttock, Alice Winifred Mary
BleathmanLily Margaret7 Aug 1910Dec 2000Bleathman, GilbertPuttock, Alice Winifred Mary
BleathmanThomasbetween 1844 and 1845
BleathmanWilfred Roland28 Jan 192220 Jan 1995Bleathman, GilbertPuttock, Alice Winifred Mary
BlewittDaisy Gertrude17 Sep 18918 Apr 1973
BlickEdith Winifred21 Jun 1900
BlissErnest Montague Alfredcirca Nov 1913circa May 1932Bliss, Montague SidneyDowlen, Emily May
BlissMontague Sidneycirca Feb 1892circa May 1955
BlizardEleanor22 Oct 1879circa Nov 1948Blizzard, George(Surname Unknown), Emma
BlizardMarybetween 1792 and 1794
BlizzardGeorgebetween 1854 and 1855after 1911
BlochGertrude Lily Maude2 Jan 1908circa May 1971
BloomfieldEllen Grace9 Oct 188920 Sep 1956
BlowersDennis D. E.circa Aug 1924circa Feb 1967
BluhmMaximilian Adolph17 Aug 1926circa Jul 2001
BlundellCharlottebetween 1805 and 1806circa Feb 1892
BlundenAda Rosina24 Jan 189930 Oct 1984Blunden, Alfred GeorgeBlaker, Ada Rosina
BlundenAlfred George12 Aug 187218 Apr 1946
BlundenAlfred George9 Dec 1896circa May 1978Blunden, Alfred GeorgeBlaker, Ada Rosina
BlundenAlice Penfoldcirca Nov 1862circa May 1874Penfold, JohnWood, Eleanor
BlundenAnncirca Feb 1870after 1881Blunden, WilliamPuttick, Naomi
BlundenCharlottecirca Feb 1877after 1901Blunden, WilliamPuttick, Naomi
BlundenEdith3 Sep 1867circa Nov 1951Blunden, John
BlundenEliza Penfoldcirca Aug 1854circa Aug 1870Penfold, JohnWood, Eleanor
BlundenFrancescirca May 1867after 1871Blunden, WilliamPuttick, Naomi
BlundenGeorgebetween 1796 and 1816
BlundenGeorge Henrycirca Nov 1881after 1901Blunden, WilliamPuttick, Naomi
BlundenHarold Leonard14 Jul 1912circa Nov 1978Blunden, Alfred GeorgeBlaker, Ada Rosina
BlundenHarry Arthur28 Nov 1915Jan 1986
BlundenJamescirca 1820circa Nov 1850
BlundenJohnbefore 1845
BlundenRosinacirca Feb 1859circa Aug 1861Penfold, JohnWood, Eleanor
BlundenSarah Ann Penfoldcirca Feb 185714 Jun 1918Penfold, JohnWood, Eleanor
BlundenWilliam1836before 1901Blunden, George(Surname Unknown), Mary
BlundenWilliamcirca Feb 1872after 1881Blunden, WilliamPuttick, Naomi
BluntEmma Louisa10 Aug 1874Dec 1945Blunt, RichardEdwards, Elizabeth
BluntRichardbetween 1829 and 1830after 1881
BoakesEmilycirca Aug 1906after 1911Boakes, StephenHewett, Eliza
BoakesEric Stephen21 Apr 1908circa Aug 1978Boakes, StephenHewett, Eliza
BoakesJohn Warden20 May 1913Nov 1985Boakes, StephenHewett, Eliza
BoakesJoseph15 Dec 1921Oct 2006Boakes, StephenHewett, Eliza
BoakesSarah10 Sep 1909
BoakesStephen9 Apr 1876circa May 1956
BoakesThomascirca May 1919Boakes, StephenHewett, Eliza
BoakesWilliam Georgecirca Aug 1911circa May 1912Boakes, StephenHewett, Eliza
BoardAlfred Edgar12 Apr 190621 Feb 1951Board, Gilbert EdwardRoberts, Clara
BoardAlfred Williamcirca Feb 1859circa Feb 1931Board, HenryHodges, Maria
BoardAnnie Mariacirca Nov 1891circa Nov 1925Board, Gilbert EdwardRoberts, Clara
BoardArabellacirca Feb 1852circa May 1905Board, HenryHodges, Maria
BoardAudrey Winifred10 May 1932Aug 1995Board, Alfred EdgarMartin, Elsie Lily
BoardBellacirca May 1904after 1911Board, Gilbert EdwardRoberts, Clara
BoardBiddie Owen20 Jan 1884circa Nov 1959Board, Alfred WilliamOwen, Jessie Selina
BoardBridgetcirca May 1854after 1881Board, HenryHodges, Maria
BoardClara25 Jul 1889circa Nov 1974Board, Gilbert EdwardRoberts, Clara
BoardCyril14 Oct 1910May 1996Board, Gilbert EdwardRoberts, Clara
BoardEdgarcirca Aug 1863after 1905Board, HenryHodges, Maria
BoardEdithcirca Aug 1895circa Nov 1895Board, Gilbert EdwardRoberts, Clara
BoardEliza Janecirca Feb 1860after 1901Board, HenryHodges, Maria
BoardElizabeth Victoria4 Apr 1901after 1939Board, Gilbert EdwardRoberts, Clara
BoardElsie Owencirca Aug 1898circa May 1963Board, Alfred WilliamOwen, Jessie Selina
BoardElvinacirca May 1855after 1911Board, HenryHodges, Maria
BoardFlorence Maycirca Aug 1892after 1911Board, Walter HenryBreedon, Alice
BoardFrances Maud Victoriacirca Nov 1896after 1919Board, Walter HenryBreedon, Alice
BoardFrank AlfredMar 1911circa Aug 1911Board, Frank WilliamCross, Sarah Annie
BoardFrank Williamcirca May 1884circa Nov 1953Board, Walter HenryBreedon, Alice
BoardGeorge Williamcirca Nov 189730 Nov 1917Board, John FrederickWalters, Janet
BoardGilbert30 Aug 1919Oct 2001Board, Frank WilliamCross, Sarah Annie
BoardGilbert Edwardcirca Aug 1865circa May 1931Board, HenryHodges, Maria
BoardHarry John Owen6 Jul 18947 Sep 1951Board, Alfred WilliamOwen, Jessie Selina
BoardHenrybetween 1829 and 183027 Feb 1870Board, Joseph
BoardHerbert Henry6 May 188126 Mar 1962Board, Walter HenryBreedon, Alice
BoardIrene Ruth21 Oct 1901circa Aug 1980Board, John FrederickWalters, Janet
BoardJessie Owen12 Jun 1891circa May 1976Board, Alfred WilliamOwen, Jessie Selina
BoardJohn Edward9 May 1893circa Aug 1966Board, Gilbert EdwardRoberts, Clara
BoardJohn Frederickcirca May 186618 Dec 1939
BoardJosephbefore 1810
BoardLilian Alicecirca Nov 1882after 1901Board, Walter HenryBreedon, Alice
BoardLilian Mariacirca Nov 1869circa Nov 1884Board, HenryHodges, Maria
BoardLydiacirca Aug 1907after 1911Board, Gilbert EdwardRoberts, Clara
BoardMargaret L.circa Nov 1935circa Nov 1939Board, Alfred EdgarMartin, Elsie Lily
BoardMarion Elsie30 Mar 1903circa Aug 1976Board, John FrederickWalters, Janet
BoardMillicent Jane7 Feb 1897after 1944Board, Gilbert EdwardRoberts, Clara
BoardNellie Owencirca Feb 1883after 1891Board, Alfred WilliamOwen, Jessie Selina
BoardOlivercirca Aug 1895circa Nov 1895Board, Gilbert EdwardRoberts, Clara
BoardViolet Nellie31 Mar 1920Feb 2007Board, John EdwardBanford, Nellie M.
BoardWalter Henrycirca Aug 185611 Mar 1932Board, HenryHodges, Maria
BoardWalter Joseph5 Nov 1913circa Feb 1960Board, Frank WilliamCross, Sarah Annie
BoardWilliam Henrycirca May 1899after 1911Board, Gilbert EdwardRoberts, Clara
BoardWilliam Henry Owencirca May 18906 Sep 1953Board, Alfred WilliamOwen, Jessie Selina
BoardWinifred Gadie12 Mar 1912after 1939Board, Frank WilliamCross, Sarah Annie
BocckerLeonard Harrybefore 1918
BodkerRosetta Sarah Ann23 Apr 1905circa Feb 1968
BoenJames F.between 1904 and 1905circa Nov 1965
BoersWillem Albertusbetween 1903 and 1904
BohringerFrederick G.191225 Sep 1999
BollenKenneth Ernest6 May 1919Jan 2005
BoltonArnold12 Dec 1912Dec 1987
BoltonFanny Louisacirca Aug 1859
BoltonLarry1 Feb 195518 Jan 1956Bolton, ArnoldKirby, Madeline Margaret
BoltonMary Lilian19 Mar 1920Nov 1997
BoneCharlesbetween 1856 and 1857after 1901
BoneGeorge W.before 1905
BoneLilian Anniecirca Nov 18871 Dec 1956Bone, Charles(Surname Unknown), Jane
BoneSusannah Edith9 Jul 1894
BoneWilliam John Maunder20 Jan 18907 Jul 1950
BonifaceAda E.before 1896
BonifaceAlbert John29 Jan 1911Dec 1992Boniface, Charles ThomasFeist, Mary
BonifaceAlexanderbetween 1836 and 1837circa Nov 1920
BonifaceAlfredcirca Nov 1863circa Feb 1908Boniface, WilliamStoner, Eliza
BonifaceAlicecirca Nov 1869after 1891Boniface, WilliamStoner, Eliza
BonifaceCarolinebetween 1856 and 1857circa Feb 1935Boniface, WilliamStoner, Eliza
BonifaceCharles Thomas30 Dec 1874circa Nov 1942Boniface, WilliamStoner, Eliza
BonifaceDoris M.circa 1906circa Aug 1936
BonifaceDorothy23 Nov 1901Apr 1986Boniface, HarryJupp, Ruth
BonifaceEdith Florencecirca Feb 1904Boniface, GeorgeCobb, Ethel Alice
BonifaceEllen Mariabetween 1857 and 1858circa Aug 1934Boniface, WilliamStoner, Eliza
BonifaceEmmacirca May 1868circa May 1870Boniface, WilliamStoner, Eliza
BonifaceErnest George13 Jan 19023 Oct 1974Boniface, GeorgeCobb, Ethel Alice
BonifaceEva4 Apr 1903Dec 1987Boniface, HarryJupp, Ruth
BonifaceEva Anniebefore 1908
BonifaceEvelyn Elsie21 Mar 1906May 2005Boniface, GeorgeCobb, Ethel Alice
BonifaceFanny Gertrude2 Nov 1879after 1921Boniface, AlexanderHenty, Emma Mercy
BonifaceFrances16 Aug 18667 Oct 1866Boniface, WilliamStoner, Eliza
BonifaceFrancescirca May 1868after 1881Boniface, WilliamStoner, Eliza
BonifaceFrank Stanley22 Oct 188521 Dec 1969Gatland, MosesBoniface, Mary Ann
BonifaceFrederick Charles20 Sep 1900circa May 1981Boniface, Charles ThomasFeist, Mary
BonifaceGeorgecirca Feb 1877after 1918Boniface, WilliamStoner, Eliza
BonifaceHarrycirca May 1873circa Nov 1929Boniface, WilliamStoner, Eliza
BonifaceHilda Mabel20 Oct 1918Boniface, GeorgeCobb, Ethel Alice
BonifaceJamesbefore 1662
BonifaceLilian Ethelcirca Jul 1910after 1911Boniface, GeorgeCobb, Ethel Alice
BonifaceLouie Marjorie15 Mar 19146 Apr 1994Boniface, GeorgeCobb, Ethel Alice
BonifaceMary Ann20 Mar 1861circa Nov 1943Boniface, WilliamStoner, Eliza
BonifaceMinnie8 Apr 1871circa Feb 1952Boniface, WilliamStoner, Eliza
BonifacePercy4 Feb 1907Feb 1994Boniface, HarryJupp, Ruth
BonifaceSarah Janebetween 1864 and 1865after 1881Boniface, WilliamStoner, Eliza
BonifaceSpencer7 Aug 1908circa Feb 1977Boniface, GeorgeCobb, Ethel Alice
BonifaceWilliambetween 1832 and 1834circa May 1881
BonifaceWilliam Edgar3 Nov 1899circa Nov 1973Boniface, HarryJupp, Ruth
BonnettEustace Humphrey4 Feb 1906Jul 1993
BonnettRichard H. George8 Jun 1934Jul 2002Bonnett, Eustace HumphreyBriggs, Mavis Olive
BonseyCecil Henry6 May 190725 Feb 1973
BonvilleHubert David12 Aug 19225 Dec 1998
BookerAlfred Henrybetween 1870 and 1871
BookerEdith Margaret20 Jul 1897Jan 1990
BookerGracecirca Aug 1898after 1911Booker, Alfred HenryCheesmore, Mary Ann
BookhamHarrietbetween 1862 and 1863circa May 1892
BoonCharlesbetween 1825 and 1826circa Aug 1882
BoorerCharles Johncirca Feb 1885circa Feb 1885Boorer, JohnPuttick, Mary Ann
BoorerGeorgebetween 1821 and 1822circa Nov 1904
BoorerGeorgecirca Oct 1853circa May 1918Boorer, GeorgeStoner, Harriet
BoorerHilda Lilian Ivy Mary18 Nov 1911circa May 1940Boorer, William GeorgeRogers, Elizabeth M.
