All People, sorted by Surname then by Given name
Given Name(s)SurnameBornDiedFatherMother
Ada M.(?)28 May 1881circa Nov 1945
Adelina Frances(?)before 1911
Amelia Harriet(?)25 May 1878
Ann(?)before 1600after 1662
Ann(?)before 1600
Ann(?)circa 1640
Ann(?)between 1780 and 1790
Ann(?)before 1785
Ann(?)between 1799 and 1800
Ann(?)between 1800 and 1820
Ann(?)between 1807 and 1808Dec 1838
Ann(?)between 1809 and 1810
Ann(?)before 1810
Ann(?)between 1811 and 1812
Ann(?)before 1820
Ann(?)between 1827 and 1828after 1881
Ann(?)between 1828 and 1829
Ann(?)Aug 1828
Ann(?)between 1830 and 1831after 1891
Ann(?)between 1838 and 1839
Ann(?)between 1840 and 1843
Ann(?)between 1842 and 1843after 1881
Ann(?)between 1843 and 1844
Ann(?)between 1844 and 1845after 1901
Ann(?)between 1847 and 1848
Ann(?)between 1853 and 1854
Ann(?)between 1853 and 1854
Anna(?)circa 1894
Annie(?)between 1854 and 1855
Annie(?)between 1875 and 1876
Annie(?)24 Feb 1876
Annie(?)between 1879 and 1880after 1901
Audrey(?)before 1549
Caroline(?)between 1806 and 1807
Caroline(?)between 1807 and 1827
Caroline(?)between 1821 and 1822
Caroline(?)between 1828 and 1829after 1881
Caroline(?)between 1846 and 1847
Caroline(?)before 18511875
Caroline(?)between 1858 and 1859
Caroline K.(?)between 1836 and 1837
Catherine(?)before 1800
Catherine(?)between 1834 and 1835
Catherine(?)between 1842 and 1843
Charlie(?)before 1895circa 1915
Charlotte(?)between 1798 and 1799
Charlotte(?)between 1811 and 1812
Charlotte(?)between 1845 and 1846
Charlotte B.(?)between 1814 and 1815
Cissie(?)between 1879 and 1920Dot Goff
Cleora(?)between 1822 and 1823
Constance(?)after 1901Will (?)Naomi Anna Puttick Montgomery
Cordelia(?)between 1868 and 1869
Denise(?)before 19742014
Doreen(?)circa 1915
Doris Irene(?)21 Jun 1914Nov 2000
Dorothy(?)1 Sep 1903after 1939
Dorothy M.(?)27 Feb 1909
Edith M.(?)6 Oct 1907
Edwin Jenner(?)between 1864 and 1865
Eliza(?)between 1814 and 1815after 1881
Eliza(?)between 1824 and 1825
Eliza(?)between 1826 and 1827circa Aug 1896
Eliza(?)between 1827 and 1828
Eliza(?)between 1836 and 1837
Eliza(?)between 1839 and 1840after 1901
Eliza(?)between 1846 and 1847
Eliza(?)between 1852 and 1853
Eliza(?)between 1863 and 1864
Elizabeth(?)before 1530after 1577
Elizabeth(?)before 1670
Elizabeth(?)before 1719
Elizabeth(?)between 1780 and 1781circa Feb 1856
Elizabeth(?)17828 Jan 1843
Elizabeth(?)between 1799 and 1800
Elizabeth(?)before 1800before 1826
Elizabeth(?)before 1803
Elizabeth(?)before 1805
Elizabeth(?)between 1813 and 1814
Elizabeth(?)between 1815 and 1816
Elizabeth(?)between 1820 and 1821
Elizabeth(?)between 1821 and 1822after 1901
Elizabeth(?)between 1828 and 1829
Elizabeth(?)between 1829 and 1830
Elizabeth(?)between 1830 and 1831
Elizabeth(?)between 1830 and 1831after 1901
Elizabeth(?)between 1834 and 1835
Elizabeth(?)between 1848 and 1849
Elizabeth(?)before 1856
Elizabeth(?)between 1859 and 1860
Elizabeth(?)between 1866 and 1867
Elizabeth(?)between 1866 and 1867
Elizabeth A.(?)between 1860 and 1861
Elizabeth A.(?)8 Mar 1875circa Aug 1959
Elizabeth Brown(?)between 1883 and 1884
Ellen(?)between 1835 and 1836
Ellen(?)between 1835 and 1836circa Feb 1910
Ellen(?)between 1840 and 1841circa Aug 1908
Ellen(?)between 1845 and 1846
Ellen(?)between 1862 and 1863
Ellen(?)between 1873 and 1874
Emily(?)between 1832 and 1833circa Nov 1861
Emily(?)14 Nov 1880
Emily(?)between 1892 and 1893
Emily H.(?)between 1837 and 1838
Emma(?)before 1796
Emma(?)between 1803 and 1804
Emma(?)between 1838 and 1839
Emma(?)between 1855 and 1856
Emma(?)circa 1902
Esther(?)between 1799 and 1800
Esther(?)before 1832
Esther(?)between 1844 and 1845after 1911
Ethel A.(?)between 1904 and 1905
Ettie(?)between 1856 and 1857
Eva G. M.(?)before 1905
Eva Lee(?)26 Jun 18874 Oct 1941
Fanny(?)between 1826 and 1827
Fanny(?)between 1832 and 1833between 1881 and 1891
Fanny(?)between 1862 and 1863
Fanny Elizabeth(?)between 1865 and 1866
Fanny R.(?)between 1854 and 1855after 1901
female(?)before 1977
female(?)circa 15501594
female(?)before 1646
female(?)before 1710
female(?)1800before 1834
female(?)before 1831before 1851
female(?)between 1840 and 1860between 1876 and 1881
female(?)before 1892
female(?)before 1919before 1939
Florence Rose(?)22 Jan 1891circa Nov 1977
Frances(?)between 1833 and 1834
Fredalisia A.(?)between 1836 and 1837
Georgina(?)between 1870 and 1871
Hannah(?)before 1730
Hannah(?)between 1739 and 1752Jan 1812
Hannah(?)before 1782
Hannah(?)before 1820
Hannah(?)between 1828 and 1829after 1901
Harriet(?)between 1819 and 1820
Harriet(?)between 1841 and 1842
Harriet(?)between 1850 and 1851
Harriett(?)between 1823 and 1824
Helen M.(?)between 1913 and 1914
Isabella(?)between 1835 and 1836
Jane(?)before 1553after 1573
Jane(?)between 1787 and 1788
Jane(?)before 1795
Jane(?)between 1810 and 1811
Jane(?)between 1830 and 1831
Jane(?)between 1831 and 1832
Jane(?)between 1841 and 1842
Jane(?)between 1851 and 1852
Jane(?)between 1852 and 1853
Jane(?)between 1853 and 1854
Jane(?)between 1862 and 1863after 1901
Jane(?)between 1868 and 1869
Joan(?)before 1659
Joane(?)before 1523May 1588
Joane(?)before 1570
Julia Agnes(?)between 1885 and 1886
Kathleen(?)4 Feb 1901Feb 1994
Lavinia(?)between 1856 and 1857
Lavinia N.(?)between 1866 and 1867after 1901
Lilian G.(?)2 Mar 1887
Lucy(?)between 1808 and 1809
Lucy Fanny(?)between 1848 and 1849
male(?)before 1877
Margaret(?)between 1840 and 1841
Margaret(?)between 1844 and 1845
Margaret Ferguson(?)29 May 1899Oct 1992
Maria(?)before 1847
Maria(?)between 1848 and 1849
Maria Elizabeth(?)17 Jan 2013
Marian(?)before 1817
Marion Beatrice(?)5 Apr 1885circa May 1950
Martha(?)before 1782
Martha(?)between 1853 and 1854after 1901
Mary(?)before 1604
Mary(?)between 1640 and 1654after Dec 1680
Mary(?)between 1692 and 1712after 1739
Mary(?)before 1707after 28 Aug 1748
Mary(?)before 17201753
Mary(?)between 1720 and 1740after 1761
Mary(?)between 1725 and 1730after 20 Apr 1772
Mary(?)before 1739
Mary(?)between 1745 and 1765after 4 Jul 1794
Mary(?)circa 1765
Mary(?)before 1781after 1812
Mary(?)before 1783
Mary(?)before 1787
Mary(?)between 1789 and 1809
Mary(?)before 1790
Mary(?)before 1793
Mary(?)between 1796 and 1816
Mary(?)between 1797 and 1817
Mary(?)circa 1800
Mary(?)between 1803 and 1823
Mary(?)before 1808
Mary(?)before 1809
Mary(?)between 1811 and 1812
Mary(?)between 1812 and 1832
Mary(?)between 1820 and 1821
Mary(?)between 1821 and 1822after 1901
Mary(?)between 1822 and 1823
Mary(?)between 1827 and 1828after 1901
Mary(?)between 1828 and 1829
Mary(?)between 1834 and 1836
Mary(?)between 1839 and 1840
Mary(?)before 1843
Mary(?)between 1843 and 1844
Mary(?)between 1852 and 1853
Mary(?)before 1905
Mary A.(?)between 1819 and 1820between 1871 and 1891
Mary A.(?)between 1828 and 1829
Mary A.(?)between 1836 and 1837
Mary A.(?)between 1846 and 1847
Mary Ann(?)before 1826
Mary Ann(?)between 1826 and 1827after 1901
Mary Ann(?)between 1841 and 1842
Mary Ann(?)between 1847 and 1848
Mary Anne(?)between 1806 and 1807after 1881
Mary Elizabeth(?)
Mary Kate(?)between 1871 and 1872
Mary Maria(?)before 18055 Jul 1867
Maude(?)between 1879 and 1880
Mildred(?)before 1582before 20 Apr 1616
Minnie(?)13 Dec 1909circa Nov 1978
Newell John Vierra(?)2 Aug 195412 Nov 1999Diana Helen Harris
Olive(?)between 1828 and 1829
Rachael(?)before 1770
Rebecca(?)between 1822 and 1823
Rhoda(?)between 1851 and 1852after 1901
Rosanna(?)between 1827 and 1828circa Aug 1896
Rose(?)29 Mar 1898
Rosetta(?)between 1826 and 1827after 1881
Ruth(?)between 1839 and 1840
Ruth(?)between 1844 and 1845
Sarah(?)between 1720 and 1760after 1760
Sarah(?)before 1738
Sarah(?)between 1765 and 1766
Sarah(?)between 1766 and 1767after 1851
Sarah(?)circa 177422 Feb 1844
Sarah(?)before 1776
Sarah(?)between 1776 and 1777after 1851
Sarah(?)before 1780
Sarah(?)between 1788 and 1808
Sarah(?)between 1794 and 1814
Sarah(?)before 1797
Sarah(?)between 1811 and 1812after 1891
Sarah(?)between 1814 and 1815
Sarah(?)between 1821 and 1822circa Feb 1892
Sarah(?)between 1831 and 1832
Sarah(?)between 1832 and 1833
Sarah(?)between 1832 and 1833
Sarah(?)between 1834 and 1835
Sarah(?)before 1840
Sarah(?)between 1841 and 1842after 1901
Sarah(?)between 1843 and 1844
Sarah(?)between 1846 and 1847
Sarah(?)before 1849
Sarah A.(?)between 1854 and 1855
Sarah Ann(?)between 1805 and 180612 May 1855
Sarah Ann(?)between 1849 and 1850
Sarah Ann(?)between 1858 and 1859
Sophia(?)between 1838 and 1839
Stella(?)between 1910 and 1911
Susan(?)before 1593circa May 1616
Susan(?)circa 1620before 1666
Susan(?)before 17051762
Susanna(?)between 1834 and 1835
Violet Elizabeth(?)between 1892 and 1893
West(?)before 1919
Will(?)before 1881
BernardA'morebefore 15501593
ElizabethA'morebefore 1557Bernard A'moreMargery Ockenden
HaakonAamodt18 Jan 1859
Hilma EugeniaAamodt13 Feb 188715 May 1984Haakon AamodtJulia Josephine Jacobsen
Alfred WilliamAbbottbefore 1871
Florence MayAbbottcirca Aug 1896after 1911Frank Sutton AbbottElizabeth Bowden Lake
Frank SuttonAbbott17 Jun 186827 Jun 1952
Gladys AnnieAbbott24 Apr 1893after 1952Frank Sutton AbbottElizabeth Bowden Lake
Gladys MurielAbbott11 May 1901Mar 1978
Harold Arthur GeorgeAbbott30 Jul 191715 Nov 1988
Harold FrankAbbottcirca Aug 1894after 1911Frank Sutton AbbottElizabeth Bowden Lake
James L.Abbott19 Apr 1895
Winifred MaudAbbottcirca Oct 1900after 1911Frank Sutton AbbottElizabeth Bowden Lake
Grace FrancesAbraham8 Mar 1879circa May 1962Henry AbrahamsSarah Ann Wilkins
HenryAbrahamsbetween 1847 and 1848
NellieAbreybefore 1917
ElizabethAbsalombefore 1911
Redvers B.Acocksbetween 1899 and 1900circa Nov 1947
Albert JohnAdams22 Jun 1885after 1939Noel John AdamsLouisa Lighting
Annie MariaAdamscirca Aug 1882James Francis Rotch AdamsMaria Lighting
Beatrice MaryAdamsbetween 1873 and 187424 Mar 1949
Dorothy A. C.Adams29 Sep 1923Albert John AdamsDorothy (?)
Dorothy GertrudeAdams11 Nov 1897after 1911Noel John AdamsLouisa Lighting
EllenAdamsbetween 1836 and 1837before 1891
ElsieAdamsbefore 1916
EmilyAdamsbetween 1870 and 1871
Florence EmilyAdamscirca Nov 1892after 1911Noel John AdamsLouisa Lighting
Harold CoatesAdams23 Sep 1909Feb 1998Henry William AdamsMercy Peacock
HarryAdamscirca Jan 1861after 1911Isaac AdamsAnn West Dowlen
Henry WilliamAdams30 Dec 1882after 1963
IsaacAdamsbetween 1824 and 18259 Jul 1862
JamesAdamsbefore 1834
James Francis RotchAdamscirca Aug 1858
Jeannette KateAdamscirca Feb 1859circa May 1859Isaac AdamsAnn West Dowlen
Kathleen Mary PageAdams1 Jun 1908Jan 1989Henry William AdamsMercy Peacock
Louisa CarolineAdamscirca Feb 1853circa Nov 1884John Adams
Louisa JaneAdamscirca Mar 1884after 1906Noel John AdamsLouisa Lighting
Nellie ElizabethAdams28 Mar 1887after 1911Noel John AdamsLouisa Lighting
Noel JohnAdamscirca Feb 1854James Adams
Olive MaryAdamscirca Aug 1884James Francis Rotch AdamsMaria Lighting
RubyAdcockcirca Feb 1916
Elizabeth MaryAdfield14 Aug 1909Nov 1999
Charles H.Adlambefore 1920
JamesAdsettbefore 1826
SarahAdsett1846after 1911James Adsett
MaryAgatesbefore 1790
EllenAggetbetween 1863 and 1864circa Feb 1938
Joseph LeonardAhlinbefore 1891
MarieAhlin2 Dec 19119 Jun 1975Joseph Leonard AhlinElmira Irene Carter
Florence MarjorieAkehurstcirca May 1916Henry AkehurstFlorence Maud Farley
HenryAkehurstbefore 1895
MaryAkehurst1780circa Sep 1861
AlfredAkersbefore 1822
EmmaAkers16 Feb 1843between 1891 and 1901Alfred AkersCaroline Haslop
Henry LeslieAlcock18928 Aug 1932
Leslie SidneyAlderman29 Jun 1910circa Nov 1977
Doris LilianAldridge24 Nov 1914Feb 2005
Bertram AlfredAlexandercirca Aug 1897circa Nov 1921
HannahAlexanderbetween 1860 and 18613 Jan 1934
Joline Olive WentworthAlexandercirca Aug 19311 Oct 1997Leslie Wentworth AlexanderMabel Alice Lake
Leslie WentworthAlexander1 Jan 189311 May 1957
Annie ElizabethAlingcirca May 1871circa Nov 1937
Albert GeorgeAllaway26 Jan 1919May 1992William George AllawayEllen Puttick
Arthur WilliamAllaway18 Oct 191718 Oct 2004William George AllawayEllen Puttick
William GeorgeAllaway11 Jun 188927 Jul 1963
Henrietta MerahAllbon9 Dec 188624 Jan 1973Walter George AllbonMary Tyler
Walter GeorgeAllbonbetween 1846 and 1866before 5 Apr 1891
Agnes MaryAllencirca Nov 1864Arthur James AllenSarah Ann Keneday Ricks
Albert F.Allencirca Feb 1938circa Feb 1939Cecil Henry AllenCatherine Rimell
Algernon NathanielAllencirca Nov 1859after 1881Arthur James AllenSarah Ann Keneday Ricks
Alice MayAllencirca Feb 1914George Henry AllenMargaret Matilda Wilcox
Arthur JamesAllen1826between 1865 and 1895James AllenHannah Bowyer
Beatrice RoseAllen22 Jan 190218 Oct 1947
Cecil HenryAllen19 Nov 1910circa May 1966George Henry AllenMargaret Matilda Wilcox
CharlesAllenbetween 1828 and 1829circa Nov 1895James AllenHannah Bowyer
CharlesAllen4 Mar 1886
ChristianaAllen23 Aug 186924 Feb 1945Francis AllenLucy Perkins
CreggAllen26 Feb 186219 Mar 1941Henry AllenHelen Webb
Daisy EstherAllen15 Jul 1897
DoraAllencirca Nov 1894after 1911Francis Albert AllenElizabeth Hughes
Eleanor FlorenceAllen8 Feb 1892circa Nov 1973George AllenSarah Jane Davies
ElizabethAllenbetween 1871 and 1872after 1881Francis AllenLucy Perkins
Elizabeth AdaAllen2 Nov 18863 Feb 1976Cregg AllenAda Sarah Elizabeth Barnett
Elizabeth ClaraAllen11 Jul 1895circa Feb 1974
Emily AnnieAllencirca Nov 1863after 1911George William AllenElizabeth Nicholls
Eric WilliamAllen4 Sep 1915circa May 1971William James AllenFlorence Maud Mary Taggart
Essie LydiaAllencirca Feb 188927 Mar 1939Hubert James AllenEmily Coller
FlorenceAllencirca Nov 1891circa Aug 1894William Godfrey AllenHelen Fisher
FrancisAllen1836circa May 1899James AllenHannah Bowyer
Francis AlbertAllen29 Jul 1866circa May 1937Francis AllenLucy Perkins
FrankAllen26 Aug 18865 Jul 1956William Godfrey AllenHelen Fisher
FrankAllencirca Feb 189813 Jan 1964Cregg AllenMary Hopkins
Frank AlexanderAllen12 Aug 1899circa Aug 1981George AllenSarah Jane Davies
FrederickAllencirca Feb 1867John AllenMaria Goff
GeorgeAllencirca Aug 1859circa Aug 1932Henry AllenHelen Webb
George HenryAllen9 Dec 1886circa May 1950George AllenSarah Jane Davies
George WilliamAllen1833circa May 1873James AllenHannah Bowyer
Gladys AmeliaAllen22 Jan 1926Sep 2004Godfrey Austin AllenGrace Priscilla Gould
Gladys MayAllencirca Nov 1890after 1911George AllenSarah Jane Davies
GodfreyAllen20 Jun 18806 Nov 1949William Godfrey AllenHelen Fisher
Godfrey AustinAllencirca Aug 1897circa Aug 1960George AllenSarah Jane Davies
Gordon Austin J.Allen2 Apr 1927Dec 2002Godfrey Austin AllenGrace Priscilla Gould
Grace N.Allenbetween 1908 and 1909Joseph Benjamin AllenElizabeth Annie Grace Forsey
HeberAllen21 Jul 1870circa Aug 1943Henry AllenHelen Webb
HenryAllen18244 Jun 1874James AllenHannah Bowyer
Howard FrankAllencirca Aug 18843 Dec 1938Hubert James AllenEmily Coller
Hubert JamesAllen11 Apr 185424 Apr 1934James AllenRosetta Dangerfield
Hubert MartinAllencirca Feb 1883after 1911Hubert James AllenEmily Coller
Ivor CharlesAllen10 Jun 1896circa May 1943George AllenSarah Jane Davies
JackAllen5 Dec 1913Frank AllenElizabeth C. Owen
JamesAllenbetween 1796 and 179718 Dec 1844
JamesAllenbetween 1830 and 1831between 1891 and 1901James AllenHannah Bowyer
Janet MaryAllenbefore 1892after 1948
JennieAllen26 Jul 1891circa Aug 1973Cregg AllenMary Hopkins
JohnAllen18 Jan 1838after 1881James AllenHannah Bowyer
JohnAllenbefore 1844before 1871
John FrancisAllencirca Dec 1900Francis Albert AllenElizabeth Hughes
John HenryAllen10 Nov 1896circa Feb 1976Cregg AllenMary Hopkins
John StanleyAllencirca Nov 1892after 1914Hubert James AllenEmily Coller
Joseph BenjaminAllen4 Dec 188121 Jul 1934William Wilford AllenMary Elizabeth Bull
Joseph KennethAllen8 May 19074 Mar 1965Joseph Benjamin AllenElizabeth Annie Grace Forsey
KateAllen23 Jan 187915 Mar 1932William Godfrey AllenHelen Fisher
Leah HughesAllen27 Sep 19046 Jul 1960Francis Albert AllenElizabeth Hughes
Leslie GeorgeAllencirca Nov 1909circa Feb 1910George Henry AllenMargaret Matilda Wilcox
LucilleAllenbetween 1913 and 1914Joseph Benjamin AllenElizabeth Annie Grace Forsey
Lucy HarrietAllen10 Oct 1865after 1911George William AllenElizabeth Nicholls
Maggie MargaretAllen19 Oct 1921Oct 2002George Henry AllenMargaret Matilda Wilcox
Margaret HelenAllencirca Aug 1895after 1911Cregg AllenMary Hopkins
Martha RosettaAllencirca May 1890after 1911William Godfrey AllenHelen Fisher
Martin BowyerAllencirca May 1860circa Feb 1863James AllenRosetta Dangerfield
Mary AliceAllencirca Nov 1859after 1894Henry AllenHelen Webb
Mary AnnAllenbetween 1826 and 1827after 1844James AllenHannah Bowyer
Mary AnnAllen21 Jun 1864after 1881Francis AllenLucy Perkins
Mary Ann LydiaAllen16 Apr 1883circa May 1971
Mary KateAllen2 Apr 186212 Jan 1951James AllenRosetta Dangerfield
Mary MatildaAllenbetween 1846 and 184727 Jan 1899
May ElsieAllencirca Nov 1911Hubert Martin AllenFlorence M. Collier
Minnie BlancheAllenbetween 1879 and 18802 Feb 1931William AllenSarah Ann (?)
RoseAllencirca Feb 1897circa Nov 1906Francis Albert AllenElizabeth Hughes
Rosetta EmilyAllencirca Aug 1880after 1908Hubert James AllenEmily Coller
Sarah JaneAllenbetween 1842 and 1843circa Nov 1907
Susie Phyllis SybilAllen21 Feb 1909circa Feb 1961Godfrey AllenHenrietta Sherbourne
ThomasAllenbetween 1876 and 1877after 1891George Allenfemale (?)
Thomas RichardAllen27 Nov 1875circa Nov 1954Francis AllenLucy Perkins
Victor GeorgeAllen19 Oct 1919Sep 2001George Henry AllenMargaret Matilda Wilcox
Wilhelmina FlorenceAllen18 Feb 1865circa Nov 1954James AllenRosetta Dangerfield
WilliamAllenbetween 1844 and 1845
William GodfreyAllen1 Jan 18574 Mar 1916James AllenRosetta Dangerfield
William JamesAllen5 Jan 1886between 1915 and 1939Hubert James AllenEmily Coller
William WilfordAllenbefore 1861
Stephen EricAlley22 Sep 1906Nov 1987
ElizabethAllsebrookcirca Feb 1871circa Nov 1922
George HenryAlmondbefore 1893
Michael AndrewAlvis11 Apr 1921Feb 2001
EileenAmbrosecirca Aug 192119 Dec 2012William George AmbroseAlice Maud Conrid Fanny Couchman
Joan G.Ambrosecirca Aug 1923circa Aug 1923William George AmbroseAlice Maud Conrid Fanny Couchman
William GeorgeAmbrose21 Jan 1894
DorothyAndersonbefore 1935
Betty EvelynAndrew16 Jan 19217 Jul 1960
GladysAndrew24 Sep 1897
AlmaAndrews22 Jul 1900circa Nov 1969
Alma FannyAndrewscirca Nov 1876circa Nov 1878James AndrewsFanny Puttick
Charles JamesAndrewscirca Aug 1901after 1911Charles Martin AndrewsHarriet Laker
Charles MartinAndrewscirca May 1872after 1911James AndrewsFanny Puttick
ConstanceAndrewscirca Nov 1901after 1911Robert Ernest AndrewsElizabeth Goff
Edith MabelAndrewscirca Dec 1890after 1911Edward James AndrewsGeorgina Clarke
Edward JamesAndrews8 Nov 186018 Dec 1946James AndrewsFanny Puttick
Edward WilliamAndrews27 May 1893circa Nov 1967Edward James AndrewsGeorgina Clarke
Elma KathleenAndrewscirca May 1899after 1911Charles Martin AndrewsHarriet Laker
ErnestAndrewscirca Aug 1911Robert Ernest AndrewsElizabeth Goff
Ernest MatthewAndrews5 May 186728 Aug 1955James AndrewsFanny Puttick
GladysAndrewscirca Aug 1900after 1911Robert Ernest AndrewsElizabeth Goff
HarriettAndrews20 Dec 186422 Jan 1954James AndrewsFanny Puttick
Henry JamesAndrews8 Jun 1895circa Feb 1976Edward James AndrewsGeorgina Clarke
Henry PuttickAndrewscirca Jul 1856circa Feb 1881James AndrewsFanny Puttick
Jack A.Andrews6 Oct 1919Henry James Andrewsfemale Griffin
JamesAndrews1832circa Feb 1882Matthew AndrewsFrances Hopkins
JesseAndrews24 May 1863Mar 1864James AndrewsFanny Puttick
MatthewAndrewsbetween 1792 and 1812
MurielAndrewscirca May 1909Robert Ernest AndrewsElizabeth Goff
RhodaAndrews185828 Aug 1936James AndrewsFanny Puttick
Robert ErnestAndrewsbetween 1875 and 1876
Sarah AnnAndrewsApr 1870after 1891James AndrewsFanny Puttick
George E.Angelbefore 1904
Evelyn CicelyAngell3 Dec 190721 Apr 1992
AnnAnscombbefore 1815
EdmundAnscombebefore 1840
Elizabeth AnnAnscombe186015 May 1948Edmund AnscombeSarah (?)