BoorerJessecirca Aug 18661 Jan 1934Boorer, GeorgeStoner, Harriet
BoorerJohncirca Jul 185816 Jan 1928Boorer, GeorgeStoner, Harriet
BoorerPercy Harrycirca Nov 1887circa May 1906Boorer, JohnPuttick, Mary Ann
BoorerWilliam George29 Jan 1883circa Feb 1964Boorer, JohnPuttick, Mary Ann
BoormanEdward Benjamin23 Mar 1915Jul 1990Boorman, George ThomasCracknell, Rhoda Fanny
BoormanGeorge Thomascirca Nov 188725 Feb 1919
BoormanJohn Philip23 Mar 1915Feb 1984Boorman, George ThomasCracknell, Rhoda Fanny
BoormanKingsley Charles5 Mar 19127 Jan 1970Boorman, George ThomasCracknell, Rhoda Fanny
BoormanTrevor R.circa Aug 1946circa Aug 1946Boorman, Edward BenjaminFunnell, Ella Rachel
BoothJane Rawsoncirca Nov 1878circa May 1958
BoothMargery13 Aug 1918Mar 1994
BoothThomasbefore 1915
BorastonEllenbetween 1866 and 1867
BorradaileHerbert Colquhoun10 Jul 184920 Feb 1916
BorradaileJoan Borradailecirca May 1904Borradaile, Marcus AbrahamTomkins, Caroline Elizabeth
BorradaileMarcus Abraham25 Apr 1876circa Aug 1945Borradaile, Herbert ColquhounGilbert, Fanny Harriet
BorradaileVera Mary16 Apr 1886circa May 1959Borradaile, Herbert ColquhounGilbert, Fanny Harriet
BoseleyPhilip15 Feb 1897circa May 1971
BossLeslie Thomas Markbefore 19322008
BossStephen B. P.30 Nov 195610 Sep 2006Boss, Leslie Thomas MarkAttrill, Kathleen
BottenMuriel J.17 Oct 1925May 1991
BottingHannahcirca 1782circa Nov 1867
BottingMary16 Sep 18472 Aug 1907
BottingWinifred Kate21 Mar 1912Sep 1996
BouldenEmmacirca 1856circa Oct 1928
BouldenHesterbetween 1862 and 186327 Mar 1939
BoulongneAlbertOct 190422 Oct 1986
BoultonWilliam Thomas7 Jun 189019 Mar 1960
BourneAlfredcirca Feb 1868after 1901Bourne, Charles RolandAnsell, Ellen
BourneAlicecirca May 1869after 1896Bourne, Charles RolandAnsell, Ellen
BourneAnnie May3 Apr 1903circa Nov 1948Bourne, Charles WilliamGlover, Elizabeth Mary
BourneArthur Cecil8 Jan 1902circa Nov 1971
BourneCharlesbefore 1820
BourneCharles Bournebefore 1818
BourneCharles Rolandcirca May 1838Nov 1925Bourne, Charles Bourne
BourneCharles Whitworth25 Mar 1860circa Feb 1941
BourneCharles William17 May 186628 Jul 1942Bourne, Charles RolandAnsell, Ellen
BourneEllen Hannahbetween 1864 and 1865after 1911Bourne, Charles RolandAnsell, Ellen
BourneEmily Ellenbefore 1892
BourneFlorence Ellencirca May 1891Bourne, GeorgeHollands, Florence May
BourneGeorge29 Dec 1852
BourneGeorgecirca Aug 187126 Sep 1915Bourne, Charles RolandAnsell, Ellen
BourneGeorge Charles Alfred31 Dec 189317 Jan 1948Bourne, GeorgeHollands, Florence May
BourneGertrude Gladys26 Apr 1905Bourne, Charles WhitworthCourts, Ella
BourneJohn Leonard2 May 193011 Apr 1995Bourne, Leonard ThomasBrook, May Lavinia
BourneLeonard Thomas10 Jan 1898circa Feb 1975Bourne, Charles WilliamGlover, Elizabeth Mary
BourneMary Hannahcirca Aug 1873Oct 1938Bourne, Charles RolandAnsell, Ellen
BourneMary Hannah EleanorFeb 1840Aug 1906Bourne, Charles(Surname Unknown), Hannah
BourneRenvill Roland21 May 1880Dec 1956Bourne, Charles RolandAnsell, Ellen
BousfieldHenrybetween 1862 and 1863
BousfieldIda Henrietta19 Jun 1905circa Mar 1984Bousfield, Henry(Surname Unknown), Fanny Elizabeth
BowdenRhodabetween 1881 and 1882circa Feb 1921
BowdenRose3 Aug 1915
BowellElizabeth Isabella28 Feb 1871circa Feb 1959
BowenAmy Margaret15 Apr 1912circa May 1978
BowenBeatrice Doris Mary20 Dec 190714 Feb 1952
BowenDaisy10 Aug 188110 Nov 1961
BowenHettie Joan30 Aug 1920Sep 2002
BowenHorace Alonzo21 Aug 189014 Sep 1956
BowenRonald D.circa May 1922Bowen, Horace AlonzoRanger, Nellie
BowersEthel Maude4 Sep 189318 May 1949
BowersRachaelbetween 1858 and 1878
BoweryVera Muriel24 Sep 19084 Aug 1994
BowesElizabethbefore 1907
BowlesPearl23 Jun 1924Oct 2004
BowlesVera E.before 1912
BowleyAlicebetween 1869 and 1870circa Nov 1932
BowlsJohnbetween 1847 and 1848circa May 1884
BowmanArchibald J.before 1919
BowmanDonaldbefore 1921
BowmanElsie12 Nov 1917
BowmanFrank J.2000
BowmanMary Jessie27 Dec 1919Jan 2001
BownLilian Emily14 Nov 1905Jan 1996
BowringElizabethcirca 1805circa Mar 1845
BowyerAlice Maud5 May 1914May 2006
BowyerArthur Golding21 Dec 1907circa Feb 1979
BowyerHannahbetween 1796 and 17973 Jan 1853
BoxKathleen Louise19 Jan 1912Jun 1991
BoxMargaret Estherbetween 1870 and 1871circa Feb 1959
BoxMarian L.between 1860 and 1861
BoxallArthur Lawrence24 Feb 19062 Oct 1941
BoxallErnest William19 May 1917Jan 1999Boxall, George WilliamBaker, Rebecca
BoxallGeorge William6 May 18844 Dec 1961
BoxallHarold George18 Oct 1912circa Nov 1981Boxall, George WilliamBaker, Rebecca
BoxallHenrybetween 1843 and 1844
BoxallJean Margaret19 Jul 1930May 1986Boxall, Arthur LawrenceBriggs, Jennie Rawson
BoxallKathleen10 Sep 1914Boxall, George WilliamBaker, Rebecca
BoxallMinnie Caroline Alberta18 Apr 1872circa Aug 1946Boxall, HenryBinstead, Fanny
BoxallRebecca10 Sep 1914Boxall, George WilliamBaker, Rebecca
BoyceElizabeth16 Aug 186517 Feb 1931
BoyceIvy Winifred14 Sep 1904Apr 1985
BoyceNorman Francis13 Aug 1922Nov 1994Boyce, William George HarrisonCrandon, Annie Jane
BoyceThomas Albert Arthurcirca Feb 19212 May 1965Boyce, Thomas W.Hoadley, Ellen Olive
BoyceThomas W.before 1898
BoyceUna Emma17 Dec 1902Oct 1989
BoyceWilliam George Harrison23 Mar 189327 Jan 1950
BoyceWilliam George Harrison31 Mar 1920Jan 1991Boyce, William George HarrisonCrandon, Annie Jane
BoydBetty Ruth12 Jan 1918Boyd, Horace WilliamDevereux, Emily Geraldine
BoydBrian William11 Oct 193327 Aug 1992Boyd, William HenryDuffy, Vida Mary
BoydGeraldine Frances15 Oct 1916Sep 1994Boyd, Horace WilliamDevereux, Emily Geraldine
BoydHorace William19 Aug 1888circa May 1941Boyd, Willie
BoydMeta Lucille24 Feb 192411 May 2007
BoydRoy William24 May 1929Jan 2003Boyd, Horace WilliamDevereux, Emily Geraldine
BoydWilliam Henry9 Mar 189329 Apr 1950
BoydWilliebefore 1869
BoyesEdith Ruth19 Feb 1914Feb 2004
BoyleWilliam J.before 1891
BoyntonDorothy23 Dec 1906Mar 1986
BoyntonJane Elizabethbetween 1854 and 1855
BoysElizabethbefore 1616
BozierEllen Florence21 Mar 1876circa Feb 1951
BozierJohn Thomas13 Nov 187830 Aug 1952
BozierMabel Beatrice May24 Jun 189912 Aug 1988Bozier, John ThomasStoner, Mercy Emma
BozierStanley Laurence James20 Oct 1901circa May 1983Bozier, John ThomasStoner, Mercy Emma
BrabyLilybetween 1878 and 1879
BrabySarahbefore 1796before 1851
BracewellArthurcirca 1910
BrackleyElsie Eliza14 Apr 1898circa Nov 1969Brackley, Thomas HenryGravett, Eliza
BrackleyThomas Henrybetween 1870 and 1871circa Aug 1921
BradburyEthel Frances13 Jan 189815 Aug 1990
BradenAlice Maud24 May 1879
BradfieldRaymond Clifford8 Mar 1922circa Aug 1974
BradfordJanebetween 1823 and 1824
BradleyAlbert188410 Feb 1966
BradleyBasil Dermotbetween 1904 and 1905
BradleyCatherinecirca 18531925
BradleyElsie Rose3 Oct 1909Jun 1995
BradleyGrace Dora25 Nov 1906Jul 1996
BradleyLydia Kate12 Oct 1901circa Feb 1970
BradleyMary6 Dec 1898Oct 1986Bradley, William(Surname Unknown), Elizabeth
BradleySarah E.before 1920
BradleyWilliambetween 1867 and 1868
BradshawEdithbefore 1904
BradshawRobert Samuel31 Mar 1903circa May 1977Bradshaw, William
BradshawRosabetween 1877 and 1878
BradshawWilliambefore 1883before 6 May 1936
BrainBeatrice Lillian Maud15 Oct 190830 Aug 1994
BrainBeatrice R.13 Mar 191029 May 1999Brain, FredColeman, Beatrice Annie
BrainFred27 May 187817 Mar 1945
BrainFred Coleman16 Nov 190610 Jun 1996Brain, FredColeman, Beatrice Annie
BrainMarjory28 Jun 191815 Apr 2007Brain, FredColeman, Beatrice Annie
BrainMary Grace30 Aug 191213 Mar 1990Brain, FredColeman, Beatrice Annie
BrainMelvin Leroy24 Jun 190828 Aug 1999Brain, FredColeman, Beatrice Annie
BraisyerElizabeth Annbetween 1856 and 18572 Feb 1895
BrandDonald Sidney28 Jun 1925Aug 2005
BranhamMyrtlecirca 1899
BranscombeCharitybefore 30 Jul 1745before 1748Branscombe, MarkHatherley, Grace
BranscombeCharitybefore 12 Jun 1748Branscombe, MarkHatherley, Grace
BranscombeElizabethbefore 8 Oct 1749Branscombe, MarkHatherley, Grace
BranscombeGracebefore 30 Jul 1741Branscombe, MarkHatherley, Grace
BranscombeJoannabefore 20 Mar 1742circa Mar 1831Branscombe, MarkHatherley, Grace
BranscombeMarkbefore 1714circa Apr 1762
BranscombeMartha1740Branscombe, MarkHatherley, Grace
BranscombeMarybefore 3 May 1752Branscombe, MarkHatherley, Grace
BransdenHenrybetween 1846 and 1847circa Nov 1922
BrassilThomas K.between 1888 and 18891922
BraveryCaroline Ellenbetween 1867 and 1868after 1901
BraveryFrances A. B.before 1894
BrazierEthelcirca Feb 188514 Nov 1928Brazier, JamesSmith, Jane
BrazierJamesbetween 1842 and 1843circa Feb 1910
BreadingViolet Eliza16 Jul 1914Apr 1990
BrearleyMildred Leith30 Jun 191722 Apr 2017Brearley, Thomas FrancisMcMartin, Mary Alice
BrearleyThomas Francis23 May 187017 Jan 1959
BredenEdith Annie12 Jun 1908Oct 1999
BreedonAlicebetween 1859 and 1860circa Nov 1924
BreedsSeaman14 Nov 1891circa Nov 1961
BrendEdward Georgebetween 1852 and 1853
BrennanJanebetween 1870 and 1871
BrethrenLouisabetween 1781 and 1795after 1851
BrettJack R.before 1924before 1980
BrewerAnnie Emily4 Aug 187114 Nov 1951
BrewerEdwardbefore 1578Brewer, RobertOckenden, Lettis
BrewerElizabethbetween 1856 and 1857Brewer, James
BrewerHilda M.4 May 1904
BrewerJamesbefore 1836
BrewerRichardbefore 1578Brewer, RobertOckenden, Lettis
BrewerRobertbefore 1550
BrewerRonald Bennett O.17 Mar 1919Nov 1988
BrewerWilliam F.1 Mar 1907
BriantAnnie Elizabethbetween 1871 and 1872circa Nov 1955
BriantFlorence Cordelia10 Dec 1885circa Feb 1965
BriarisAlfred Henry Arthur12 Jan 1919Jun 1990
BriceEdward St. Johncirca Feb 193629 Jul 2011Brice, Walter Charles W.Stone, Margaret Joan
BriceWalter Charles W.30 Jan 1909May 1990
BrickelDonald William26 Jan 1925Dec 2003Bruckel, William Hector MacDolandBradley, Lydia Kate
BrickelKate L. E.circa Aug 1922circa Feb 1924Bruckel, William Hector MacDolandBradley, Lydia Kate
BrickelKenneth William22 Feb 1957Jun 1999Brickel, Donald William
BricknellEdward Harvey W.16 Mar 1902Feb 1984
BridgeSamuelbefore 1920
BridgerFlorence Fannycirca Feb 1872
BridgerJoseph William22 Dec 1911circa Feb 1982
BridgerSarah Annbetween 1843 and 1844circa Feb 1888
BridgesDilwyn John15 Sep 1913Jan 1990
BridgesDouglas6 Mar 1928circa Feb 1978
BridleAda A.before 1890
BrigdenGladys Lilian5 Aug 1905Aug 1998Brigden, John ThomasJackson, Kate
BrigdenHarrietbetween 1827 and 1827
BrigdenHarriet Elizacirca Aug 1875Brigden, James WilliamJupp, Eliza
BrigdenJames Williamcirca Feb 1849circa Aug 1934Penfold, GeorgeBrigden, Harriet
BrigdenJohn Thomas19 Jun 1879circa Feb 1956Brigden, James WilliamJupp, Eliza
BrigdenKate Dorothy21 May 1904Aug 1994Brigden, John ThomasJackson, Kate
BrigdenKate Elizabeth10 Sep 1877circa Feb 1968Brigden, James WilliamJupp, Eliza
BrigdenLeslie John14 Jul 1909Nov 1996Brigden, John ThomasJackson, Kate
BrigdenMaudcirca Nov 1882Brigden, James WilliamJupp, Eliza
BriggsAlma Emily23 Nov 1935circa Aug 1981Briggs, George Leonard BennettReeves, Bertha Kate Ellen
BriggsAnnie Sophiacirca Nov 186022 Feb 1929Briggs, William BennettRoberts, Anne
BriggsArthur Benjamin21 Feb 1916circa Aug 1973Briggs, BenjaminBooth, Jane Rawson
BriggsArthur Douglas Charles16 Feb 1899circa Feb 1979Briggs, HarryRussell, Gertrude
BriggsBenjamincirca Jun 1880circa Nov 1937Briggs, William BennettRoberts, Anne
BriggsBetty R.20 Mar 1921after 1951Briggs, HarryRussell, Gertrude
BriggsBrenda I.circa Nov 19234 Jun 2010Briggs, Norman HerbertRogers, Sarah Ann E.