Ada Florence NancyAnsell19 Jan 189829 Oct 1979Henry AnsellEllen Ann Austin
Aggie EvaAnsell6 Apr 1879Apr 1946George AnsellEmma Ansell
Alfred LynnAnsell23 Feb 187929 Dec 1940Peter AnsellMary Ann Lynn
Alice LouisaAnsellcirca Aug 1886after 1911Charles AnsellAnnie Griffin
Alice MaryAnsell9 Aug 18661 Mar 1954George AnsellMary Morris
Alice MaudAnsell5 Feb 189512 Feb 1949Henry AnsellEllen Ann Austin
Alice SissieAnsell11 Sep 187128 Aug 1956George AnsellEmma Ansell
AllenAnsell23 Sep 186628 Jul 1933Henry AnsellCaroline Sharp Grace
Allen DrawbridgeAnsell16 Sep 1919Feb 1997John William AnsellAlice Cissie Beard
Almira SusanAnsell4 May 1858circa Feb 1933William AnsellSusannah Cosstick
AnnAnsellcirca 181927 Aug 1861William AnsellLouisa Wells
Anna CatherineAnsellcirca May 1909James Ernest AnsellRose Starling
Annie LaviniaAnsell1866circa Feb 1924Frederick AnsellJane Witten
Archibald Renville HenryAnsell11 May 1894circa Aug 1979Frank AnsellIda Lucy Gubby
ArthurAnsell27 Oct 186219 Mar 1864George AnsellMary Morris
ArthurAnsell28 Jan 18905 Apr 1918William AnsellJulia Sullivan
Arthur CharlesAnsell25 Feb 189619 Apr 1966Henry AnsellEllen Ann Austin
Arthur GeorgeAnsellcirca Nov 189425 Apr 1918Arthur John AnsellEmma Lynes
Arthur JohnAnsell12 Nov 1864circa Aug 1945William AnsellSusannah Cosstick
Augusta BerylAnsell3 Jul 1911Jun 1997Charles Lynn AnsellElizabeth Sarah Goringe
Barbara MollyAnsell27 Aug 1924Jul 2005John William AnsellAlice Cissie Beard
Beatrice MabelAnsell14 Nov 1883circa Nov 1971Henry Heasman AnsellHephsibah Peerless
Bert RichardAnsell15 Jan 19161 Nov 2005Cecil George AnsellMabel Pratt
Betty D.Ansellcirca Aug 1927circa Aug 1927William Horace AnsellSarah Jane Sampford
Blanche Emma MayAnsell5 Mar 188230 Jun 1956Henry Heasman AnsellHephsibah Peerless
Brian WalterAnsell23 Jul 1933Mar 1985Gordon Matthew AnsellKathleen Joan Beeching
Candace AnnAnsell15 May 185622 Oct 1937William AnsellSusannah Cosstick
Cassy KateAnsellcirca Aug 186221 Jan 1884William AnsellSusannah Cosstick
Catherine StevensAnsell13 Jul 1846circa Nov 1904William AnsellLouisa Wells
Cecil GeorgeAnsell27 Jan 188416 Mar 1965William Clement AnsellMary Botting
CharlesAnsell12 Sep 1860circa May 1914George AnsellMary Morris
Charles BertramAnsell11 Jul 1916circa Feb 1978Charles Griffin AnsellBessie Elizabeth Prier
Charles GriffinAnsellcirca Feb 1885circa May 1926Charles AnsellAnnie Griffin
Charles LynnAnsellcirca Feb 187028 Sep 1935Peter AnsellMary Ann Lynn
Charles RonaldAnsell6 Dec 1903May 1984Charles Lynn AnsellElizabeth Sarah Goringe
CicelyAnsell16 Feb 184213 Feb 1921William AnsellLouisa Wells
Cisse EllenAnsell21 Oct 1915Feb 1999John William AnsellAlice Cissie Beard
ClaraAnsellJun 1851Nov 1859John AnsellSarah Hall Mobsby
ClaraAnsellcirca May 1870after 1911Henry AnsellCaroline Sharp Grace
ClementAnsell15 Jul 18449 Feb 1921William AnsellLouisa Wells
Clement StanleyAnsell8 Apr 192219 Jan 2002Cecil George AnsellMabel Pratt
Clifford Peter HeasmanAnsellcirca Feb 191929 Jan 1943Joseph William AnsellMargaret Anne Armstrong
Cyril George KitchenerAnsell27 Nov 191411 Jul 2003George Charles William AnsellRose Millard
David EdwardAnsell19231967Edward Drawbridge AnsellIrene Marguerite Edwards
David LeonardAnsell25 Dec 1925Jul 1991John William AnsellAlice Cissie Beard
Derek William HenryAnsell28 Oct 192924 Apr 2013William Horace AnsellSarah Jane Sampford
Dora ElsieAnsell17 Oct 1911Jun 2004George AnsellAnn Charlotte Graham
Doris Louisa MaryAnsell13 Oct 1907Jan 1989Frank AnsellKatie Hilda Faulkner
Dorothy MaudeAnsell8 Apr 1901Apr 1987George William AnsellEleanor Jane Nicholls
Dorothy MayAnsell23 Feb 1902circa May 1980Arthur John AnsellEmma Lynes
Douglas GeorgeAnsell21 Apr 1892circa Feb 1981Walter George AnsellBeatrice Helena Jenner
Edgar MorriceAnsell6 Jun 1888Jul 1967Edward Leonard AnsellEmma Rowlinson
Edward DrawbridgeAnsellcirca Aug 188921 Sep 1979Walter George AnsellBeatrice Helena Jenner
Edward LeonardAnsell10 Jul 18546 Jul 1944William AnsellSusannah Cosstick
ElizabethAnsellcirca Aug 1843circa Nov 1907Ann Ansell
Ella GertrudeAnsell14 Mar 1878circa May 1879Henry Heasman AnsellHephsibah Peerless
EllenAnsell2 Feb 1840Jun 1897William AnsellLouisa Wells
EllenAnsell9 Aug 186216 Feb 1952Peter AnsellMary Ann Lynn
Ellen MaryAnsell21 Jan 1875after 1911Henry AnsellEllen Ann Austin
Elsie AdaAnsell5 Apr 1888circa May 1973Charles AnsellAnnie Griffin
Emily JaneAnsell8 Apr 18686 Jan 1945Henry AnsellCaroline Sharp Grace
EmmaAnsellbetween 1830 and 1831after 1871William AnsellLouisa Wells
EmmaAnsell30 Aug 184616 Nov 1921William AnsellEliza Brooker
Ethel MayAnsell28 May 1886Jun 1977Edward Leonard AnsellEmma Rowlinson
Ethel PeerlessAnsell22 Sep 1879circa Nov 1914Henry Heasman AnsellHephsibah Peerless
Eunice EthelAnsell27 Nov 191620 Oct 2012John William AnsellAlice Cissie Beard
Evelyn LilyAnsell30 Jul 1925Sep 1991William Horace AnsellSarah Jane Sampford
FlorenceAnsell8 Jun 1873Sep 1940Henry AnsellCaroline Sharp Grace
Florence MaryAnsell24 Dec 1889circa Nov 1982Charles AnsellAnnie Griffin
FrancesAnsellcirca May 1838circa Feb 1873William AnsellLouisa Wells
FrancesAnsell22 May 1852circa Nov 1913George AnsellMary Morris
FrankAnsellcirca Feb 1868circa Feb 1928Renvill AnsellMary Hannah Eleanor Bourne
FrankAnsellAug 1893Feb 1894Charles AnsellAnnie Griffin
FrederickAnsellbetween 1826 and 1846
FrederickAnsellcirca Aug 1930circa Feb 1931Matthew AnsellBeatrice Dorothy A. Land
Frederick PeterAnsell30 Jul 187615 Jul 1961Henry Heasman AnsellHephsibah Peerless
GeorgeAnsellApr 1825Jan 1893William AnsellLouisa Wells
GeorgeAnsell29 May 184826 Aug 1922George AnsellMary Morris
GeorgeAnsell4 Apr 188118 May 1949William AnsellJulia Sullivan
George AlbertAnsell5 Mar 18829 Apr 1962Henry AnsellEllen Ann Austin
George Albert GrahamAnsell26 Jul 1901circa Feb 1982George AnsellAnn Charlotte Graham
George Charles WilliamAnsell17 Nov 188313 Apr 1945Charles AnsellAnnie Griffin
George HenryAnsell26 Mar 19107 Apr 1980George Albert AnsellGeraldine Bathe
George MatthewAnsell13 Oct 1913circa Nov 1963James Ernest AnsellRose Starling
George WilliamAnsell15 Apr 18707 Feb 1942George AnsellEmma Ansell
George WilliamAnsell25 Jun 19144 Nov 1988Cecil George AnsellMabel Pratt
Gladys AliceAnsell25 May 1913Mar 1984George Albert AnsellGeraldine Bathe
Gordon MatthewAnsell5 Jan 1907circa Aug 1978George AnsellAnn Charlotte Graham
Hamlin GeorgeAnsell17 Aug 188413 Apr 1982Edward Leonard AnsellEmma Rowlinson
Hannah LouisaAnsellcirca Aug 1864after 1901Renvill AnsellMary Hannah Eleanor Bourne
HarryAnsellcirca Aug 186726 Apr 1922Peter AnsellMary Ann Lynn
Harry ClementAnsell9 Nov 1898circa May 1967Edward Leonard AnsellEmma Rowlinson
Harry Edward PeterAnsell16 May 1907Mar 1985Harry AnsellSophia Matilda Dale
Hedley William GeorgeAnsell16 Jul 18765 Oct 1876William Clement AnsellEmma Clark
HenryAnsellbetween 1832 and 18332 Jan 1908William AnsellLouisa Wells
HenryAnsell5 Mar 185625 Jan 1915George AnsellMary Morris
Henry BertramAnsell7 Jun 187312 Nov 1873George AnsellEmma Ansell
Henry HeasmanAnsellcirca May 185029 Dec 1916William AnsellSusannah Cosstick
Henry LouisAnsell11 Nov 187717 Nov 1951Henry AnsellEllen Ann Austin
Henry MoonAnsell20 Jan 1875after 1911Henry Heasman AnsellHephsibah Peerless
Huldah JoyceAnsell16 Jun 1899circa Nov 1979Walter George AnsellBeatrice Helena Jenner
Ida CassyAnsell8 May 188518 Jan 1955William Clement AnsellMary Botting
James ErnestAnsell20 Nov 18781 Apr 1927William AnsellJulia Sullivan
James ErnestAnsellcirca Aug 1912James Ernest AnsellRose Starling
James LynnAnsell17 Sep 186422 Jan 1946Peter AnsellMary Ann Lynn
JaneAnsell6 Nov 1853after 1911George AnsellMary Morris
JessieAnsellcirca May 1918James Ernest AnsellRose Starling
JohnAnsellbetween 1822 and 182316 Mar 1904William AnsellLouisa Wells
John AlfredAnsell27 Aug 1924Jul 1998John William AnsellAlice Cissie Beard
John ThomasAnsell18 May 188720 Jul 1974William AnsellJulia Sullivan
John WilliamAnsell10 Jul 188911 Oct 1960Allen AnsellEllen Brown
JosephAnsell6 May 189522 Sep 1961William AnsellJulia Sullivan
Joseph WilliamAnsell14 Nov 18878 Feb 1935Henry Heasman AnsellHephsibah Peerless
Julia LilyAnsell5 Jan 1910Sep 2000George AnsellAnn Charlotte Graham
Julia MayAnsell22 Sep 187612 Dec 1895William AnsellJulia Sullivan
Kate PurveyAnsellcirca Feb 1892after 1911Arthur John AnsellKate Purvey
Kathleen Lilian EleanorAnsell13 Nov 1903Oct 1987Frank AnsellKatie Hilda Faulkner
Kenneth VictorAnsell2 Aug 1906Jan 1987Charles Lynn AnsellElizabeth Sarah Goringe
Lawrence Sidney FrankAnsellcirca Nov 1890after 1901Frank AnsellIda Lucy Gubby
Leonard ThomasAnsell4 Apr 192619 Dec 2004Cecil George AnsellMabel Pratt
Lewis GeorgeAnsellcirca Feb 191818 Feb 1963Charles Griffin AnsellBessie Elizabeth Prier
LillianAnsellcirca May 1866after 1911Renvill AnsellMary Hannah Eleanor Bourne
Lily May JuliaAnsell12 Jun 1915Sep 2005John Thomas AnsellEthel May Brooks
LouisaAnsell30 Jan 1858after 1871George AnsellMary Morris
Louisa Alice ElizabethAnsell26 Mar 18897 Dec 1965Henry AnsellEllen Ann Austin
Louisa GeraldineAnsell1 Jun 1907May 1996George Albert AnsellGeraldine Bathe
Lucy LouisaAnsellcirca Nov 1860circa May 1929John AnsellSarah Hall Mobsby
MabelAnsellAug 1893Oct 1893Charles AnsellAnnie Griffin
Maidie MarionAnsell16 Oct 192827 Nov 2008John William AnsellAlice Cissie Beard
MaryAnsell3 Dec 186713 Jul 1950John AnsellSarah Hall Mobsby
Mary Ann LynnAnsell18 Nov 187225 Jan 1951Peter AnsellMary Ann Lynn
Matilda IsabelAnsellcirca Nov 1901after 1925Harry AnsellSophia Matilda Dale
MatthewAnsell3 May 18845 Mar 1941William AnsellJulia Sullivan
Myra JoyceAnsell11 Nov 1908circa May 1971George AnsellAnn Charlotte Graham
NancyAnsellcirca Nov 1852circa May 1943John AnsellSarah Hall Mobsby
Nancy EileenAnsell3 Mar 1913Aug 2004George AnsellAnn Charlotte Graham
Norah MaryAnsell26 Apr 1907circa May 1981James Ernest AnsellRose Starling
OliveAnsellbetween 1827 and 182826 Dec 1917William AnsellLouisa Wells
Peggy IrisAnsell26 Jan 1919May 2005George AnsellAnn Charlotte Graham
Percy RaymondAnsell24 Mar 1897circa Nov 1972Arthur John AnsellEmma Lynes
PeterAnsellApr 18345 Mar 1902William AnsellLouisa Wells
Peter FrankAnsellcirca Aug 185226 Feb 1936William AnsellSusannah Cosstick
Peter James L.Ansell18 Oct 1923Apr 1996William Lynn AnsellDaisy Gertrude Blewitt
Peter RobertAnsell15 Sep 1928circa Feb 1977George Albert Graham AnsellElsie Doris How
RenvillAnsellbetween 1835 and 183618 Nov 1904William AnsellLouisa Wells
Renvill RolandAnsellcirca Nov 1862Aug 1935Renvill AnsellMary Hannah Eleanor Bourne
Richard Owen LynnAnsell23 Nov 1918Apr 1992William Lynn AnsellDaisy Gertrude Blewitt
Robert FrankAnsell30 Jul 1895circa Nov 1982Frank AnsellIda Lucy Gubby
Ronald LeslieAnsell11 Mar 189425 Dec 1966Walter George AnsellBeatrice Helena Jenner
Rose LilianAnsell30 Oct 1905after 1963James Ernest AnsellRose Starling
Sarah JaneAnsell29 Nov 1865after 1939John AnsellSarah Hall Mobsby
Sidney JamesAnsell15 Mar 1916William J. AnsellPhoebe Hook
ThomasAnsell6 May 189513 Apr 1963William AnsellJulia Sullivan
Una MargueriteAnsell12 Dec 1916Sep 1988George AnsellAnn Charlotte Graham
Victor BrianAnsell29 Apr 1915Oct 2004George AnsellAnn Charlotte Graham
Walter GeorgeAnsell1 Nov 186027 Nov 1944William AnsellSusannah Cosstick
WilliamAnsell1 Aug 179821 Nov 1872
WilliamAnsell7 Feb 181921 Jan 1895William AnsellLouisa Wells
WilliamAnsell5 May 18505 Jun 1921George AnsellMary Morris
WilliamAnsell20 Jul 1874after 1911William AnsellJulia Sullivan
William ClementAnsell27 May 184826 May 1922William AnsellSusannah Cosstick
William HenryAnsell31 Oct 1904circa May 1982George AnsellAnn Charlotte Graham
William HoraceAnsell8 Aug 189221 Dec 1978Henry AnsellEllen Ann Austin
William J.Ansell28 Apr 1891
William John LynnAnsell31 Dec 1914Apr 2004William Lynn AnsellDaisy Gertrude Blewitt
William LeonardAnsell10 Aug 188222 Aug 1956Edward Leonard AnsellEmma Rowlinson
William LynnAnsell8 May 18774 Oct 1961Peter AnsellMary Ann Lynn
JoanAnslebefore 1639Mar 1672
Mary Ann ElizabethApplebeebetween 1853 and 185410 Dec 1934
EleanorAppsbetween 1849 and 1850
SarahArchardbetween 1852 and 1853
ArleneArchbold28 Feb 192228 Dec 2012
Evelyn MaryArcher29 Sep 1892Mar 1983
Joan MurielArcher12 Jul 192110 Feb 1989
ArthurArchinal5 Jul 189119 Jun 1985
BrianArmigercirca Aug 1918William James Gower ArmigerDorothy Dunham
Henry Robert GowerArmigercirca May 1891circa May 1893William ArmigerJulia Gower
WilliamArmiger16 Aug 186028 Sep 1940
William James GowerArmiger9 Nov 1889circa Nov 1962William ArmigerJulia Gower
Maud EugeniaArmorbetween 1879 and 1880
Algernon BennettArmstrong13 Sep 18899 Jan 1956William Armstrong
Jean StadenArmstrong11 Nov 1919Jun 2006Algernon Bennett ArmstrongJulia Rosetta Winifred Dorothy Staden
Margaret AnneArmstrong23 Apr 1890Sep 1988
WilliamArmstrongbefore 1868
AnnArnoldbetween 1823 and 1824Feb 1901William ArnoldAnn Clifford
Charles E.Arnold28 Apr 1896
WilliamArnold19 Oct 178829 Dec 1862
Rita Amy GeorginaArthurs6 Oct 1918circa Aug 1976
Alice MaudAsh3 Mar 1909Apr 1991
ElizabethAshbee10 Feb 185913 Mar 1942
Charles GeorgeAshby28 Dec 1908circa Aug 1979George Clifton AshbyBertha Rose Hill
Dorothy MabelAshby7 Jun 1914Jun 1985George Clifton AshbyBertha Rose Hill
George CliftonAshby16 Sep 188616 Nov 1947
Gwendoline PhoebeAshby1 Dec 1887circa Nov 1962William Ashby
Judith AnnAshby28 Sep 192523 Apr 2012
Lena MayAshby25 Jul 1919circa Feb 1983George Clifton AshbyBertha Rose Hill
Ronald CyrilAshby13 Aug 1930Mar 1978Charles George AshbyChristina Anne Curd
WilliamAshbybefore 1868
Bessie CatherineAshdown15 Oct 1901circa May 1969
Harold A. V.Ashdowncirca Aug 1946circa Aug 1947Harold Oswald AshdownBeatrice May Tucknott
Harold OswaldAshdownbetween 1921 and 192216 Oct 2007
DorisAshford10 Feb 1915
Ernest GilmanAshleybetween 1873 and 187421 Mar 1963
Reginald GeorgeAshley6 Feb 1925Sep 2004
JoyceAshplant16 Mar 191520 Dec 1998
GraceAshton19 Feb 1877circa May 1978
Henry T.Ashtonbefore 1912
Margaret EmilyAsman27 Nov 1911Apr 1998
FrederickAspinbetween 1881 and 1882circa Feb 1968
HarryAspinall3 Nov 1901circa Nov 1980
SamuelAssambefore 1862
Raymond GustafAsterlind26 May 191627 Sep 1944
Annie LouiseAtherall24 Oct 1866circa Feb 1940
Bertram HenryAtkins6 Mar 1911circa May 1965Charles Thomas AtkinsSarah Hatchard
Charles ThomasAtkins20 Aug 1878circa May 1934William Henry AtkinsJane Ansell
Charles ThomasAtkinscirca Aug 1904Charles Thomas AtkinsSarah Hatchard
Edward JamesAtkinscirca May 1888circa Feb 1954William Henry AtkinsJane Ansell
Elsie Eleanor M.Atkins14 Jul 1921circa May 1974Edward James AtkinsSelina Twiddy
GeorgeAtkinsbetween 1909 and 1910George Alfred AtkinsEmma Elizabeth Pyemont
George AlfredAtkins2 Nov 1880circa Feb 1934William Henry AtkinsJane Ansell
Henry CharlesAtkinscirca Aug 1911George Alfred AtkinsEmma Elizabeth Pyemont
IreneAtkins19 Jul 1910Mar 1985
Iris PatriciaAtkins1 May 1938Jun 1995Bertram Henry AtkinsElizabeth Stiggins
Jane EllenAtkins6 Jan 1886circa Feb 1940William Henry AtkinsJane Ansell
Jane EllenAtkinscirca Feb 1916Charles Thomas AtkinsSarah Hatchard
John WilliamAtkinscirca Aug 1906Charles Thomas AtkinsSarah Hatchard
Kenneth JohnAtkinscirca Nov 1943Apr 2008Bertram Henry AtkinsElizabeth Stiggins
Louisa EmilyAtkins19 Dec 1889after 1939William Henry AtkinsJane Ansell
Mary LouisaAtkinscirca Aug 1876William Henry AtkinsJane Ansell
Oliver WalterAtkins12 Jan 1916Jun 1984George Alfred AtkinsEmma Elizabeth Pyemont
RoseAtkinscirca Aug 1913Charles Thomas AtkinsSarah Hatchard
Ruth OliveAtkins26 Jan 1926Jan 1995George Alfred AtkinsEmma Elizabeth Pyemont
Sarah GraceAtkinscirca Feb 1909Charles Thomas AtkinsSarah Hatchard
Terence CharlesAtkins22 Sep 1934Dec 1989Bertram Henry AtkinsElizabeth Stiggins
ThomasAtkinsbefore 1832
William HenryAtkins1852Thomas Atkins
William HenryAtkins10 Dec 1873after 1911William Henry AtkinsJane Ansell
William ThomasAtkins5 May 1913circa May 1976George Alfred AtkinsEmma Elizabeth Pyemont
Bessie GeorginaAtreebetween 1856 and 1857
AliceAttewellcirca May 185114 Oct 1909John AttewellHarriet Turner
JohnAttewellbetween 1800 and 1801
BernardAttrill22 Mar 1891circa Feb 1974
Charles JamesAtwellcirca Feb 1852circa Feb 1927John Charles AtwellEmma Maggs
Edward GeorgeAtwellcirca Feb 1864circa Feb 1877John Charles AtwellEmma Maggs
Edward HenryAtwellcirca Sep 1880circa Feb 1934Henry William AtwellEmily Eliza Vicker
Emily AliceAtwellcirca Feb 1852circa Aug 1925Henry AtwellEmily Woodward
Florence EmilyAtwell27 Dec 187728 Jul 1962Henry William AtwellEmily Eliza Vicker
HenryAtwell19 Jun 1826after 1857Thomas AtwellMary Hodges
Henry WilliamAtwellcirca Feb 1856circa Feb 1939John Charles AtwellEmma Maggs
Jane AmeliaAtwell12 May 1828circa May 1912Thomas AtwellMary Hodges
John CharlesAtwell11 Aug 1824circa Nov 1897Thomas AtwellMary Hodges
Lucy H.Atwell1 Sep 1857circa Nov 1951Henry AtwellEmily Woodward
ThomasAtwellbefore 1800before 1851
Winifred MaryAtwell10 Nov 1887circa Feb 1972Henry William AtwellEmily Eliza Vicker
FannyAustenbetween 1832 and 1833circa Feb 1917
Alexander AdolphusAustincirca Nov 1886after 1891Joseph Allen AustinSarah Montgomery
Alice AmyAustincirca Nov 1891after 1911Joseph Allen AustinSarah Montgomery
ArchibaldAustinbetween 1888 and 1889after 1901Joseph Allen AustinSarah Montgomery
Arthur AllanAustincirca May 1885Joseph Allen AustinSarah Montgomery
Christopher StephenAustin16 Jun 1909Jul 1984
Ellen AnnAustincirca May 1857circa Feb 1903James Austin
HenryAustinbefore 1837
JamesAustinbefore 1837
Joseph AllanAustincirca May 1906Arthur Allan AustinGertrude Mabel Driver
Joseph AllenAustinbetween 1857 and 1858Henry Austin
Clement Harold J.Avery28 May 189227 Jul 1950
ElizabethAvery3 May 1872
Florence M.Averybefore 1910
Gordon William JonahAvery16 Apr 1911
Doris MayAvis12 Oct 192019 Jul 2009
DouglasAvis5 Feb 1927Mar 1999James A. AvisDorothy Elizabeth Miles
JamesAvisbefore 1831
James A.Avisbefore 1903before 1939
RosalieAvis24 Jul 1851circa Feb 1916James Avis
Alec ArchieAwcock10 Feb 1933circa Aug 1981
HarriettAwcock11 Feb 18644 Nov 1962
JohnAwcockbefore 1706
JamesAxbeybetween 1816 and 1817
Mary JaneAxbey29 Apr 1842after 1902James AxbeyEliza Goodyear
AlbertAylingcirca May 1880after 1911George AylingMary Puttick
Albert GeorgeAyling12 Dec 1907circa Feb 1983Albert AylingMinnie Elizabeth Maslin
Cecil PercyAylingcirca Aug 193212 Dec 2012Percy AylingEdith Cane
EdithAyling23 Feb 1887
ElizabethAylingcirca Feb 1905after 1911John AylingEllen Edwards
Elizabeth MaryAylingbetween 1867 and 1868before 1939
EllenAylingbetween 1844 and 1845circa May 1931
EllenAylingcirca 1872after 1911George AylingMary Puttick
Ellen CharlotteAylingcirca Nov 1895after 1911John AylingEllen Edwards
EmilyAylingcirca May 1868after 1881Thomas Kingshott AylingCharlotte Luxford
Florence AliceAylingbetween 1866 and 1867
Frederick GeorgeAyling26 Jul 1881circa Aug 1966George AylingKate Stoner
Frederick ThomasAylingcirca Aug 18984 Oct 1917John AylingEllen Edwards
GeorgeAyling1842circa Feb 1932John AylingMary Ann Carter
GeorgeAylingbetween 1856 and 1857circa Feb 1900
GeorgeAylingcirca Feb 1885circa Nov 1949George AylingMary Puttick
GeorgeAylingcirca Aug 1889after 1911John AylingEllen Edwards
Georgina WilhelminaAyling15 Jun 1911Dec 1998Henry Charles AylingMary Ann Turner
Gwendoline LilianAylingcirca May 1909circa Aug 1924Frederick George AylingViolet Winifred Head
Gwendoline MaryAylingcirca May 1906Henry Charles AylingMary Ann Turner
HarrietAylingcirca Apr 1877after 1911George AylingMary Puttick
HarriettAyling26 Aug 1893circa Nov 1948
Henry CharlesAyling14 Jul 187430 Jan 1947
Henry ReginaldAyling11 Aug 1904Sep 1980Henry Charles AylingMary Ann Turner
JamesAylingbefore 1805before 7 Aug 1864
JaneAylingbetween 1858 and 1859
JanetAyling29 Sep 1923Apr 1992
JohnAylingbefore 1820
JohnAylingcirca Nov 1864after 1911Thomas Kingshott AylingCharlotte Luxford
JohnAylingcirca May 189325 Sep 1915John AylingEllen Edwards
KateAylingbetween 1888 and 1889after 1911John AylingEllen Edwards
Lilian KateAylingcirca Aug 1894circa Nov 1912George AylingKate Stoner
MarthaAylingcirca Nov 1902after 1911John AylingEllen Edwards
MaryAylingcirca Feb 1891after 1911George AylingMary Puttick
Mary AnnAylingcirca May 1900after 1911John AylingEllen Edwards
PercyAyling3 Feb 1910Jun 1968John AylingEllen Edwards
Reginald FrederickAyling18 Oct 1922Feb 1987Frederick George AylingViolet Winifred Head
Reginald LeslieAyling7 Aug 190911 Feb 1967Henry Charles AylingMary Ann Turner
Ronald CharlesAyling12 Aug 1915Jan 1988Henry Charles AylingMary Ann Turner
RoseAylingcirca May 1870after 1891Thomas Kingshott AylingCharlotte Luxford
Thomas KingshottAylingcirca Feb 1842circa Nov 1931James AylingPhiladelphia White
Walter GuyAylingcirca Feb 1910after 1911Albert AylingMinnie Elizabeth Maslin
WilliamAylingcirca May 1886after 1901George AylingKate Stoner
WilliamAyling3 Dec 1906circa Aug 1978John AylingEllen Edwards
William Henry T.Ayling26 Dec 1932Nov 2006William AylingWinifred Emily Hayes
Winifred Evelyn MayAyling3 Jul 1906Apr 1998Albert AylingMinnie Elizabeth Maslin
Albert Percy JamesAylwardcirca Aug 1889Richard AylwardKate Puttock
Francis CharlesAylwardcirca Feb 1891Richard AylwardKate Puttock
maleAylward4 Jun 1920circa Aug 1920William Henry Joseph Leonard AylwardWinifred Mary Horn
PercivalAylward4 Jun 192023 Apr 2007William Henry Joseph Leonard AylwardWinifred Mary Horn
RichardAylwardbetween 1863 and 1864between 1911 and 1915
William Henry Joseph LeonardAylward5 Sep 188713 Jan 1973Richard AylwardKate Puttock
William Jack CharlesAylwardcirca Nov 191826 Apr 1943William Henry Joseph Leonard AylwardWinifred Mary Horn
Alice SheilaBacchuscirca Aug 1913Arthur Gordon BacchusHilda Mary Brooker
Arthur GordonBacchus22 Apr 1884Mar 1974
Betty HildaBacchus15 Feb 1917after 1954Arthur Gordon BacchusHilda Mary Brooker
Ann PriscillaBackcirca Feb 1853after 1861Samuel BackElizabeth Lake
Emma JaneBackcirca Aug 1854after 1871Samuel BackElizabeth Lake
Francis SamuelBackcirca Feb 1846circa Aug 1876Samuel BackElizabeth Lake
Mary AnnBackcirca Aug 184415 Apr 1917Samuel BackElizabeth Lake
SamuelBackbetween 1823 and 1824circa Nov 1888
Thomas WilliamBackcirca Dec 1850after 1851Samuel BackElizabeth Lake
Thomas WilliamBackbetween 1863 and 1864Francis Samuel BackMary Jane Richards
JohnBackshellbefore 1566
JohnBackshellbefore 1586Feb 1635/36John Backshell
JohnBackshellcirca 1621after 1655John BackshellAnn Roberts
Ernest W.Bacon1908
Phyllis SiviaBadmanbetween 1911 and 1912Aug 1992
Sarah AnneBadman7 Apr 1827circa Nov 1876William Badman
WilliamBadmanbefore 1807
Edith EmilyBaggottcirca Feb 1905Frederick Thomas BaggottEmily Harber
Frederick ThomasBaggott14 Sep 1872circa Aug 1951
George CharlesBaggott28 Jul 1907Apr 1984Frederick Thomas BaggottEmily Harber
LilianBaggottcirca Aug 1909Frederick Thomas BaggottEmily Harber
Beatrice MaryBagwell8 May 1925Mar 2007
Alice MaryBailey7 Jul 1882circa May 1963
Alice MurielBaileycirca Feb 1910after 1911William Henry BaileyFlorence May Freemantle
AnneBaileybefore 1778Nov 1835
Annie Agnes FrancesBailey4 Dec 1886circa Feb 1976George BaileySarah Ann Elizabeth Gardner
ArthurBaileycirca Nov 1858George BaileyHarriet Gallard
Charles A.Baileybefore 1915
Charles HoraceBaileycirca May 185715 Dec 1933George BaileyHarriet Gallard
Charles StanleyBailey11 Mar 1902circa Nov 1982George Samuel BaileyMabel Stanley
Charlotte EleanorBaileycirca Aug 1872after 1911George BaileySarah Ann Elizabeth Gardner
Constance RebeccaBailey2 Oct 18778 Apr 1945George BaileySarah Ann Elizabeth Gardner
Donald HenryBaileycirca Nov 1906circa Nov 1906William Henry BaileyFlorence May Freemantle
Donald WalterBailey29 Sep 1884circa Nov 1975George BaileySarah Ann Elizabeth Gardner
DorothyBaileycirca May 1855George BaileyHarriet Gallard
Edith AdelaideBaileycirca Feb 1910William Thomas BaileyEdith Maria Harber
Emily AnnBaileycirca Nov 1862after 1871George BaileyHarriet Gallard
Emily JaneBaileycirca May 1867after 1911George BaileySarah Ann Elizabeth Gardner
FlorenceBaileybefore 1893
Florence AliceBailey19 Jan 1874circa Nov 1973George BaileySarah Ann Elizabeth Gardner
Frederick ThomasBailey3 Feb 1919after 1939William Thomas BaileyEdith Maria Harber
GeorgeBaileybetween 1817 and 1818circa Feb 1902
GeorgeBaileybetween 1841 and 1842circa Nov 1914George BaileyHarriet Gallard
George SamuelBailey19 Dec 1868circa Aug 1955George BaileySarah Ann Elizabeth Gardner
Gwendoline MayBaileycirca Aug 1905after 1911William Henry BaileyFlorence May Freemantle
HenryBaileycirca Feb 1847after 1861George BaileyHarriet Gallard
JackBaileycirca Nov 1915William Thomas BaileyEdith Maria Harber
James E.Bailey13 May 1952Jul 1998Amy Edith Pullen
Jessie EthelBailey22 Nov 188028 Feb 1957George BaileySarah Ann Elizabeth Gardner
JohnBaileybefore 1912
Kate EdithBailey20 Apr 187920 Feb 1961George BaileySarah Ann Elizabeth Gardner
Kathleen HelenBailey27 Oct 1918after 1947William Henry BaileyFlorence May Freemantle
Louisa SarahBaileycirca Sep 1870after 1911George BaileySarah Ann Elizabeth Gardner
MabelBaileybetween 1883 and 188425 Apr 1936Charles Horace BaileyElizabeth Jane Hearnden
Maggie ElizabethBaileycirca Nov 1882George BaileySarah Ann Elizabeth Gardner
MarjorieBaileycirca Feb 1904George Samuel BaileyMabel Stanley
Peter JohnBailey14 Jun 1937Sep 2003Charles A. BaileyLucy Goff
RichardBaileybetween 1848 and 1849George BaileyHarriet Gallard
Sarah AnnBaileycirca Nov 1859after 1881George BaileyHarriet Gallard
ThomasBaileycirca May 1850George BaileyHarriet Gallard
VincentBaileycirca Nov 1851circa Nov 1852George BaileyHarriet Gallard
William Charles ThomasBailey6 Dec 19112 Apr 1965William Thomas BaileyEdith Maria Harber
William HenryBailey28 Apr 1876after 1939George BaileySarah Ann Elizabeth Gardner
William ThomasBaileybetween 1885 and 1886
William VincentBaileycirca Aug 1853circa Feb 1897George BaileyHarriet Gallard
WinifredBaileycirca Nov 1906George Samuel BaileyMabel Stanley
Clara MaudBain11 Apr 1907circa Aug 1978
Albert EdwardBaines23 Jun 1884circa May 1965Clement BainesRosalie Avis
Alice MaryBainescirca Aug 1873circa May 1921John BainesMary Ann Lovett
Alice MaudeBaines1 Apr 1894after 1911Clement BainesRosalie Avis
Arthur E.Bainescirca Feb 1888after 1911Spencer George BainesMary Eleanor Crane
Arthur RaymondBaines25 Aug 1919Sep 2004Leonard BainesFlorence Alice Whitehead
Arthur RolandBaines10 Sep 18816 Jan 1941Clement BainesRosalie Avis
BeatriceBainescirca Feb 1907Thomas William BainesCatherine Jane Duck
Beatrice RosalieBaines7 Sep 188629 Mar 1961Clement BainesRosalie Avis
Benjamin GeorgeBaines5 Jan 1894circa Aug 1969Thomas William BainesCatherine Jane Duck
Brenda MurielBaines9 Aug 1916circa Jan 1969Richard Douglas BainesCharlotte Mary Knevett
Catherine MaudBainescirca Aug 1886after 1901Thomas William BainesCatherine Jane Duck
Cicely AnnBainescirca Nov 1854circa Feb 1927William BainesAnn Ansell
ClementBaines8 Dec 185014 Jul 1931William BainesAnn Ansell
Clement AlgernonBaines10 Nov 18789 Oct 1959Clement BainesRosalie Avis
Clement AlgernonBaines17 May 1906Jul 1981Clement Algernon BainesEliza Lane
Eleanor VictoriaBainescirca Aug 1887after 1891Thomas William BainesCatherine Jane Duck
Ena Daisy MayBaines17 May 19061980Clement Algernon BainesEliza Lane
Florence AnnieBaines18 Nov 18889 Jul 1959John BainesMary Ann Lovett
Frederick AlexanderBaines21 Nov 1888circa Feb 1982Clement BainesRosalie Avis
George William A.Baines6 Jul 1923Mar 1993Benjamin George BainesFlorence Hilda Searle
Gwendeline VeraBainescirca Aug 1912Arthur Roland BainesAgnes Louise Stockwell
Irene AgnesBaines22 Sep 1907Apr 1998Arthur Roland BainesAgnes Louise Stockwell
Joan MargaretBaines29 Apr 1916Albert Edward BainesFlorence Olivia Schuberth
JohnBainesNov 18484 Oct 1931William BainesAnn Ansell
JohnBainescirca Aug 1878after 1901John BainesMary Ann Lovett
Joyce ElaineBaines18 Mar 1915Sep 1986Sydney BainesElsie Mary Scott
LeonardBaines28 Aug 1890circa May 1974Spencer George BainesMary Eleanor Crane
Lottie M.Bainescirca Nov 1921circa Nov 1921Richard Douglas BainesCharlotte Mary Knevett
Maurice Henry StanleyBaines22 Mar 189011 May 1961Clement BainesRosalie Avis
May WinifredBaines24 Apr 1891circa Nov 1976John BainesMary Ann Lovett
MillicentBainescirca May 1908Sydney BainesElsie Mary Scott
Nina MayBaines13 Jan 189216 Feb 1973Clement BainesRosalie Avis
NoelBainescirca Nov 1904circa Nov 1904Clement Algernon BainesEliza Lane
PeterBaines15 Mar 1923circa Nov 1979Clement BainesPenelope Ethel Tytherleigh
Phyllis Olivia EvalineBainescirca Aug 1913Albert Edward BainesFlorence Olivia Schuberth
Richard DouglasBaines6 Aug 188517 Aug 1957Clement BainesRosalie Avis
Ronald EdwardBainescirca Aug 191812 Sep 1945Albert Edward BainesFlorence Olivia Schuberth
Rowland ErnestBaines11 Sep 192628 Sep 2008Benjamin George BainesFlorence Hilda Searle
Sarah LouisaBaines7 Apr 1858circa Aug 1944William BainesAnn Ansell
Spencer GeorgeBainescirca Feb 1847Feb 1931William BainesAnn Ansell
SydneyBaines22 Apr 18831 Feb 1941Clement BainesRosalie Avis
Thomas GeorgeBainescirca May 1876after 1891John BainesMary Ann Lovett
Thomas WilliamBainesJan 1861circa Feb 1924William BainesAnn Ansell
Thomas WilliamBainescirca Feb 1889after 1901Thomas William BainesCatherine Jane Duck
WilliamBaines24 Aug 1823after 1885
AnnieBakercirca May 1874Henry BakerRebecca Gravett
Charles RobertBakerbefore 1927
CharlotteBaker25 Jul 1868circa Feb 1946
Daisy ElizabethBaker9 Jul 1925circa Nov 1972
ElizaBakercirca Feb 1873Henry BakerRebecca Gravett
ElizabethBakerbetween 1852 and 1853circa Nov 1879
ElsieBaker22 Mar 1904Jun 1980
Eva EmmaBakercirca Feb 1869circa Feb 1923
Florence MaryBaker26 Jan 1915May 2002
FrankBakercirca Aug 1899after 1911Harry BakerMary Jane Ives
Gladys H.Baker2 Nov 1906circa Feb 1966
GwendolineBakerbetween 1892 and 1893Harry BakerMary Jane Ives
HaroldBakerbefore 1905
HarryBakercirca Feb 1868after 1911Henry BakerRebecca Gravett
HenryBakerbetween 1841 and 1842after 1911
JamesBakerbetween 1800 and 1805
JaneBaker1828James BakerElizabeth Puttick
JaneBakerbetween 1847 and 1848before 1887
Joan D.Bakercirca 1929Apr 2019
JohnBakerbefore 1779
KateBakerJan 1881after 1911Henry BakerRebecca Gravett
Leonard JamesBakerbetween 1905 and 1906after 1911Harry BakerMary Jane Ives
Mary AnnBakerbefore 1883
Muriel E.Baker19 Dec 1908circa Feb 1959
RebeccaBaker19 Sep 187627 Jan 1963Henry BakerRebecca Gravett
Reginald A.Baker10 Aug 1907
Reginald HenryBakercirca Feb 1895circa Feb 1905Harry BakerMary Jane Ives
RhodaBaker2 Nov 1894circa Aug 1972
SarahBaker1799John BakerSarah (?)
Winifred AnnieBakercirca Feb 1893after 1911Harry BakerMary Jane Ives
Winifred JoyceBaker12 Jul 1920Dec 2004
Margaret E.Balchinbefore 1921
ArthurBaldwinbefore 1919
HarrietBaldwinbetween 1842 and 1843
MariaBaldwin1829circa May 1903
Agnes MaryBall25 Dec 1887circa Feb 1969Gabriel Hodges BallEmma Jane Griffiths
AlbertBall2 May 1811May 1867John BallSarah Hackman
AlbertBallcirca May 1838circa Jun 1838Sidney BallHannah England
Albert WilliamBallcirca May 1870circa Nov 1897William BallEmily Williams
AnnieBall18 Dec 18636 Feb 1952John BallEliza Crandon Hodges
Annie ElizaBall9 Aug 1882circa Aug 1965Gabriel Hodges BallEmma Jane Griffiths
Annie LouisaBallcirca Feb 1882John BallEliza Higgs
Annie LouiseBall14 Nov 1910Jan 1996John William BallEmily Chandler
ArabellaBallcirca Feb 1862after 1901John BallEliza Crandon Hodges
Arthur LouisBallcirca May 1884William BallEmily Williams
CeliaBallcirca May 1845after 1851John BallEliza Crandon Hodges
Christopher ThomasBall13 Oct 1917Frederick William BallEsther Monks
Doris AgnesBall31 Dec 191113 Mar 1986Frederick William BallEsther Monks
Dorothy M.Ball20 Jul 1937Aug 1991Francis Albert BallDorothy MacMahon
ElizaBallcirca Aug 1857after 1911John BallEliza Crandon Hodges
ElizabethBall22 Jan 1781John BallHannah (?)
ElizabethBallcirca Feb 1869John BallEliza Higgs
EmilyBallcirca Feb 1872William BallEmily Williams
Emily ElizabethBall19 Jan 1871circa May 1945John BallEliza Higgs
Emily LouisaBall13 Oct 1873circa Nov 1953Gabriel Hodges BallEmma Jane Griffiths
Ernest AlbertBall4 Feb 1914John William BallEmily Chandler
Florence JaneBall10 Jul 1873after 1939John BallEliza Higgs
FrancisBallbefore 29 Mar 1839before 1847John BallEliza Crandon Hodges
FrancisBallcirca Feb 1847after 1861John BallEliza Crandon Hodges
Francis AlbertBallcirca Nov 18754 Jan 1934Gabriel Hodges BallEmma Jane Griffiths
Francis AlbertBall11 Sep 1909circa May 1977Frederick William BallEsther Monks
Frederick WilliamBall24 Aug 1877circa Feb 1959Gabriel Hodges BallEmma Jane Griffiths
Gabriel HodgesBall15 Nov 1850circa Feb 1919John BallEliza Crandon Hodges
GeorgeBallcirca May 1853Sidney BallHannah England
GeorgeBallbetween 1878 and 1879William BallEmily Williams
George EdwinBallcirca May 1889after 1911Albert RichardsonFlorence Jane Ball
HannahBall15 Apr 1779John BallHannah (?)
Henry Frederick WilliamBall26 Dec 1904Apr 1992Frederick William BallEsther Monks
Henry JohnBallcirca Aug 1880circa Feb 1888Gabriel Hodges BallEmma Jane Griffiths
Irene MabelBall2 Dec 1913Nov 1988Sidney George BallLucy Agnes Ella Copeland
JamesBall19 Dec 1773John BallHannah (?)
JamesBallcirca Nov 1874William BallEmily Williams
Jean Yvonne M. M.Ball14 Feb 1925Dec 2003Sidney George BallLucy Agnes Ella Copeland
JohnBallbefore 1752Jul 1799
JohnBall21 Jun 1777circa Sep 1778John BallHannah (?)
JohnBallJan 178414 Aug 1852John BallHannah (?)
JohnBall1 Aug 18173 Jan 1879John BallSarah Hackman
JohnBall15 Aug 1847circa Nov 1903Sidney BallHannah England
John WilliamBall19 Jan 188429 Dec 1961John BallEliza Higgs
Julia HodgesBallcirca May 1841circa Aug 1864John BallEliza Crandon Hodges
Kenneth H.Ballcirca May 1919circa Feb 1927John William BallEmily Chandler
Leonard VictorBallcirca May 1892William BallSarah J. Jones
Leslie E.Ballcirca Aug 1922circa Feb 1924John William BallEmily Chandler
LydiaBallcirca Feb 1843circa May 1912John BallEliza Crandon Hodges
Maria HodgesBallcirca Nov 1859after 1861John BallEliza Crandon Hodges
MaryBallcirca Dec 1805May 1860John BallSarah Hackman
Mary JaneBallcirca Feb 1849circa Feb 1933John BallEliza Crandon Hodges
NellieBallcirca May 1886John BallEliza Higgs
Norman GeorgeBall24 Dec 1923Nov 1987John William BallEmily Chandler
Rhoda HodgesBallcirca Aug 1855after 1871John BallEliza Crandon Hodges
RichardBall2 Jun 1772John BallHannah (?)
RichardBall15 Aug 181522 Feb 1881John BallSarah Hackman
Richard GeorgeBallcirca May 1844Sidney BallHannah England
SidneyBall3 Apr 1809between 1871 and 1881John BallSarah Hackman
Sidney GeorgeBall30 Nov 1891circa Nov 1965John BallEliza Higgs
Sidney GeorgeBall9 Jul 1908Nov 1995John William BallEmily Chandler
StellaBallcirca Feb 1853circa May 1896John BallEliza Crandon Hodges
ThomasBall4 Dec 1775John BallHannah (?)
Thomas John WilliamBall20 Jun 1907circa Aug 1982John William BallEmily Chandler
Walter LeonardBallcirca Feb 1907circa Aug 1922Frederick William BallEsther Monks
WilliamBallcirca Feb 1850circa May 1900Sidney BallHannah England
William RobertBall1839Sidney BallHannah England
Winifred IvyBall8 Feb 1915Frederick William BallEsther Monks
Emily E.Ballard10 Feb 1897
Ernest StephenBallard18 Mar 188524 Aug 1968
MargaretBamfordbefore 1917
ElizaBanfieldbetween 1811 and 1812circa Feb 1891
Nellie M.Banford15 Feb 1894circa Feb 1960
William Wells FrancisBangs5 Feb 187415 Sep 1960
Albert Henry GordonBanks19 Dec 1913Aug 1991Charles James BanksCaroline Emily Charles
Alfred StanleyBanks27 May 1910Mar 1986Charles James BanksCaroline Emily Charles
Charles HarryBanks29 Sep 1902circa May 1970Charles James BanksCaroline Emily Charles
Charles JamesBanks7 Apr 1876
David L.Banksbefore 1899
Edith MayBankscirca May 1909circa Nov 1909Charles James BanksCaroline Emily Charles
Elizabeth KateBankscirca Feb 1874circa Aug 1957
Elsie EmilyBanks12 Aug 1904Aug 1989Charles James BanksCaroline Emily Charles
Ernest EdwardBanks30 Nov 1911Jul 1985Charles James BanksCaroline Emily Charles
GeorgeBankscirca Feb 1916Charles James BanksCaroline Emily Charles
IvyBankscirca Feb 1907after 1911Charles James BanksCaroline Emily Charles
LeslieBanks5 Apr 1920Jul 1984Charles James BanksCaroline Emily Charles
Mabel DorothyBankscirca May 1908circa Nov 1923Charles James BanksCaroline Emily Charles
maleBanksbefore 1804
Minnie Harriet KateBanks18 Sep 1905circa Apr 1994Charles James BanksCaroline Emily Charles
Sarah Selina AnneBanksbetween 1824 and 18251 Jun 1907male Banks
Stanley AubreyBanks6 Nov 1927Sep 1988Charles Harry BanksRose V. Dean
Gemma ChanderbassieBaran22 Jul 194021 Feb 1973
Henry StanderwickBarbercirca Nov 1867circa May 1903
WalterBarberbefore 1910
Randolph Clement J.Barbrook28 Mar 1908Jun 1988
Clarisse EllalineBardo31 Aug 1897Feb 1988William Frederick BardoEmma Helena H. Wetton
Georgina JaneBardocirca Aug 185329 Oct 1938James William BardoJane Anne Hodges
Hester RhodaBardocirca May 1855circa Nov 1921James William BardoJane Anne Hodges
James WilliamBardobetween 1826 and 1827circa Feb 1905William Bardo
Roy TraviceBardo6 Feb 1912Nov 1986William Frederick BardoAnnie Ellen Jones
Sarah AnnBardocirca Nov 186227 Feb 1924James William BardoJane Anne Hodges
WilliamBardobefore 1811
William FrederickBardocirca Oct 1870circa May 1916James William BardoJane Anne Hodges
JankielBarg8 Aug 191323 Sep 2006
ElsieBarham7 Jan 1910Feb 1994
Michael JohnBarham5 Nov 1925Feb 2006
Henry JohnBarkas13 Sep 1901circa May 1981
Joyce M.Barkas3 Mar 1935Sep 2004Henry John BarkasFlorence May Hardington
VioletBarker13 Dec 1911Mar 2002
MariaBarnardcirca 1814circa Nov 1875
DorisBarnesbefore 1918
Francis FrederickBarnesbefore 1875
Ivy WinifredBarnes16 Sep 1911Oct 1988
Thelma EileenBarnesbefore 1915
Thomas W.Barnesbefore 1900
Winifred IvyBarnes11 Oct 1912Sep 2003
AdaBarnettMar 1881circa May 1881Henry BarnettJane Colchester
Ada Sarah ElizabethBarnett21 Apr 186425 Apr 1888George Frederick BarnettElizabeth Harris
Albert GeorgeBarnett24 Apr 1910Dec 1989
Alec GilbertBarnett10 Jun 1930Feb 1999Alfred George BarnettEllen Irene Perkins
Alfred CharlesBarnett29 Apr 1860circa May 1864George Frederick BarnettElizabeth Harris
Alfred GeorgeBarnettcirca May 1893circa Feb 1976George Frederick BarnettSusan Jane Parrott
Alice MaudBarnett30 Apr 1876circa Feb 1960Henry BarnettJane Colchester
Ann SophiaBarnettMar 1861circa Nov 1861Richard BarnettMaria Baldwin
ArthurBarnett30 Sep 1871circa Aug 1940Richard BarnettMaria Baldwin
Arthur ThomasBarnettcirca Feb 186628 Dec 1925George Frederick BarnettElizabeth Harris
Arthur ThomasBarnettcirca Aug 1903Arthur BarnettSarah Isabel Barnett
Arthur WilliamBarnett2 Oct 1890circa Aug 1969Arthur Thomas BarnettEliza Ada Scammell
CharlesBarnettcirca Aug 1847circa Feb 1907John BarnettElizabeth Cork / Cock
Charles HenryBarnett11 Aug 1869after 1939Henry BarnettJane Colchester
Daisy TheodoraBarnett7 Mar 189523 Nov 1959Arthur Thomas BarnettEliza Ada Scammell
Doris EvelineBarnettcirca Nov 1892circa May 1906Arthur Thomas BarnettEliza Ada Scammell
DorothyBarnettbetween 1901 and 1902John BarnettJane Williams
Edith ElizabethBarnettcirca Feb 1896after 1911Arthur BarnettSarah Isabel Barnett
Edith MaudBarnettcirca Feb 1898George Frederick BarnettSusan Jane Parrott
ElizaBarnettcirca Nov 1862between 1911 and 1939Richard BarnettMaria Baldwin
Elizabeth EmilyBarnettcirca Nov 1877circa May 1883George Frederick BarnettElizabeth Harris
Elizabeth MariaBarnettcirca Feb 1859Richard BarnettMaria Baldwin
Ellaline EllenBarnettcirca Nov 1906after 1911Arthur Thomas BarnettEliza Ada Scammell
EricBarnettcirca Nov 18944 Oct 1917John BarnettJane Williams
Eva RubyBarnettcirca Aug 1909after 1911Arthur BarnettSarah Isabel Barnett
Evelyn MurielBarnett3 Nov 1908Oct 1998Arthur Thomas BarnettEliza Ada Scammell
FlorenceBarnett2 Mar 1881circa Feb 1959Henry BarnettJane Colchester
Florence Mary KateBarnett28 Mar 187226 Aug 1962Charles BarnettMary Murray
Florence WinifredBarnett1 Jan 1900circa Feb 1979Arthur Thomas BarnettEliza Ada Scammell
Frank A.Barnett13 Jul 1925circa Feb 1978Arthur Thomas BarnettMary Gardner
Frederick CharlesBarnett28 Oct 189110 Feb 1975Charles BarnettMary Murray
Frederick GeorgeBarnett4 Jun 1922Nov 2002Alfred George BarnettEllen Irene Perkins
Frederick PercyBarnettcirca Aug 1901circa Aug 1919George Frederick BarnettSusan Jane Parrott
Garfield RichardBarnett8 Jun 1921circa Aug 1979Sidney BarnettGwendoline Phoebe Ashby
George F.Barnettbefore 1923
George FrederickBarnett26 Aug 183711 Jun 1884John BarnettElizabeth Cork / Cock
George FrederickBarnettcirca Aug 1862circa May 1906George Frederick BarnettElizabeth Harris
Gilbert CharlesBarnett6 Dec 1918circa May 1955Sidney BarnettGwendoline Phoebe Ashby
Gladys HildaBarnett30 Jun 1904Sep 1984William John BarnettRosetta Cross
Gladys MaryBarnett15 Jun 188913 Sep 1958Arthur Thomas BarnettEliza Ada Scammell
HenryBarnettApr 1845circa Nov 1895John BarnettElizabeth Cork / Cock
JamesBarnettcirca May 1865circa Jun 1866Richard BarnettMaria Baldwin
James FrederickBarnettcirca May 1858circa May 1864George Frederick BarnettElizabeth Harris
Jessie MildredBarnett24 Feb 190214 Mar 1955Arthur Thomas BarnettEliza Ada Scammell
JohnBarnettbetween 1793 and 17946 Jan 1870
JohnBarnettcirca May 1842circa Feb 1916John BarnettElizabeth Cork / Cock
John CharlesBarnettcirca May 1851Feb 1852Richard BarnettMaria Baldwin
John CharlesBarnettcirca Feb 1855circa Aug 1859Richard BarnettMaria Baldwin
John WilliamBarnettcirca Nov 1905after 1911Arthur BarnettSarah Isabel Barnett
Leslie JohnBarnett9 Aug 1923Mar 1985Alfred George BarnettEllen Irene Perkins
Lilian GladysBarnettcirca Feb 1900William John BarnettRosetta Cross
Lilian MayBarnettcirca May 1895after 1911Arthur Thomas BarnettEliza Ada Scammell
LizzieBarnettbetween 1895 and 1896Charles Henry BarnettAnnie (?)
Mabel AnneBarnett18 May 188221 Mar 1964Charles BarnettMary Murray
Mabel IsabelBarnett8 May 1898circa Nov 1971Arthur BarnettSarah Isabel Barnett
Mabel SusanBarnett18 Jul 18942 Apr 1950George Frederick BarnettSusan Jane Parrott
Mary AnnBarnettcirca May 1857circa Nov 1857Richard BarnettMaria Baldwin
Mary AnneBarnettbetween 1832 and 1833after 1841John BarnettElizabeth Cork / Cock
Maud MaryBarnett4 Aug 1870circa Aug 1870Richard BarnettMaria Baldwin
Phyllis LouisaBarnettcirca Nov 1911Sidney BarnettGwendoline Phoebe Ashby
Reginald FrankBarnettcirca Aug 1907Arthur BarnettSarah Isabel Barnett
RichardBarnett1825circa Nov 1893John BarnettElizabeth Cork / Cock
RichardBarnettcirca Nov 1878Henry BarnettJane Colchester
Roy Henry G.Barnett13 Aug 1931circa Feb 1974Sydney George BarnettGeorgina Wilhelmina Ayling
Sarah AnnBarnettOct 1845circa Nov 1845Richard BarnettAnn Russell
Sarah IsabelBarnett1 Apr 1875circa May 1946
SidneyBarnett27 Jun 1886circa Feb 1968Henry BarnettJane Colchester
Sydney ErnestBarnett28 Jun 191523 Mar 1965Sidney BarnettGwendoline Phoebe Ashby
Sydney GeorgeBarnett21 Jun 1908circa Feb 1982
ThomasBarnettbetween 1834 and 1835Sep 1842John BarnettElizabeth Cork / Cock
Violet FannyBarnett5 Dec 1883circa Nov 1966Henry BarnettJane Colchester
Walter RichardBarnettcirca Feb 1853circa Feb 1934Richard BarnettMaria Baldwin
Walter Richard ArthurBarnett23 Apr 1900circa Aug 1980Arthur BarnettSarah Isabel Barnett
WilliamBarnettbetween 1826 and 1827after 1851John BarnettElizabeth Cork / Cock
William C.Barnett27 Feb 1919Frederick Charles BarnettEthel Powell
William HenryBarnettcirca Aug 1909Sidney BarnettGwendoline Phoebe Ashby
William JohnBarnettcirca Nov 187323 Oct 1938Henry BarnettJane Colchester
William JohnBarnettJul 1895circa Aug 1895William John BarnettRosetta Cross
William SydneyBarnett21 Nov 1897circa Nov 1969William John BarnettRosetta Cross
Douglas HerbertBarr24 Jun 1913Jul 1986
Eveline MayBarrance25 Feb 1888circa Feb 1967
Catherine ElizabethBarrand30 Jun 1959Sep 1999
Albert Thomas W.Barratt20 Dec 1917Sep 1984
Edward John F.Barratt29 Jan 1912circa May 1982
Daisy FlorenceBarrell27 Jul 1904Feb 1989Henry Philip BarrellEdith Grace Termperance Heasman
Henry PhilipBarrell29 Sep 188228 May 1962
Ivy Grace EllenBarrell2 Jun 1903Jun 1983Henry Philip BarrellEdith Grace Termperance Heasman
LilianBarrell13 Nov 1906Mar 1976Henry Philip BarrellEdith Grace Termperance Heasman
Rose EmilyBarrellcirca Mar 1911Henry Philip BarrellEdith Grace Termperance Heasman
Ada R.Barrett13 Apr 1908
EdwardBarrettbefore 1927
Ellen SophieBarrett24 Jun 1882circa May 1955
femaleBarrettbetween 1873 and 1893
JackBarrettbefore 1919before 1950
JamesBarrettbefore 1851
SusanBarrett11 Apr 1871circa Nov 1962James Barrett
Ada CarolineBarrow15 Mar 1911circa Nov 1982William Charles BarrowAnnie Puttick
Annie EllenBarrowcirca Nov 1904before Feb 2000William Charles BarrowAnnie Puttick
Arthur William RonaldBarrowcirca May 1909William Charles BarrowAnnie Puttick
Dorothy EnaBarrow11 Apr 1906Jul 2002William Charles BarrowAnnie Puttick
Evelyn Alice RoseBarrowcirca Aug 1913circa Feb 1914William Charles BarrowAnnie Puttick
Leslie JamesBarrowcirca May 1917Dec 1986William Charles BarrowAnnie Puttick
WilliamBarrowbetween 1856 and 1857
William CharlesBarrow28 Jun 18789 Feb 1959William BarrowCaroline (?)
Marjorie JaneBarrs31 Jan 1921Jan 1993
Albert EdwardBartholomewbefore 1900
JohnBartle16 Jul 19136 Feb 1992
Ellen EdithBartlett20 Oct 1906Jan 2000
Roy GriffinBartlettbefore 1891Oct 1974
JaneBartleybefore 1607
Edith EmilyBashford29 Mar 1909circa Aug 1972
Violet BeatriceBashford18941968
Caroline J.Basscirca Aug 1955circa Aug 1955Alma Emily Briggs
Douglas PercyBass13 Oct 1878circa Nov 1971
DaisyBassettcirca Feb 1914Walter W. BassettElizabeth Towes
Frederick W.Bassettcirca Feb 1914after 1939Walter W. BassettElizabeth Towes
Walter W.Bassett6 Apr 1888
SarahBassfordbefore 1715
AdaBatchelorcirca May 1872William BatchelorElizabeth Warren
Alan JamesBatchelor1 Jul 192030 Oct 1991Ernest Charles BatchelorEthel Elizabeth Ottley
Albert JamesBatchelorcirca Feb 1883after 1901Charles Barnard BatchelorJane Robinson
AliceBatchelor1903Benjamin BatchelorLily Mary May Ottley
AnnBatchelorcirca Nov 1862after 1911John BatchelorMary Ann Westbrook
ArthurBatchelorcirca Feb 1866William BatchelorElizabeth Warren
BenjaminBatchelor183518 Dec 1912Stephen BatchelorAnn Ongley
BenjaminBatchelorcirca Feb 1870Jan 1947Benjamin BatchelorMary Ann Poulton
CalebBatchelor1838circa May 1914Stephen BatchelorAnn Ongley
CharlesBatchelor1830circa Feb 1910Stephen BatchelorAnn Ongley
CharlesBatchelorcirca Feb 1867Charles BatchelorJane Loveland
Charles BarnardBatchelorcirca Nov 184829 Sep 1900
Charles ErnestBatchelor2 Feb 191028 Jan 1983Ernest Charles BatchelorEthel Elizabeth Ottley
Charles WilliamBatchelorcirca Aug 1873Charles Barnard BatchelorJane Robinson
CharlotteBatchelorbetween 1858 and 1859after 1911John BatchelorEmily (?)