BriggsCharles Amosbetween 1880 and 188130 Sep 1914
BriggsCharles Arthurcirca Feb 1904Feb 1994Briggs, Charles AmosThatcher, Gertrude May
BriggsCharlotte Elizabeth24 Dec 1891circa Feb 1973Briggs, EdwardSargent, Charlotte
BriggsCharlotte Louisacirca May 1906circa Aug 1906Briggs, BenjaminBooth, Jane Rawson
BriggsDorothy28 Jun 1905Briggs, EdwardSargent, Charlotte
BriggsEdwardcirca Jun 1870circa Aug 1924Briggs, William BennettRoberts, Anne
BriggsElizabethcirca Feb 1873after 1891Briggs, William BennettRoberts, Anne
BriggsGeorge Arthurcirca Feb 1864circa Aug 1865Briggs, William BennettRoberts, Anne
BriggsGeorge Bennettcirca Nov 18665 Dec 1927Briggs, William BennettRoberts, Anne
BriggsGeorge Leonard Bennettcirca Nov 190131 May 1962Briggs, BenjaminBooth, Jane Rawson
BriggsGertrude Minnie5 Sep 1902Briggs, HarryRussell, Gertrude
BriggsHarry4 May 1875circa Nov 1961Briggs, William BennettRoberts, Anne
BriggsHarrycirca Aug 1904after 1911Briggs, HarryRussell, Gertrude
BriggsJennie Rawson14 Apr 1908Mar 1984Briggs, BenjaminBooth, Jane Rawson
BriggsJohn French14 Oct 1914Mar 1992Briggs, HarryRussell, Gertrude
BriggsKatecirca Nov 1881after 1901Briggs, William BennettRoberts, Anne
BriggsMary Anncirca Feb 1903Briggs, BenjaminBooth, Jane Rawson
BriggsMavis Olive27 Oct 1905Jun 1979Briggs, Charles AmosThatcher, Gertrude May
BriggsMinnie Adacirca Nov 1877circa Aug 1925Briggs, William BennettRoberts, Anne
BriggsMinnie Mary16 Feb 1899circa Aug 1978Briggs, EdwardSargent, Charlotte
BriggsNorman Herbert25 Nov 1900Jan 1990Briggs, HarryRussell, Gertrude
BriggsReginald9 Aug 1912Jun 1992Briggs, HarryRussell, Gertrude
BriggsRichard Edward25 Sep 1904circa May 1964Briggs, BenjaminBooth, Jane Rawson
BriggsWilliam Bennettbetween 1832 and 1840circa May 1907
BriggsWilliam Bennettcirca May 1863circa Feb 1906Briggs, William BennettRoberts, Anne
BriggsWilliam BennettNov 1906Nov 1989Briggs, HarryRussell, Gertrude
BriggsWinifred Elliottcirca Nov 1911Briggs, BenjaminBooth, Jane Rawson
BrightAlbert Edwardbetween 1900 and 190131 Aug 1966
BriglyEthel Winifred11 Feb 1902circa Aug 1972
BrignellCharlesbetween 1876 and 1877
BrignellCharles Thomas26 Jun 1898circa Nov 1974Brignell, Charles(Surname Unknown), Maude
BrignellSheila J.circa Feb 192728 Nov 2011Brignell, Charles ThomasStaden, Beatrice Mary
BrimerRonald James20 Nov 1920circa Nov 1986
BrimleyRobin29 Jun 192119 Jun 1974
BrinklowAlma Hazel1906Brinklow, Charles SilasTowes, Emily Dorothy
BrinklowArnold C.1908Brinklow, Charles SilasTowes, Emily Dorothy
BrinklowArthur N.1910Brinklow, Charles SilasTowes, Emily Dorothy
BrinklowCharles Silas11 Sep 1883after 1921
BrinklowClaudebetween 1911 and 19121985Brinklow, Charles SilasTowes, Emily Dorothy
BrinklowEverettbetween 1913 and 1914Brinklow, Charles SilasTowes, Emily Dorothy
BrinklowHazel Alma2 May 1902before 1906Brinklow, Charles SilasTowes, Emily Dorothy
BrinklowJohnbetween 1916 and 1917Brinklow, Charles SilasTowes, Emily Dorothy
BrinklowVerla Wilma6 Jul 192026 May 2001Brinklow, Charles SilasTowes, Emily Dorothy
BriskhamAlbert Herbertcirca Feb 1867circa Feb 1911Briskham, BenjaminRoberts, Caroline
BriskhamAlexander George Herbert5 Sep 1892after 1958Briskham, Albert HerbertCheesman, Ada Alice
BriskhamBenjamincirca 1827circa Nov 1871
BriskhamDora Eileencirca May 1899after 1926Briskham, Albert HerbertCheesman, Ada Alice
BriskhamDouglas Cretney18 Aug 1895circa Nov 1895Briskham, Albert HerbertCheesman, Ada Alice
BriskhamLeonard John Seymourcirca Nov 1893after 1911Briskham, Albert HerbertCheesman, Ada Alice
BriskhamNellie Enacirca Aug 1901circa Nov 1901Briskham, Albert HerbertCheesman, Ada Alice
BriskhamVera Kathleen28 Sep 1897after 1963Briskham, Albert HerbertCheesman, Ada Alice
BristerLilian Cora4 Oct 1899circa Nov 1982
BristowGladys Ruby29 Aug 1910circa Feb 1982
BritcherGeorgebefore 1881
BritcherNoemie10 Dec 190127 Jun 1992Britcher, GeorgeHofer, Marie
BrittenElsie S.12 Oct 1899
BrixeyDaisy29 Mar 18826 Jul 1957
BrixeyIvy Rosina5 Jul 1891
BroadWilliambefore 1784
BroadbridgeEdith Lilycirca Aug 1899circa Nov 1933Broadbridge, GeorgeHill, Eliza
BroadbridgeEthel Florence Eliza6 Oct 1902Broadbridge, GeorgeHill, Eliza
BroadbridgeFlorence Lilian7 Jul 1876circa Nov 1960
BroadbridgeFrederick Victorcirca Nov 1903circa Nov 1935Broadbridge, GeorgeHill, Eliza
BroadbridgeGeorge20 Mar 187823 Jan 1939
BroadbridgeGeorge Albert24 Jan 1901circa Feb 1978Broadbridge, GeorgeHill, Eliza
BroadbridgeGrace22 Nov 190718 May 1965Broadbridge, GeorgeHill, Eliza
BroadbridgeJack17 Nov 19053 Aug 1977Broadbridge, GeorgeHill, Eliza
BroadbridgeTerence Gordon27 May 193416 Jan 2016Broadbridge, JackHockley, Alice Esther
BroadmeadowWalter24 Dec 1860circa Feb 1955
BrockLilian A.before 192931 Dec 1971
BrockhurstHarry James7 May 1899circa Nov 1979
BrockhurstJohn E. J.circa Nov 1922Brockhurst, Harry JamesScroggins, Kathleen Emily
BrockhurstKathleen Olivecirca May 192428 Jul 2013Brockhurst, Harry JamesScroggins, Kathleen Emily
BrockhurstPeter Glynne27 Oct 1914Sep 2000
BromleyArthur James19 Aug 1903circa Aug 1978
Bromley-MartinCecilia Judithbetween 1937 and 193831 Aug 1966
BrookMarybefore 1701
BrookMay Lavinia11 Jan 1902May 1993
BrookerAlbertcirca Aug 1885Brooker, JohnHastings, Rosetta
BrookerAlbert Frankcirca Aug 1911Brooker, AlbertSinden, Alice Lilian
BrookerAnnbetween 1812 and 1813before 1891
BrookerAnnie Harriet14 Nov 187925 Aug 1967Brooker, JohnHastings, Rosetta
BrookerArthur Charlescirca May 1878after 1911Brooker, JohnHastings, Rosetta
BrookerArthur James30 Oct 187829 Apr 1964Brooker, JamesApplebee, Mary Ann Elizabeth
BrookerBenaiahbefore 1715
BrookerBlanche Adelaide29 Dec 187919 Dec 1967Brooker, JamesApplebee, Mary Ann Elizabeth
BrookerCatherine Laura14 Jan 1866circa May 1948Brooker, WilliamOdd, Sarah
BrookerCecil Victorcirca Feb 1883circa May 1924Brooker, JamesApplebee, Mary Ann Elizabeth
BrookerCharlesbefore 1897
BrookerClarissa Mary Dorcas5 Jan 1881Dec 1973Brooker, Walter WilliamBatley, Mary Jane
BrookerConstance Annie16 Nov 1886Sep 1979Brooker, EdwinNewman, Ann
BrookerDora3 Aug 1889
BrookerDorothy Pauline Maggie25 Mar 189022 Feb 1974Brooker, Horace SydneyCouzens, Susan Kate
BrookerEbenezercirca Dec 1850circa Nov 1924Brooker, WilliamOdd, Sarah
BrookerEdithcirca May 1879Brooker, WilliamDewsbury, Phoebe
BrookerEdithcirca Feb 1881circa Feb 1881Brooker, JohnHastings, Rosetta
BrookerEdith Gertrudecirca Aug 1875circa May 1927Brooker, JamesApplebee, Mary Ann Elizabeth
BrookerEdwincirca Feb 1859circa May 1920Brooker, ThomasOdd, Dorcas
BrookerEliza30 Jul 1824Oct 1846
BrookerElizabethbefore 12 Jun 1737Brooker, BenaiahLinfield, Mary
BrookerElizabeth Dorcascirca Nov 1857after 1881Brooker, WilliamOdd, Sarah
BrookerElsiecirca May 1908circa Feb 1909Brooker, Ernest EdwinVincent, Ellen Eliza
BrookerEmilycirca Feb 1892Brooker, JohnHastings, Rosetta
BrookerErnest Edwincirca Feb 1885circa May 1947Brooker, WilliamDewsbury, Phoebe
BrookerErnest Edwincirca Feb 1910circa May 1910Brooker, Ernest EdwinVincent, Ellen Eliza
BrookerEvelyn Dorcas28 Dec 1873after 1939Brooker, JamesApplebee, Mary Ann Elizabeth
BrookerFlorencecirca Feb 1878before 1881Brooker, JohnHastings, Rosetta
BrookerFlorence A.circa Aug 1888Brooker, EdwinNewman, Ann
BrookerFlorence Marycirca Feb 1910Brooker, AlbertSinden, Alice Lilian
BrookerFranciscirca Aug 1882after 1891Brooker, Walter WilliamBatley, Mary Jane
BrookerFrederickcirca Aug 1862circa Feb 1919Brooker, WilliamOdd, Sarah
BrookerFrederick Kennardcirca Aug 188112 Aug 1950Brooker, EbenezerKennard, Rachel
BrookerGladys Violetcirca Feb 1896circa Feb 1897Brooker, WilliamDewsbury, Phoebe
BrookerGracecirca Nov 1891circa Nov 1891Brooker, WilliamDewsbury, Phoebe
BrookerHenrybefore 24 Feb 1828Brooker, WilliamKilner, Charity
BrookerHilda MaryMar 1891circa Feb 1932Brooker, FrederickAlexander, Hannah
BrookerHorace Briancirca Aug 188821 Apr 1915Brooker, Horace SydneyCouzens, Susan Kate
BrookerHorace Oswald Bertramcirca Aug 1890circa May 1898Brooker, JamesApplebee, Mary Ann Elizabeth
BrookerHorace Sydneycirca May 186020 Sep 1938Brooker, WilliamOdd, Sarah
BrookerIda Murielcirca Nov 1894circa Aug 1911Brooker, Horace SydneyCouzens, Susan Kate
BrookerIsabel Dorcas1 Apr 18926 Dec 1972Brooker, EdwinNewman, Ann
BrookerJamescirca Nov 1850circa May 1915Brooker, ThomasOdd, Dorcas
BrookerJanebefore 24 May 1747Brooker, BenaiahLinfield, Mary
BrookerJohncirca Nov 185426 May 1932Brooker, ThomasOdd, Dorcas
BrookerJohn Arthur17 Jun 1913Jun 1983Brooker, Arthur JamesHarper, Edith Annie
BrookerJohn Bryancirca Feb 192025 Jan 2008Brooker, Selwyn HaroldMoxon, Rose Wood
BrookerJohn William20 Nov 1877circa May 1941Brooker, WilliamDewsbury, Phoebe
BrookerJohn Williamcirca Aug 1883Brooker, JohnHastings, Rosetta
BrookerKatie Mabelcirca Oct 1880after 1911Brooker, WilliamDewsbury, Phoebe
BrookerLiliancirca May 1887Brooker, WilliamDewsbury, Phoebe
BrookerLilian Beatrice11 Jan 1879circa Nov 1964Brooker, EbenezerKennard, Rachel
BrookerLily27 Feb 1882Mar 1980Brooker, JohnHastings, Rosetta
BrookerLouisa Mary Ann6 Sep 1877circa Nov 1953Brooker, JamesApplebee, Mary Ann Elizabeth
BrookerMargaretcirca May 1855circa May 1932Brooker, WilliamOdd, Sarah
BrookerMarybefore 12 May 1739Brooker, BenaiahLinfield, Mary
BrookerMaudcirca Nov 1882Brooker, WilliamDewsbury, Phoebe
BrookerMaud Dorcas Janecirca Feb 1876circa Nov 1877Brooker, WilliamDewsbury, Phoebe
BrookerMyrtle Florence31 Aug 188118 May 1948Brooker, JamesApplebee, Mary Ann Elizabeth
BrookerOlive Ivycirca Aug 18864 Mar 1954Brooker, JamesApplebee, Mary Ann Elizabeth
BrookerPhyllis Rose29 Jun 1912Brooker, Frederick KennardChappell, Rose
BrookerSarah14 Feb 1741Brooker, BenaiahLinfield, Mary
BrookerSarah Jane4 Jun 18898 Mar 1943Brooker, WilliamDewsbury, Phoebe
BrookerSelwyn Harold6 Feb 1889Jun 1980Brooker, Walter WilliamBatley, Mary Jane
BrookerStanley Waltercirca Aug 1888circa Aug 1894Brooker, EbenezerKennard, Rachel
BrookerSusanna14 Feb 1744Brooker, BenaiahLinfield, Mary
BrookerThomas17 Feb 1752Brooker, BenaiahLinfield, Mary
BrookerThomas1823Brooker, WilliamKilner, Charity
BrookerThomas Percy21 Apr 189324 Mar 1966Brooker, WilliamDewsbury, Phoebe