Doris AileenBatchelor24 Jul 190225 Oct 1955Thomas Henry BatchelorFlorence Emily Siggery
Edith MaryBatchelorcirca Aug 1877Charles Barnard BatchelorJane Robinson
EleanorBatchelor8 Dec 1860circa Nov 1945William BatchelorElizabeth Warren
EllenBatchelorbetween 1855 and 1856after 1911John BatchelorEmily (?)
Ellen GladysBatchelor18991990Benjamin BatchelorLily Mary May Ottley
EmilyBatchelorcirca Nov 1873Jan 1947Benjamin BatchelorMary Ann Poulton
Emily ElizaBatchelor25 Aug 1905circa Aug 1979
EricBatchelor29 Aug 192010 Jul 2010Benjamin BatchelorLily Mary May Ottley
Ernest CharlesBatchelor18781950Benjamin BatchelorMary Ann Poulton
HarriettBatchelor1843after 1901Stephen BatchelorAnn Ongley
HectorBatchelor21 Apr 190714 Jan 1994Benjamin BatchelorLily Mary May Ottley
Helen FrancesBatchelorcirca May 1900Henry William BatchelorAda Naomi Harber
Henry WilliamBatchelorcirca May 1874
Henry WilliamBatchelorcirca Aug 1898after 1911Henry William BatchelorAda Naomi Harber
JohnBatchelor1828circa Feb 1911Stephen BatchelorAnn Ongley
KennethBatchelor4 Apr 191318 Jun 1984Ernest Charles BatchelorEthel Elizabeth Ottley
LeslieBatchelor21 Aug 192310 Oct 2000Ernest Charles BatchelorEthel Elizabeth Ottley
Louisa JaneBatchelorcirca Nov 1878Charles Barnard BatchelorJane Robinson
Louisa MaryBatchelorcirca Nov 1876William BatchelorElizabeth Warren
MargaretBatchelor1845Jan 1850Stephen BatchelorAnn Ongley
MargaretBatchelorcirca Feb 1870Stephen BatchelorSusannah Poulton
Mary AnnBatchelorcirca Dec 1840circa Aug 1892Stephen BatchelorAnn Ongley
Nellie MayBatchelorcirca Aug 1884Charles Barnard BatchelorJane Robinson
Phyllis MaryBatchelorcirca Aug 19173 Dec 1984Ernest Charles BatchelorEthel Elizabeth Ottley
Raymond StephenBatchelor17 Apr 19121980Benjamin BatchelorLily Mary May Ottley
RebeccaBatchelor1825Feb 1829Stephen BatchelorAnn Ongley
Sarah ElizabethBatchelorcirca Nov 1868William BatchelorElizabeth Warren
StanleyBatchelor11 Jun 191531 Aug 1986Ernest Charles BatchelorEthel Elizabeth Ottley
StephenBatchelorcirca 1800circa Feb 1871William BatchelorAnn Randall
StephenBatchelor18471932Stephen BatchelorAnn Ongley
StephenBatchelor22 Mar 18681889Stephen BatchelorSusannah Poulton
Stephen CharlesBatchelorNov 1880after 1911William BatchelorElizabeth Warren
ThomasBatchelorcirca May 1863after 1901William BatchelorElizabeth Warren
Thomas HenryBatchelorcirca Feb 18751 Feb 1931Charles Barnard BatchelorJane Robinson
WilliamBatchelor176012 Nov 1804
WilliamBatchelor1832circa Aug 1895Stephen BatchelorAnn Ongley
WilliamBatchelorcirca Feb 1875circa May 1899William BatchelorElizabeth Warren
William J.Batchelorbetween 1863 and 1866after 1911John BatchelorMary Ann Westbrook
WillieBatchelor1900Benjamin BatchelorLily Mary May Ottley
Albert EdwardBate15 Dec 1908Aug 1995William Leonard BateRose Elizabeth Styles
AliceBate18 Jul 190728 Feb 1975William Leonard BateRose Elizabeth Styles
FredBate12 Dec 19131918William Leonard BateRose Elizabeth Styles
George HenryBate11 Apr 192028 Nov 1978William Leonard BateRose Elizabeth Styles
Lilian RoseBate1911between 1974 and 1986William Leonard BateRose Elizabeth Styles
William LeonardBate8 Jul 18763 Mar 1944
William LeonardBate12 Dec 191316 Oct 1971William Leonard BateRose Elizabeth Styles
femaleBatemanbetween 1903 and 1923
Laura LouisaBatemancirca Aug 1858Thomas Bateman
ThomasBatemanbefore 1837
Ada E.Bates20 Oct 1898circa Feb 1963
Annie E.Bates5 Apr 1892circa Feb 1961
Mary J.Batesbetween 1833 and 1834circa May 1897
AdelaideBathbetween 1848 and 1849
GeraldineBathe21 Apr 188415 May 1958Harry Bathe
HarryBathebefore 1864
Mary JaneBatleybetween 1850 and 1851circa Aug 1916
AnnBattbetween 1737 and 1738Apr 1816
Annie Cecilia HackettBatte24 Mar 1883circa Aug 1968Charles Nead Batte
Charles NeadBattebefore 1863
FlorenceBaverstockcirca Feb 1876
Gertrude Lilian MaudBavin7 Feb 1912Jun 1999
HarrietBaxtercirca 1892
JeannetteBaxter4 Aug 188912 Apr 1987
MargaretBaxterafter 19221978
Elizabeth AnnBayliss18194 Oct 1876
Florence Nightingale LouiseBeadle1 Oct 1907circa Nov 1977
Charles ArthurBealcirca Nov 1908circa Feb 1930William John BealFrances Sayers
Charles FrederickBeal13 Jun 1930circa May 1973William Thomas BealIrene Rogers
Frances MaryBeal3 Oct 1906Oct 1998William John BealFrances Sayers
Harry AlfredBeal15 Apr 1904circa Aug 1973William John BealFrances Sayers
William JohnBealbetween 1873 and 1874circa Feb 1914
William ThomasBeal28 Aug 190228 Jun 1958William John BealFrances Sayers
JohnBeale23 Feb 1906
Peter J.Beale24 Feb 1932Mar 1990John BealeDaisy Kate Roberts
Annie Dorothy GaynerBeames13 Sep 1906circa Aug 1973Frank Gayner BeamesEllen Dora Sercombe
Frank GaynerBeamescirca Nov 1873circa Nov 1926
MabelBeanbetween 1897 and 1898
AnnBear17803 Dec 1852John BearMary Pooke
JohnBearbefore 1760
Alice CissieBeard19 Nov 1890circa Feb 1947
Barbara J.Beardowcirca Aug 1920
George W.Bearman19 Jul 1906
MinnieBeckettbetween 1862 and 1863
CarolineBeckfordbetween 1829 and 1830after 1891
Leo MerrillBeckstead21 May 19047 Jun 1988
Arthur SamuelBeckworthbefore 1820
Louisa RebeccaBeckworthbetween 1840 and 184125 Oct 1919Arthur Samuel Beckworth
CharlesBedfordbefore 1840before 1885
Mary AnnBedford4 May 18608 Dec 1956Charles BedfordAnn (?)
ReginaldBedwell16 Jun 1925Jun 2000
William F.Beechbefore 1921
Kathleen JoanBeeching8 Dec 1909Dec 1987
MaryBeedlebefore 1670
Archibald F.Beerbefore 1906before 1939
JamesBeer15 Jun 1901
Reginald Frederick B.Beeston25 May 1899circa Aug 1981
Percy CharlesBegent16 Feb 1898Jan 1991
Caroline EmmaBelcher16 Feb 1895circa Nov 1979
CissieBellcirca Feb 1915circa Feb 1915Ernest BellLily Goodyear
ErnestBell13 Jun 1888
Ernest FrederickBell2 Apr 1907circa Feb 1972Ernest BellLily Goodyear
Florence BromleyBell24 Jun 187125 Jun 1965Thomas Bromley Bell
Grace EthelBell14 Jun 1907Jun 2003
Lilly Ada MayBellbetween 1878 and 187929 Dec 1935
Lily MayBell12 Feb 1911circa Feb 1979Ernest BellLily Goodyear
RaymondBell29 Dec 1924Oct 2006Ernest BellLily Goodyear
RonaldBellcirca Feb 1923circa May 1923Ernest BellLily Goodyear
Thomas BromleyBellbefore 1851before 1899
Phillipa Mary E.Bellamy8 Feb 1924Aug 1984
Beatrice MayBelton6 Mar 1911Sep 1995
Clifford JohnBenger21 Jun 1906circa Aug 1971William BengerHenrietta Kendall
Marguerite E.Bengercirca Aug 1937circa Aug 1943Clifford John BengerElizabeth Absalom
Victor CecilBenger10 Nov 189927 Oct 1965William BengerHenrietta Kendall
WilliamBengerbetween 1867 and 1868
MaryBenhambetween 1776 and 1796
HarrietBennetbetween 1804 and 1809
SarahBennetbefore 1685circa Dec 1720
AlbertBennettbefore 1877
Albert HenryBennettcirca Feb 1899after 1911Albert Spencer BennettEliza Jane Lowman
Albert SpencerBennettbetween 1869 and 1870circa May 1927
AnnBennettbefore 1772
Beverly FayeBennett19 Apr 194223 Dec 2005Thomas Elmer BennettChelta Beverly Mitchell
Edith Elizabeth DorothyBennettcirca May 1900after 1911Albert Spencer BennettEliza Jane Lowman
Elizabeth SarahBennett11 Oct 187328 Dec 1948
Emily Edith MayBennett5 May 1898Albert BennettEllen Parsons
FrancesBennettbetween 1917 and 1918Gilbert Gilfillan BennettGladys A. Harris
Fred HarrisBennett12 Mar 1920Jun 1998Gilbert Gilfillan BennettGladys A. Harris
Gilbert GilfillanBennett9 Aug 18933 Aug 1941
Helen EmmaBennett1 Mar 19168 Nov 2005Gilbert Gilfillan BennettGladys A. Harris
Kenneth Geoffrey Edward LloydBennett1 Feb 19139 Jul 2007Albert Spencer BennettEliza Jane Lowman
RichardBennettbetween 1816 and 1817
Robert C.Bennett20 Oct 192321 Aug 2011Gilbert Gilfillan BennettGladys A. Harris
RosaBennettbetween 1861 and 1862circa May 1943Richard BennettCleora (?)
Thomas ElmerBennettbefore 1922before 2005
JamesBensley1815Dec 1893
Thomas James HenryBentley10 Sep 1906Feb 1991
Leslie HenryBenton25 Jul 1927Jan 1993
Frances AnnBernardybetween 1834 and 1835before 1867Henry Bernardy
HenryBernardybefore 1814
FrederickBerndtbetween 1845 and 1846circa May 1912
Constance FlorenceBerney6 Nov 1907Feb 1992
Daisy BlancheBerrete24 Dec 1896circa Nov 1969
Arthur HenryBerry16 Sep 1905Jul 1984
Phyllis MayBerry28 Jul 1914Apr 1999
RichardBerry26 Apr 1888
Charles HenryBerrymanbetween 1879 and 1899
Dulcie MyraBerryman11 Mar 191510 Dec 1974
George HenryBerryman29 Mar 1919Oct 1995Charles Henry Berryman
Winifred M.Berryman30 Sep 1904Dec 1997
AnnieBestbetween 1874 and 1875circa Nov 1958
Gwendoline FlorenceBest5 Nov 1911Apr 2004
James RalphBest15 Mar 19052 Jun 1993
WalterBestbefore 1902
MaryBetteridgebetween 1804 and 18057 Mar 1876
Elizabeth M.Bettsbetween 1848 and 1849after 1901
Alfred AlbertBevencirca Feb 189630 Mar 1918Henry BevenAvis Couchman
Annie LouisaBeven22 Aug 1886after 1939Henry BevenAvis Couchman
Arthur LewisBevencirca Feb 1872circa Aug 1927Henry BevenAvis Couchman
Carmen P.Bevencirca Nov 1939circa Nov 1939Charles Frederick Beven
Charles FrederickBeven23 Sep 1913circa May 1968William Thomas BevenEmily Lizzie Stoneham
CharlotteBevenbetween 1887 and 1889after 1901Henry BevenAvis Couchman
Doris MayBeven21 May 1900after 1939William Thomas BevenEmily Lizzie Stoneham
Edith EmmaBeven2 Mar 1880circa Nov 1956Henry BevenAvis Couchman
Elsie EdithBeven11 Nov 1902circa Feb 1971William Thomas BevenEmily Lizzie Stoneham
Emma MargaretBevencirca Aug 1893after 1918Henry BevenAvis Couchman
George AlbertBevencirca May 1884after 1911Henry BevenAvis Couchman
HenryBevenbetween 1851 and 1852
Henry JamesBevencirca Feb 1891after 1911Henry BevenAvis Couchman
Hilda AvisBevenbetween 1904 and 1905after 1911William Thomas BevenEmily Lizzie Stoneham
Ida LilianBeven6 Mar 1905circa Aug 1975William Thomas BevenEmily Lizzie Stoneham
John EdwardBevencirca Feb 1882after 1911Henry BevenAvis Couchman
MinnieBevencirca May 1876circa Aug 1889Henry BevenAvis Couchman
William GeorgeBeven20 Jun 1909circa Feb 1975William Thomas BevenEmily Lizzie Stoneham
William ThomasBeven11 Mar 1878circa Feb 1951Henry BevenAvis Couchman
HenryBevisbetween 1853 and 1854Robert George Bevis
Robert GeorgeBevisbefore 1833before 1900
AliceBidgood13 Aug 188224 Dec 1950
Ann EmilyBidgoodcirca Feb 1854
Iris J.Bidwellbefore 1947before 2015
SarahBidwell14 Dec 186020 Mar 1946
George EdwardBiggs13 Apr 1906circa Nov 1975
MaryBiggsbetween 1780 and 178124 Aug 1868
Enid DorothyBignallcirca Nov 1914circa Aug 1917James Alfred BignallRose Maud Glanvill
Eric LeonardBignall30 Jun 1938May 1995Leonard Stanley BignallRuby Doreen S. Sparks
Ethel MaudBignall23 Jun 1907circa Nov 1979James Alfred BignallRose Maud Glanvill
Gladys V.Bignallcirca Feb 1920James Alfred BignallRose Maud Glanvill
Herbert JamesBignall28 Jan 1906Oct 1989James Alfred BignallRose Maud Glanvill
James AlfredBignall20 Sep 187624 May 1952Thomas BignallRhoda (?)
Leonard StanleyBignall27 Sep 1908Jun 1986James Alfred BignallRose Maud Glanvill
MaryBignallbefore 1723Mar 1790
ThomasBignallbetween 1846 and 1847after 1905
Winifred JoyceBignallcirca May 1910James Alfred BignallRose Maud Glanvill
Beatrice MayBignell23 May 1900circa May 1972
maleBillingebefore 1831
Horace JohnBillington5 Sep 18818 Jun 1941
Howard LovelessBills19 Aug 191311 May 1961
Arthur JohnBinfieldbetween 1877 and 1878
Reginald A.Bingham5 Mar 1915
Edith AdelinaBinkscirca Aug 18851928
FannyBinsteadbetween 1840 and 1841
Arthur GodfreyBirch24 Apr 1907Sep 1996
AlfredBirdbetween 1858 and 1859
Alice MaryBirdcirca Nov 1904Alfred BirdEmily Sarah Key
AllanBirdcirca Feb 1907Alfred BirdEmily Sarah Key
Annie LouisaBird29 May 189516 Mar 1974
ErnestBirdbefore 1903
Kathleen EmilyBird14 Nov 1901Jan 1988Alfred BirdEmily Sarah Key
Newton CharlesBird3 Jun 1900circa Nov 1982Alfred BirdEmily Sarah Key
Tony Margaret VioletBirdbetween 1927 and 192822 Jun 1979
WalterBirdcirca Feb 1903Alfred BirdEmily Sarah Key
AdaBish26 Dec 1900circa Aug 1971John BishAnn Redford
Ada EllenBishcirca May 18796 Feb 1935Albert BishRosetta Cook
AlbertBishcirca May 185617 Feb 1923James BishLucy Ongley
AlbertBishcirca Feb 187720 Oct 1952William BishEllen Norris
AlfredBish1847before 1891James BishLucy Ongley
Alice RosettaBishcirca Feb 1882after 1911Albert BishRosetta Cook
ArthurBish1853circa Feb 1882James BishLucy Ongley
ArthurBishcirca Feb 187623 May 1930Arthur BishEleanor Apps
Arthur Randell WalterBishcirca Nov 19107 Apr 1960Arthur BishAda Mary Stevenson
CharlesBishcirca May 18798 Aug 1962William BishEllen Norris
DaisyBishcirca May 1916George BishJessie Violet Monckton
DorothyBishcirca Feb 1908James Arthur BishEmily Eliza Leech
Dorothy MillicentBish1 Apr 1907Jul 1986Herbert BishEdith Elizabeth Pinion
Edgar CharlesBish8 Nov 1908circa Aug 1975Charles BishFlorence Baverstock
Edith ElizaBishcirca May 1888after 1911Albert BishRosetta Cook
EllenBishcirca May 1874after 1881Arthur BishEleanor Apps
Ellen F.Bishcirca Nov 1843circa May 1919James BishLucy Ongley
EvaBish22 Sep 1906Oct 1990John BishAnn Redford
FlorenceBish17 Oct 1905Jul 1998Thomas BishFlorence Ada Ville
Florence VeraBishcirca Jul 1910Harry BishFlorence May Wynes
FrankBishcirca Nov 1886circa Feb 1897John BishAnn Redford
FrankBishcirca May 1892circa May 1968William BishEllen Norris
Frank JosephBishcirca Feb 1915circa Feb 1915Herbert BishEdith Elizabeth Pinion
FredBish11 Sep 1899circa Aug 1981John BishAnn Redford
GeorgeBishbefore 30 Aug 1846before 1851James BishLucy Ongley
GeorgeBishcirca Aug 187531 Aug 1938James BishMary Fullex
GertrudeBish20 Jul 1891circa Feb 1976Albert BishRosetta Cook
HaroldBish13 Jan 1904Sep 1988Thomas BishFlorence Ada Ville
HarryBishcirca Aug 1882circa Feb 1951William BishEllen Norris
HerbertBishbetween 1881 and 18835 Dec 1961John BishRose Reed
Herbert JohnBishcirca Aug 1913circa Aug 1914Herbert BishEdith Elizabeth Pinion
JamesBishbetween 1815 and 1816circa Aug 1877
JamesBishcirca Mar 184116 Feb 1907James BishLucy Ongley
JamesBishcirca Jun 1910James Arthur BishEmily Eliza Leech
James ArthurBishcirca Aug 1882circa Feb 1937James BishMary Fullex
James WilliamBishcirca Aug 1880circa May 1881Alfred BishElizabeth Ongley
JaneBishcirca Feb 1870after 1911James BishMary Fullex
Jessie BarbaraBishcirca May 1907after 1929Albert BishAlice Maude Smith
JohnBishcirca Nov 185829 Mar 1945James BishLucy Ongley
JohnBishcirca Feb 1893after 1901John BishAnn Redford
John Edward KitchenerBishcirca Aug 1916circa May 1917Frank BishEdith Mary Sargent
JosephBishcirca Nov 1889after 1901John BishAnn Redford
KathleenBishcirca Nov 1914James Arthur BishEmily Eliza Leech
Kathleen EllenBish17 Apr 1910Sep 1995Charles BishFlorence Baverstock
LilyBishcirca May 1916circa Feb 1917George BishJessie Violet Monckton
LouisaBishcirca Aug 1874after 1911William BishEllen Norris
LouisaBish31 Aug 1898circa Nov 1970Thomas BishFlorence Ada Ville
LucyBishcirca Sep 1880after 1914Albert BishRosetta Cook
LucyBishcirca Nov 1890after 1921John BishAnn Redford
Lucy EvelynBish27 Mar 1909Feb 2001Herbert BishEdith Elizabeth Pinion
Margaret J.Bishcirca Aug 1912Harry BishFlorence May Wynes
Marjorie BeatriceBishcirca May 1905circa Aug 1908Albert BishAlice Maude Smith
MartinBishcirca May 185216 Jun 1852James BishLucy Ongley
MinnieBishcirca Feb 1879after 1911James BishMary Fullex
Miriam OliveBish24 Oct 1902Aug 1988Albert BishAmy Alice Gibbard
Norah KathleenBish8 Sep 1893Mar 1986Albert BishRosetta Cook
Norah MaryBish21 Jun 1916circa Nov 1980Albert BishAmy Alice Gibbard
Norman RothwellBishcirca Dec 191010 May 1961Albert BishAlice Maude Smith
Olive Eleanor MaryBish1 May 1908Jan 1990Arthur BishAda Mary Stevenson
PhiladelphiaBishbetween 1770 and 1771Jul 1808
Reginald ArthurBish28 Apr 1902circa Feb 1972Thomas BishFlorence Ada Ville
Rosa EllenBish19 May 1884circa Nov 1970William BishEllen Norris
StephenBishJan 1839after 1861James BishLucy Ongley
Sydney HaroldBishcirca Nov 188719 Jun 1944William BishEllen Norris
Sydney HaroldBishcirca Feb 192019 Jun 1944Sydney Harold BishViolet Oliver
ThomasBishcirca Dec 1860after 1861James BishLucy Ongley
ThomasBishcirca May 187127 May 1939William BishEllen Norris
WilliamBishcirca Feb 1850circa Aug 1905James BishLucy Ongley
Ada EllenBishop26 Sep 1916Mar 2002
Alfred R.Bishopbefore 1870
EdithBishop28 Feb 1882circa Nov 1946Alfred R. Bishop
MatildaBishop10 Feb 18683 Jan 1945
ThomasBishopbetween 1834 and 1836circa Aug 1917
William JohnBishop4 Oct 19011 Feb 1968Charles BishopHenrietta Baker
Beatrice OliveBisscirca Aug 1908after 1911Tom BissMabel Gertrude Gill
Doris M.Biss22 Mar 1913James BissAlice Bidgood
Elizabeth MayBisscirca Nov 1875circa Feb 1876William Henry BissLucy Lake
Florence ElizabethBiss27 Aug 1893circa Nov 1979William Henry BissLucy Lake
JamesBisscirca May 1880circa Nov 1880William Henry BissLucy Lake
JamesBiss26 Feb 1882circa Feb 1958William Henry BissLucy Lake
Lionel GeorgeBiss4 Nov 1912Dec 1991William Henry BissEthel Mary Leach
Rose EllenBiss25 May 1877circa Aug 1969William Henry BissLucy Lake
RoyBiss25 Feb 1920circa Aug 1975William Henry BissEthel Mary Leach
Thomas GeorgeBisscirca Feb 1910after 1911Tom BissMabel Gertrude Gill
TomBisscirca Feb 1889circa Nov 1961William Henry BissLucy Lake
William HenryBisscirca Nov 1853circa Feb 1925
William HenryBisscirca Aug 1884circa May 1964William Henry BissLucy Lake
Edith MayBissellbefore 1915before 2000
Andrew ThomasBjerregaard12 Jul 187326 Aug 1927
EratoBjerregaard17 Dec 189913 Feb 1971Andrew Thomas BjerregaardMary Marinda Larsen
Edgar AlexanderBlackbefore 1878
GordonBlackbefore 2013
Vera HelenBlack21 Dec 1902circa Aug 1965Edgar Alexander BlackMary Alice Obey
Arthur J.Blackman22 Mar 1905
Basil ArthurBlackman15 Nov 1932May 2003Arthur J. BlackmanMaud Audrey Mary Stoner
Helen MayBlackman20 May 1901
PhoebeBlackmanbetween 1874 and 1875circa May 1963
Albert GeorgeBlackmorecirca May 191512 Feb 2013William BlackmoreElsie Bertha Kate Lake
Annie AmeliaBlackmore5 Nov 1910Mar 1996William BlackmoreElsie Bertha Kate Lake
Elsie MayBlackmorecirca Aug 1914William BlackmoreElsie Bertha Kate Lake
Hilda VioletBlackmore12 Oct 1912Jan 1992William BlackmoreElsie Bertha Kate Lake
John WilliamBlackmore31 Dec 1906May 1992William BlackmoreElsie Bertha Kate Lake
Leslie FrankBlackmore15 Oct 1909William BlackmoreElsie Bertha Kate Lake
Lydia AmeliaBlackmore14 Jul 1882circa May 1961
WilliamBlackmore10 Jul 1878circa Nov 1961
EllenBlackstonebetween 1867 and 1868before 1939
Muriel Edith M.Blackwell20 Jul 1917Dec 1993
Alexander JamesBlagdon1897circa 1966
Evelyn ChristinaBlair5 Sep 1917Aug 2000
Alice Constance MaryBlake29 Dec 191524 May 2015
Robert CharlesBlake29 Jan 1909Jan 1991
Ada RosinaBlakercirca May 1874Samuel BlakerSarah Still
SamuelBlakerbetween 1842 and 1843
Kitty E. R.Blamey19 Mar 1912circa Nov 1958
Ellen Joyce A.Blatch27 Nov 1922Apr 1988
William JamesBleach20 May 1909
Clifford FrancisBleathman24 Jul 1915Feb 1987Gilbert BleathmanAlice Winifred Mary Puttock
Daisy MaryBleathman7 Nov 1908circa Nov 1979Gilbert BleathmanAlice Winifred Mary Puttock
Donald Peter J.Bleathman23 Jun 1920Feb 1992Gilbert BleathmanAlice Winifred Mary Puttock
Doris May ClareBleathman15 Aug 1906Aug 2000Gilbert BleathmanAlice Winifred Mary Puttock
GilbertBleathman21 May 188127 Mar 1964Thomas BleathmanCatherine (?)
Gilbert AlfredBleathman12 Dec 1911May 2003Gilbert BleathmanAlice Winifred Mary Puttock
Gwendoline Winifred MaryBleathman25 Mar 1904Jan 1994Gilbert BleathmanAlice Winifred Mary Puttock
Kathleen MaryBleathman1 Dec 1906circa Aug 1972Gilbert BleathmanAlice Winifred Mary Puttock
Lily MargaretBleathman7 Aug 1910Dec 2000Gilbert BleathmanAlice Winifred Mary Puttock
ThomasBleathmanbetween 1844 and 1845
Wilfred RolandBleathman28 Jan 192220 Jan 1995Gilbert BleathmanAlice Winifred Mary Puttock
Daisy GertrudeBlewitt17 Sep 18918 Apr 1973
Edith WinifredBlick21 Jun 1900
Ernest Montague AlfredBlisscirca Nov 1913circa May 1932Montague Sidney BlissEmily May Dowlen
Montague SidneyBlisscirca Feb 1892circa May 1955
EleanorBlizard22 Oct 1879circa Nov 1948George BlizzardEmma (?)
MaryBlizardbetween 1792 and 1794
GeorgeBlizzardbetween 1854 and 1855after 1911
Gertrude Lily MaudeBloch2 Jan 1908circa May 1971
Ellen GraceBloomfield9 Oct 188920 Sep 1956
Dennis D. E.Blowerscirca 1925circa Feb 1967
Maximilian AdolphBluhm17 Aug 1926circa Jul 2001
CharlotteBlundellbetween 1805 and 1806circa Feb 1892
Alice PenfoldBlundencirca Nov 1862circa May 1874John PenfoldEleanor Wood
AnnBlundencirca Feb 1870after 1881William BlundenNaomi Puttick
CharlotteBlundencirca Feb 1877after 1901William BlundenNaomi Puttick
EdithBlunden3 Sep 1867circa Nov 1951John Blunden
Eliza PenfoldBlundencirca Aug 1854after 1861John PenfoldEleanor Wood
FrancesBlundencirca May 1867after 1871William BlundenNaomi Puttick
GeorgeBlundenbetween 1796 and 1816
George HenryBlundencirca Nov 1881after 1901William BlundenNaomi Puttick
JohnBlundenbefore 1845
RosinaBlundencirca Feb 1859circa Aug 1861John PenfoldEleanor Wood
Sarah Ann PenfoldBlundencirca Feb 1857John PenfoldEleanor Wood
WilliamBlunden1836before 1901George BlundenMary (?)
WilliamBlundencirca Feb 1872after 1881William BlundenNaomi Puttick
Emma LouisaBlunt10 Aug 1874Dec 1945Richard BluntElizabeth Edwards
RichardBluntbetween 1829 and 1830after 1881
EmilyBoakescirca Aug 1906after 1911Stephen BoakesEliza Hewett
Eric StephenBoakes21 Apr 1908circa Aug 1978Stephen BoakesEliza Hewett
John WardenBoakes20 May 1913Nov 1985Stephen BoakesEliza Hewett
JosephBoakes15 Dec 1921Oct 2006Stephen BoakesEliza Hewett
SarahBoakes10 Sep 1909
StephenBoakes9 Apr 1876circa May 1956
William GeorgeBoakescirca Aug 1911circa May 1912Stephen BoakesEliza Hewett
Alfred EdgarBoard12 Apr 190621 Feb 1951Gilbert Edward BoardClara Roberts
Alfred WilliamBoardcirca Feb 1859circa Feb 1931Henry BoardMaria Hodges
Annie MariaBoardcirca Nov 1891circa Nov 1925Gilbert Edward BoardClara Roberts
ArabellaBoardcirca Feb 1852circa May 1905Henry BoardMaria Hodges
Audrey WinifredBoard10 May 1932Aug 1995Alfred Edgar BoardElsie Lily Martin
BellaBoardcirca May 1904after 1911Gilbert Edward BoardClara Roberts
Biddie OwenBoard20 Jan 1884circa Nov 1959Alfred William BoardJessie Selina Owen
BridgetBoardcirca May 1854after 1881Henry BoardMaria Hodges
ClaraBoard25 Jul 1889circa Nov 1974Gilbert Edward BoardClara Roberts
CyrilBoard14 Oct 1910May 1996Gilbert Edward BoardClara Roberts
EdgarBoardcirca Aug 1863after 1905Henry BoardMaria Hodges
EdithBoardcirca Aug 1895circa Nov 1895Gilbert Edward BoardClara Roberts
Eliza JaneBoardcirca Feb 1860after 1901Henry BoardMaria Hodges
Elizabeth VictoriaBoard4 Apr 1901after 1939Gilbert Edward BoardClara Roberts
Elsie OwenBoardcirca Aug 1898circa May 1963Alfred William BoardJessie Selina Owen
ElvinaBoardcirca May 1855after 1911Henry BoardMaria Hodges
Florence MayBoardcirca Aug 1892after 1911Walter Henry BoardAlice Breedon
Frances Maud VictoriaBoardcirca Nov 1896after 1919Walter Henry BoardAlice Breedon
Frank AlfredBoardMar 1911circa Aug 1911Frank William BoardSarah Annie Cross
Frank WilliamBoardcirca May 1884circa Nov 1953Walter Henry BoardAlice Breedon
George WilliamBoardcirca Nov 189730 Nov 1917John Frederick BoardJanet Walters
GilbertBoard30 Aug 1919Oct 2001Frank William BoardSarah Annie Cross
Gilbert EdwardBoardcirca Aug 1865circa May 1931Henry BoardMaria Hodges
Harry John OwenBoard6 Jul 18947 Sep 1951Alfred William BoardJessie Selina Owen
HenryBoardbetween 1829 and 183027 Feb 1870Joseph Board
Herbert HenryBoard6 May 188126 Mar 1962Walter Henry BoardAlice Breedon
Irene RuthBoard21 Oct 1901circa Aug 1980John Frederick BoardJanet Walters
Jessie OwenBoard12 Jun 1891circa May 1976Alfred William BoardJessie Selina Owen
John EdwardBoard9 May 1893circa Aug 1966Gilbert Edward BoardClara Roberts
John FrederickBoardcirca May 186618 Dec 1939
JosephBoardbefore 1810
Lilian AliceBoardcirca Nov 1882after 1901Walter Henry BoardAlice Breedon
Lilian MariaBoardcirca Nov 1869circa Nov 1884Henry BoardMaria Hodges
LydiaBoardcirca Aug 1907after 1911Gilbert Edward BoardClara Roberts
Margaret L.Boardcirca Nov 1935circa Nov 1939Alfred Edgar BoardElsie Lily Martin
Marion ElsieBoard30 Mar 1903circa Aug 1976John Frederick BoardJanet Walters
Millicent JaneBoard7 Feb 1897after 1944Gilbert Edward BoardClara Roberts
Nellie OwenBoardcirca Feb 1883after 1891Alfred William BoardJessie Selina Owen
OliverBoardcirca Aug 1895circa Nov 1895Gilbert Edward BoardClara Roberts
Violet NellieBoard31 Mar 1920Feb 2007John Edward BoardNellie M. Banford
Walter HenryBoardcirca Aug 185611 Mar 1932Henry BoardMaria Hodges
Walter JosephBoard5 Nov 1913circa Feb 1960Frank William BoardSarah Annie Cross
William HenryBoardcirca May 1899after 1911Gilbert Edward BoardClara Roberts
William Henry OwenBoardcirca May 18906 Sep 1953Alfred William BoardJessie Selina Owen
Winifred GadieBoard12 Mar 1912after 1939Frank William BoardSarah Annie Cross
Leonard HarryBocckerbefore 1918
Rosetta Sarah A.Bodker23 Apr 1905circa Feb 1968
James F.Boenbetween 1904 and 1905circa Nov 1965
Willem AlbertusBoersbetween 1903 and 1904
Kenneth ErnestBollen6 May 1919Jan 2005
ArnoldBolton12 Dec 1912Dec 1987
Fanny LouisaBoltoncirca Aug 1859
LarryBolton1 Feb 195518 Jan 1956Arnold BoltonMadeline Margaret Kirby
CharlesBonebetween 1856 and 1857after 1901
George W.Bonebefore 1905
Lilian AnnieBonecirca Nov 18871 Dec 1956Charles BoneJane (?)
William John MaunderBone20 Jan 18907 Jul 1950
Ada E.Bonifacebefore 1896
Albert JohnBoniface29 Jan 1911Dec 1992Charles Thomas BonifaceMary Feist
AlexanderBonifacebetween 1836 and 1837circa Nov 1920
AlfredBonifacecirca Nov 1863circa Feb 1908William BonifaceEliza Stoner
AliceBonifacecirca Nov 1869after 1891William BonifaceEliza Stoner
CarolineBonifacebetween 1856 and 1857circa Feb 1935William BonifaceEliza Stoner
Charles ThomasBoniface30 Dec 1874circa Nov 1942William BonifaceEliza Stoner
Doris M.Bonifacecirca 1906circa Aug 1936
DorothyBoniface23 Nov 1901Apr 1986Harry BonifaceRuth Jupp
Edith FlorenceBonifacecirca Feb 1904George BonifaceEthel Alice Cobb
Ellen MariaBonifacebetween 1857 and 1858circa Aug 1934William BonifaceEliza Stoner
EmmaBonifacecirca May 1868circa May 1870William BonifaceEliza Stoner
Ernest GeorgeBoniface13 Jan 1902circa Nov 1974George BonifaceEthel Alice Cobb
EvaBoniface4 Apr 1903Dec 1987Harry BonifaceRuth Jupp
Eva AnnieBonifacebefore 1908
Evelyn ElsieBoniface21 Mar 1906May 2005George BonifaceEthel Alice Cobb
Fanny GertrudeBoniface2 Nov 1879after 1921Alexander BonifaceEmma Mercy Henty
FrancesBoniface16 Aug 18667 Oct 1866William BonifaceEliza Stoner
FrancesBonifacecirca May 1868after 1881William BonifaceEliza Stoner
Frank StanleyBoniface22 Oct 1885circa Nov 1969Moses GatlandMary Ann Boniface
Frederick CharlesBoniface20 Sep 1900circa May 1981Charles Thomas BonifaceMary Feist
GeorgeBonifacecirca Feb 1877after 1918William BonifaceEliza Stoner
HarryBonifacecirca May 1873circa Nov 1929William BonifaceEliza Stoner
Hilda MabelBoniface20 Oct 1918George BonifaceEthel Alice Cobb
JamesBonifacebefore 1662
Lilian EthelBonifacecirca Jul 1910after 1911George BonifaceEthel Alice Cobb
Louie MarjorieBoniface15 Mar 1914Apr 1994George BonifaceEthel Alice Cobb
Mary AnnBoniface20 Mar 1861circa Nov 1943William BonifaceEliza Stoner
MinnieBoniface8 Apr 1871circa Feb 1952William BonifaceEliza Stoner
PercyBoniface4 Feb 1907Feb 1994Harry BonifaceRuth Jupp
Sarah JaneBonifacebetween 1864 and 1865after 1881William BonifaceEliza Stoner
SpencerBoniface7 Aug 1908circa Feb 1977George BonifaceEthel Alice Cobb
WilliamBonifacebetween 1832 and 1834circa May 1881
William EdgarBoniface3 Nov 1899circa Nov 1973Harry BonifaceRuth Jupp
Eustace HumphreyBonnett4 Feb 1906Jul 1993
Richard H. GeorgeBonnett8 Jun 1934Jul 2002Eustace Humphrey BonnettMavis Olive Briggs
Alfred HenryBookerbetween 1870 and 1871
Edith MargaretBooker20 Jul 1897Jan 1990
GraceBookercirca Aug 1898after 1911Alfred Henry BookerMary Ann Cheesmore
HarrietBookhambetween 1862 and 1863circa May 1892
CharlesBoonbetween 1825 and 1826circa Aug 1882
Edward BenjaminBoorman23 Mar 1915Jul 1990George Thomas BoormanRhoda Fanny Cracknell
George ThomasBoormanbefore 189225 Feb 1919
John PhilipBoorman23 Mar 1915Feb 1984George Thomas BoormanRhoda Fanny Cracknell
Kingsley CharlesBoorman5 Mar 1912circa Feb 1970George Thomas BoormanRhoda Fanny Cracknell
Jane RawsonBoothcirca Nov 1878circa May 1958
MargeryBooth13 Aug 1918Mar 1994
ThomasBoothbefore 1915
EllenBorastonbetween 1866 and 1867
Herbert ColquhounBorradaile10 Jul 184920 Feb 1916
Joan BorradaileBorradailecirca May 1904Marcus Abraham BorradaileCaroline Elizabeth Tomkins
Marcus AbrahamBorradaile25 Apr 1876circa Aug 1945Herbert Colquhoun BorradaileFanny Harriet Gilbert
Vera MaryBorradaile16 Apr 1886circa May 1959Herbert Colquhoun BorradaileFanny Harriet Gilbert
PhilipBoseley15 Feb 1897circa May 1971
MaryBotting16 Sep 18472 Aug 1907
Winifred KateBotting21 Mar 1912Sep 1996
EmmaBouldencirca 1856circa Oct 1928
HesterBouldenbetween 1862 and 186327 Mar 1939
William ThomasBoulton7 Jun 189019 Mar 1960
AlfredBournecirca Feb 1868after 1901Charles Roland BourneEllen Ansell
AliceBournecirca May 1869after 1896Charles Roland BourneEllen Ansell
Annie MayBourne3 Apr 1903circa Nov 1948Charles William BourneElizabeth Mary Glover
CharlesBournebefore 1820
Charles BourneBournebefore 1818
Charles RolandBournecirca May 1838Nov 1925Charles Bourne Bourne
Charles WhitworthBourne25 Mar 1860circa Feb 1941
Charles WilliamBourne17 May 186628 Jul 1942Charles Roland BourneEllen Ansell
Ellen HannahBournebetween 1864 and 1865after 1911Charles Roland BourneEllen Ansell
Emily EllenBournebefore 1892
Florence EllenBournecirca May 1891George BourneFlorence May Hollands
GeorgeBourne29 Dec 1852
GeorgeBournecirca Aug 187126 Sep 1915Charles Roland BourneEllen Ansell
George Charles AlfredBourne31 Dec 189317 Jan 1948George BourneFlorence May Hollands
Gertrude GladysBourne26 Apr 1905Charles Whitworth BourneElla Courts
John LeonardBourne2 May 1930Apr 1995Leonard Thomas BourneMay Lavinia Brook
Leonard ThomasBourne10 Jan 1898circa Feb 1975Charles William BourneElizabeth Mary Glover
Mary HannahBournecirca Aug 1873Oct 1938Charles Roland BourneEllen Ansell
Mary Hannah EleanorBourneFeb 1840Aug 1906Charles BourneHannah (?)
Renvill RolandBourne21 May 1880Dec 1956Charles Roland BourneEllen Ansell
HenryBousfieldbetween 1862 and 1863
Ida HenriettaBousfield19 Jun 1905circa Mar 1984Henry BousfieldFanny Elizabeth (?)
RoseBowden3 Aug 1915
Elizabeth IsabellaBowell28 Feb 1871circa Feb 1959
Amy MargaretBowen15 Apr 1912circa May 1978
Beatrice Doris MaryBowen20 Dec 190714 Feb 1952
Hettie JoanBowen30 Aug 1920Sep 2002
Horace AlonzoBowen21 Aug 189014 Sep 1956
Ronald D.Bowencirca May 1922Horace Alonzo BowenNellie Ranger
Ethel MaudeBowers4 Sep 189318 May 1949
RachaelBowersbetween 1858 and 1878
Vera MurielBowery24 Sep 1908Aug 1994
ElizabethBowesbefore 1907
PearlBowles23 Jun 1924Oct 2004
Vera E.Bowlesbefore 1912
DonaldBowmanbefore 1921
ElsieBowman12 Nov 1917
Mary JessieBowman27 Dec 1919Jan 2001
Lilian EmilyBown14 Nov 1905Jan 1996
Alice MaudBowyer5 May 1914May 2006
HannahBowyerbetween 1796 and 17973 Jan 1853
Kathleen LouiseBox19 Jan 1912Jun 1991
Marian L.Boxbetween 1860 and 1861
Arthur LawrenceBoxall24 Feb 19062 Oct 1941
Ernest WilliamBoxall19 May 1917Jan 1999George William BoxallRebecca Baker
George WilliamBoxall6 May 18844 Dec 1961
Harold GeorgeBoxall18 Oct 1912circa Nov 1981George William BoxallRebecca Baker
HenryBoxallbetween 1843 and 1844
Jean MargaretBoxall19 Jul 1930May 1986Arthur Lawrence BoxallJennie Rawson Briggs
KathleenBoxall10 Sep 1914George William BoxallRebecca Baker
Minnie Caroline AlbertaBoxall18 Apr 1872circa Aug 1946Henry BoxallFanny Binstead
RebeccaBoxall10 Sep 1914George William BoxallRebecca Baker
Ivy WinifredBoyce14 Sep 1904Apr 1985
Thomas Albert ArthurBoycecirca Feb 19212 May 1965Thomas W. BoyceEllen Olive Hoadley
Thomas W.Boycebefore 1898
Una EmmaBoyce17 Dec 1902Oct 1989
Betty RuthBoyd12 Jan 1918Horace William BoydEmily Geraldine Devereux
Brian WilliamBoyd11 Oct 193327 Aug 1992William Henry BoydVida Mary Duffy
Geraldine FrancesBoyd15 Oct 1916Sep 1994Horace William BoydEmily Geraldine Devereux
Horace WilliamBoyd19 Aug 1888circa May 1941Willie Boyd
Roy WilliamBoyd24 May 1929Jan 2003Horace William BoydEmily Geraldine Devereux
William HenryBoyd9 Mar 189329 Apr 1950
WillieBoydbefore 1869
Edith RuthBoyes19 Feb 1914Feb 2004
William J.Boylebefore 1891
DorothyBoynton23 Dec 1906Mar 1986
Jane ElizabethBoyntonbetween 1854 and 1855
ElizabethBoysbefore 1616
Ellen FlorenceBozier21 Mar 1876circa Feb 1951
John ThomasBozier13 Nov 187830 Aug 1952
Mabel Beatrice MayBozier24 Jun 1899Aug 1988John Thomas BozierMercy Emma Stoner
Stanley Laurence JamesBozier20 Oct 1901circa May 1983John Thomas BozierMercy Emma Stoner
LilyBrabybetween 1878 and 1879
SarahBrabybefore 1796before 1851
Elsie ElizaBrackley14 Apr 1898circa Nov 1969Thomas Henry BrackleyEliza Gravett
Thomas HenryBrackleybetween 1870 and 1871circa Aug 1921
Ethel FrancesBradbury13 Jan 1898Aug 1990
Alice MaudBraden24 May 1879
JaneBradfordbetween 1823 and 1824
CatherineBradleycirca 18531925
Elsie RoseBradley3 Oct 1909Jun 1995
Grace DoraBradley25 Nov 1906Jul 1996
Lydia KateBradley12 Oct 1901circa Feb 1970
MaryBradley6 Dec 1898Oct 1986William BradleyElizabeth (?)
WilliamBradleybetween 1867 and 1868
EdithBradshawbefore 1904
Robert SamuelBradshaw31 Mar 1903circa May 1977William Bradshaw
RosaBradshawbetween 1877 and 1878
WilliamBradshawbefore 1883before 6 May 1936
Beatrice Lillian MaudBrain15 Oct 1908Aug 1994
Beatrice R.Brain13 Mar 191029 May 1999Fred BrainBeatrice Annie Coleman
FredBrain27 May 187817 Mar 1945
Fred ColemanBrain16 Nov 190610 Jun 1996Fred BrainBeatrice Annie Coleman
MarjoryBrain28 Jun 191815 Apr 2007Fred BrainBeatrice Annie Coleman
Mary GraceBrain30 Aug 191213 Mar 1990Fred BrainBeatrice Annie Coleman
Melvin LeroyBrain24 Jun 190828 Aug 1999Fred BrainBeatrice Annie Coleman
Elizabeth AnnBraisyerbetween 1856 and 18572 Feb 1895
MyrtleBranhamcirca 1899
CharityBranscombebefore 30 Jul 1745before 1748Mark BranscombeGrace Hatherley
CharityBranscombebefore 12 Jun 1748Mark BranscombeGrace Hatherley
ElizabethBranscombebefore 8 Oct 1749Mark BranscombeGrace Hatherley
GraceBranscombebefore 30 Jul 1741Mark BranscombeGrace Hatherley
JoannaBranscombebefore 20 Mar 1742circa Mar 1831Mark BranscombeGrace Hatherley
MarkBranscombebefore 1714circa Apr 1762
MarthaBranscombe1740Mark BranscombeGrace Hatherley
MaryBranscombebefore 3 May 1752Mark BranscombeGrace Hatherley
HenryBransdenbetween 1846 and 1847circa Nov 1922
Thomas K.Brassilbetween 1888 and 18891922
Caroline EllenBraverybetween 1867 and 1868after 1901
Frances A. B.Braverybefore 1894
EthelBraziercirca Feb 188514 Nov 1928James BrazierJane Smith
JamesBrazierbetween 1842 and 1843circa Feb 1910
Violet ElizaBreading16 Jul 1914Apr 1990
Edith AnnieBreden12 Jun 1908Oct 1999
AliceBreedonbetween 1859 and 1860circa Nov 1924
SeamanBreeds14 Nov 1891circa Nov 1961
JaneBrennanbetween 1870 and 1871
LouisaBrethrenbetween 1781 and 1795after 1851
Jack R.Brettbefore 1924before 1980
Annie EmilyBrewer4 Aug 187114 Nov 1951
EdwardBrewerbefore 1578Robert BrewerLettis Ockenden
ElizabethBrewerbetween 1856 and 1857James Brewer
Hilda M.Brewer4 May 1904
JamesBrewerbefore 1836
RichardBrewerbefore 1578Robert BrewerLettis Ockenden
RobertBrewerbefore 1550
Ronald Bennett O.Brewer17 Mar 1919Nov 1988
William F.Brewer1 Mar 1907
Annie ElizabethBriantbetween 1871 and 1872circa Nov 1955
Florence CordeliaBriant10 Dec 1885circa Feb 1965
Edward St. JohnBricecirca Feb 193629 Jul 2011Walter Charles W. BriceMargaret Joan Stone
Walter Charles W.Brice30 Jan 1909May 1990
Donald WilliamBrickel26 Jan 1925Dec 2003William Hector MacDoland BruckelLydia Kate Bradley
Kate L. E.Brickelcirca Aug 1922circa Feb 1924William Hector MacDoland BruckelLydia Kate Bradley
Kenneth WilliamBrickel22 Feb 1957Jun 1999Donald William Brickel
Edward Harvey W.Bricknell16 Mar 1902Feb 1984
Florence FannyBridgercirca Feb 1872
Joseph WilliamBridger22 Dec 1911circa Feb 1982
Sarah AnnBridgerbetween 1843 and 1844circa Feb 1888
DouglasBridges6 Mar 1928circa Feb 1978
Ada A.Bridlebefore 1890
HarrietBrigdenbetween 1827 and 1827
Harriet ElizaBrigdencirca Aug 1875James William BrigdenEliza Jupp
James WilliamBrigdencirca Feb 1849George PenfoldHarriet Brigden
John ThomasBrigdencirca Aug 1879James William BrigdenEliza Jupp
Kate ElizabethBrigdencirca Nov 1877James William BrigdenEliza Jupp
MaudBrigdencirca Nov 1882James William BrigdenEliza Jupp
Alma EmilyBriggs23 Nov 1935circa Aug 1981George Leonard Bennett BriggsBertha Kate Ellen Reeves
Annie SophiaBriggscirca Nov 186022 Feb 1929William Bennett BriggsAnne Roberts
Arthur BenjaminBriggs21 Feb 1916circa Aug 1973Benjamin BriggsJane Rawson Booth
Arthur Douglas CharlesBriggs16 Feb 1899circa Feb 1979Harry BriggsGertrude Russell
BenjaminBriggscirca Jun 1880circa Nov 1937William Bennett BriggsAnne Roberts
Betty R.Briggs20 Mar 1921after 1951Harry BriggsGertrude Russell
Brenda I.Briggscirca Nov 19234 Jun 2010Norman Herbert BriggsSarah Ann E. Rogers
Charles AmosBriggsbetween 1880 and 188130 Sep 1914
Charles ArthurBriggscirca Feb 1904Feb 1994Charles Amos BriggsGertrude May Thatcher
Charlotte ElizabethBriggs24 Dec 1891circa Feb 1973Edward BriggsCharlotte Sargent
Charlotte LouisaBriggscirca May 1906circa Aug 1906Benjamin BriggsJane Rawson Booth
DorothyBriggs28 Jun 1905Edward BriggsCharlotte Sargent
EdwardBriggscirca Jun 1870circa Aug 1924William Bennett BriggsAnne Roberts
ElizabethBriggscirca Feb 1873after 1891William Bennett BriggsAnne Roberts
George ArthurBriggscirca Feb 1864circa Aug 1865William Bennett BriggsAnne Roberts
George BennettBriggscirca Nov 18665 Dec 1927William Bennett BriggsAnne Roberts
George Leonard BennettBriggscirca Nov 190131 May 1962Benjamin BriggsJane Rawson Booth
Gertrude MinnieBriggs5 Sep 1902Harry BriggsGertrude Russell
HarryBriggs4 May 1875circa Nov 1961William Bennett BriggsAnne Roberts
HarryBriggscirca Aug 1904after 1911Harry BriggsGertrude Russell
Jennie RawsonBriggs14 Apr 1908Mar 1984Benjamin BriggsJane Rawson Booth
John FrenchBriggs14 Oct 1914Mar 1992Harry BriggsGertrude Russell
KateBriggscirca Nov 1881after 1901William Bennett BriggsAnne Roberts
Mary AnnBriggscirca Feb 1903Benjamin BriggsJane Rawson Booth
Mavis OliveBriggs27 Oct 1905Jun 1979Charles Amos BriggsGertrude May Thatcher
Minnie AdaBriggscirca Nov 1877circa Aug 1925William Bennett BriggsAnne Roberts
Minnie MaryBriggs16 Feb 1899circa Aug 1978Edward BriggsCharlotte Sargent
Norman HerbertBriggs25 Nov 1900Jan 1990Harry BriggsGertrude Russell
ReginaldBriggs9 Aug 1912Jun 1992Harry BriggsGertrude Russell
Richard EdwardBriggs25 Sep 1904circa May 1964Benjamin BriggsJane Rawson Booth
William BennettBriggsbetween 1832 and 1840circa May 1907
William BennettBriggscirca May 1863circa Feb 1906William Bennett BriggsAnne Roberts
William BennettBriggsNov 1906Nov 1989Harry BriggsGertrude Russell
Winifred ElliottBriggscirca Nov 1911Benjamin BriggsJane Rawson Booth
CharlesBrignellbetween 1876 and 1877
Charles ThomasBrignell26 Jun 1898circa Nov 1974Charles BrignellMaude (?)