BrookerVictor Haroldcirca Feb 189428 Sep 1954Brooker, FrederickAlexander, Hannah
BrookerWallace Walter27 Jan 1884circa Feb 1954Brooker, Walter WilliamBatley, Mary Jane
BrookerWalter Williamcirca Aug 1853circa Nov 1929Brooker, WilliamOdd, Sarah
BrookerWilliambetween 1800 and 1801before 1871
BrookerWilliam1826between 1865 and 1871Brooker, WilliamKilner, Charity
BrookerWilliamcirca Aug 1848circa May 1921Brooker, ThomasOdd, Dorcas
BrookingHerbert5 Apr 1900circa May 1981
BrookmanCicely Agnes24 Apr 190115 Jan 1981Brookman, Frank WilliamConstable, Alice
BrookmanFrank William25 Jan 186012 Apr 1958
BrooksAmelia Emma23 Oct 1905Jun 1988
BrooksEthel May7 Apr 189114 Apr 1971
BrooksJamesbetween 1859 and 186025 Apr 1904
BrooksLucy Annie24 Feb 1874Apr 1923
BrooksMuriel Mabel1 Nov 1908Mar 1998
BrooksNapoleon3 Jun 1870circa May 1945
BrooksRubie N.before 1903
BrookwellThomasbefore 1895
BroomCharlesbefore 1861before 1904
BroomDaisy Beatricebetween 1881 and 1882circa Aug 1905Broom, Charles
BroomfieldRonald Walter6 Sep 1902Dec 1985
BrouittAlfred George Albert6 Jul 191727 Jul 1974Browitt, Alfred CharlesHarvey, Maud Evelyn
BrouittElizabeth Emmacirca Feb 1881circa Feb 1881Browitt, WilliamBurtenshaw, Eliza Harriet
BrouittMaud Evelyn Frances16 Jun 1920Nov 2006Browitt, Alfred CharlesHarvey, Maud Evelyn
BrouittRose Ada12 Feb 1883circa May 1943Browitt, WilliamBurtenshaw, Eliza Harriet
BrouittWilliam Josephcirca May 1885circa Aug 1886Browitt, WilliamBurtenshaw, Eliza Harriet
BrounscombeMarkbefore 8 Mar 1736Nov 1737Branscombe, MarkUpton, Martha
BrounscombeMarthabefore 5 Feb 1734before 1740Branscombe, MarkUpton, Martha
BrowittAlfred Charlescirca Aug 1892circa Aug 1933Still, AlfredBurtenshaw, Eliza Harriet
BrowittWilliamcirca Feb 1859circa Feb 1901
BrownAlfredbetween 1839 and 1840
BrownAlice23 May 188015 Jul 1969
BrownAlice Josephinecirca Aug 1893Brown, Frederick EdwardLangridge, Alice Adelaide
BrownAugusta Louisacirca May 1864after 1891Brown, AlfredStoner, Caroline
BrownCatherinecirca 190015 Sep 1939
BrownCharles Percy28 Apr 186929 Sep 1949
BrownCharles R.before 1917
BrownClara21 Aug 1884
BrownDoris Isobel A.22 Feb 1910circa Feb 1977
BrownDoris Jessie25 May 1891Sep 1989Brown, Charles PercyConstable, Jessie
BrownDorothy M.before 1918
BrownDorothy Winifredcirca Nov 1919Brown, William J.Liddle, Winifred Emily
BrownEdwardbefore 1899
BrownEdward Alfred19 Jun 1894circa May 1976Brown, Frederick EdwardLangridge, Alice Adelaide
BrownEllen25 Dec 1869Oct 1944
BrownEllenbetween 1886 and 1887circa Feb 1968
BrownEmily Adelinecirca Nov 1865after 1871Brown, AlfredStoner, Caroline
BrownEmily Louisa10 Sep 1889circa Feb 1971
BrownEmily Maria14 Jan 1893
BrownErnest Alfredcirca Nov 1875after 1891Brown, AlfredStoner, Caroline
BrownEveline Isabel12 Apr 1884Brown, Robert HenryFlood, Minnie Burnell
BrownFanny21 Aug 1906circa Nov 1980
BrownFlorence Grace Elizabeth12 Oct 1902Jul 1989Brown, Frederick EdwardLangridge, Alice Adelaide
BrownFrank Bernardcirca Nov 1898after 1911Brown, Frederick EdwardLangridge, Alice Adelaide
BrownFrederick Edwardcirca May 1868after 1911Brown, AlfredStoner, Caroline
BrownFrederick Herbertcirca Feb 1896after 1911Brown, Frederick EdwardLangridge, Alice Adelaide
BrownFrederick John6 Jul 1902circa Feb 1981Brown, WilliamAnsell, Ellen Mary
BrownGeorge19 Nov 1876
BrownGertrude Jane5 Aug 1883circa May 1972
BrownHarrycirca Feb 1863Brown, AlfredStoner, Caroline
BrownJohn1846Brown, WilliamPowell, Eliza
BrownJohn Herbertbefore 1886
BrownJohn Stafford14 Nov 192227 Mar 1987
BrownJosephbefore 1897
BrownJune Hilda V.2 Apr 1922circa Feb 1978
BrownLavender Maybefore 1918
BrownLillian Maud1 Feb 1901after 1911Brown, WilliamAnsell, Ellen Mary
BrownMabel Adelinecirca Nov 1899after 1911Brown, Frederick EdwardLangridge, Alice Adelaide
BrownMary14 Feb 1837
BrownMary Janebetween 1871 and 187229 Oct 1922Brown, William HenryCardiff, Alice
BrownMay Beatrice26 May 1895Brown, Charles PercyConstable, Jessie
BrownNorman William13 Dec 1924Jan 1991Brown, William FrederickRider, Doris E.
BrownRobert Henrybefore 1863
BrownRoger Elliot8 Jun 188612 Apr 1959
BrownRose Evelyncirca May 1906Brown, WilliamAnsell, Ellen Mary
BrownRose Louisebetween 1901 and 1902Brown, Frederick EdwardLangridge, Alice Adelaide
BrownSophiabetween 1860 and 1861circa Feb 1927
BrownStanley9 Aug 1932Sep 2005Brown, William FrederickRider, Doris E.
BrownWilliambetween 1822 and 1823before 1871
BrownWilliam Frederick7 Feb 1896circa May 1981Brown, WilliamAnsell, Ellen Mary
BrownWilliam Henrybetween 1845 and 184628 May 1926
BrownWilliam J.27 Mar 1894
BrownWinifred Caroline18 Aug 18716 May 1963Brown, AlfredStoner, Caroline
BrownWinifred Georginecirca Feb 1897after 1911Brown, Frederick EdwardLangridge, Alice Adelaide
BrowneAmelia Leina31 Dec 19069 Nov 1966Browne, Walter StephensonCampbell, Evalena
BrowneDaniel Cameron18317 Jun 1898
BrowneDaniel Walter7 Aug 190911 Jul 1966Browne, Walter StephensonCampbell, Evalena
BrowneFaith Bedford3 Jun 19165 Jan 2000Browne, Walter StephensonCampbell, Evalena
BrowneMartha J.before 1919
BrowneMarycirca 1798Dec 1875
BrowneMary Jane3 May 190531 Jul 1963Browne, Walter StephensonCampbell, Evalena
BrowneMatilda Irene25 Dec 191910 Sep 1986Browne, Walter StephensonCampbell, Evalena
BrownePhebe Elizabeth16 Sep 19183 Nov 1990Browne, Walter StephensonCampbell, Evalena
BrowneRuby May24 Mar 190827 Mar 1982Browne, Walter StephensonCampbell, Evalena
BrowneRussell Edward12 Apr 192410 May 2011Browne, Walter StephensonCampbell, Evalena
BrowneWalter Stephenson4 Oct 18712 Sep 1940Browne, Daniel CameronWhite, Jane
BrowningGeorge H.before 1921
BrowningLouisabetween 1819 and 1820circa Feb 1899Browning, WilliamFreeman, Anne
BrownsmithPercy Joynson24 Apr 1908circa May 1979
BruceRosebetween 1860 and 1861
BruckelFrederick Augustus Richardcirca Feb 1899circa Aug 1899Bruckel, Frederick WilliamBarnett, Eliza
BruckelFrederick William8 Sep 1872circa Nov 1943
BruckelHenry Philipcirca May 1903circa Aug 1904Bruckel, Frederick WilliamBarnett, Eliza
BruckelWilliam Hector MacDoland18 Mar 1900circa Aug 1975Bruckel, Frederick WilliamBarnett, Eliza
BrumbyHerbert5 Nov 1892circa May 1973
BrundleAlbert Arthur12 Jun 1902Mar 1988Brundle, HenryDancaster, Lucy Annie
BrundleCharles William1 Jan 1904Oct 1990Brundle, HenryDancaster, Lucy Annie
BrundleErnest George15 Apr 1910Jan 1989Brundle, HenryDancaster, Lucy Annie
BrundleHarold Victor3 Sep 191214 Feb 1973Brundle, HenryDancaster, Lucy Annie
BrundleHenry13 Nov 1875circa Feb 1946
BrundleJames Henrycirca May 190126 Aug 1942Brundle, HenryDancaster, Lucy Annie
BrundleJoan Hilary8 Sep 1927Dec 2005Brundle, Charles WilliamVine, Dorothy Winifred
BrundleKathleen Amelia19 Jan 191527 Jan 2009Brundle, HenryDancaster, Lucy Annie
BrundleThirza Maycirca May 1908circa Feb 1909Brundle, HenryDancaster, Lucy Annie
BrundleThomas Erald25 Sep 1905Dec 1991Brundle, HenryDancaster, Lucy Annie
BrunetHelen Mavis4 Feb 193815 Jun 2015Condie, Lillie Evelyn
BrunskillKenneth Georgecirca May 190012 Jul 1960Brunskill, RichardFord, Alice Maud Mary
BrunskillRichardbetween 1852 and 185322 Mar 1932
BrunskillRichard Alan14 Aug 189825 Jan 1972Brunskill, RichardFord, Alice Maud Mary
BryantEwart Samuel2 Aug 1920Jan 1993Bryant, SamuelLake, Rose Ellen
BryantFlorence Elizabeth9 Oct 1882circa Nov 1965
BryantRobert C.before 1911
BryantSamuel22 Dec 1882
BrydgesEvelyn May10 Nov 190314 Feb 2009
BrysonRobertbefore 1921
BuchananAlvin Marcus23 Jun 1924Jul 2006
BuchananJamesbefore 1838before 1898
BuchananJohnbetween 1858 and 1859circa May 1924Buchanan, James
BuchananJohncirca Apr 189925 Oct 1918Buchanan, JohnBall, Annie
BuckLouisa Elizabethbetween 1880 and 1881circa May 1935
BuckinghamEthel Ada16 Jan 190018 Feb 1979
BuckinghamNorman James23 Feb 1876circa Feb 1962
BucklandGeorgebetween 1858 and 1859
BucklandGeorge5 Apr 1882circa Nov 1965Buckland, George(Surname Unknown), Fanny
BucklandGeorge Thomas3 Oct 190410 Jul 1971Buckland, GeorgeRoser, Harriet
BucklandThomas E.between 1896 and 1897circa Feb 1928
BucklandThomas Edwin24 Jun 191914 Sep 1944Buckland, Thomas E.Towes, Harriet
BucklandViolet Harriett30 Mar 1921Jul 1993Buckland, Thomas E.Towes, Harriet
BuckleEthel Lilian17 Jan 18811 Jan 1962
BuckleGrace Rebeccacirca Nov 1877circa Aug 1911
BuckleyEllenbetween 1885 and 1886
BuckmanCharles17 Jun 1884
BuckmanCharles Walter22 Aug 192116 Apr 2008Buckman, CharlesLinfield, Emily
BuckmanEdith Lucy26 Sep 1914Jun 2000Buckman, CharlesLinfield, Emily
BuckmanElizabethcirca Feb 1846after 1865Buckman, HezekiahGallard, Jane
BuckmanEllen7 Aug 1865
BuckmanEllen Esthercirca Nov 1911Buckman, CharlesLinfield, Emily
BuckmanHezekiahbetween 1823 and 1824circa Nov 1900
BuckmanWalter Harold Georgecirca May 1916circa Aug 1917Buckman, CharlesLinfield, Emily
BuckmanWilliamcirca May 1848circa Nov 1878Buckman, HezekiahGallard, Jane
BuckwellDaisy McDell22 Jan 188021 Jul 1971
BuckwellEdith A.5 Sep 1907
BuckwellRuthbetween 1838 and 1839
BuddLouisa Rosecirca Feb 18771956
BudgeAlexina Ann27 Aug 19148 Jul 1975
BudgeElizacirca 1816circa Nov 1863
BudgeSamuelbefore 1780
BudgenEllencirca Aug 184818 Sep 1913
BudgenJohn3 Mar 1782Budgen, RichardKilner, Mary
BudgenMary27 Apr 1788Budgen, RichardKilner, Mary
BudgenRichardbefore 1759
BudgenRichard17 Apr 1791Budgen, RichardKilner, Mary
BulfordFrederick William25 Nov 1925Nov 1992
BullFrank Taylor12 Jan 188617 Nov 1958
BullJoan Goodwin7 Jul 19205 Mar 1991Bull, Frank TaylorShort, Alice Jane
BullLily Beatrice5 Jul 1901circa May 1974
BullMary Elizabethbefore 1861
BullRuby Elaine Taylor28 Oct 191115 Nov 2000Bull, Frank TaylorShort, Alice Jane
BullenErnest Roy30 May 1920Dec 1993
BullinNellie A.20 Oct 1874
BullockAnnie Ameilia13 Feb 1898Oct 1987
BulpettPeter Johncirca Feb 194512 Nov 2009
BundyDennis Brian26 Nov 1936May 2002Bundy, Walter SidneyBarnett, Mabel Isabel
BundyGrace Vera25 Oct 192811 May 2012Bundy, Walter SidneyBarnett, Mabel Isabel
BundyMuriel Edith7 Sep 1926Nov 2001Bundy, Walter SidneyBarnett, Mabel Isabel
BundyNorman Kenneth9 Mar 1924Mar 2001Bundy, Walter SidneyBarnett, Mabel Isabel
BundyWalter Sidney10 May 1897circa Feb 1967
BuntingMarian Isabella15 Nov 18673 May 1954Bunting, William GeorgeWhite, Anna
BuntingWilliam Georgebetween 1827 and 1847
BunyardBarbara Dorothy Marycirca Nov 1915Bunyard, Reginald HarryCopper, Dorothy Gladys Annie
BunyardPatricia Joancirca Feb 1921Bunyard, Reginald HarryCopper, Dorothy Gladys Annie
BunyardReginald Harrycirca Aug 188325 Aug 1939
BunyardValerie Marion18 Jan 1930Jan 1997Bunyard, Reginald HarryCopper, Dorothy Gladys Annie
BurchAmy Frances8 Oct 1921Aug 2001Burch, Henry PercivalCopper, Lilian Mary
BurchDorothy Mary30 Mar 1920Burch, Henry PercivalCopper, Lilian Mary
BurchHenry Percival29 Oct 1881circa Feb 1972
BurchJohn Percy Copper16 Apr 192719 Jun 2011Burch, Henry PercivalCopper, Lilian Mary
BurchPhilipcirca May 1927circa May 1927Burch, Henry PercivalCopper, Lilian Mary
BurchellLaura Annie17 Oct 19108 Jan 1991
BurchellMary Janebetween 1862 and 1863
BurdettAda Elizabeth187015 Feb 1953
BurdfieldAustin1 Apr 1877circa Feb 1959
BurdfieldCharles10 Aug 1872circa Feb 1951
BurdfieldCharles Frederick Benjamin8 Dec 1907Jan 1992Burdfield, CharlesFunnell, Edith Annie
BurdfieldFlorence Alicecirca Oct 1900Burdfield, CharlesFunnell, Edith Annie
BurdfieldJoyce Lillian13 Aug 19203 Apr 2012Burdfield, CharlesFunnell, Edith Annie
BurdfieldLeonard Gilbert29 Sep 1912circa May 1976Burdfield, CharlesFunnell, Edith Annie
BurdfieldReginald Albert Robert17 Dec 1914circa May 1976Burdfield, CharlesFunnell, Edith Annie
BurdfieldViolet Ellen7 Nov 1903Jun 1988Burdfield, CharlesFunnell, Edith Annie
BurdfieldWallis Douglas25 Sep 1918May 2000Burdfield, CharlesFunnell, Edith Annie
BurdfieldWinifred Anniecirca Feb 1902after 1911Burdfield, CharlesFunnell, Edith Annie
BurgeAlbert James9 Apr 1876circa Feb 1954
BurgeCarole A.28 Jun 19372 Sep 2008Burge, Randolph AlbertMaitland, Marjorie Emily
BurgeEvelyn May3 Feb 1906circa Nov 1942Burge, Albert JamesMonk, Louisa Ellen
BurgeRandolph Albert19 Jun 1909Feb 2001Burge, Albert JamesMonk, Louisa Ellen
BurgessErnest Edwardcirca May 18751 Jan 1954
BurgessGrace E.circa 1890before 1939
BurgessMary Annbefore 1810
BurgessMildred Jean19291 Sep 2007
BurgessVictorbefore 1920
BurgessWilliam A.before 1898
BurgessWilliam Arthurcirca 189217 Oct 1918
BurkeEliza Matilda4 Aug 1890circa May 1980
BurleyDorothy Marjorie28 Jan 1895Dec 1984
BurleyElizabeth Paynebefore 1802
BurlingSaidee Maria Ongley3 Aug 190625 Feb 1989Burling, William JeffreyStaden, Mary Ongley
BurlingWilliam Jeffrey19 Apr 1878circa Feb 1953
BurnJohn Thomas D.24 Aug 1897Aug 1995
BurnandClaudia Constance E.14 Apr 1991Jun 2006
BurneRitaafter 1920Burne, WalterCheesman, Lilian Eleanor
BurneWalterbefore 1900
BurnellBenjaminbefore 1775circa Aug 1847
BurnellMary17981 Dec 1885Burnell, BenjaminHitchcock, Jane
BurnettHarrietbefore 1807
BurnettJohn Philip29 Oct 197215 Nov 1977
BurnettJohn Robert23 Sep 19392 Nov 2009Burnett, John WalterWhite, Hazel Belle
BurnettJohn Walter19 May 191718 Nov 1876
BurreeWalter Henrycirca Feb 1883circa Nov 1945
BurrellDaisy Isabel5 Mar 1888circa Nov 1952
BurrowsAlfred W.before 1920
BurrowsJohnbefore 1913
BurrowsKate21 Nov 1868circa Aug 1960
BurrowsRuth3 Apr 1892
BurrowsWilliam Angus6 Jan 19281996
BurseAlicecirca May 1872circa Feb 1931
BurseAllen Henry5 Jan 1901Jan 1996Puttick, Henry JamesBurse, Alice
BurseBasil Arthur25 Apr 1910circa Aug 1983Puttick, Henry JamesBurse, Alice
BurseBlanche Mary Alma11 Oct 1894circa May 1972Puttick, Henry JamesBurse, Alice
BurseChristopher Norman2 Nov 1960May 2003Burse, Horace Stanley WilliamSmith, Dorothy Ida
BurseGertrude Alice26 Apr 1904circa Feb 1945Puttick, Henry JamesBurse, Alice
BurseHorace Stanley Williamcirca Feb 1916Puttick, Henry JamesBurse, Alice
BurseRobert James Pullen1 Jun 1897circa Aug 1965Puttick, Henry JamesBurse, Alice
BurseViolet Doris23 Nov 1905circa Feb 1991Puttick, Henry JamesBurse, Alice
BursterBertha19 Aug 1895circa Nov 1973Burster, WilliamPeacock, Caroline
BursterElla Ann17 Apr 188618 Dec 1973Burster, WilliamPeacock, Caroline
BursterEmily Hope6 Jun 1884circa Feb 1960Burster, WilliamPeacock, Caroline
BursterMabel10 May 1892circa Feb 1959Burster, WilliamPeacock, Caroline
BursterWilliambetween 1848 and 184917 Apr 1924
BursterWilliam James2 Aug 188227 Dec 1958Burster, WilliamPeacock, Caroline
BurstowAlbert Ernest29 Dec 1917May 2005
BurtEllen Gracebefore 1906
BurtGertrude Jessie14 Jul 1912Dec 1973
BurtLily22 May 1886circa Feb 1955
BurtMargaretbefore 1909
BurtNancy Ruth Rosemary14 May 1915Jan 2005
BurtSidney Wallace A.27 Nov 1915May 1995
BurtenshawAlfredcirca May 1850circa May 1863Burtenshaw, JohnPenfold, Louisa
BurtenshawAlice Lilian28 Mar 1910Dec 1986Burtenshaw, CharlesBroadbridge, Florence Lilian
BurtenshawAnncirca May 1843Burtenshaw, JohnPenfold, Louisa
BurtenshawBenjaminbetween 1820 and 1821May 1853
BurtenshawCharles31 May 18647 Nov 1953Burtenshaw, JohnPenfold, Louisa
BurtenshawCharles11 Aug 1880circa May 1964Burtenshaw, HenryFlote, Elizabeth
BurtenshawCharles9 Dec 190823 Sep 1944Burtenshaw, CharlesBroadbridge, Florence Lilian
BurtenshawCharles Georgebetween 1860 and 1861circa May 1935
BurtenshawCharles Henrycirca Feb 1913circa Nov 1913Burtenshaw, GeorgeKennard, Kate
BurtenshawCharles James William28 May 1900Jan 1987Burtenshaw, Charles GeorgeLewry, Esther
BurtenshawConstance Florence30 Sep 1906Dec 1993Burtenshaw, CharlesBroadbridge, Florence Lilian
BurtenshawDoris May29 Oct 1906after 1911Burtenshaw, Charles GeorgeLewry, Esther
BurtenshawEdith Ivycirca Nov 1909circa Nov 1975Burtenshaw, Charles GeorgeLewry, Esther
BurtenshawEdwincirca May 1853circa Feb 1855Burtenshaw, JohnPenfold, Louisa
BurtenshawEliza Harrietcirca Feb 1857circa Feb 1928Burtenshaw, JohnPenfold, Louisa
BurtenshawElizabeth1838circa Aug 1864Burtenshaw, JohnPenfold, Louisa
BurtenshawElizabethcirca Aug 1863circa Nov 1865Burtenshaw, HenryFlote, Elizabeth
BurtenshawElizabeth Annie5 Jun 1906May 1991Burtenshaw, GeorgeKennard, Kate
BurtenshawEmilycirca Apr 185030 Dec 1936Burtenshaw, BenjaminAnsell, Olive
BurtenshawEmmacirca Feb 1868circa May 1902Burtenshaw, HenryFlote, Elizabeth
BurtenshawFanny19 Sep 1855circa Feb 1942Burtenshaw, JohnPenfold, Louisa
BurtenshawFrederickcirca Aug 1859circa May 1862Burtenshaw, JohnPenfold, Louisa
BurtenshawFrederick William5 Mar 1916circa Feb 1948Burtenshaw, GeorgeKennard, Kate
BurtenshawGeorgecirca Mar 1841Mar 1846Burtenshaw, JohnPenfold, Louisa
BurtenshawGeorge10 Mar 1870circa Aug 1950Burtenshaw, HenryFlote, Elizabeth
BurtenshawGeorge21 May 1896circa Feb 1974Burtenshaw, GeorgeKennard, Kate
BurtenshawHenry1839circa Feb 1892Burtenshaw, JohnPenfold, Louisa
BurtenshawHenry Georgecirca Aug 1865circa Feb 1888Burtenshaw, HenryFlote, Elizabeth
BurtenshawIvy Maycirca May 1912Burtenshaw, CharlesBroadbridge, Florence Lilian
BurtenshawJamescirca Aug 1854circa Feb 1867Burtenshaw, JohnPenfold, Louisa
BurtenshawJamescirca Nov 190327 Jan 1964Burtenshaw, Charles GeorgeLewry, Esther
BurtenshawJanebefore 1783
BurtenshawJohnbetween 1815 and 1816circa May 1867
BurtenshawJohncirca Nov 1848circa Aug 1885Burtenshaw, JohnPenfold, Louisa
BurtenshawKatecirca Aug 18743 Oct 1955Burtenshaw, HenryFlote, Elizabeth
BurtenshawKate Elizabeth15 Nov 1894circa Feb 1973Burtenshaw, GeorgeKennard, Kate
BurtenshawLilian Florencecirca Nov 1908circa Nov 1910Burtenshaw, GeorgeKennard, Kate
BurtenshawLouisacirca Feb 1847Burtenshaw, JohnPenfold, Louisa
BurtenshawLouisacirca Nov 191117 Dec 1995Burtenshaw, GeorgeKennard, Kate
BurtenshawMatilda6 Dec 1899Oct 1989Burtenshaw, GeorgeKennard, Kate
BurtenshawNellie8 Apr 1904Apr 1986Burtenshaw, GeorgeKennard, Kate
BurtenshawStephencirca May 1858circa May 1876Burtenshaw, JohnPenfold, Louisa
BurtenshawWilliam Alfredbetween 1844 and 1845Burtenshaw, JohnPenfold, Louisa
BurtenshawWinifred May4 Jul 1914Jun 1993Burtenshaw, Charles GeorgeLewry, Esther
BurtonClara Jane25 Jan 186621 Mar 1904
BurtonEmeline E.Jan 186215 May 1923
BurtonJamesbetween 1843 and 18441 Dec 1931
BurtonJanebetween 1850 and 1851
BurtonJessie Constance17 Apr 189230 Jul 1959Burton, William(Surname Unknown), Sarah Ann
BurtonSarah Ann Bessie29 Nov 191323 Mar 1993
BurtonSydney George16 Apr 192431 Jul 1994Burton, William G.Cheesman, Lilian Maud
BurtonWilliambetween 1844 and 1845
BurtonWilliam G.before 1904
BusbridgeLily Gertrude6 Sep 190315 Dec 1971
BusbyEva10 Oct 1893Nov 1989
BushAlfredcirca Feb 1870after 1881Bush, GeorgeCouchman, Sarah Maria
BushGeorgebetween 1828 and 1829Bush, William
BushJosephcirca Aug 1873after 1881Bush, GeorgeCouchman, Sarah Maria
BushMary Emilycirca Jul 1863after 1881Bush, GeorgeCouchman, Sarah Maria
BushSarah Anncirca Jul 1856circa Aug 1874Bush, GeorgeCouchman, Sarah Maria
BushWilliambefore 1808
BushWilliam Georgecirca Oct 1853after 1861Bush, GeorgeCouchman, Sarah Maria
BushbyFrederick Arthur23 Oct 1926Dec 1999
BushellErnest Harold S.15 Aug 1930Oct 1993
BushellJohn H.before 1895
BusseCatharina9 Feb 1907circa Nov 1992
BussellFrancis Milford1 Feb 191829 Jun 1997
BuswellGeorge Edward1 Oct 1915Aug 2006
ButcherLeonard Graham19 Dec 1905Oct 1997
ButcherRichardbefore 1540
ButcherRichardbefore 1661
ButcherRichardbefore 1753
ButcherRosina K.before 1911
ButlandCharles William1 Aug 1907after 1965
ButlerAnnie Amy Retta16 Jun 188625 Oct 1919
ButlerElizabeth Louisabetween 1848 and 1849circa Nov 1928
ButlerEsther Jane10 Feb 189610 Feb 1981
ButlerGertrude20 Oct 187510 Jun 1967
ButtAlbert Edward25 Nov 189913 Oct 1975
ButtAlbert Frederick Wilson19 Jun 19003 Jan 1968
ButtAllan Wilson29 Dec 1950circa Aug 1976Butt, John Wilson
ButtAnne166710 Jan 1668Butt, JamesSeager, Alice
ButtElizabeth1657before 1660Butt, JamesSeager, Alice
ButtElizabeth1660Butt, JamesSeager, Alice
ButtGrace1723Butt, JamesMore, Susanna
ButtJamesbefore 1610
ButtJames30 Jan 1630Butt, James
ButtJames1661Butt, JamesSeager, Alice
ButtJames1690Butt, James
ButtJohn Wilson20 Mar 1926Dec 1994Butt, Albert Frederick WilsonKey, Ivy Gladys
ButterJoseph A.before 1912
ButterworthNorman20 May 190515 Jul 1982
ButtonFanny F.31 Oct 1861circa Feb 1948
ByshopElizabethbefore 1545
CadamyAnthony R.circa Aug 1945circa Aug 1945Cadamy, Thomas RogerBignall, Gladys V.