Ronald JamesBrimer20 Nov 1920circa Nov 1986
RobinBrimley29 Jun 1921circa May 1974
Alma HazelBrinklow1906Charles Silas BrinklowEmily Dorothy Towes
Arnold C.Brinklow1908Charles Silas BrinklowEmily Dorothy Towes
Arthur N.Brinklow1910Charles Silas BrinklowEmily Dorothy Towes
Charles SilasBrinklow11 Sep 1883
ClaudeBrinklowbetween 1911 and 1912Charles Silas BrinklowEmily Dorothy Towes
EverettBrinklowbetween 1913 and 1914Charles Silas BrinklowEmily Dorothy Towes
Hazel AlmaBrinklow2 May 1902before 1906Charles Silas BrinklowEmily Dorothy Towes
JohnBrinklowbetween 1916 and 1917Charles Silas BrinklowEmily Dorothy Towes
Verla WilmaBrinklow6 Jul 192026 May 2001Charles Silas BrinklowEmily Dorothy Towes
Albert HerbertBriskhamcirca Feb 1867circa Feb 1911Benjamin BriskhamCaroline Roberts
Alexander George HerbertBriskham5 Sep 1892after 1950Albert Herbert BriskhamAda Alice Cheesman
BenjaminBriskhamcirca 1827circa Nov 1871
Dora EileenBriskhamcirca May 1899after 1926Albert Herbert BriskhamAda Alice Cheesman
Douglas CretneyBriskham18 Aug 1895circa Nov 1895Albert Herbert BriskhamAda Alice Cheesman
Leonard John SeymourBriskhamcirca Nov 1893after 1911Albert Herbert BriskhamAda Alice Cheesman
Nellie EnaBriskhamcirca Aug 1901circa Nov 1901Albert Herbert BriskhamAda Alice Cheesman
Vera KathleenBriskhamcirca Nov 1897after 1963Albert Herbert BriskhamAda Alice Cheesman
Lilian CoraBrister4 Oct 1899circa Nov 1982
Gladys RubyBristow29 Aug 1910circa Feb 1982
GeorgeBritcherbefore 1881
NoemieBritcher10 Dec 190127 Jun 1992George BritcherMarie Hofer
Elsie S.Britten12 Oct 1899
DaisyBrixey29 Mar 18826 Jul 1957
Ivy RosinaBrixey5 Jul 1891
WilliamBroadbefore 1784
Edith LilyBroadbridgecirca Aug 1899circa Nov 1933George BroadbridgeEliza Hill
Ethel Florence ElizaBroadbridge6 Oct 1902George BroadbridgeEliza Hill
Frederick VictorBroadbridgecirca Nov 1903circa Nov 1935George BroadbridgeEliza Hill
GeorgeBroadbridge20 Mar 187823 Jan 1939
George AlbertBroadbridge24 Jan 1901circa Feb 1978George BroadbridgeEliza Hill
GraceBroadbridge22 Nov 190718 May 1965George BroadbridgeEliza Hill
JackBroadbridge17 Nov 19053 Aug 1977George BroadbridgeEliza Hill
Terence GordonBroadbridge27 May 193416 Jan 2016Jack BroadbridgeAlice Esther Hockley
WalterBroadmeadow24 Dec 1860circa Feb 1955
Lilian A.Brockbefore 192931 Dec 1971
Harry JamesBrockhurst7 May 1899circa Nov 1979
Kathleen OliveBrockhurstcirca May 192428 Jul 2013Harry James BrockhurstKathleen Emily Scroggins
Peter GlynneBrockhurst27 Oct 1914Sep 2000
Arthur JamesBromley19 Aug 1903circa Aug 1978
Cecilia JudithBromley-Martinbetween 1937 and 193831 Aug 1966
MaryBrookbefore 1701
May LaviniaBrook11 Jan 1902May 1993
AlbertBrookercirca Aug 1885John BrookerRosetta Hastings
Albert FrankBrookercirca Aug 1911Albert BrookerAlice Lilian Sinden
AnnBrookerbetween 1812 and 1813before 1891
Annie HarrietBrooker14 Nov 187925 Aug 1967John BrookerRosetta Hastings
Arthur CharlesBrookercirca May 1878after 1911John BrookerRosetta Hastings
Arthur JamesBrooker30 Oct 187829 Apr 1964James BrookerMary Ann Elizabeth Applebee
BenaiahBrookerbefore 1715
Blanche AdelaideBrooker29 Dec 187919 Dec 1967James BrookerMary Ann Elizabeth Applebee
Catherine LauraBrooker14 Jan 1866circa May 1948William BrookerSarah Odd
Cecil VictorBrookercirca Feb 1883circa May 1924James BrookerMary Ann Elizabeth Applebee
CharlesBrookerbefore 1897
Clarissa Mary DorcasBrooker5 Jan 1881Dec 1973Walter William BrookerMary Jane Batley
Constance AnnieBrooker16 Nov 1886Sep 1979Edwin BrookerAnn Newman
DoraBrooker3 Aug 1889
Dorothy Pauline MaggieBrooker25 Mar 189022 Feb 1974Horace Sydney BrookerSusan Kate Couzens
EbenezerBrookercirca Dec 1850circa Nov 1924William BrookerSarah Odd
EdithBrookercirca May 1879William BrookerPhoebe Dewsbury
EdithBrookercirca Feb 1881circa Feb 1881John BrookerRosetta Hastings
Edith GertrudeBrookercirca Aug 1875circa May 1927James BrookerMary Ann Elizabeth Applebee
EdwinBrookercirca Feb 1859circa May 1920Thomas BrookerDorcas Odd
ElizaBrooker30 Jul 1824Oct 1846
ElizabethBrookerbefore 12 Jun 1737Benaiah BrookerMary Linfield
Elizabeth DorcasBrookercirca Nov 1857after 1881William BrookerSarah Odd
ElsieBrookercirca May 1908circa Feb 1909Ernest Edwin BrookerEllen Eliza Vincent
EmilyBrookercirca Feb 1892John BrookerRosetta Hastings
Ernest EdwinBrookercirca Feb 1885circa May 1947William BrookerPhoebe Dewsbury
Ernest EdwinBrookercirca Feb 1910circa May 1910Ernest Edwin BrookerEllen Eliza Vincent
Evelyn DorcasBrooker28 Dec 1873after 1939James BrookerMary Ann Elizabeth Applebee
FlorenceBrookercirca Feb 1878before 1881John BrookerRosetta Hastings
Florence A.Brookercirca Aug 1888Edwin BrookerAnn Newman
Florence MaryBrookercirca Feb 1910Albert BrookerAlice Lilian Sinden
FrancisBrookercirca Aug 1882after 1891Walter William BrookerMary Jane Batley
FrederickBrookercirca Aug 1862circa Feb 1919William BrookerSarah Odd
Frederick KennardBrookercirca Aug 188112 Aug 1950Ebenezer BrookerRachel Kennard
Gladys VioletBrookercirca Feb 1896circa Feb 1897William BrookerPhoebe Dewsbury
GraceBrookercirca Nov 1891circa Nov 1891William BrookerPhoebe Dewsbury
HenryBrookerbefore 24 Feb 1828William BrookerCharity Kilner
Hilda MaryBrookerMar 1891circa Feb 1932Frederick BrookerHannah Alexander
Horace BrianBrookercirca Aug 188821 Apr 1915Horace Sydney BrookerSusan Kate Couzens
Horace Oswald BertramBrookercirca Aug 1890circa May 1898James BrookerMary Ann Elizabeth Applebee
Horace SydneyBrookercirca May 186020 Sep 1938William BrookerSarah Odd
Ida MurielBrookercirca Nov 1894circa Aug 1911Horace Sydney BrookerSusan Kate Couzens
Isabel DorcasBrooker1 Apr 1892Dec 1972Edwin BrookerAnn Newman
JamesBrookercirca Nov 1850circa May 1915Thomas BrookerDorcas Odd
JaneBrookerbefore 24 May 1747Benaiah BrookerMary Linfield
JohnBrookercirca Nov 185426 May 1932Thomas BrookerDorcas Odd
John ArthurBrooker17 Jun 1913Jun 1983Arthur James BrookerEdith Annie Harper
John BryanBrookercirca Feb 192025 Jan 2008Selwyn Harold BrookerRose Wood Moxon
John WilliamBrookercirca Nov 1877William BrookerPhoebe Dewsbury
John WilliamBrookercirca Aug 1883John BrookerRosetta Hastings
Katie MabelBrookercirca Oct 1880after 1911William BrookerPhoebe Dewsbury
LilianBrookercirca May 1887William BrookerPhoebe Dewsbury
Lilian BeatriceBrooker11 Jan 1879circa Nov 1964Ebenezer BrookerRachel Kennard
LilyBrooker27 Feb 1882Mar 1980John BrookerRosetta Hastings
Louisa Mary AnnBrooker6 Sep 1877circa Nov 1953James BrookerMary Ann Elizabeth Applebee
MargaretBrookercirca May 1855circa May 1932William BrookerSarah Odd
MaryBrookerbefore 12 May 1739Benaiah BrookerMary Linfield
MaudBrookercirca Nov 1882William BrookerPhoebe Dewsbury
Maud Dorcas JaneBrookercirca Feb 1876circa Nov 1877William BrookerPhoebe Dewsbury
Myrtle FlorenceBrooker31 Aug 188118 May 1948James BrookerMary Ann Elizabeth Applebee
Olive IvyBrookercirca Aug 18864 Mar 1954James BrookerMary Ann Elizabeth Applebee
Phyllis RoseBrooker29 Jun 1912Frederick Kennard BrookerRose Chappell
SarahBrooker14 Feb 1741Benaiah BrookerMary Linfield
Sarah JaneBrooker4 Jun 18898 Mar 1943William BrookerPhoebe Dewsbury
Selwyn HaroldBrooker6 Feb 1889Jun 1980Walter William BrookerMary Jane Batley
Stanley WalterBrookercirca Aug 1888circa Aug 1894Ebenezer BrookerRachel Kennard
SusannaBrooker14 Feb 1744Benaiah BrookerMary Linfield
ThomasBrooker17 Feb 1752Benaiah BrookerMary Linfield
ThomasBrooker1823William BrookerCharity Kilner
Thomas PercyBrooker21 Apr 189324 Mar 1966William BrookerPhoebe Dewsbury
Victor HaroldBrookercirca Feb 189428 Sep 1954Frederick BrookerHannah Alexander
Wallace WalterBrooker27 Jan 1884circa Feb 1954Walter William BrookerMary Jane Batley
Walter WilliamBrookercirca Aug 1853circa Nov 1929William BrookerSarah Odd
WilliamBrookerbetween 1800 and 1801before 1871
WilliamBrooker1826between 1865 and 1871William BrookerCharity Kilner
WilliamBrookercirca Aug 1848circa May 1921Thomas BrookerDorcas Odd
HerbertBrooking5 Apr 1900circa May 1981
Amelia EmmaBrooks23 Oct 1905Jun 1988
Ethel MayBrooks7 Apr 1891circa May 1971
Muriel MabelBrooks1 Nov 1908Mar 1998
Rubie N.Brooksbefore 1903
ThomasBrookwellbefore 1895
CharlesBroombefore 1861before 1904
Daisy BeatriceBroombetween 1881 and 1882circa Aug 1905Charles Broom
Ronald WalterBroomfield6 Sep 1902Dec 1985
MarkBrounscombebefore 8 Mar 1736Nov 1737Mark BranscombeMartha Upton
MarthaBrounscombebefore 5 Feb 1734before 1740Mark BranscombeMartha Upton
RoseBrowittbetween 1882 and 1883William BrowittEliza Harriet Burtenshaw
WilliamBrowittbetween 1857 and 1858
AlfredBrownbetween 1839 and 1840
AliceBrown23 May 1880circa Aug 1969
Alice JosephineBrowncirca Aug 1893Frederick Edward BrownAlice Adelaide Langridge
Augusta LouisaBrowncirca May 1864after 1891Alfred BrownCaroline Stoner
CatherineBrowncirca 190015 Sep 1939
Charles R.Brownbefore 1917
ClaraBrown21 Aug 1884
Dorothy M.Brownbefore 1918
EdwardBrownbefore 1899
Edward AlfredBrown19 Jun 1894circa May 1976Frederick Edward BrownAlice Adelaide Langridge
EllenBrown25 Dec 1869Oct 1944
EllenBrownbetween 1886 and 1887circa Feb 1968
Emily AdelineBrowncirca Nov 1865after 1871Alfred BrownCaroline Stoner
Emily LouisaBrown10 Sep 1889circa Feb 1971
Emily MariaBrown14 Jan 1893
Ernest AlfredBrowncirca Nov 1875after 1891Alfred BrownCaroline Stoner
Eveline IsabelBrown12 Apr 1884Robert Henry BrownMinnie Burnell Flood
FannyBrown21 Aug 1906circa Nov 1980
Florence Grace ElizabethBrown12 Oct 1902Jul 1989Frederick Edward BrownAlice Adelaide Langridge
Frank BernardBrowncirca Nov 1898after 1911Frederick Edward BrownAlice Adelaide Langridge
Frederick EdwardBrowncirca May 1868after 1911Alfred BrownCaroline Stoner
Frederick HerbertBrowncirca Feb 1896after 1911Frederick Edward BrownAlice Adelaide Langridge
Frederick JohnBrown6 Jul 1902circa Feb 1981William BrownEllen Mary Ansell
GeorgeBrown19 Nov 1876
Gertrude JaneBrown5 Aug 1883circa May 1972
HarryBrowncirca Feb 1863Alfred BrownCaroline Stoner
JohnBrown1846William BrownEliza Powell
John HerbertBrownbefore 1886
John StaffordBrown14 Nov 192227 Mar 1987
JosephBrownbefore 1897
Lavender MayBrownbefore 1918
Lillian MaudBrown1 Feb 1901after 1911William BrownEllen Mary Ansell
Mabel AdelineBrowncirca Nov 1899after 1911Frederick Edward BrownAlice Adelaide Langridge
Mary JaneBrownbetween 1871 and 187229 Oct 1922William Henry BrownAlice Cardiff
Norman WilliamBrown13 Dec 1924Jan 1991William Frederick BrownDoris E. Rider
Robert HenryBrownbefore 1863
Rose EvelynBrowncirca May 1906William BrownEllen Mary Ansell
Rose LouiseBrownbetween 1901 and 1902Frederick Edward BrownAlice Adelaide Langridge
SophiaBrownbetween 1860 and 1861
StanleyBrown9 Aug 1932Sep 2005William Frederick BrownDoris E. Rider
WilliamBrownbetween 1822 and 1823before 1871
William FrederickBrown7 Feb 1896circa May 1981William BrownEllen Mary Ansell
William HenryBrownbetween 1845 and 184628 May 1926
Winifred CarolineBrown18 Aug 18716 May 1963Alfred BrownCaroline Stoner
Winifred GeorgineBrowncirca Feb 1897after 1911Frederick Edward BrownAlice Adelaide Langridge
MaryBrownecirca 1798Dec 1875
LouisaBrowningbetween 1819 and 1820circa Feb 1899William BrowningAnne Freeman
Percy JoynsonBrownsmith24 Apr 1908circa May 1979
Frederick Augustus RichardBruckelcirca Feb 1899circa Aug 1899Frederick William BruckelEliza Barnett
Frederick WilliamBruckel8 Sep 1872circa Nov 1943
Henry PhilipBruckelcirca May 1903circa Aug 1904Frederick William BruckelEliza Barnett
William Hector MacDolandBruckel18 Mar 1900circa Aug 1975Frederick William BruckelEliza Barnett
HerbertBrumby5 Nov 1892circa May 1973
Albert ArthurBrundle12 Jun 1902Mar 1988Henry BrundleLucy Annie Dancaster
Charles WilliamBrundle1 Jan 1904Oct 1990Henry BrundleLucy Annie Dancaster
Ernest GeorgeBrundle15 Apr 1910Jan 1989Henry BrundleLucy Annie Dancaster
Harold VictorBrundle3 Sep 1912circa Feb 1973Henry BrundleLucy Annie Dancaster
HenryBrundle13 Nov 1875circa Feb 1946
James HenryBrundlecirca May 190126 Aug 1942Henry BrundleLucy Annie Dancaster
Joan HilaryBrundle8 Sep 1927Dec 2005Charles William BrundleDorothy Winifred Vine
Kathleen AmeliaBrundle19 Jan 191527 Jan 2009Henry BrundleLucy Annie Dancaster
Thirza MayBrundlecirca May 1908circa Feb 1909Henry BrundleLucy Annie Dancaster
Thomas EraldBrundle25 Sep 1905Dec 1991Henry BrundleLucy Annie Dancaster
Kenneth GeorgeBrunskillcirca May 190012 Jul 1960Richard BrunskillAlice Maud Mary Ford
RichardBrunskillbetween 1852 and 185322 Mar 1932
Richard AlanBrunskill14 Aug 189825 Jan 1972Richard BrunskillAlice Maud Mary Ford
Ewart SamuelBryant2 Aug 1920Jan 1993Samuel BryantRose Ellen Lake
Florence ElizabethBryant9 Oct 1882circa Nov 1965
Robert C.Bryantbefore 1911
SamuelBryant22 Dec 1882
RobertBrysonbefore 1921
JamesBuchananbefore 1838before 1898
JohnBuchananbetween 1858 and 1859circa May 1924James Buchanan
JohnBuchanancirca Apr 189925 Oct 1918John BuchananAnnie Ball
Louisa ElizabethBuckbetween 1880 and 1881circa May 1935
Ethel AdaBuckingham16 Jan 190018 Feb 1979
Norman JamesBuckingham23 Feb 1876circa Feb 1962
GeorgeBucklandbetween 1858 and 1859
GeorgeBuckland5 Apr 1882circa Nov 1965George BucklandFanny (?)
George ThomasBuckland3 Oct 1904circa Aug 1971George BucklandHarriet Roser
Thomas E.Bucklandbetween 1896 and 1897circa Feb 1928
Thomas EdwinBuckland24 Jun 191914 Sep 1944Thomas E. BucklandHarriet Towes
Violet HarriettBuckland30 Mar 1921Jul 1993Thomas E. BucklandHarriet Towes
Grace RebeccaBucklecirca Nov 1877circa Aug 1911
EllenBuckleybetween 1885 and 1886
CharlesBuckman17 Jun 1884
Charles WalterBuckman22 Aug 192116 Apr 2008Charles BuckmanEmily Linfield
Edith LucyBuckman26 Sep 1914Jun 2000Charles BuckmanEmily Linfield
ElizabethBuckmancirca Feb 1846after 1865Hezekiah BuckmanJane Gallard
EllenBuckman7 Aug 1865
Ellen EstherBuckmancirca Nov 1911Charles BuckmanEmily Linfield
HezekiahBuckmanbetween 1823 and 1824circa Nov 1900
Walter Harold GeorgeBuckmancirca May 1916circa Aug 1917Charles BuckmanEmily Linfield
WilliamBuckmancirca May 1848circa Nov 1878Hezekiah BuckmanJane Gallard
Daisy McDellBuckwell22 Jan 1880circa Aug 1971
Edith A.Buckwell5 Sep 1907
RuthBuckwellbetween 1838 and 1839
Louisa RoseBuddcirca Feb 18771956
Alexina AnnBudge27 Aug 19148 Jul 1975
SamuelBudgebefore 1780
EllenBudgencirca Aug 184818 Sep 1913
JohnBudgen3 Mar 1782Richard BudgenMary Kilner
MaryBudgen27 Apr 1788Richard BudgenMary Kilner
RichardBudgenbefore 1759
RichardBudgen17 Apr 1791Richard BudgenMary Kilner
Frederick WilliamBulford25 Nov 1925Nov 1992
Frank TaylorBull12 Jan 188617 Nov 1958
Joan GoodwinBull7 Jul 19205 Mar 1991Frank Taylor BullAlice Jane Short
Lilian B.Bull5 Jul 1901
Mary ElizabethBullbefore 1861
Ruby Elaine TaylorBull28 Oct 191115 Nov 2000Frank Taylor BullAlice Jane Short
Nellie A.Bullin20 Oct 1874
Peter JohnBulpettcirca Feb 194512 Nov 2009
Dennis BrianBundy26 Nov 1936May 2002Walter Sidney BundyMabel Isabel Barnett
Grace VeraBundy25 Oct 192811 May 2012Walter Sidney BundyMabel Isabel Barnett
Muriel EdithBundy7 Sep 1926Nov 2001Walter Sidney BundyMabel Isabel Barnett
Norman KennethBundy9 Mar 1924Mar 2001Walter Sidney BundyMabel Isabel Barnett
Walter SidneyBundy10 May 1897circa Feb 1967
Marian IsabellaBunting15 Nov 18673 May 1954William George BuntingAnna White
William GeorgeBuntingbetween 1827 and 1847
Laura AnnieBurchell17 Oct 19108 Jan 1991
Mary JaneBurchellbetween 1862 and 1863
Ada ElizabethBurdett187015 Feb 1953
AustinBurdfield1 Apr 1877circa Feb 1959
CharlesBurdfield10 Aug 1872circa Feb 1951
Charles Frederick BenjaminBurdfield8 Dec 1907Jan 1992Charles BurdfieldEdith Annie Funnell
Florence AliceBurdfieldcirca Oct 1900Charles BurdfieldEdith Annie Funnell
Joyce LillianBurdfield13 Aug 19203 Apr 2012Charles BurdfieldEdith Annie Funnell
Leonard GilbertBurdfield29 Sep 1912circa May 1976Charles BurdfieldEdith Annie Funnell
Reginald Albert RobertBurdfield17 Dec 1914circa May 1976Charles BurdfieldEdith Annie Funnell
Violet EllenBurdfield7 Nov 1903Jun 1988Charles BurdfieldEdith Annie Funnell
Wallis DouglasBurdfield25 Sep 1918May 2000Charles BurdfieldEdith Annie Funnell
Winifred AnnieBurdfieldcirca Feb 1902after 1911Charles BurdfieldEdith Annie Funnell
Albert JamesBurge9 Apr 1876circa Feb 1954
Carole A.Burge28 Jun 19372 Sep 2008Randolph Albert BurgeMarjorie Emily Maitland
Evelyn MayBurge3 Feb 1906circa Nov 1942Albert James BurgeLouisa Ellen Monk
Randolph AlbertBurge19 Jun 1909Feb 2001Albert James BurgeLouisa Ellen Monk
Ernest EdwardBurgesscirca May 18751 Jan 1954
Grace E.Burgesscirca 1890before 1939
Mary AnnBurgessbefore 1810
Mildred JeanBurgess19291 Sep 2007
William A.Burgessbefore 1898
William ArthurBurgesscirca 189217 Oct 1918
Eliza MatildaBurke4 Aug 1890circa May 1980
Dorothy MarjorieBurley28 Jan 1895Dec 1984
Elizabeth PayneBurleybefore 1802
Saidee Maria OngleyBurling3 Aug 190625 Feb 1989William Jeffrey BurlingMary Ongley Staden
William JeffreyBurling19 Apr 1878circa Feb 1953
John Thomas D.Burn24 Aug 1897Aug 1995
Claudia Constance E.Burnand14 Apr 1991Jun 2006
WalterBurnebefore 1900
BenjaminBurnellbefore 1775circa Aug 1847
MaryBurnell17981 Dec 1885Benjamin BurnellJane Hitchcock
John PhilipBurnett29 Oct 197215 Nov 1977
Walter HenryBurreecirca Feb 1883circa Nov 1945
Daisy IsabelBurrell5 Mar 1888circa Nov 1952
JohnBurrowsbefore 1913
KateBurrows21 Nov 1868circa Aug 1960
AliceBursecirca May 1872circa Feb 1931
Allen H.Burse5 Jan 1901Jan 1996
Allen HenryBurse5 Jan 1901Jan 1996Henry James PuttickAlice Burse
Basil ArthurBurse25 Apr 1910circa Aug 1983Henry James PuttickAlice Burse
Blanche Mary AlmaBurse11 Oct 1894circa May 1972Henry James PuttickAlice Burse
Christopher NormanBurse2 Nov 1960May 2003Horace Stanley William Burse
Gertrude AliceBurse26 Apr 1904circa Feb 1945Henry James PuttickAlice Burse
Horace Stanley WilliamBursecirca Feb 1916Henry James PuttickAlice Burse
Robert James PullenBurse1 Jun 1897circa Aug 1965Henry James PuttickAlice Burse
Violet DorisBurse23 Nov 1905circa Feb 1991Henry James PuttickAlice Burse
BerthaBurster19 Aug 1895circa Nov 1973William BursterCaroline Peacock
Ella AnnBurster17 Apr 1886circa Nov 1973William BursterCaroline Peacock
Emily HopeBurster6 Jun 1884circa Feb 1960William BursterCaroline Peacock
MabelBurster10 May 1892circa Feb 1959William BursterCaroline Peacock
WilliamBursterbetween 1848 and 184917 Apr 1924
William JamesBurster2 Aug 188227 Dec 1958William BursterCaroline Peacock
Albert ErnestBurstow29 Dec 1917May 2005
Ellen GraceBurtbefore 1906
Gertrude JessieBurt14 Jul 1912Dec 1973
LilyBurt22 May 1886circa Feb 1955
MargaretBurtbefore 1909
Nancy Ruth RosemaryBurt14 May 1915Jan 2005
Sidney Wallace A.Burt27 Nov 1915May 1995
AlfredBurtenshawcirca May 1850circa May 1863John BurtenshawLouisa Penfold
AnnBurtenshawcirca May 1843John BurtenshawLouisa Penfold
BenjaminBurtenshawbetween 1820 and 1821May 1853
CharlesBurtenshawcirca Aug 1864John BurtenshawLouisa Penfold
CharlesBurtenshawcirca Sep 1880Henry BurtenshawElizabeth Flote
Charles GeorgeBurtenshawbetween 1860 and 1861circa May 1935
Charles James WilliamBurtenshaw28 May 1900Jan 1987Charles George BurtenshawEsther Lewry
Doris MayBurtenshaw29 Oct 1906after 1911Charles George BurtenshawEsther Lewry
Edith IvyBurtenshawcirca Nov 1909circa Nov 1975Charles George BurtenshawEsther Lewry
EdwinBurtenshawcirca May 1853circa Feb 1855John BurtenshawLouisa Penfold
Eliza HarrietBurtenshawcirca Feb 1857John BurtenshawLouisa Penfold
ElizabethBurtenshaw1838circa Aug 1864John BurtenshawLouisa Penfold
EmilyBurtenshawcirca Apr 185030 Dec 1936Benjamin BurtenshawOlive Ansell
EmmaBurtenshawcirca Feb 1868Henry BurtenshawElizabeth Flote
FannyBurtenshawcirca Nov 1855John BurtenshawLouisa Penfold
FrederickBurtenshawcirca Aug 1859circa May 1862John BurtenshawLouisa Penfold
GeorgeBurtenshawcirca Mar 1841Mar 1846John BurtenshawLouisa Penfold
GeorgeBurtenshawcirca May 1870Henry BurtenshawElizabeth Flote
HenryBurtenshaw1839John BurtenshawLouisa Penfold
Henry GeorgeBurtenshawcirca Aug 1865circa Feb 1888Henry BurtenshawElizabeth Flote
JamesBurtenshawcirca Aug 1854circa Feb 1867John BurtenshawLouisa Penfold
JamesBurtenshawcirca Nov 190327 Jan 1964Charles George BurtenshawEsther Lewry
JaneBurtenshawbefore 1783
JohnBurtenshawbetween 1815 and 1816circa May 1867
JohnBurtenshawcirca Nov 1848John BurtenshawLouisa Penfold
KateBurtenshawcirca Aug 1874Henry BurtenshawElizabeth Flote
LouisaBurtenshawcirca Feb 1847John BurtenshawLouisa Penfold
StephenBurtenshawcirca May 1858circa May 1876John BurtenshawLouisa Penfold
William AlfredBurtenshawbetween 1844 and 1845John BurtenshawLouisa Penfold
Winifred MayBurtenshaw4 Jul 1914Jun 1993Charles George BurtenshawEsther Lewry
JamesBurtonbetween 1843 and 18441 Dec 1931
JaneBurtonbetween 1850 and 1851
Jessie ConstanceBurton17 Apr 189230 Jul 1959William BurtonSarah Ann (?)
Sydney GeorgeBurton16 Apr 1924Aug 1994William G. BurtonLilian Maud Cheesman
WilliamBurtonbetween 1844 and 1845
William G.Burtonbefore 1904
Lily GertrudeBusbridge6 Sep 1903circa Nov 1971
EvaBusby10 Oct 1893Nov 1989
AlfredBushcirca Feb 1870after 1881George BushSarah Maria Couchman
GeorgeBushbetween 1828 and 1829William Bush
JosephBushcirca Aug 1873after 1881George BushSarah Maria Couchman
Mary EmilyBushcirca Jul 1863after 1881George BushSarah Maria Couchman
Sarah AnnBushcirca Jul 1856circa Aug 1874George BushSarah Maria Couchman
WilliamBushbefore 1808
William GeorgeBushcirca Oct 1853after 1861George BushSarah Maria Couchman
Ernest Harold S.Bushell15 Aug 1930Oct 1993
John H.Bushellbefore 1895
CatharinaBusse9 Feb 1907circa Nov 1992
Francis MilfordBussell1 Feb 191829 Jun 1997
George EdwardBuswell1 Oct 1915Aug 2006
Leonard GrahamButcher19 Dec 1905Oct 1997
RichardButcherbefore 1540
RichardButcherbefore 1661
RichardButcherbefore 1753
Charles WilliamButland1 Aug 1907after 1965
Elizabeth LouisaButlerbetween 1848 and 1849circa Nov 1928
GertrudeButler20 Oct 187510 Jun 1967
Albert F. W.Butt19 Jun 1900circa Feb 1968
Allan WilsonButt29 Dec 1950circa Aug 1976John Wilson Butt
AnneButt166710 Jan 1668James ButtAlice Seager
ElizabethButt1657before 1660James ButtAlice Seager
ElizabethButt1660James ButtAlice Seager
GraceButt1723James ButtSusanna More
JamesButtbefore 1610
JamesButt30 Jan 1630James Butt
JamesButt1661James ButtAlice Seager
JamesButt1690James Butt
John WilsonButt20 Mar 1926Dec 1994Albert F. W. ButtIvy Gladys Key
NormanButterworth20 May 190515 Jul 1982
Fanny F.Button31 Oct 1861circa Feb 1948
ElizabethByshopbefore 1545
Anthony R.Cadamycirca Aug 1945circa Aug 1945Thomas R. CadamyGladys V. Bignall
Thomas R.Cadamy25 Nov 1912Apr 1985
Luella Winifred J.Calkins11 Aug 190017 Jul 1982
JohnCallelycirca 1843circa Nov 1887
Agnes MaryCallinghamcirca Mar 1861Jul 1866George CallinghamEmma Sebbage
ArchibaldCallinghamcirca Aug 1873circa May 1959George CallinghamEmma Sebbage
Archibald EdwardCallingham14 Jul 1902Feb 1991Archibald CallinghamAnnie Theresa Clewer
Arthur WilliamCallingham7 Aug 1868circa Aug 1950George CallinghamEmma Sebbage
Arthur WilliamCallingham16 Oct 1903circa Nov 1975Archibald CallinghamAnnie Theresa Clewer
CharlesCallinghamcirca May 1862Aug 1866George CallinghamEmma Sebbage
Donald ArthurCallinghamcirca Nov 19296 Nov 2015Arthur William CallinghamHilda Mary West
Doris EllenCallingham29 Dec 1905Jan 1989Archibald CallinghamAnnie Theresa Clewer
Edith AgnesCallingham9 Feb 1901circa Aug 1973Archibald CallinghamAnnie Theresa Clewer
Elizabeth EmmaCallinghamcirca Feb 1863Jul 1866George CallinghamEmma Sebbage
GeorgeCallinghambetween 1822 and 1823circa Aug 1894
GeorgeCallinghamcirca Feb 1860Oct 1864George CallinghamEmma Sebbage
Rita MayCallingham16 Sep 192813 Jun 2014Arthur William CallinghamHilda Mary West
Spencer RichardCallingham14 Dec 1869circa May 1943George CallinghamEmma Sebbage
Walter JosephCallis11 Feb 192527 Feb 1972
Amy Elizabeth MaudCalvercirca Nov 187229 Mar 1962Henry Daniel CalverMaria Goff
Arthur F.Calverbetween 1874 and 1875after 1881Henry Daniel CalverMaria Goff
Henry DanielCalverbefore 1850
John CharlesCamp16 Aug 1913Mar 1992
MaletaCamp26 May 190023 Mar 1973
Lilian Mary HunterCampbellcirca May 18782 Oct 1924
Alison MaryCampion1 Apr 192211 Aug 1975Charles Aldworth Gifford CampionMargery Frances Mary Farrington
Charles Aldworth GiffordCampionbetween 1889 and 1890
EdithCane5 Feb 1914Sep 2006
KateCane18 Aug 1895circa Aug 1971
George HenryCannbetween 1850 and 1851
Doris MabelCannell24 Sep 1905Aug 1990Edward CannellElizabeth Annie Maud Cheesman
EdwardCannellbetween 1872 and 1873
Edward HenryCannell15 Apr 190223 Jun 1957Edward CannellElizabeth Annie Maud Cheesman
Emily LilyCannellcirca Jul 1900after 1911Edward CannellElizabeth Annie Maud Cheesman
Kathleen MaudCannell27 Aug 1903circa Nov 1970Edward CannellElizabeth Annie Maud Cheesman
Nellie ElizabethCannellcirca Apr 1899after 1911Edward CannellElizabeth Annie Maud Cheesman
Violet ElsieCannellcirca Aug 19122004Edward CannellElizabeth Annie Maud Cheesman
Charles D. W.Cannonbefore 1920
VictorCant25 Dec 1916Aug 1986
NellieCanterbetween 1883 and 1884
Ellen MaryCapell15 Apr 1916Jan 2000
Olive ElsieCardew26 Jan 1889circa Feb 1971Samuel CardewHarriett Chesmore
SamuelCardewbefore 1867before 1911
AliceCardiffbetween 1845 and 184613 Oct 1918
John McLarenCarlin13 Oct 19313 Dec 1992William Longmuir CarlinCatherine Brown
William LongmuirCarlin2 May 189224 Jan 1953
Helen MarieCarlson25 Feb 191816 Jul 1978
John A.Carlsonbetween 1873 and 1874
Florence EmilyCarman30 Jul 1909Oct 1998
Alice AvendaCarpcirca Feb 1881circa Nov 1923
Eric G.Carpenterbefore 1910
Florence EmilyCarpenter20 Oct 1896circa Nov 1983
Frank E.Carpenter14 May 1884
JohnCarpenterbefore 1835
MaryCarpenterbetween 1864 and 1865after 1911John CarpenterElizabeth Pullen
Phyllis MaryCarpenter2 Aug 1898
Richard LeslieCarpenter19 Nov 1906circa Feb 1975
William H.Carpenterbefore 1907
EmmaCarpentersbetween 1869 and 1870
ElsieCarr17 Jan 1895circa Aug 1968
Mary AnnCarrollcirca 188226 Aug 1966
Sarah JaneCarson187824 Jun 1943
AnnieCarter13 Mar 1867
CarolineCarterbetween 1839 and 1840circa Feb 1923
Eileen W.Carter23 May 1898
Elmira IreneCarterbefore 1891
Emily MaryCartercirca Nov 1905Henry CarterMary Lucy Hook
Ernest J.Carterbefore 1917
FannyCarter15 Aug 184623 Jan 1946George CarterMary Wiltshire
GeorgeCarterbetween 1799 and 1819before 1881
George WilliamCarterbetween 1912 and 19131994
HenryCarterbetween 1873 and 1874
HenryCartercirca Feb 1900Henry CarterMary Lucy Hook
Henry G.Carter27 Nov 1914after 1939
John FrederickCarter16 Jul 194823 Jul 1957George William CarterBeatrice R. Brain
MabelCartercirca Nov 1908Henry CarterMary Lucy Hook
Mabel MaryCarter10 Oct 18851 Jan 1958
Mary AnnCarterbetween 1788 and 1808
SarahCarter2 May 183928 Oct 1873George CarterMary Wiltshire
William JohnCartercirca May 1901Henry CarterMary Lucy Hook
JessieCartlidge26 Oct 1893circa Aug 1969
Alfred JohnCarvercirca Aug 1887circa Feb 1890Charles Arthur CarverEllen Sebbage
AnnieCarverbefore 1913
Arthur CharlesCarver6 Jun 1914circa Nov 1975Charles William CarverLilian Gertrude Ward
Charles ArthurCarverbetween 1860 and 18614 Feb 1929
Charles WilliamCarver14 Jan 1884circa Aug 1946Charles Arthur CarverEllen Sebbage
Florence EllenCarver4 Jul 188516 May 1963Charles Arthur CarverEllen Sebbage
Frank EdwardCarver15 Apr 1925circa May 1980
JohnCarver29 Sep 1919Charles William CarverLilian Gertrude Ward
Lilian FlorenceCarver20 Aug 191611 Nov 2010Charles William CarverLilian Gertrude Ward
LilyCarvercirca May 1913circa May 1913Charles William CarverLilian Gertrude Ward
Nellie ElizabethCarver5 Jun 1895Dec 1985Charles Arthur CarverEllen Sebbage
WilliamCarver14 Oct 1892circa Aug 1980Charles Arthur CarverEllen Sebbage
WilliamCarver29 Sep 1919Oct 1995Charles William CarverLilian Gertrude Ward
Robert HenryCasemore13 Jul 1925Jun 1987
EleanorCassellcirca Jul 1860after 1861Frederick CassellEleanor Sebbage
Eliza AnnCassellcirca Nov 1864circa May 1865Frederick CassellEleanor Sebbage
Emily EleanorCassellcirca May 188319 Apr 1961Frederick William CassellAlice Mary Chapman
EmmaCassellbetween 1861 and 1862after 1871Frederick CassellEleanor Sebbage
FrederickCassellbetween 1830 and 1831circa Nov 1874
Frederick WilliamCassellcirca Feb 185910 Feb 1939Frederick CassellEleanor Sebbage
Frederick WilliamCassellcirca Feb 1878circa Feb 1965John CassellDiana Watson
George FrederickCassell12 Dec 18858 May 1963Frederick William CassellAlice Mary Chapman
George WilliamCassellcirca May 1866circa Nov 1913Frederick CassellEleanor Sebbage
JohnCassellbetween 1854 and 1855after 1901Frederick CassellEleanor Sebbage
Joyce MargueriteCassell14 Feb 1916after 1947George Frederick CassellGrace Marguerite Mann
Owen GeorgeCassellcirca Aug 1876circa Nov 1938John CassellDiana Watson
Gertrude AnastasiaCassidycirca 1908
Josephine Phyllis E.Cater12 Apr 1906Sep 1982
FrankCatley5 Feb 1907circa Feb 1975
Mary Henrietta B.Catliffbetween 1866 and 1867after 1911
Ernest Lawrence P.Catt22 Mar 1916circa May 1974Percival CattEmily Ellen Tugwell
PercivalCatt4 Dec 1894
Betty WinifredCaunt18 Dec 1918Jan 2000
ElizabethCauson4 Jan 1898
CharlesCavalierbetween 1863 and 1864circa May 1929
SarahCavebefore 1796
AliceCavellbefore 1859
PercyCaviganbefore 1891
Leslie H.Cawkwellbefore 1927
Frederick GeorgeCawsey13 Oct 18956 Nov 1965
William JohnCazaly18 Mar 1923Apr 2002
LilyChadwickbefore 1901
Frederick CharlesChalk2 Jun 18878 Sep 1943
Frederick Henry C.Chalk7 Dec 1917Oct 2001Frederick Charles ChalkLouisa Alice Elizabeth Ansell
Joan SybilChalk11 Jun 1920circa Aug 1969Frederick Charles ChalkLouisa Alice Elizabeth Ansell
Leonard Arthur WilliamChalk15 Oct 1916circa May 1990Frederick Charles ChalkLouisa Alice Elizabeth Ansell
MaryChalkbefore 1739
Olive LouiseChalk17 Nov 1913Aug 1986Frederick Charles ChalkLouisa Alice Elizabeth Ansell
SarahChalkbefore 1742
FannyChallenbetween 1832 and 1833
MariaChallenbetween 1821 and 1822
JoaneChalonerbefore 1580
Francis MartinChamberlainbetween 1811 and 1812circa May 1870
Lilian H.Chamberlain23 Feb 1897
AliceChambers11 Sep 1897circa May 1978
Elsie A.Chambersbefore 1916
Albert William V.Chandler25 Apr 1909Jan 1985
EmilyChandler10 May 1885circa Feb 1957
Frank WilliamChandler9 Jun 188520 Mar 1944
Richard GodfreyChandler9 Jun 187414 Jul 1959
Sarah JaneChandlerbetween 1855 and 1856
ThomasChandler1867circa Nov 1900
Hilda MollyChannon24 Jun 19137 Nov 2001
EllenChant1 Sep 1886circa Feb 1957
Christian WilliamChantlercirca May 186713 Jun 1938
Christian WilliamChantler23 May 1896circa Aug 1973Christian William ChantlerMary Ansell
JohnChantlerbetween 1688 and 1708after 1728
JohnChantler18 Jun 1728after 1760John Chantler
John Alexander AnsellChantler1 Mar 19227 Apr 1945John Hohman ChantlerEveline May Barrance
John HohmanChantler28 Jul 1888circa Nov 1973Christian William ChantlerMary Ansell
John WilliamChantler20 Aug 1930circa Aug 1958Christian William ChantlerEdith Thornton
MaryChantlerbefore 21 Dec 1755John ChantlerMary (?)