CadamyThomas Roger25 Nov 1912Apr 1985
CalkinsLuella Winifred J.11 Aug 190017 Jul 1982
CallelyJohncirca 1843circa Nov 1887
CallinghamAgnes Marycirca Mar 1861Jul 1866Callingham, GeorgeSebbage, Emma
CallinghamAlice Grace6 Aug 1891
CallinghamArchibaldcirca Aug 1873circa May 1959Callingham, GeorgeSebbage, Emma
CallinghamArchibald Edward14 Jul 1902Feb 1991Callingham, ArchibaldClewer, Annie Theresa
CallinghamArthur William7 Aug 1868circa Aug 1950Callingham, GeorgeSebbage, Emma
CallinghamArthur William16 Oct 1903circa Nov 1975Callingham, ArchibaldClewer, Annie Theresa
CallinghamCharlescirca May 1862Aug 1866Callingham, GeorgeSebbage, Emma
CallinghamDonald Arthurcirca Nov 19296 Nov 2015Callingham, Arthur WilliamWest, Hilda Mary
CallinghamDoris Ellen29 Dec 190524 Jan 1989Callingham, ArchibaldClewer, Annie Theresa
CallinghamEdith Agnes9 Feb 1901circa Aug 1973Callingham, ArchibaldClewer, Annie Theresa
CallinghamElizabeth Emmacirca Feb 1863Jul 1866Callingham, GeorgeSebbage, Emma
CallinghamGeorgebetween 1822 and 1823circa Aug 1894
CallinghamGeorgecirca Feb 1860Oct 1864Callingham, GeorgeSebbage, Emma
CallinghamRita May16 Sep 192813 Jun 2014Callingham, Arthur WilliamWest, Hilda Mary
CallinghamSpencer Richard14 Dec 1869circa May 1943Callingham, GeorgeSebbage, Emma
CallisWalter Joseph11 Feb 192527 Feb 1972
CalverAmy Elizabeth Maudcirca Nov 187229 Mar 1962Calver, Henry DanielGoff, Maria
CalverArthur F.between 1874 and 1875after 1881Calver, Henry DanielGoff, Maria
CalverHenry Danielbefore 1850
CalverleySimone Ade29 Oct 19234 May 2017
CameronAnnbefore 1870
CammRita May3 Apr 1929circa Feb 1962
CampJohn Charles16 Aug 1913Mar 1992
CampMaleta26 May 190023 Mar 1973
CampbellArthur Thomas18 Mar 1907Nov 1993
CampbellCarol Jean30 Dec 194125 Jun 1977
CampbellEvalena7 Aug 18847 Oct 1959
CampbellLilian Mary Huntercirca May 18782 Oct 1924
CampebllJohn Eric28 Mar 191125 Apr 1983
CampionAlison Mary1 Apr 192211 Aug 1975Campion, Charles Aldworth GiffordFarrington, Margery Frances Mary
CampionCharles Aldworth Giffordbetween 1889 and 1890
CaneEdith5 Feb 1914Sep 2006
CaneKate18 Aug 18957 Aug 1971
CannAlan Stanley25 Feb 19329 Jan 2017
CannGeorge Henrybetween 1850 and 1851circa Feb 1908
CannellDoris Mabel24 Sep 1905Aug 1990Cannell, EdwardCheesman, Elizabeth Annie Maud
CannellEdwardbetween 1872 and 1873
CannellEdward Henry15 Apr 190223 Jun 1957Cannell, EdwardCheesman, Elizabeth Annie Maud
CannellEmily Lilycirca Jul 1900after 1911Cannell, EdwardCheesman, Elizabeth Annie Maud
CannellKathleen Maud27 Aug 1903circa Nov 1970Cannell, EdwardCheesman, Elizabeth Annie Maud
CannellNellie Elizabethcirca Apr 1899after 1911Cannell, EdwardCheesman, Elizabeth Annie Maud
CannellViolet Elsiecirca Aug 19122004Cannell, EdwardCheesman, Elizabeth Annie Maud
CannonCharles D. W.before 1920
CantVictor25 Dec 1916Aug 1986
CanterNelliebetween 1883 and 1884
CapellEllen Mary15 Apr 1916Jan 2000
CarberryJohn Carmilusbetween 1934 and 19354 Oct 2006
CardewOlive Elsie26 Jan 188920 Mar 1971Cardew, SamuelChesmore, Harriett
CardewSamuelbefore 1867before 1911
CardiffAlicebetween 1845 and 184613 Oct 1918
CareyFrederick Leo31 Aug 192225 Oct 2006
CareyRichard Levi18791941
CarlinJohn McLaren13 Oct 19313 Dec 1992Carlin, William LongmuirBrown, Catherine
CarlinWilliam Longmuir2 May 189224 Jan 1953
CarlsonHelen Marie25 Feb 191816 Jul 1978
CarlsonJohn A.between 1873 and 1874
CarmanFlorence Emily30 Jul 1909Oct 1998
CarnagieJames Eric29 Oct 19081 Dec 1997
CarpAlice Avendacirca Feb 1881circa Nov 1923
CarpenterAlice D. M.circa Nov 1919
CarpenterEric G.before 1910
CarpenterFlorence Emily20 Oct 1896circa Nov 1983
CarpenterFrank E.14 May 1884
CarpenterJohnbefore 1835
CarpenterMarybetween 1864 and 1865after 1911Carpenter, JohnPullen, Elizabeth
CarpenterPhyllis Mary2 Aug 1898
CarpenterRichard Leslie19 Nov 19069 Feb 1975
CarpenterWilliam H.before 1907
CarpentersEmmabetween 1869 and 1870
CarrElsie17 Jan 189514 Jul 1968
CarrollMary Anncirca 188226 Aug 1966
CarsonSarah Jane187824 Jun 1943
CarterAnnie13 Mar 1867
CarterCarolinebetween 1839 and 1840circa Feb 1923
CarterEileen W.23 May 1898
CarterElmira Irenebefore 1891
CarterEmily Marycirca Nov 1905Carter, HenryHook, Mary Lucy
CarterErnest J.before 1917
CarterFanny15 Aug 184623 Jan 1946Carter, GeorgeWiltshire, Mary
CarterGeorgebetween 1799 and 1819before 1881
CarterGeorge Williambetween 1912 and 19131994
CarterHenrybetween 1873 and 1874
CarterHenrycirca Feb 1900Carter, HenryHook, Mary Lucy
CarterHenry G.27 Nov 1914after 1939
CarterJohn Frederick16 Jul 194823 Jul 1957Carter, George WilliamBrain, Beatrice R.
CarterMabelcirca Nov 1908Carter, HenryHook, Mary Lucy
CarterMabel Mary10 Oct 18851 Jan 1958
CarterMarybefore 1777after 1812
CarterMary Annbetween 1788 and 1808
CarterSarah2 May 183928 Oct 1873Carter, GeorgeWiltshire, Mary
CarterThomas Howardcirca 1814
CarterWilliam Johncirca May 1901Carter, HenryHook, Mary Lucy
CartlidgeJessie26 Oct 1893circa Aug 1969
CartmelJohn Richard Hartley190213 Jul 1944
CartmelJohn Thomas Hartley28 Dec 1924Mar 1985Cartmel, John Richard HartleySpicer, Kate Ellen
CartmelThomas Edmundcirca Nov 19262011Cartmel, John Richard HartleySpicer, Kate Ellen
CarverAlfred Johncirca Aug 1887circa Feb 1890Carver, Charles ArthurSebbage, Ellen
CarverAnniebefore 1913
CarverArthur Charles6 Jun 1914circa Nov 1975Carver, Charles WilliamWard, Lilian Gertrude
CarverCharles Arthurbetween 1860 and 18614 Feb 1929
CarverCharles William14 Jan 1884circa Aug 1946Carver, Charles ArthurSebbage, Ellen
CarverFlorence Ellen4 Jul 188516 May 1963Carver, Charles ArthurSebbage, Ellen
CarverFrank Edward15 Apr 1925circa May 1980
CarverJohn29 Sep 1919Carver, Charles WilliamWard, Lilian Gertrude
CarverLilian Florence20 Aug 191611 Nov 2010Carver, Charles WilliamWard, Lilian Gertrude
CarverLilycirca May 1913circa May 1913Carver, Charles WilliamWard, Lilian Gertrude
CarverNellie Elizabeth5 Jun 1895Dec 1985Carver, Charles ArthurSebbage, Ellen
CarverWilliam14 Oct 1892circa Aug 1980Carver, Charles ArthurSebbage, Ellen
CarverWilliam29 Sep 1919Oct 1995Carver, Charles WilliamWard, Lilian Gertrude
CasemoreRobert Henry13 Jul 1925Jun 1987
CassellEleanorcirca Jul 1860after 1861Cassell, FrederickSebbage, Eleanor
CassellEliza Anncirca Nov 1864circa May 1865Cassell, FrederickSebbage, Eleanor
CassellEmily Eleanorcirca May 188319 Apr 1961Cassell, Frederick WilliamChapman, Alice Mary
CassellEmmabetween 1861 and 1862after 1871Cassell, FrederickSebbage, Eleanor
CassellEttie Rosinacirca Feb 1902circa Nov 1902Cassell, Owen GeorgeMartin, Maria Harriet
CassellFrederickbetween 1830 and 1831circa Nov 1874
CassellFrederick Williamcirca Feb 185910 Feb 1939Cassell, FrederickSebbage, Eleanor
CassellFrederick Williamcirca Feb 1878circa Feb 1965Cassell, JohnWatson, Diana
CassellGeorge Frederick12 Dec 18858 May 1963Cassell, Frederick WilliamChapman, Alice Mary
CassellGeorge Williamcirca May 1866circa Nov 1913Cassell, FrederickSebbage, Eleanor
CassellJohnbetween 1854 and 1855after 1901Cassell, FrederickSebbage, Eleanor
CassellJoyce Marguerite14 Feb 1916after 1947Cassell, George FrederickMann, Grace Marguerite
CassellOwen Georgecirca Aug 1876circa Nov 1938Cassell, JohnWatson, Diana
CassidyGertrude Anastasiacirca 1908
CaterJosephine Phyllis Ena12 Apr 19065 Sep 1982
CatleyFrank5 Feb 1907circa Feb 1975
CatliffMary Henrietta B.between 1866 and 1867after 1911
CattErnest Lawrence Percy22 Mar 191615 Jun 1974Catt, PercivalTugwell, Emily Ellen
CattFrederick W.circa Aug 1920Catt, PercivalTugwell, Emily Ellen
CattPercival4 Dec 1894
CauntBetty Winifred18 Dec 1918Jan 2000
CausonElizabeth4 Jan 1898
CavalierCharlesbetween 1863 and 1864circa May 1929
CaveSarahbefore 1796
CavellAlicebefore 1859
CaveyCharlesbefore 1890
CaviganPercybefore 1891
CawkwellLeslie H.before 1927
CawseyFrederick George13 Oct 18956 Nov 1965
CazalyWilliam John18 Mar 1923Apr 2002
ChadwickLilybefore 1901
ChalkFrederick Charles2 Jun 18878 Sep 1943
ChalkFrederick Henry C.7 Dec 1917Oct 2001Chalk, Frederick CharlesAnsell, Louisa Alice Elizabeth
ChalkJoan Sybil11 Jun 1920circa Aug 1969Chalk, Frederick CharlesAnsell, Louisa Alice Elizabeth
ChalkLeonard Arthur William15 Oct 1916circa May 1990Chalk, Frederick CharlesAnsell, Louisa Alice Elizabeth
ChalkMarybefore 1739
ChalkOlive Louise17 Nov 1913Aug 1986Chalk, Frederick CharlesAnsell, Louisa Alice Elizabeth
ChalkSarahbefore 1742
ChallenFannybetween 1832 and 1833
ChallenMariabetween 1821 and 1822
ChalmersRonald3 Aug 1934Mar 2004
ChalonerJoanebefore 1580
ChamberlainFrances Elizabethbetween 1851 and 1852before 1891
ChamberlainFrancis Martinbetween 1811 and 1812circa May 1870
ChamberlainLilian H.23 Feb 1897
ChambersAlice11 Sep 1897circa May 1978
ChambersElsie A.before 1916
ChambersEthel Mary13 Jun 1891circa May 1971
ChambersMabel Maud22 Jan 1903circa Nov 1981
ChandlerAlbert William V.25 Apr 1909Jan 1985
ChandlerEmily10 May 1885circa Feb 1957
ChandlerFrank William9 Jun 188520 Mar 1944
ChandlerRichard Godfrey9 Jun 187414 Jul 1959
ChandlerRonald Leslie Mauricecirca Aug 1918Jun 1985
ChandlerSarah Janebetween 1855 and 1856
ChandlerThomas1867circa Nov 1900
ChandlerWilliam Harry25 Aug 1905circa May 1974
ChannonHilda Molly24 Jun 19137 Nov 2001
ChantEllen1 Sep 1886circa Feb 1957
ChantlerChristian Williamcirca May 186713 Jun 1938
ChantlerChristian William23 May 189611 Sep 1973Chantler, Christian WilliamAnsell, Mary
ChantlerJohnbefore 1708after 1728
ChantlerJohn18 Jun 1728after 1760Chantler, John(Surname Unknown), Jane
ChantlerJohn Alexander Ansell1 Mar 19227 Apr 1945Chantler, John HohmanBarrance, Eveline May
ChantlerJohn Hohman28 Jul 1888circa Nov 1973Chantler, Christian WilliamAnsell, Mary
ChantlerJohn William20 Aug 1930circa Aug 1958Chantler, Christian WilliamThornton, Edith
ChantlerJoseph31 Dec 1733Chantler, John(Surname Unknown), Jane
ChantlerMarybefore 21 Dec 1755Chantler, John(Surname Unknown), Mary
ChantlerMary Theodora11 Feb 1898circa Feb 1979Chantler, Christian WilliamAnsell, Mary
ChantlerRichard HallApr 1893Apr 1894Chantler, Christian WilliamAnsell, Mary
ChantlerSarah28 Sep 1760Oct 1830Chantler, John(Surname Unknown), Mary
ChantlerWilliam3 Feb 1731Chantler, John(Surname Unknown), Jane
ChaplinJessie Elizabeth19 Apr 1884
ChaplinJohn Cyrilbefore 1929after 1965
ChapmanAgnes17 Jan 1914Chapman, AscotConnelly, Nellie
ChapmanAgnes Annie Louisa13 Apr 187627 May 1949Chapman, WilliamBall, Eliza
ChapmanAlice Mary5 Oct 185720 Jun 1944
ChapmanAmelia Alicecirca Jan 1911Chapman, Herbert HenryPenfold, Sarah
ChapmanAscot17 Aug 1883circa Nov 1959Chapman, WilliamBall, Eliza
ChapmanAscot14 Jun 1909after 1939Chapman, AscotConnelly, Nellie
ChapmanAskettcirca Nov 1902circa Feb 1929Chapman, William JohnCurrie, Ellen Margaret
ChapmanCharles Edwin1 May 191518 Feb 1974Chapman, ErnestRead, Emily Irene
ChapmanClifford Francis1 May 1909Jun 1992Chapman, William JohnCurrie, Ellen Margaret
ChapmanCyril Douglas5 Oct 1918Aug 1989Chapman, Herbert HenryPenfold, Sarah
ChapmanDoreen6 Jun 1926Sep 2000Chapman, AscotConnelly, Nellie
ChapmanEleanor11 Dec 1921Chapman, AscotConnelly, Nellie
ChapmanElizacirca Feb 1908Chapman, AscotConnelly, Nellie
ChapmanElizabethbefore 1745
ChapmanElsie Florencecirca Nov 1913Chapman, Harry CharlesSebbage, Florence Alice
ChapmanEmily Eliza23 Nov 1879after 1939Chapman, WilliamBall, Eliza
ChapmanErnestbetween 1886 and 1887
ChapmanErnest Edward30 Apr 1916circa Feb 1983Chapman, Herbert HenryPenfold, Sarah
ChapmanErnest Reginald8 Jan 1914Sep 1993Chapman, ErnestRead, Emily Irene
ChapmanFrank4 Mar 1885circa May 1949Chapman, WilliamBall, Eliza
ChapmanFrank16 Oct 1923Oct 1999Chapman, FrankJones, Ada Elizabeth
ChapmanFrederick12 Nov 1908circa Feb 1972Chapman, Herbert HenryPenfold, Sarah
ChapmanHarrietbetween 1843 and 1844
ChapmanHarry Charlesbefore 1889
ChapmanHerbert Arthurcirca Nov 1903circa Nov 1918Chapman, Herbert HenryPenfold, Sarah
ChapmanHerbert Henry9 Sep 1879circa Nov 1960
ChapmanJames Henry28 Mar 1905circa Feb 1964Chapman, Herbert HenryPenfold, Sarah
ChapmanJohncirca Nov 1919Chapman, AscotConnelly, Nellie
ChapmanJosephcirca Nov 1910Chapman, William JohnCurrie, Ellen Margaret
ChapmanLeonard J.before 1920
ChapmanLilian Alicecirca Aug 1905Chapman, William JohnCurrie, Ellen Margaret
ChapmanMabel Minnie23 Aug 1906Oct 1994Chapman, William JohnCurrie, Ellen Margaret
ChapmanMarybefore 1769
ChapmanMary Anncirca Feb 1878after 1891Chapman, WilliamBall, Eliza
ChapmanMary Anncirca Nov 1911Chapman, AscotConnelly, Nellie
ChapmanReginald Francis3 Jul 191427 Sep 1941Chapman, Herbert HenryPenfold, Sarah
ChapmanStella22 Apr 1895Jan 1993Chapman, WilliamBall, Eliza
ChapmanStellacirca Feb 1908Chapman, William JohnCurrie, Ellen Margaret
ChapmanWaltercirca May 1891after 1901Chapman, WilliamBall, Eliza
ChapmanWilliambetween 1853 and 1854before 14 Feb 1918
ChapmanWilliam Charles18 May 1916Jul 1992Chapman, FrankJones, Ada Elizabeth
ChapmanWilliam Francis8 Apr 1907circa Aug 1977Chapman, Herbert HenryPenfold, Sarah
ChapmanWilliam Frederickcirca Feb 1904Chapman, William JohnCurrie, Ellen Margaret
ChapmanWilliam Johncirca Feb 1882after 1911Chapman, WilliamBall, Eliza
ChappellRosebetween 1880 and 1881
ChardGladys5 Jan 1902
ChardLilian Grace7 Feb 1905circa May 1973
CharlesAlfredcirca Aug 1867after 1881Charles, StephenPuttick, Harriet
CharlesAlicecirca Feb 1866between 1911 and 1939Charles, StephenPuttick, Harriet
CharlesAnniecirca Aug 1869after 1891Charles, StephenPuttick, Harriet
CharlesCaroline Emily23 Apr 1878circa Aug 1941Charles, StephenPuttick, Harriet
CharlesElizabethcirca May 1880after 1901Charles, StephenPuttick, Harriet
CharlesGeorgecirca Feb 1874after 1891Charles, StephenPuttick, Harriet
CharlesHarriett3 Jun 1872circa Aug 1957Charles, StephenPuttick, Harriet
CharlesHarry11 Apr 1876circa Feb 1957Charles, StephenPuttick, Harriet
CharlesLeonard John14 Apr 1908circa Aug 1981Charles, HarryLeonard, Emily
CharlesLouie Edith23 Jul 188327 Feb 1955Charles, StephenPuttick, Harriet
CharlesMinnie Lucy2 Aug 188121 Dec 1967Charles, StephenPuttick, Harriet
CharlesRobert Harry2 Sep 19052 Aug 1958Charles, HarryLeonard, Emily
CharlesStephenbetween 1840 and 1841circa Feb 1895Charles, William(Surname Unknown), Ann
CharlesWilliambetween 1800 and 1820
CharlesworthSydneybetween 1866 and 1867circa Nov 1927Charlesworth, William
CharlesworthSydney Austin17 Feb 19024 Apr 1991Charlesworth, SydneyGoff, Edith Alice
CharlesworthWilliambefore 1846before 1893
CharlesworthWilliam Stanleycirca May 1895circa May 1941Charlesworth, SydneyGoff, Edith Alice
CharltonDorinda17 Aug 1940Jan 1998
CharltonEileen Lilianbetween 1923 and 192429 Aug 2012
CharlwoodAnnebetween 1656 and 1672after 10 Jun 1696
CharmanArthur26 Dec 1877circa Nov 1956
CharmanCaroline27 Jan 1863circa Aug 1958Charman, EdwardWells, Caroline
CharmanEdwardbefore 1838
CharmanEmmabetween 1868 and 1869
CharmanEvelyn Norah3 Nov 1896circa May 1982
CharmanHannahbetween 1810 and 1811circa May 1879
CharmanKate22 Mar 1859circa Feb 1944Charman, EdwardWells, Caroline
CharmanRose10 Nov 1906
CharmanSarah Annbetween 1838 and 1839
CharmanWilliam Arthur28 Apr 1907circa May 1982Charman, ArthurWorsfold, Mary Jane
CharretteWilliam Alexander28 Feb 1863
ChartJamesbefore 1722
ChartJamesbefore 30 Apr 1742Mar 1817Chart, JamesParsons, Priscilla
ChartJamesbefore 12 Feb 1775Chart, JamesRoberts, Catherine
ChartJanebetween 1822 and 1824Nov 1907
ChartJohnbefore 18 Feb 1781Chart, JamesRoberts, Catherine
ChartMartha1776Apr 1850Chart, JamesRoberts, Catherine
ChartersBeatrice Anniecirca Oct 1910Charters, Edward John FroudeGreep, Annie Agnes
ChartersBessie Florence30 Nov 1895circa Feb 1970Charters, Joseph KnightCruwys, Mary Ann
ChartersEdward John Froude2 Oct 1887circa Feb 1976Charters, Joseph KnightCruwys, Mary Ann
ChartersFrancis Edward John3 Jan 1913Charters, Edward John FroudeGreep, Annie Agnes
ChartersJohn17 Dec 1892circa Feb 1983Charters, Joseph KnightCruwys, Mary Ann
ChartersJoseph John13 Feb 1915Mar 1983Charters, Edward John FroudeGreep, Annie Agnes
ChartersJoseph Knightbetween 1847 and 1848circa Feb 1916
ChartersMarycirca Aug 1884after 1911Charters, Joseph KnightCruwys, Mary Ann
ChartersRonald Samuelcirca Feb 1917Charters, Edward John FroudeGreep, Annie Agnes
ChartersSarah Jane15 Mar 18907 Aug 1975Charters, Joseph KnightCruwys, Mary Ann
ChasemoreWilliambetween 1799 and 1800
ChatfieldAmybefore 1622after 1651
ChatfieldAnnie Isabel22 Jan 1900Apr 1984
ChatfieldBessie Jeanettebetween 1879 and 188029 Jan 1957
CheesemanEdith Rose21 Sep 188927 Mar 1962
CheesemoreAlbert15 Oct 1891circa Nov 1956Cheesemore, GeorgeLassam, Mary Jane
CheesemoreAlfred22 Mar 1863circa May 1949Chesemere, GeorgePuttock, Eliza
CheesemoreAlfredcirca Nov 1893after 1911Cheesemore, GeorgeLassam, Mary Jane
CheesemoreAlfred Thomas21 Jun 1896Jun 1980Cheesemore, AlfredHall, Dorcas
CheesemoreAllan15 Mar 1905circa Nov 1980Cheesemore, NathanJeal, Agnes Ellen
CheesemoreAmos21 Jan 1888circa Aug 1969Cheesemore, GeorgeLassam, Mary Jane
CheesemoreAmycirca Nov 1882after 1911Cheesmore, HenryHenley, Jane
CheesemoreArchibaldbetween 1883 and 1884after 1901
CheesemoreArchibald Herbertcirca Feb 1893
CheesemoreArthurcirca May 1890after 1901Cheesemore, GeorgeLassam, Mary Jane
CheesemoreArthur Frankafter 1933before 2008Cheesemore, Arthur GeorgeLovesy, Mabel
CheesemoreArthur Georgecirca Feb 191227 Apr 2004Cheesemore, AmosBrown, Ellen
CheesemoreBenjamincirca Aug 18876 Jun 1916Cheesmore, WilliamWood, Ellen
CheesemoreEdith Grace21 May 1898Dec 1989Cheesemore, AlfredHall, Dorcas
CheesemoreEileen Gladys3 Dec 1919Mar 1999Cheesemore, AlbertBates, Annie E.
CheesemoreElsie Maycirca Aug 1902Cheesemore, GeorgeLassam, Mary Jane
CheesemoreEthelcirca Feb 1897circa Nov 1891Cheesemore, AlfredHall, Dorcas
CheesemoreFlorence22 Apr 1882after 1939Cheesmore, WilliamWood, Ellen
CheesemoreFrederickcirca Sep 1890after 1911Cheesmore, FrederickKnight, Catherine
CheesemoreGeorgecirca Nov 1861circa May 1939Chesemere, GeorgePuttock, Eliza
CheesemoreGeorgecirca May 1886after 1901Cheesemore, GeorgeLassam, Mary Jane
CheesemoreHarrietcirca Nov 1878circa Feb 1879Cheesmore, WilliamWood, Ellen
CheesemoreHenry27 Feb 1885circa May 1975Cheesmore, WilliamWood, Ellen
CheesemoreJohn20 Dec 1881circa May 1954Cheesmore, FrederickKnight, Catherine
CheesemoreJohn Thomas17 Jan 1896circa Aug 1974Cheesemore, GeorgeLassam, Mary Jane
CheesemoreKate6 Oct 1879after 1891Cheesmore, FrederickKnight, Catherine
CheesemoreNathan30 Jul 1878circa Aug 1951Cheesmore, HenryHenley, Jane
CheesemoreOlive Louisacirca Feb 1895circa Nov 1963Cheesemore, AlfredHall, Dorcas
CheesemorePercy26 Nov 1907circa Nov 1979Cheesemore, NathanJeal, Agnes Ellen
CheesemoreSarah Anncirca Aug 1885Cheesmore, FrederickKnight, Catherine
CheesemoreThomascirca Aug 186522 Oct 1942Chesemere, GeorgePuttock, Eliza
CheesemoreWinifred Faith12 Jun 1912after 1942Cheesemore, NathanJeal, Agnes Ellen
CheesmanAaron8 Dec 1845Oct 1927Cheesman, WilliamSpinks, Mary Ann
CheesmanAda Alicecirca May 18641940Cheesman, EdwardLindfield, Ellen
CheesmanAlbert Edwardcirca Aug 1877circa Nov 1910Cheesman, FrederickRobinson, Elizabeth
CheesmanAlbert Edward24 Jun 19043 Jan 1965Cheesman, Albert EdwardHarbert, Annie
CheesmanAlbert William29 May 1907Jun 1988Cheesman, HarryBlunt, Emma Louisa
CheesmanAlfred Ernest21 Jun 1882circa Nov 1946Cheesman, FrederickRobinson, Elizabeth
CheesmanAlfred Ernestcirca Aug 1907circa Nov 1908Cheesman, Alfred ErnestWilliams, Emma Maria
CheesmanAlfred Harry28 Dec 1868circa Nov 1951Cheesman, AaronAkers, Emma
CheesmanAnnbefore 29 May 1721Cheesman, HenryFoord, Anne
CheesmanAnnbefore 4 Sep 1798Cheesman, RobertFrances, Elizabeth
CheesmanAnn1830circa Nov 1909Cheesman, WilliamSpinks, Mary Ann
CheesmanAnnie Beatrice17 Dec 1917Mar 1993Cheesman, Alfred ErnestWilliams, Emma Maria
CheesmanArthur27 Apr 190927 Jun 1968Cheesman, HarryBlunt, Emma Louisa
CheesmanArthur Ernest15 Oct 1909Jul 1988Cheesman, Alfred ErnestWilliams, Emma Maria
CheesmanArthur George Charlescirca Nov 1865before 1911Cheesman, FrederickRobinson, Elizabeth
CheesmanArthur Percy10 Sep 187614 Mar 1959Cheesman, AaronAkers, Emma
CheesmanBessie14 Oct 1887after 1910Cheesman, Frederick WilliamWilliams, Sarah
CheesmanBetsy1837circa Aug 1921Cheesman, WilliamSpinks, Mary Ann
CheesmanBettybefore 19 Jan 1748Cheesman, RobertLinfield, Elizabeth
CheesmanBryan Allan25 Apr 193220 Oct 2013Cheesman, William EdwinKing, Phyllis Louis
CheesmanCatherinebefore 29 Nov 1795Cheesman, RobertFrances, Elizabeth
CheesmanCharles1833after 1911Cheesman, WilliamSpinks, Mary Ann
CheesmanCharles2 Sep 18715 Nov 1958Cheesman, CharlesRead, Sarah
CheesmanCharles Frederick13 Aug 191519 Oct 1955Cheesman, Alfred ErnestWilliams, Emma Maria
CheesmanCharles Harry13 Mar 1907after 1939Cheesman, Albert EdwardHarbert, Annie
CheesmanCharles Williamcirca Feb 1870circa May 1871Cheesman, AaronAkers, Emma
CheesmanConstance Kathleen15 Apr 1916Mar 2003Cheesman, HarryBlunt, Emma Louisa
CheesmanDaisy Mary3 Jan 1911circa Feb 1957Cheesman, WilliamOngley, Rose Alice
CheesmanDanielle Gay19631964Cheesman, Stanley GeorgeHafemeister, Eileen May
CheesmanDoris Winifred7 Aug 191713 Dec 2001Cheesman, Edward StanleyHenley, Emma Jane
CheesmanDorothy Ethel27 Oct 1911Mar 2000Cheesman, William FrederickGoodchild, Louise
CheesmanDorothy Marion16 Jul 1890after 1927Cheesman, George CharlesGibbs, Eleanor Rebecca
CheesmanDouglas Victor30 Mar 1918Dec 1988Cheesman, Arthur PercyEdwards, Lillie Jane
CheesmanEdna E.circa May 1920Cheesman, Alfred ErnestWilliams, Emma Maria
CheesmanEdwardbefore 10 Jun 1696Cheesman, HenryCharlwood, Anne
CheesmanEdwardbefore 17 Feb 1717Cheesman, HenryFoord, Anne
CheesmanEdward26 Jan 183910 Jul 1899Cheesman, WilliamSpinks, Mary Ann
CheesmanEdward John18 Sep 1865circa Nov 1865Cheesman, EdwardLindfield, Ellen
CheesmanEdward Paynter25 Oct 19083 Sep 1963Cheesman, Herbert JohnPaynter, Edith
CheesmanEdward Stanleycirca Nov 1886circa 1963Cheesman, George CharlesGibbs, Eleanor Rebecca
CheesmanElizabethbefore 24 Dec 1793Cheesman, RobertFrances, Elizabeth
CheesmanElizabeth Annie Maudcirca Feb 1872after 1912Cheesman, AaronAkers, Emma