Mary TheodoraChantler11 Feb 1898circa Feb 1979Christian William ChantlerMary Ansell
Richard HallChantlerApr 1893Apr 1894Christian William ChantlerMary Ansell
SarahChantler28 Sep 1760Oct 1830John ChantlerMary (?)
Jessie ElizabethChaplin19 Apr 1884
John CyrilChaplinbefore 1929after 1965
AgnesChapman17 Jan 1914Ascot ChapmanNellie Connelly
Agnes Annie LouisaChapman13 Apr 187627 May 1949William ChapmanEliza Ball
Alice MaryChapman5 Oct 185720 Jun 1944
AscotChapman17 Aug 1883circa Nov 1959William ChapmanEliza Ball
AscotChapman14 Jun 1909after 1939Ascot ChapmanNellie Connelly
AskettChapmancirca Nov 1902circa Feb 1929William John ChapmanEllen Margaret Currie
Charles EdwinChapman1 May 1915circa Feb 1974Ernest ChapmanEmily Irene Read
Clifford FrancisChapman1 May 1909Jun 1992William John ChapmanEllen Margaret Currie
DoreenChapman6 Jun 1926Sep 2000Ascot ChapmanNellie Connelly
EleanorChapman11 Dec 1921Ascot ChapmanNellie Connelly
ElizaChapmancirca Feb 1908Ascot ChapmanNellie Connelly
ElizabethChapmanbefore 1745
Elsie FlorenceChapmancirca Nov 1913Harry Charles ChapmanFlorence Alice Sebbage
Emily ElizaChapman23 Nov 1879after 1939William ChapmanEliza Ball
ErnestChapmanbetween 1886 and 1887
Ernest ReginaldChapman8 Jan 1914Sep 1993Ernest ChapmanEmily Irene Read
FrankChapman4 Mar 1885circa May 1949William ChapmanEliza Ball
FrankChapman16 Oct 1923Oct 1999Frank ChapmanAda Elizabeth Jones
HarrietChapmanbetween 1843 and 1844
Harry CharlesChapmanbefore 1889
JosephChapmancirca Nov 1910William John ChapmanEllen Margaret Currie
Lilian AliceChapmancirca Aug 1905William John ChapmanEllen Margaret Currie
Mabel MinnieChapman23 Aug 1906Oct 1994William John ChapmanEllen Margaret Currie
MaryChapmanbefore 1769
Mary AnnChapmancirca Feb 1878after 1891William ChapmanEliza Ball
Mary AnnChapmancirca Nov 1911Ascot ChapmanNellie Connelly
StellaChapman22 Apr 1895Jan 1993William ChapmanEliza Ball
StellaChapmancirca Feb 1908William John ChapmanEllen Margaret Currie
WalterChapmancirca May 1891after 1901William ChapmanEliza Ball
WilliamChapmanbetween 1853 and 1854
William CharlesChapman18 May 1916Jul 1992Frank ChapmanAda Elizabeth Jones
William FrederickChapmancirca Feb 1904William John ChapmanEllen Margaret Currie
William JohnChapmancirca Feb 1882after 1911William ChapmanEliza Ball
RoseChappellbetween 1880 and 1881
GladysChard5 Jan 1902
Lilian GraceChard7 Feb 1905circa May 1973
AlfredCharlescirca Aug 1867after 1881Stephen CharlesHarriet Puttick
AliceCharlescirca Feb 1866between 1911 and 1939Stephen CharlesHarriet Puttick
AnnieCharlescirca Aug 1869after 1891Stephen CharlesHarriet Puttick
Caroline EmilyCharles23 Apr 1878circa Aug 1941Stephen CharlesHarriet Puttick
ElizabethCharlescirca May 1880after 1901Stephen CharlesHarriet Puttick
GeorgeCharlescirca Feb 1874after 1891Stephen CharlesHarriet Puttick
HarriettCharles3 Jun 1872circa Aug 1957Stephen CharlesHarriet Puttick
HarryCharles11 Apr 1876circa Feb 1957Stephen CharlesHarriet Puttick
Leonard JohnCharles14 Apr 1908circa Aug 1981Harry CharlesEmily Leonard
Louie EdithCharles23 Jul 188327 Feb 1955Stephen CharlesHarriet Puttick
Minnie LucyCharles2 Aug 1881circa Nov 1967Stephen CharlesHarriet Puttick
Robert HarryCharles2 Sep 19052 Aug 1958Harry CharlesEmily Leonard
StephenCharlesbetween 1840 and 1841circa Feb 1895William CharlesAnn (?)
WilliamCharlesbetween 1800 and 1820
SydneyCharlesworthbetween 1866 and 1867circa Nov 1927William Charlesworth
Sydney AustinCharlesworth17 Feb 1902Apr 1991Sydney CharlesworthEdith Alice Goff
WilliamCharlesworthbefore 1846before 1893
William StanleyCharlesworthcirca May 1895circa May 1941Sydney CharlesworthEdith Alice Goff
AnneCharlwoodbetween 1656 and 1672after 10 Jun 1696
ArthurCharman26 Dec 1877circa Nov 1956
CarolineCharman27 Jan 1863circa Aug 1958Edward CharmanCaroline Wells
EdwardCharmanbefore 1838
EmmaCharmanbetween 1868 and 1869
Evelyn NorahCharman3 Nov 1896
HannahCharmanbetween 1810 and 1811circa May 1879
KateCharman22 Mar 1859circa Feb 1944Edward CharmanCaroline Wells
RoseCharman10 Nov 1906
William ArthurCharman28 Apr 1907circa May 1982Arthur CharmanMary Jane Worsfold
JamesChartbefore 1722
JamesChartbefore 30 Apr 1742Mar 1817James ChartPriscilla Parsons
JamesChartbefore 12 Feb 1775James ChartCatherine Roberts
JaneChartbetween 1822 and 1824Nov 1907
JohnChartbefore 18 Feb 1781James ChartCatherine Roberts
MarthaChart1776Apr 1850James ChartCatherine Roberts
Beatrice AnnieCharterscirca Oct 1910Edward John Froude ChartersAnnie Agnes Greep
Bessie FlorenceCharters29 Nov 1895circa Feb 1970Joseph Knight ChartersMary Ann Cruwys
Edward John FroudeCharters2 Oct 1887circa Feb 1976Joseph Knight ChartersMary Ann Cruwys
Francis Edward JohnCharters3 Jan 1913Edward John Froude ChartersAnnie Agnes Greep
JohnCharters17 Dec 1892circa Feb 1983Joseph Knight ChartersMary Ann Cruwys
Joseph JohnCharters13 Feb 1915Mar 1983Edward John Froude ChartersAnnie Agnes Greep
Joseph KnightChartersbetween 1847 and 1848circa Feb 1916
MaryCharterscirca Aug 1884after 1911Joseph Knight ChartersMary Ann Cruwys
Ronald SamuelCharterscirca Feb 1917Edward John Froude ChartersAnnie Agnes Greep
Sarah JaneCharters15 Mar 1890circa Aug 1975Joseph Knight ChartersMary Ann Cruwys
WilliamChasemorebetween 1799 and 1800
AmyChatfieldbefore 1622after 1651
Annie IsabelChatfield22 Jan 1900Apr 1984
Bessie JeanetteChatfieldbetween 1879 and 188029 Jan 1957
AlbertCheesemore15 Oct 1891circa Nov 1956George CheesemoreMary Jane Lassam
AlfredCheesemore22 Mar 1863circa May 1949George ChesemereEliza Puttock
AlfredCheesemorecirca Nov 1893after 1911George CheesemoreMary Jane Lassam
Alfred ThomasCheesemore21 Jun 1896Jun 1980Alfred CheesemoreDorcas Hall
AllanCheesemore15 Mar 1905circa Nov 1980Nathan CheesemoreAgnes Ellen Jeal
AmosCheesemore21 Jan 1888circa Aug 1969George CheesemoreMary Jane Lassam
AmyCheesemorecirca Nov 1882after 1911Henry CheesmoreJane Henley
ArchibaldCheesemorebetween 1883 and 1884after 1901
Archibald HerbertCheesemorecirca Feb 1893
ArthurCheesemorecirca May 1890after 1901George CheesemoreMary Jane Lassam
Arthur FrankCheesemoreafter 1933before 2008Arthur George CheesemoreMabel Lovesy
Arthur GeorgeCheesemorecirca Feb 191227 Apr 2004Amos CheesemoreEllen Brown
BenjaminCheesemorecirca Aug 18876 Jun 1916William CheesmoreEllen Wood
Edith GraceCheesemore21 May 1898Dec 1989Alfred CheesemoreDorcas Hall
Eileen GladysCheesemore3 Dec 1919Mar 1999Albert CheesemoreAnnie E. Bates
Elsie MayCheesemorecirca Aug 1902George CheesemoreMary Jane Lassam
EthelCheesemorecirca Feb 1897circa Nov 1891Alfred CheesemoreDorcas Hall
FlorenceCheesemore22 Apr 1882after 1939William CheesmoreEllen Wood
FrederickCheesemorecirca Sep 1890after 1911Frederick CheesmoreCatherine Knight
GeorgeCheesemorecirca Nov 1861circa May 1939George ChesemereEliza Puttock
GeorgeCheesemorecirca May 1886after 1901George CheesemoreMary Jane Lassam
HarrietCheesemorecirca Nov 1878circa Feb 1879William CheesmoreEllen Wood
HenryCheesemore27 Feb 1885circa May 1975William CheesmoreEllen Wood
JohnCheesemore20 Dec 1881circa May 1954Frederick CheesmoreCatherine Knight
John ThomasCheesemore17 Jan 1896circa Aug 1974George CheesemoreMary Jane Lassam
KateCheesemore6 Oct 1879after 1891Frederick CheesmoreCatherine Knight
NathanCheesemore30 Jul 1878circa Aug 1951Henry CheesmoreJane Henley
Olive LouisaCheesemorecirca Feb 1895circa Nov 1963Alfred CheesemoreDorcas Hall
PercyCheesemore26 Nov 1907circa Nov 1979Nathan CheesemoreAgnes Ellen Jeal
Sarah AnnCheesemorecirca Aug 1885Frederick CheesmoreCatherine Knight
ThomasCheesemorecirca Aug 186522 Oct 1942George ChesemereEliza Puttock
Winifred FaithCheesemore12 Jun 1912after 1942Nathan CheesemoreAgnes Ellen Jeal
AaronCheesman8 Dec 1845Oct 1927William CheesmanMary Ann Spinks
Ada AliceCheesmancirca May 18641940Edward CheesmanEllen Lindfield
Albert EdwardCheesmancirca Aug 1877circa Nov 1910Frederick CheesmanElizabeth Robinson
Albert EdwardCheesman24 Jun 19043 Jan 1965Albert Edward CheesmanAnnie Harbert
Albert WilliamCheesman29 May 1907Jun 1988Harry CheesmanEmma Louisa Blunt
Alfred ErnestCheesman21 Jun 1882circa Nov 1946Frederick CheesmanElizabeth Robinson
Alfred ErnestCheesmancirca Aug 1907circa Nov 1908Alfred Ernest CheesmanEmma Maria Williams
Alfred HarryCheesman28 Dec 1868circa Nov 1951Aaron CheesmanEmma Akers
AnnCheesmanbefore 29 May 1721Henry CheesmanAnne Foord
AnnCheesmanbefore 4 Sep 1798Robert CheesmanElizabeth Frances
AnnCheesman1830circa Nov 1909William CheesmanMary Ann Spinks
Annie BeatriceCheesman17 Dec 1917Mar 1993Alfred Ernest CheesmanEmma Maria Williams
ArthurCheesman27 Apr 1909circa May 1968Harry CheesmanEmma Louisa Blunt
Arthur ErnestCheesman15 Oct 1909Jul 1988Alfred Ernest CheesmanEmma Maria Williams
Arthur George CharlesCheesmancirca Nov 1865before 1911Frederick CheesmanElizabeth Robinson
Arthur PercyCheesman10 Sep 187614 Mar 1959Aaron CheesmanEmma Akers
BessieCheesman14 Oct 1887after 1910Frederick William CheesmanSarah Williams
BetsyCheesman1837circa Aug 1921William CheesmanMary Ann Spinks
BettyCheesmanbefore 19 Jan 1748Robert CheesmanElizabeth Linfield
Bryan AllanCheesman25 Apr 193220 Oct 2013William Edwin CheesmanPhyllis Louis King
CatherineCheesmanbefore 29 Nov 1795Robert CheesmanElizabeth Frances
CharlesCheesman1833after 1911William CheesmanMary Ann Spinks
CharlesCheesman2 Sep 18715 Nov 1958Charles CheesmanSarah Read
Charles FrederickCheesman13 Aug 191519 Oct 1955Alfred Ernest CheesmanEmma Maria Williams
Charles HarryCheesman13 Mar 1907after 1939Albert Edward CheesmanAnnie Harbert
Constance KathleenCheesman15 Apr 1916Mar 2003Harry CheesmanEmma Louisa Blunt
Daisy MaryCheesman3 Jan 1911circa Feb 1957William CheesmanRose Alice Ongley
Danielle GayCheesman19631964Stanley George CheesmanEileen May Hafemeister
Doris WinifredCheesman7 Aug 191713 Dec 2001Edward Stanley CheesmanEmma Jane Henley
Dorothy EthelCheesman27 Oct 1911Mar 2000William Frederick CheesmanLouise Goodchild
Dorothy MarionCheesman16 Jul 1890after 1927George Charles CheesmanEleanor Rebecca Gibbs
Douglas VictorCheesman30 Mar 1918Dec 1988Arthur Percy CheesmanLillie Jane Edwards
Edna E.Cheesmancirca May 1920Alfred Ernest CheesmanEmma Maria Williams
EdwardCheesmanbefore 10 Jun 1696Henry CheesmanAnne Charlwood
EdwardCheesmanbefore 17 Feb 1717Henry CheesmanAnne Foord
EdwardCheesman26 Jan 183910 Jul 1899William CheesmanMary Ann Spinks
Edward JohnCheesman18 Sep 1865circa Nov 1865Edward CheesmanEllen Lindfield
Edward PaynterCheesman25 Oct 19083 Sep 1963Herbert John CheesmanEdith Paynter
Edward StanleyCheesmancirca Nov 1886circa 1963George Charles CheesmanEleanor Rebecca Gibbs
ElizabethCheesmanbefore 24 Dec 1793Robert CheesmanElizabeth Frances
Elizabeth Annie MaudCheesmancirca Feb 1872after 1912Aaron CheesmanEmma Akers
Elizabeth JosephineCheesman28 Oct 187015 Nov 1957Frederick CheesmanElizabeth Robinson
Elsie LilianCheesmancirca Aug 1898circa Aug 1902George Luke CheesmanMina Gordon
Emily ElsieCheesman1892George Charles CheesmanEleanor Rebecca Gibbs
Emily Nellie RosinaCheesmancirca May 1879after 1901Aaron CheesmanEmma Akers
Ernest EntwistleCheesman21 Sep 1898circa Feb 1983Charles CheesmanGrace Lizzie Davies
Ernest FrederickCheesmancirca May 1889after 1891Frederick CheesmanElizabeth Robinson
Eva DaisyCheesmancirca Nov 1887George Charles CheesmanEleanor Rebecca Gibbs
FannyCheesmanbetween 1853 and 1854May 1861Robert James CheesmanCharlotte Thorpe
Florence MayCheesman16 Jan 190726 May 2001William CheesmanRose Alice Ongley
Florence RoseCheesmancirca Oct 1910circa May 1911Harry CheesmanEmma Louisa Blunt
FrancesCheesmanbefore 2 Mar 1806Robert CheesmanElizabeth Frances
FrederickCheesman183416 Feb 1919William CheesmanMary Ann Spinks
Frederick GeorgeCheesmancirca Aug 1881circa Feb 1891Aaron CheesmanEmma Akers
Frederick HarryCheesmancirca Aug 189931 May 1967Harry CheesmanEmma Louisa Blunt
Frederick WilliamCheesman5 Jan 1864circa Feb 1950Frederick CheesmanElizabeth Robinson
Geoffrey DavidCheesman11 Oct 1919Oct 2000Arthur Percy CheesmanLillie Jane Edwards
GeorgeCheesmanbefore 10 Apr 1716Henry CheesmanAnne Foord
GeorgeCheesmanbefore 13 Aug 1789Robert CheesmanElizabeth Frances
GeorgeCheesmanbetween 1828 and 1829William CheesmanMary Ann Spinks
GeorgeCheesmanbefore 1900after 1918Frederick William CheesmanSarah Williams
GeorgeCheesman28 Jul 1912circa Feb 1966Harry CheesmanEmma Louisa Blunt
George CharlesCheesman5 Jun 186021 Jun 1945Edward CheesmanEllen Lindfield
George LukeCheesmancirca May 1868circa May 1903Frederick CheesmanElizabeth Robinson
George VictorCheesman6 Oct 1908circa May 1978Albert Edward CheesmanAnnie Harbert
HarryCheesman20 Sep 187215 Nov 1946Frederick CheesmanElizabeth Robinson
HenryCheesmanbetween 1651 and 1671after 10 Jun 1696
HenryCheesman28 Mar 1692Jun 1763Henry CheesmanAnne Charlwood
HenryCheesmanbefore 10 Aug 1746Aug 1746Robert CheesmanElizabeth Linfield
HenryCheesmanbetween 1830 and 1831Aug 1856William CheesmanMary Ann Spinks
Herbert JohnCheesman8 Apr 1883Oct 1940Aaron CheesmanEmma Akers
Hubert CecilCheesman18 Jan 1892circa Nov 1955Frederick William CheesmanSarah Williams
Ivy MayCheesmancirca Feb 1906circa Aug 1944Alfred Ernest CheesmanEmma Maria Williams
Joan MarionCheesman21 Feb 1923Apr 1993Alfred Ernest CheesmanEmma Maria Williams
JohnCheesmanbefore 3 Nov 1782Robert CheesmanElizabeth Frances
JohnCheesmancirca Aug 1841Dec 1862William CheesmanMary Ann Spinks
Lilian EleanorCheesman18821965George Charles CheesmanEleanor Rebecca Gibbs
Lilian ElizabethCheesman18 Feb 1901before 1987Harry CheesmanEmma Louisa Blunt
Lilian MaudCheesmancirca Feb 1903after 1926George Luke CheesmanMina Gordon
Lilly KateCheesmancirca Feb 1874after 1891Aaron CheesmanEmma Akers
Louisa P.Cheesman19 Apr 1900
LucyCheesmanbefore 14 Jan 1805Robert CheesmanElizabeth Frances
maleCheesmanbefore 5 Mar 1854Robert James CheesmanCharlotte Thorpe
Margaret AdaCheesmancirca Feb 1884after 1911George Charles CheesmanEleanor Rebecca Gibbs
MaryCheesmanbefore 9 Dec 1718Henry CheesmanAnne Foord
MaryCheesmanbefore 11 Nov 1750Sep 1755Robert CheesmanElizabeth Linfield
MaryCheesmanbefore 7 Nov 1784Robert CheesmanElizabeth Frances
MaryCheesmancirca May 1897after 1920Frederick William CheesmanSarah Williams
Mary AnnCheesmanbefore 5 Sep 1856circa Jul 1860Robert James CheesmanCharlotte Thorpe
Masie GraceCheesman2 Oct 1910Apr 2002Charles CheesmanGrace Lizzie Davies
NellieCheesmancirca Jun 1895circa May 1896George Charles CheesmanEleanor Rebecca Gibbs
NellieCheesman23 Jan 1912Alfred Ernest CheesmanEmma Maria Williams
Rebecca JohnsonCheesman18204 Dec 1879William CheesmanMary Johnson
RobertCheesman16 May 1722Apr 1800Henry CheesmanAnne Foord
RobertCheesmanbefore 21 Mar 1756Apr 1831Robert CheesmanElizabeth Linfield
RobertCheesmanbefore 1 Jul 1787Robert CheesmanElizabeth Frances
Robert JamesCheesman1826circa Feb 1856William CheesmanMary Ann Spinks
Robert StanleyCheesman194720 Apr 1978Stanley George CheesmanDoreen (?)
Rose Alice TheodosiaCheesman7 Dec 189923 Jun 1986William CheesmanRose Alice Ongley
RosemarieCheesman2 Apr 1933circa Aug 1948Arthur CheesmanMarie Alice Fisher
SarahCheesman179123 Dec 1858Robert CheesmanElizabeth Frances
StanleyCheesman2 Apr 1933circa Nov 1999Arthur CheesmanMarie Alice Fisher
Stanley GeorgeCheesman23 Dec 19145 Feb 2008Edward Stanley CheesmanEmma Jane Henley
Stanley RichardCheesman6 Nov 1901circa Nov 1971George Luke CheesmanMina Gordon
ThomasCheesmancirca 1837after 1891William CheesmanMary Ann Spinks
VeraCheesman5 Jan 19247 Nov 2016Hubert Cecil CheesmanSybil Elizabeth Endacott
Vera OliveCheesman17 Jan 1915Jan 2005Alfred Ernest CheesmanEmma Maria Williams
WilliamCheesmanbefore 1782
WilliamCheesman2 Jul 18028 Nov 1879Robert CheesmanElizabeth Frances
WilliamCheesman15 Jul 1827Sep 1827William CheesmanMary Ann Spinks
WilliamCheesmanbetween 1835 and 1836William CheesmanMary Ann Spinks
WilliamCheesman21 Apr 1868circa Nov 1868Charles CheesmanSarah Read
WilliamCheesmanbetween 1869 and 1870before 1881Aaron CheesmanEmma Akers
WilliamCheesman16 May 187510 Nov 1957Frederick CheesmanElizabeth Robinson
William CharlesCheesman22 Jul 1904circa Feb 1951William CheesmanRose Alice Ongley
William EdwinCheesmancirca Feb 190629 Mar 1935Albert Edward CheesmanAnnie Harbert
William FrederickCheesmanbetween 1886 and 1887circa Feb 1953Frederick William CheesmanSarah Williams
Winifred MinaCheesmancirca Aug 1896George Charles CheesmanEleanor Rebecca Gibbs
Kathleen MaryCheesmer3 Nov 191012 Jan 2013Amos CheesemoreEllen Brown
Alfred ThomasCheesmorecirca Aug 189827 Dec 1917Thomas CheesemoreHarriet Francis
AliceCheesmorecirca Nov 1876after 1911William CheesmoreEllen Wood
AmosCheesmore11 Aug 186717 Apr 1957George ChesemereEliza Puttock
ArchibaldCheesmorecirca May 1902after 1911Nathan CheesemoreAgnes Ellen Jeal
Archibald HerbertCheesmore23 Dec 1882circa May 1947Amos CheesmoreAlice Eliza Wise
Dorothy Winifred MayCheesmore1 May 1906Mar 1990George CheesmoreAnnie Whiting
Edith ElizaCheesmorecirca Nov 1895Frederick CheesmoreCatherine Knight
ErnestCheesmorecirca May 1908George CheesemoreMary Jane Lassam
Florence NellieCheesmore19 Mar 1895circa Aug 1971Thomas CheesemoreHarriet Francis
FredCheesmore1 Jan 1915circa Aug 1974Nathan CheesemoreAgnes Ellen Jeal
FrederickCheesmorecirca Jan 1852circa Feb 1929George ChesemereEliza Puttock
GeorgeCheesmorecirca Aug 1874circa Nov 1956William CheesmoreEllen Wood
Harold AlbertCheesmore18 Aug 189524 Jul 1954Amos CheesmoreAlice Eliza Wise
HelenCheesmoreafter 1911Nathan CheesemoreAgnes Ellen Jeal
HenryCheesmorecirca Feb 1850circa Feb 1911George ChesemereEliza Puttock
Hilda KateCheesmorecirca Jan 1901before 1911Amos CheesmoreAlice Eliza Wise
Ivy FlorenceCheesmore24 Dec 1904Mar 1987Amos CheesmoreAlice Eliza Wise
JamesCheesmorecirca Aug 1855after 1901George ChesemereEliza Puttock
JamesCheesmore25 Nov 189825 Jan 1964George CheesemoreMary Jane Lassam
Kathleen GraceCheesmore12 Aug 1921circa Feb 1982Nathan CheesemoreAgnes Ellen Jeal
Lois WinifredCheesmore19 Jun 1898circa Feb 1983Thomas CheesemoreHarriet Francis
Mabel AnnieCheesmore17 Dec 1900Aug 1986George CheesmoreAnnie Whiting
Mary AnnCheesmorecirca Nov 1869after 1911George ChesemereEliza Puttock
Miriam JaneCheesmore8 Jul 1888circa May 1972Frederick CheesmoreCatherine Knight
NaomiCheesmore30 Apr 1875circa May 1940Henry CheesmoreJane Henley
Nellie MayCheesmore3 Aug 1916Mar 1995Nathan CheesemoreAgnes Ellen Jeal
Noreen JaneCheesmore10 Jan 1931Oct 2005William CheesmoreAnnie Mulhall
Olive RoseCheesmore23 May 1919Dec 1991Nathan CheesemoreAgnes Ellen Jeal
Phyllis BarbaraCheesmore21 Apr 19361952Percy CheesemoreHelen Gibbs
Ronald DouglasCheesmore10 Jun 1922circa Feb 1979Harold Albert CheesmoreFlorence Diplock
Rose FlorenceCheesmore17 May 1903Mar 1996George CheesmoreAnnie Whiting
RosinaCheesmorecirca Aug 1873before 1881William CheesmoreEllen Wood
RosinaCheesmorecirca Feb 1878Frederick CheesmoreCatherine Knight
Royston AmosCheesmore22 Aug 1934Sep 1982Archibald Herbert CheesmoreNancy Winifred Robertson
Thomas FrederickCheesmore12 Jun 1909circa Nov 1971John CheesemoreEthel Tanner
TobyCheesmoreafter 1911Nathan CheesemoreAgnes Ellen Jeal
WilliamCheesmorecirca Nov 1853circa Feb 1937George ChesemereEliza Puttock
WilliamCheesmore25 Dec 1903circa Feb 1973Nathan CheesemoreAgnes Ellen Jeal
AliceChennell19 Jun 1908Dec 1998Thomas ChennellMilly Roberts
ArthurChennell17 Nov 1911Aug 1986Thomas ChennellMilly Roberts
BeatriceChennell20 Feb 1920Aug 2001Thomas ChennellMilly Roberts
FrankChennell12 Mar 1910circa Feb 1983Thomas ChennellMilly Roberts
KateChennell20 Sep 1905after 1939Thomas ChennellMilly Roberts
PercyChennell30 Jul 1915Jan 1988Thomas ChennellMilly Roberts
ThomasChennellcirca Feb 18799 Feb 1952
Edward WalterCherriman11 Sep 1906circa May 1972Walter Henry CherrimanAgnes Eliza Puttock
HenryCherrimanbetween 1823 and 1824
Kathleen FrancesCherriman18 Oct 1903Mar 1984Walter Henry CherrimanAgnes Eliza Puttock
Walter HenryCherriman1 Feb 1867Henry CherrimanFanny (?)