CheesmanElizabeth Josephine28 Oct 187015 Nov 1957Cheesman, FrederickRobinson, Elizabeth
CheesmanElsie Liliancirca Aug 1898circa Aug 1902Cheesman, George LukeGordon, Mina
CheesmanEmily Elsie1892Cheesman, George CharlesGibbs, Eleanor Rebecca
CheesmanEmily Nellie Rosinacirca May 1879after 1901Cheesman, AaronAkers, Emma
CheesmanErnest Entwistle21 Sep 1898circa Feb 1983Cheesman, CharlesDavies, Grace Lizzie
CheesmanErnest Frederickcirca May 1889after 1891Cheesman, FrederickRobinson, Elizabeth
CheesmanEva Daisycirca Nov 1887Cheesman, George CharlesGibbs, Eleanor Rebecca
CheesmanFannybetween 1853 and 1854May 1861Cheesman, Robert JamesThorpe, Charlotte
CheesmanFlorence May16 Jan 190726 May 2001Cheesman, WilliamOngley, Rose Alice
CheesmanFlorence Rosecirca Oct 1910circa May 1911Cheesman, HarryBlunt, Emma Louisa
CheesmanFrancesbefore 2 Mar 1806Cheesman, RobertFrances, Elizabeth
CheesmanFrederick183416 Feb 1919Cheesman, WilliamSpinks, Mary Ann
CheesmanFrederick Georgecirca Aug 1881circa Feb 1891Cheesman, AaronAkers, Emma
CheesmanFrederick Harrycirca Aug 189931 May 1967Cheesman, HarryBlunt, Emma Louisa
CheesmanFrederick William5 Jan 1864circa Feb 1950Cheesman, FrederickRobinson, Elizabeth
CheesmanGeoffrey David11 Oct 1919Oct 2000Cheesman, Arthur PercyEdwards, Lillie Jane
CheesmanGeorgebefore 10 Apr 1716Cheesman, HenryFoord, Anne
CheesmanGeorgebefore 13 Aug 1789Cheesman, RobertFrances, Elizabeth
CheesmanGeorgebetween 1828 and 1829Cheesman, WilliamSpinks, Mary Ann
CheesmanGeorgebefore 1900after 1918Cheesman, Frederick WilliamWilliams, Sarah
CheesmanGeorge28 Jul 1912circa Feb 1966Cheesman, HarryBlunt, Emma Louisa
CheesmanGeorge Charles5 Jun 186021 Jun 1945Cheesman, EdwardLindfield, Ellen
CheesmanGeorge Lukecirca May 1868circa May 1903Cheesman, FrederickRobinson, Elizabeth
CheesmanGeorge Victor6 Oct 1908circa May 1978Cheesman, Albert EdwardHarbert, Annie
CheesmanHarry20 Sep 187215 Nov 1946Cheesman, FrederickRobinson, Elizabeth
CheesmanHenrybetween 1651 and 1671after 10 Jun 1696
CheesmanHenry28 Mar 1692Jun 1763Cheesman, HenryCharlwood, Anne
CheesmanHenrybefore 10 Aug 1746Aug 1746Cheesman, RobertLinfield, Elizabeth
CheesmanHenrybetween 1830 and 1831Aug 1856Cheesman, WilliamSpinks, Mary Ann
CheesmanHerbert John8 Apr 1883Oct 1940Cheesman, AaronAkers, Emma
CheesmanHubert Cecil18 Jan 1892circa Nov 1955Cheesman, Frederick WilliamWilliams, Sarah
CheesmanIvy Maycirca Feb 1906circa Aug 1944Cheesman, Alfred ErnestWilliams, Emma Maria
CheesmanJoan Marion21 Feb 1923Apr 1993Cheesman, Alfred ErnestWilliams, Emma Maria
CheesmanJohnbefore 3 Nov 1782Cheesman, RobertFrances, Elizabeth
CheesmanJohncirca Aug 1841Dec 1862Cheesman, WilliamSpinks, Mary Ann
CheesmanLilian Eleanor18821965Cheesman, George CharlesGibbs, Eleanor Rebecca
CheesmanLilian Elizabeth18 Feb 1901before 1987Cheesman, HarryBlunt, Emma Louisa
CheesmanLilian Maudcirca Feb 1903after 1926Cheesman, George LukeGordon, Mina
CheesmanLilly Katecirca Feb 1874after 1891Cheesman, AaronAkers, Emma
CheesmanLouisa P.19 Apr 1900
CheesmanLucybefore 14 Jan 1805Cheesman, RobertFrances, Elizabeth
Cheesmanmalebefore 5 Mar 1854Cheesman, Robert JamesThorpe, Charlotte
CheesmanMargaret Adacirca Feb 1884after 1911Cheesman, George CharlesGibbs, Eleanor Rebecca
CheesmanMarybefore 9 Dec 1718Cheesman, HenryFoord, Anne
CheesmanMarybefore 11 Nov 1750Sep 1755Cheesman, RobertLinfield, Elizabeth
CheesmanMarybefore 7 Nov 1784Cheesman, RobertFrances, Elizabeth
CheesmanMarycirca May 1897after 1920Cheesman, Frederick WilliamWilliams, Sarah
CheesmanMary Annbefore 5 Sep 1856circa Jul 1860Cheesman, Robert JamesThorpe, Charlotte
CheesmanMasie Grace2 Oct 1910Apr 2002Cheesman, CharlesDavies, Grace Lizzie
CheesmanMavis Ellena26 Jul 1919Cheesman, Edward StanleyHenley, Emma Jane
CheesmanNelliecirca Jun 1895circa May 1896Cheesman, George CharlesGibbs, Eleanor Rebecca
CheesmanNellie23 Jan 1912Cheesman, Alfred ErnestWilliams, Emma Maria
CheesmanRebecca Johnson18204 Dec 1879Cheesman, WilliamJohnson, Mary
CheesmanRobert16 May 1722Apr 1800Cheesman, HenryFoord, Anne
CheesmanRobertbefore 21 Mar 1756Apr 1831Cheesman, RobertLinfield, Elizabeth
CheesmanRobertbefore 1 Jul 1787Cheesman, RobertFrances, Elizabeth
CheesmanRobert James1826circa Feb 1856Cheesman, WilliamSpinks, Mary Ann
CheesmanRobert Stanley194720 Apr 1978Cheesman, Stanley George(Surname Unknown), Doreen
CheesmanRose Alice Theodosia7 Dec 189923 Jun 1986Cheesman, WilliamOngley, Rose Alice
CheesmanRosemarie2 Apr 1933circa Aug 1948Cheesman, ArthurFisher, Marie Alice
CheesmanSarah179123 Dec 1858Cheesman, RobertFrances, Elizabeth
CheesmanStanley2 Apr 1933circa Nov 1999Cheesman, ArthurFisher, Marie Alice
CheesmanStanley George23 Dec 19145 Feb 2008Cheesman, Edward StanleyHenley, Emma Jane
CheesmanStanley Richard6 Nov 1901circa Nov 1971Cheesman, George LukeGordon, Mina
CheesmanThomascirca 1837after 1891Cheesman, WilliamSpinks, Mary Ann
CheesmanVera5 Jan 19247 Nov 2016Cheesman, Hubert CecilEndacott, Sybil Elizabeth
CheesmanVera Olive17 Jan 1915Jan 2005Cheesman, Alfred ErnestWilliams, Emma Maria
CheesmanWilliambefore 1782
CheesmanWilliam2 Jul 18028 Nov 1879Cheesman, RobertFrances, Elizabeth
CheesmanWilliam15 Jul 1827Sep 1827Cheesman, WilliamSpinks, Mary Ann
CheesmanWilliambetween 1835 and 1836Cheesman, WilliamSpinks, Mary Ann
CheesmanWilliam21 Apr 1868circa Nov 1868Cheesman, CharlesRead, Sarah
CheesmanWilliam16 May 187510 Nov 1957Cheesman, FrederickRobinson, Elizabeth
CheesmanWilliam Charles22 Jul 1904circa Feb 1951Cheesman, WilliamOngley, Rose Alice
CheesmanWilliam Edwincirca Feb 190629 Mar 1935Cheesman, Albert EdwardHarbert, Annie
CheesmanWilliam Frederickcirca Aug 1886circa Feb 1953Cheesman, Frederick WilliamWilliams, Sarah
CheesmanWinifred Minacirca Aug 1896Cheesman, George CharlesGibbs, Eleanor Rebecca
CheesmerKathleen Mary3 Nov 191012 Jan 2013Cheesemore, AmosBrown, Ellen
CheesmoreAlfred Thomascirca Aug 189827 Dec 1917Cheesemore, ThomasFrancis, Harriet
CheesmoreAlicecirca Nov 1876after 1911Cheesmore, WilliamWood, Ellen
CheesmoreAmos11 Aug 186717 Apr 1957Chesemere, GeorgePuttock, Eliza
CheesmoreArchibaldcirca May 1902after 1911Cheesemore, NathanJeal, Agnes Ellen
CheesmoreArchibald Herbert23 Dec 1882circa May 1947Cheesmore, AmosWise, Alice Eliza
CheesmoreDaphne Vera Ann13 Mar 194020 Jun 2017Cheesmore, Thomas FrederickMiles, Hetty Caroline
CheesmoreDorothy Winifred May1 May 1906Mar 1990Cheesmore, GeorgeWhiting, Annie
CheesmoreEdith Elizacirca Nov 1895Cheesmore, FrederickKnight, Catherine
CheesmoreErnestcirca May 1908Cheesemore, GeorgeLassam, Mary Jane
CheesmoreFlorence Nellie19 Mar 1895circa Aug 1971Cheesemore, ThomasFrancis, Harriet
CheesmoreFred1 Jan 1915circa Aug 1974Cheesemore, NathanJeal, Agnes Ellen
CheesmoreFrederickcirca Jan 1852circa Feb 1929Chesemere, GeorgePuttock, Eliza
CheesmoreGeorgecirca Aug 1874circa Nov 1956Cheesmore, WilliamWood, Ellen
CheesmoreHarold Albert18 Aug 189524 Jul 1954Cheesmore, AmosWise, Alice Eliza
CheesmoreHelenafter 1911Cheesemore, NathanJeal, Agnes Ellen
CheesmoreHenrycirca Feb 1850circa Feb 1911Chesemere, GeorgePuttock, Eliza
CheesmoreHilda Katecirca Jan 1901before 1911Cheesmore, AmosWise, Alice Eliza
CheesmoreIvy Florence24 Dec 1904Mar 1987Cheesmore, AmosWise, Alice Eliza
CheesmoreJamescirca Aug 1855after 1901Chesemere, GeorgePuttock, Eliza
CheesmoreJames25 Nov 189825 Jan 1964Cheesemore, GeorgeLassam, Mary Jane
CheesmoreKathleen Grace12 Aug 1921circa Feb 1982Cheesemore, NathanJeal, Agnes Ellen
CheesmoreLois Winifred19 Jun 1898circa Feb 1983Cheesemore, ThomasFrancis, Harriet
CheesmoreMabel Annie17 Dec 19005 Aug 1986Cheesmore, GeorgeWhiting, Annie
CheesmoreMary Anncirca Nov 1869after 1911Chesemere, GeorgePuttock, Eliza
CheesmoreMiriam Jane8 Jul 1888circa May 1972Cheesmore, FrederickKnight, Catherine
CheesmoreNaomi30 Apr 1875circa May 1940Cheesmore, HenryHenley, Jane
CheesmoreNellie May3 Aug 1916Mar 1995Cheesemore, NathanJeal, Agnes Ellen
CheesmoreNoreen Jane10 Jan 1931Oct 2005Cheesmore, WilliamMulhall, Annie
CheesmoreOlive Rose23 May 1919Dec 1991Cheesemore, NathanJeal, Agnes Ellen
CheesmorePhyllis Barbara21 Apr 19361952Cheesemore, PercyGibbs, Helen
CheesmoreRonald Douglas10 Jun 1922circa Feb 1979Cheesmore, Harold AlbertDiplock, Florence
CheesmoreRose Florence17 May 1903Mar 1996Cheesmore, GeorgeWhiting, Annie
CheesmoreRosinacirca Aug 1873before 1881Cheesmore, WilliamWood, Ellen
CheesmoreRosinacirca Feb 1878Cheesmore, FrederickKnight, Catherine
CheesmoreRoyston Amos22 Aug 1934Sep 1982Cheesmore, Archibald HerbertRobertson, Nancy Winifred
CheesmoreThomas Frederick12 Jun 19094 Oct 1971Cheesemore, JohnTanner, Ethel
CheesmoreTobyafter 1911Cheesemore, NathanJeal, Agnes Ellen
CheesmoreWilliamcirca Nov 1853circa Feb 1937Chesemere, GeorgePuttock, Eliza
CheesmoreWilliam25 Dec 1903circa Feb 1973Cheesemore, NathanJeal, Agnes Ellen
ChellewCecil Hilton13 Apr 19372012Chellew, Thomas HiltonWulff, Inza Evelyn
ChellewDanny Thomas Russell JosephAug 1957Apr 2011Chellew, William AlfredLaRue, Diane Anna
ChellewJoseph Thomas Daniel22 Aug 1958Apr 2011Chellew, William AlfredLaRue, Diane Anna
ChellewMichael William5 Jun 195716 Apr 2015Chellew, William AlfredLaRue, Diane Anna
ChellewPauline Irene28 Oct 193415 Mar 1990Chellew, Thomas HiltonWulff, Inza Evelyn
ChellewSarah Ethel18 Feb 194230 Aug 2011Chellew, Thomas HiltonWulff, Inza Evelyn
ChellewThomas Hilton28 Nov 190913 Sep 1985
ChellewWayne Joseph19 Mar 19642 Dec 1979Chellew, Cecil HiltonLaPlante, Diane Patricia
ChellewWilliam Alfred3 Mar 193618 Mar 1999Chellew, Thomas HiltonWulff, Inza Evelyn
ChennellAlice19 Jun 1908Dec 1998Chennell, ThomasRoberts, Milly
ChennellArthur17 Nov 1911Aug 1986Chennell, ThomasRoberts, Milly
ChennellBeatrice20 Feb 1920Aug 2001Chennell, ThomasRoberts, Milly
ChennellFrank12 Mar 1910circa Feb 1983Chennell, ThomasRoberts, Milly
ChennellKate20 Sep 1905after 1939Chennell, ThomasRoberts, Milly
ChennellPercy30 Jul 1915Jan 1988Chennell, ThomasRoberts, Milly
ChennellThomascirca Feb 18799 Feb 1952
CherrimanDaniel Walter29 Jul 19366 Nov 2013Cherriman, Edward WalterDaniels, Nora Millicent
CherrimanEdward Walter11 Sep 1906circa May 1972Cherriman, Walter HenryPuttock, Agnes Eliza
CherrimanHenrybetween 1823 and 1824
CherrimanKathleen Frances18 Oct 1903Mar 1984Cherriman, Walter HenryPuttock, Agnes Eliza
CherrimanWalter Henry1 Feb 1867Cherriman, Henry(Surname Unknown), Fanny
ChesemereGeorge1827circa Feb 1905Chasemore, William(Surname Unknown), Esther
ChesmerAlec Davidcirca May 1921Cheesemore, AmosBrown, Ellen
ChesmerHenry James10 Feb 1923circa Feb 1976Cheesemore, AmosBrown, Ellen
ChesmoreAnncirca Nov 1879after 1911Cheesmore, WilliamWood, Ellen
ChesmoreFannybetween 1874 and 1875after 1881Cheesmore, FrederickKnight, Catherine
ChesmoreHarriett28 Nov 1857circa Nov 1943Chesemere, GeorgePuttock, Eliza
ChessWillie Frederick G.19 May 1911
ChesterRonald Arthur Seymourcirca Nov 191819 May 2018
ChewterLily1 Feb 1885circa Feb 1941
ChezemLester Marvin1 Jun 190417 Jul 1982
ChezemMarvin Eugene11 Oct 192619 Nov 1987Chezem, Lester Marvin