GeorgeChesemere1827circa Feb 1905William ChasemoreEsther (?)
Alec DavidChesmercirca May 1921Amos CheesemoreEllen Brown
Henry JamesChesmer10 Feb 1923circa Feb 1976Amos CheesemoreEllen Brown
AnnChesmorecirca Nov 1879after 1911William CheesmoreEllen Wood
FannyChesmorebetween 1874 and 1875after 1881Frederick CheesmoreCatherine Knight
HarriettChesmore28 Nov 1857circa Nov 1943George ChesemereEliza Puttock
Willie Frederick G.Chess19 May 1911
LilyChewter1 Feb 1885circa Feb 1941
Lester MarvinChezem1 Jun 190417 Jul 1982
Marvin EugeneChezem11 Oct 192619 Nov 1987Lester Marvin ChezemDorothy Alice Ongley
Catherine A.Chick12 Jan 1891circa Aug 1950
IvorChilcott18 Jul 1906circa Aug 1976
Claudia AnnChild25 Jul 19392009
Dorothy GertrudeChild28 Jul 1894circa Aug 1978
Lily PeggyChild1 Jun 1921Jan 1995
Ramon MorleyChild9 Jul 19235 Mar 2006
AlfredChilds1840circa Aug 1905Henry ChildsAnn (?)
AnnChilds15 Jun 186724 Jan 1947Alfred ChildsEmily Dowlen
Ernest AlfredChilds21 Jul 187630 Dec 1945Alfred ChildsEmily Dowlen
HenryChildsbefore 1820
KateChilds24 Dec 1862circa Feb 1947Alfred ChildsEmily Dowlen
MinnieChildscirca Feb 1869circa Nov 1924Alfred ChildsEmily Dowlen
Inez EdithChinchen24 Jun 1911Mar 1993Percival Arthur ChinchenJessie Mary Hobden
Percival ArthurChinchenbetween 1880 and 1881circa Feb 1916
ElizaChismorecirca Feb 1860after 1881George ChesemereEliza Puttock
SarahChitty21 Oct 1907circa Aug 1975
Cecil Arthur F.Chowncirca Aug 1894circa Feb 1930
John WilliamChown16 May 1924Dec 1991Cecil Arthur F. ChownAda Bish
David BarryChrisp18 Feb 19233 Oct 1996
Engrid MarieChristensen13 Mar 18948 May 1964
George JulusChristensenbefore 1873
Stella BerthaChristensen28 Jun 189316 Jan 1990George Julus ChristensenMary Swenson
Clara Kathleen RosaChristian12 Nov 1899circa Nov 1980William Henry ChristianClara Gillam
Florence AdelaideChristiancirca Feb 1893circa Nov 1934William Henry ChristianClara Gillam
Grace HildaChristian9 Sep 1903circa Feb 1981William Henry ChristianClara Gillam
Margaret AdaChristian25 Jun 190216 Aug 1943William Henry ChristianClara Gillam
William DennisChristiancirca Aug 1894after 1911William Henry ChristianClara Gillam
William HenryChristiancirca Feb 1867circa May 1925
Winifred VioletChristian9 Mar 1906circa Nov 1956William Henry ChristianClara Gillam
Denis J.Christiecirca Nov 1934circa Feb 1935James ChristieFlorence Adelaide Christian
Donald Henry M.Christie5 Jun 1926Dec 1994James ChristieFlorence Adelaide Christian
JamesChristie6 Jan 1895circa Nov 1978
LaurenceChristie22 Aug 1929May 2001James ChristieFlorence Adelaide Christian
SarahChristmasbetween 1860 and 1861William ChristmasLucy (?)
WilliamChristmasbetween 1806 and 1807
Daisy HelenaChristopher29 Dec 188216 May 1962
Clarice LouiseChubb13 Aug 1913Apr 1991
ErnestChurcher30 Dec 1891
Violet JessieChurcher10 Apr 192329 Nov 2012Ernest ChurcherEdith Violet Stoner
Kate CharlotteChurches28 Feb 1877circa Aug 1964
ElizabethChurchill4 Mar 1821
ThomasChurchillbefore 1833
ThomasChurchillbetween 1853 and 1854before 1891Thomas Churchill
Beatrice AnnieChurchley23 Dec 1896Apr 1989Robert William ChurchleyAnnie Presland
Edith MaryChurchleycirca Nov 1877after 1901Robert ChurchleySusan Monk
Elsie SusanChurchley23 Jun 1902Nov 1991Robert William ChurchleyAnnie Presland
Ernest StephenChurchley7 Aug 188211 Jun 1956Robert ChurchleySusan Monk
GeorgeChurchleybefore 1825
George HenryChurchley6 Oct 187923 Aug 1941Robert ChurchleySusan Monk
Mabel EdithChurchley23 Jul 1904Oct 2000Robert William ChurchleyAnnie Presland
RobertChurchleybetween 1845 and 1846circa Feb 1925George Churchley
Robert ErnestChurchley29 Apr 1899circa Nov 1973Robert William ChurchleyAnnie Presland
Robert WilliamChurchleycirca May 18758 May 1939Robert ChurchleySusan Monk
Vera DorothyChurchleycirca Jul 1910circa Feb 1922George Henry ChurchleyGrace Winifred Midgley
ArthurChuter4 Apr 1901circa Nov 1980
Victor ErnestChuter15 Apr 1922Sep 2000Arthur ChuterMarian Gertrude Lake
EmmaClarence18511 Jul 1942
MaryClaringbullbefore 167125 Apr 1740
Charlotte MaryClark15 Jan 1892
Edith AnnieClark9 Oct 188113 Aug 1963
EmmaClarkcirca Aug 184930 Jul 1876John Clark
Fanny RoseClark1879
GladysClark13 Dec 1889
JohnClarkbefore 1829
LouisaClark8 Mar 1872
MaryClarkcirca 18525 Feb 1878
MercyClarkbefore 1811
Sibyl RosinaClark14 Apr 1912circa Nov 1977
Winston BoydClarkbefore 1911
AnnClarkebetween 1834 and 1835
Charles WilliamClarkebefore 1968
Doris MayClarke11 May 1906Oct 1990
DorothyClarke15 Oct 1899Aug 1988William George ClarkeMary Ann Harris
Dorothy SarahClarkecirca Nov 1904Herbert Osborne ClarkeKate Staden
ElizabethClarkebefore 18 Apr 1779John ClarkeMary Roberts
Ellen CravenClarkebetween 1871 and 1872
Ernest HenryClarkecirca May 1912Henry ClarkeEllen Lydia Lindfield
Ethel ConstanceClarkecirca Aug 1888Herbert Osborne ClarkeKate Staden
Ethel NaomiClarke15 Mar 1918Feb 2003Robert Ernest ClarkeAmelia Helen Harber
Ethel RubyClarke14 Jan 1917circa Aug 1969
Frank R. T.Clarkebefore 1907
Frederick GeorgeClarkecirca Aug 1897between 1914 and 1918William George ClarkeMary Ann Harris
GeorginaClarke3 Apr 1864circa May 1943
HannahClarkebefore 18 Apr 1779circa Apr 1781John ClarkeMary Roberts
Harold Leonard StanleyClarkecirca Feb 191617 Jan 1958Robert Ernest ClarkeAmelia Helen Harber
Helen ElizabethClarkecirca Feb 1909Robert Ernest ClarkeAmelia Helen Harber
HenryClarkebetween 1883 and 1884
Herbert LeslieClarkecirca Dec 1900Herbert Osborne ClarkeKate Staden
Herbert OsborneClarkecirca Nov 1864circa Aug 1921Thomas T. ClarkeSarah (?)
Hilda MayClarkecirca Aug 1893Herbert Osborne ClarkeKate Staden
Ivy StadenClarke12 Feb 1898circa May 1972Herbert Osborne ClarkeKate Staden
JamesClarkebefore 10 Jan 1777circa Oct 1777John ClarkeMary Roberts
JamesClarkebefore 12 Sep 1786John ClarkeMary Roberts
JamesClarkebefore 1902
James W.Clarkebefore 1911
Jason GregoryClarke24 Oct 198414 Feb 1988
JohnClarkebefore 1753
JohnClarkebefore 31 Dec 1774John ClarkeMary Roberts
John GeorgeClarkecirca May 1907Henry ClarkeEllen Lydia Lindfield
KateClarkebetween 1867 and 1868
Leonard StadenClarkecirca Feb 1887circa Aug 1887Herbert Osborne ClarkeKate Staden
Mabel KateClarkecirca May 1890Herbert Osborne ClarkeKate Staden
MaryClarkebefore 10 Jan 1777John ClarkeMary Roberts
Robert ErnestClarke16 Aug 1879circa Feb 1958
Robert Thomas JamesClarke18 Aug 1905circa Feb 1975Robert Ernest ClarkeAmelia Helen Harber
SarahClarkebefore 2 May 1773John ClarkeMary Roberts
ThomasClarkebefore 21 Nov 1784John ClarkeMary Roberts
Thomas CharlesClarkecirca May 1892Herbert Osborne ClarkeKate Staden
Thomas T.Clarkebetween 1839 and 1840
WilliamClarke1826before 1891
William AlfredClarkecirca Aug 1909Henry ClarkeEllen Lydia Lindfield
William CharlesClarkebetween 1896 and 189713 Nov 1916William George ClarkeMary Ann Harris
William GeorgeClarke1859circa Aug 1932William ClarkeMary Ann Ellis
Winifred AgnesClarkecirca Feb 1896Herbert Osborne ClarkeKate Staden
Alice ElsieClarvis3 Nov 1905May 1986
LouisaClaxtoncirca Nov 1872
Albert EdwardClaydoncirca Sep 1890after 1924Albert John ClaydonEllen Fullex
Albert JohnClaydonbetween 1866 and 1867
Dora EthelClaydon11 Jan 19142 Apr 2008Walter ClaydonEthel May Guy
Edith EllenClaydoncirca Nov 1892Albert John ClaydonEllen Fullex
Edward RobertClaydon12 Sep 1918circa Feb 1983Albert Edward ClaydonFrances A. B. Bravery
Ellen MabelClaydon12 Nov 1912Sep 2004Walter ClaydonEthel May Guy
Ernest WalterClaydon5 May 1916Oct 1990Walter ClaydonEthel May Guy
WalterClaydon24 Dec 188514 Apr 1951
WilliamClayson16 Feb 18706 Jun 1945
EllenCleary10 Dec 188525 May 1970
Lucy FrancesCleavebetween 1841 and 1842circa May 1901
Alice LouiseClementscirca Aug 1909John Henry ClementsAlice Mary Ansell
Dorothy Edith MariaClements7 Feb 1907Jan 1988John Henry ClementsAlice Mary Ansell
EllenClementsbetween 1854 and 1855
Evelyn DaisyClements3 Jan 1911circa Nov 1982John Henry ClementsAlice Mary Ansell
HelenClements15 May 188322 Apr 1960
John HenryClementscirca Aug 186714 May 1945
Wallis A.Clementsbefore 1915after 1938
Harriet LouisaClevelandbetween 1872 and 1873after 1911
Annie TheresaClewerbetween 1868 and 1869after 1911
AdolphusClifford31 May 18735 Jul 1955John CliffordHarriet (?)
AnnCliffordbefore 1790
EdwardClifford29 Oct 184623 Mar 1895
Edward WilliamCliffordcirca Aug 1875Apr 1901Edward CliffordCicely Ansell
Ella Josephine CicelyClifford30 Jan 1909Apr 1992Frank Robert CliffordJessie French
Evelyn MarionCliffordcirca Aug 1913Adolphus CliffordAda Marion Parsons
Frank HenryClifford2 Feb 1902circa Feb 1967Frank Robert CliffordJessie French
Frank RobertClifford9 Aug 187712 Oct 1917Edward CliffordCicely Ansell
Jack Donald HindleyCliffordcirca Aug 1915circa Aug 1915Frank Robert CliffordJessie French
James EdwardClifford11 Oct 1908circa May 1980Adolphus CliffordAda Marion Parsons
Jessie Mildred MayClifford7 Jan 1904Jan 1993Frank Robert CliffordJessie French
JohnCliffordbetween 1841 and 1842
John JosephCliffordcirca Aug 1901after 1911Adolphus CliffordAda Marion Parsons
Katherine Ethel AmeliaClifford13 Jan 1896after 1942Adolphus CliffordAda Marion Parsons
Mabel AdaCliffordcirca May 1898after 1911Adolphus CliffordAda Marion Parsons
Robert Norman RenvilCliffordcirca Apr 1911circa Aug 1937Frank Robert CliffordJessie French
Seth Clement AnsellClifford15 Dec 1905circa Feb 1981Frank Robert CliffordJessie French
Winifred AliceCliffordcirca May 1904after 1911Adolphus CliffordAda Marion Parsons
ElizaCliftoncirca May 1848Hezekiah CliftonAnn Mary Harris
Emily E.Cliftonbetween 1877 and 1878after 1881Walter CliftonEmily E. Jones
HezekiahCliftonbetween 1819 and 1822circa Feb 1886John CliftonAnn (?)
JohnCliftonbetween 1770 and 1790
WalterCliftoncirca May 1850after 1881Hezekiah CliftonAnn Mary Harris
WilliamCliftoncirca Feb 1853Hezekiah CliftonAnn Mary Harris
NormanClowesbefore 19362006
Arthur William J.Clowser20 Aug 1901circa Feb 1962
Michael William J.Clowser29 Sep 1933Dec 1985Arthur William J. ClowserFlorence Annie Mitchener
Annie KateClutterhamcirca Aug 1896circa Nov 1968
Reuben JohnCoast29 Nov 1908Oct 1986
Ethel AliceCobbbetween 1878 and 1879circa May 1935
Edith EmilyCobleybetween 1880 and 1881
Albert JamesCockett20 Aug 1875circa May 1960Albert William CockettElizabeth M. Betts
Albert JamesCockettcirca May 1911Albert James CockettEdith Beatrice Puttock
Albert WilliamCockettbetween 1842 and 1843after 1905
Edith Beatrice AnemoneCockettcirca Feb 191325 Nov 1965Albert James CockettEdith Beatrice Puttock
Violet MargaretCockettcirca May 1908Albert James CockettEdith Beatrice Puttock
NellieCoffeybefore 1925
Albert FrancisCogar13 Jul 1894circa May 1977
Hilda Marcia JoyceCogar7 Feb 19155 Aug 1996Albert Francis CogarEthel Annie Mansbridge
Blanche JoyceCogger1 Dec 1908May 1991
William ThomasColbeck28 Feb 1881circa Aug 1967
JamesColchesterbefore 1823
JaneColchester28 Jul 1843circa Feb 1917James ColchesterAgnes Colchester
William HenryColchestercirca May 1868Henry BarnettJane Colchester
AlbertColecirca Aug 1887Henry ColeEmily Still
AliceColecirca Nov 1884Henry ColeEmily Still
Anne LouisaColecirca May 1886Henry ColeEmily Still
Austin AlbertCole19 Nov 1912Feb 1994Frederick John ColeAlice Elizabeth Goodyear
Barbara MaryCole8 Dec 1914Dec 1999
CharlesColecirca Feb 1889Henry ColeEmily Still
EdwardColebefore 1750
EmilyColecirca May 1882Henry ColeEmily Still
FrederickColecirca Aug 1883Henry ColeEmily Still
Frederick HenryCole18 Dec 1907Dec 1992Frederick John ColeAlice Elizabeth Goodyear
Frederick JohnCole24 Jan 18804 Apr 1944
GeorgeColebetween 1856 and 1857before 1926Richard Cole
Gladys IvyCole16 Jan 1905Mar 1996Frederick John ColeAlice Elizabeth Goodyear
HenryColebetween 1858 and 1859
HenryColecirca Mar 1881Henry ColeEmily Still
Hilda M.Cole16 Mar 1916after 1949
Lucy JaneColebetween 1887 and 1888circa Feb 1965
MaryColebefore 13 Jan 1771Edward ColeRebecca Jenner
PhyllisColebefore 1913
RichardColebefore 1836
WilliamColebefore 1886
Afton MaryColeman14 Oct 192221 Dec 2003Wilford Woodruff ColemanMary Leyshon
Arline IngridColeman23 Mar 191625 Dec 1916Harry James ColemanEngrid Marie Christensen
Beatrice AnnieColeman12 Aug 188217 May 1945John William ColemanMary Elizabeth Mace Harris
Blanche LeeColeman16 Apr 19245 Sep 2009Wilford Woodruff ColemanMary Leyshon
CharleneColeman17 Oct 193031 Oct 2006Charles William Harold ColemanIrene Schofield
Charles WilliamColeman28 Nov 1915between 1992 and 2006Charles William Harold ColemanIrene Schofield
Charles William HaroldColeman2 Nov 18864 Apr 1976John William ColemanMary Elizabeth Mace Harris
David George EatonColeman7 Nov 190128 Sep 1983John William ColemanMary Elizabeth Mace Harris
David GeorgeColeman19 Jul 192831 Mar 2003David George Eaton ColemanZola Pratt Lemon
Donna AugustaColeman23 Nov 191716 May 2013Harry James ColemanEngrid Marie Christensen
Douglas KeithColeman14 Jun 192714 Jun 1927Charles William Harold ColemanIrene Schofield
EmmelineColemanbetween 1862 and 18635 May 1943
Ernest JohnColeman4 Mar 190419 Jul 1975John William ColemanMary Elizabeth Mace Harris
Geraldine RuthColeman1 Apr 19265 Apr 2009Harry James ColemanEngrid Marie Christensen
HannahColeman1829after 1911Samuel ColemanMary (?)
Harold SchofieldColeman24 Mar 191729 Jun 2009Charles William Harold ColemanIrene Schofield
Harry JamesColeman26 Oct 18899 Jan 1981John William ColemanMary Elizabeth Mace Harris
Harry JamesColeman23 Feb 191523 Feb 1915Harry James ColemanEngrid Marie Christensen
HelenColeman19 Dec 191222 Nov 1982Charles William Harold ColemanIrene Schofield
Irene ElizabethColeman20 Apr 19112 Feb 1992Charles William Harold ColemanIrene Schofield
John WilliamColeman7 Feb 18581 Dec 1925
Leah FlorenceColeman28 Dec 191912 Jun 1998Charles William Harold ColemanIrene Schofield
Margaret ElizabethColeman26 Jul 19065 Dec 1987
Owen ActonColeman9 Apr 18985 Feb 1923John William ColemanMary Elizabeth Mace Harris
Ralph JohnColeman14 Jul 192021 Oct 1976Harry James ColemanEngrid Marie Christensen
Richard HarrisColeman3 Nov 192220 Mar 2001Charles William Harold ColemanIrene Schofield
Sandra LeeColemanbetween 1937 and 19382002David George Eaton ColemanZola Pratt Lemon
Wallace JohnColeman8 Jul 192525 Apr 1999Charles William Harold ColemanIrene Schofield
Wilford WoodruffColeman17 Nov 189528 Jul 1983John William ColemanMary Elizabeth Mace Harris
Winifred RuthColeman4 Jan 1892circa Nov 1967
Albert EdwardColes14 Dec 1880circa Feb 1957Frederick ColesAnn West Dowlen
Ann WestColes6 Jul 1864circa Aug 1890Frederick ColesAnn West Dowlen
Annie LucyColes22 Jun 1910Albert Edward ColesLucy Annie Judge
Beatrice MayColes22 May 192020 Aug 2003Albert Edward ColesLucy Annie Judge
David JohnColes25 Oct 1937Apr 1999John Albert ColesFlorence Vera May Guess
EmilyColes2 Jan 18742 Sep 1955Frederick ColesAnn West Dowlen
Emily RoseColes24 Oct 1911May 1994Albert Edward ColesLucy Annie Judge
EstherColes27 Nov 187028 Oct 1956Frederick ColesAnn West Dowlen
Esther DoraColesApr 1925circa Feb 1929Albert Edward ColesLucy Annie Judge
FrederickColes6 Nov 1827circa Aug 1894John ColesCatherine Groves
FrederickColesMay 1915Albert Edward ColesLucy Annie Judge
Frederick WilliamColes9 Feb 187610 Jan 1945Frederick ColesAnn West Dowlen
John AlbertColes29 Mar 1913circa May 1978Albert Edward ColesLucy Annie Judge
John DowlenColes25 Apr 186727 Apr 1938Frederick ColesAnn West Dowlen
EmilyCollerbetween 1854 and 1855William Coller
WilliamCollerbefore 1834
Charles HenryCollettbetween 1863 and 186423 Nov 1938
John Brian GlanvillCollett18 Jul 192928 Mar 2011John Collison CollettEthel Ruth Glanvill
John CollisonCollett6 Jun 190326 Oct 1956Sir Charles Henry Collett
AliceCollier7 Aug 1910Apr 1988
Alice BeatriceCollier23 Sep 1888circa Nov 1982Augustus William Collier
Augustus WilliamCollierbefore 1868before 1918
Florence M.Collierbefore 1891
John HenryCollingridge9 Jan 189716 Aug 1944
Alfred FritzCollins6 Oct 18949 Oct 1979Fritz CollinsSarah Venables
Alfred RichardCollinscirca Feb 1926after 1985Alfred Fritz CollinsLilian Elizabeth Cheesman
Brenda EllenCollins13 Mar 1933circa Aug 1974Frederick William CollinsEileen M. Simister
CharlesCollinscirca Feb 1910Harry James CollinsEdith Annie Murrell
CharlotteCollinsbetween 1844 and 1845circa Feb 1932
Edith LouieCollinscirca Feb 1908Harry James CollinsEdith Annie Murrell
EllenCollinsbetween 1858 and 1859circa Feb 1900
Elsie IvyCollins21 Feb 1921Dec 1985Alfred Fritz CollinsLilian Elizabeth Cheesman
Frederick WilliamCollins6 May 1905circa Feb 1956Harry James CollinsEdith Annie Murrell
FritzCollinsbetween 1865 and 1866circa May 1899
Gwendoline Annie MaudCollinscirca Nov 1916
Harry F.Collinsbefore 1900
Harry JamesCollinsbetween 1871 and 1874
LouieCollins20 Nov 1885Aug 1985
MabelCollins3 May 1881
Robert HenryCollins22 Feb 1901circa May 1968Harry James CollinsEdith Annie Murrell
SusannaCollinsbetween 1793 and 1813
SusannaCollinsbetween 1793 and 1813
George EdwardCollip12 Apr 1872circa May 1948
Elizabeth AnnieCollis22 Nov 1877after 1939
AnneColmanbetween 1664 and 1684after 3 Jan 1724
MaryColvincirca 1738after 1765
AndrewComberbetween 1842 and 1843
CharlesComberbefore 1815
ElizabethComberbetween 1812 and 1813
Elizabeth MillyardComberbetween 1857 and 1858
JohnComberbetween 1869 and 1870circa Feb 1907Andrew ComberRuth (?)
MargaretComberbetween 1849 and 1850
Mary AnnCombercirca 1853Charles ComberHannah Stoner
RebeccaCombercirca 1835Charles ComberHannah Stoner
ThomasComberbefore 1712
WilliamComberbefore 1557
JohnCombes20 Sep 1795William CombesPhoebe Taylor
WilliamCombesbefore 1735
WilliamCombes1755William CombesMary Pearce
NellieConnelly7 Nov 1884
Emma ElizabethConnettbetween 1870 and 1871
JamesConnettbetween 1836 and 1837
Laura JaneConnettbetween 1860 and 186116 Oct 1932James Connett
Eileen DorothyConnor4 Nov 1911
Peter George W.Constable30 Jun 1938Jun 2005
Ada KateCookcirca Feb 1883circa May 1883James Henry CookEllen Kilner
Alice EmmaCook2 Jan 187718 Feb 1959
AmeliaCookcirca Nov 1881Robert CookAmelia Fox
ArthurCook18 May 1884after 1939James Henry CookEllen Kilner
Arthur AubreyCook11 Jun 1908circa Feb 1977Arthur CookBeatrice Quy
Bernard ArthurCookcirca May 1907circa May 1907Arthur CookBeatrice Quy
Charles SydneyCook25 Feb 18924 Nov 1959James Henry CookEllen Kilner
Doreen ElizabethCook15 Apr 1932circa Nov 1969James T. CookEdith Alice Goff
Elizabeth MargaretCook21 Apr 1920Jan 1999
Ellen ElizabethCook20 Aug 1875circa Aug 1952James Henry CookEllen Kilner
EthelCook1907Robert Samuel CookEthel Nora Money
Frank AubreyCookcirca Aug 1890circa Feb 1891James Henry CookEllen Kilner
Frank ErnestCook27 Mar 1896circa Nov 1972James Henry CookEllen Kilner
Freda LillianCook31 Dec 1920circa Feb 1973
Frederick EdwardCookcirca Feb 1879James Henry CookEllen Kilner
George HenryCookcirca Feb 1878James Henry CookEllen Kilner
HaroldCook5 Jan 1914Sep 1988
HarryCookcirca Nov 1886James Henry CookEllen Kilner
HenryCookcirca Aug 1886after 1911Robert CookAmelia Fox
HerbertCookcirca Nov 1888James Henry CookEllen Kilner
Hilda MargaretCookbefore 19272 Mar 2008
Irene AmeliaCook22 Jun 1919Jul 1988Robert Samuel CookEthel Nora Money
James HaroldCookcirca Nov 1876James Henry CookEllen Kilner
James HenryCookbetween 1855 and 1856circa Feb 1934
James T.Cook8 Jan 1901
Michael JohnCook16 Apr 1937before 2019Harold CookIris Arabella Mince
Nancy VerenaCook7 Nov 191315 May 2014
Nellie JennyCookbetween 1880 and 1881
RobertCookbetween 1855 and 1856
Robert HenryCook4 Jun 1910Aug 2001Robert Samuel CookEthel Nora Money
Robert SamuelCook19 Jan 1880circa Feb 1969Robert CookAmelia Fox
RosettaCookbetween 1851 and 185314 Mar 1895
Sarah JaneCookbetween 1849 and 1850circa May 1919
ThomasCookbetween 1891 and 1892after 1911Robert CookAmelia Fox
William AlfredCookcirca May 1881James Henry CookEllen Kilner
Irene H. S.Cookebefore 1919
Sarah AnnCookebetween 1857 and 1858before 1939
ElizabethCoomberbefore 1719Jun 1741
Jack AndrewCoombercirca Feb 1905after 1911John ComberSophia Puttick
MaryCoomberbetween 1846 and 1847Charles ComberHannah Stoner
Sophia MayCoombercirca May 1903John ComberSophia Puttick
AlanCooper15 Jun 1932circa 2010Albert Cecil Edgar CooperAnnie N. Williams
Albert Cecil EdgarCooperbefore 1905
Albert EdwardCooper5 Sep 1907Oct 1988
Alice MaudCooper26 Sep 1880circa May 1965James Cooper
AnnCooperbetween 1851 and 1852
Edith E.Cooper28 Jul 1905
Edith JeanCooper16 Sep 1898circa Aug 1980
EileenCooperbefore 1917
ElizabethCooper20 Jul 1866
Emma Laura E.Cooperbetween 1873 and 1874circa Nov 1916
Felix DesmondCooper3 May 1920Aug 1998
Florence KateCooper13 Mar 1909Horace Hammond CooperKate Puttick
George H.Cooper19 Sep 1899
HenryCooperbetween 1841 and 1842
Horace HammondCooper2 Apr 188317 Nov 1954
JamesCooperbefore 1859before 16 Sep 1919
JaneCooperbefore 1730
Lilian AnnieCooper22 Apr 1905Oct 1988
MaryCooperbefore 1802
Maud C.Cooper22 Jun 1916
Phyllis JaneCooper14 Sep 1928Jan 1990Walter F. CooperAlice Kate Pullen
Walter F.Cooper5 Nov 1905
William Horace RaymondCooper19 Apr 1907circa Aug 1973Horace Hammond CooperKate Puttick
Winifred DaisyCooper22 Mar 1885circa Feb 1964
Agnes JoyceCoote6 Jul 190820 Jun 2009Frank Douglas CooteFlorence Mary Glanvill
Beulah A.Coote1900Frederick CooteAlice Mary Heness
Charles LeslieCoote4 Nov 1905Dec 1989
Charles NurseCootebetween 1833 and 1834after 1904
Douglas ChadCoote27 Jun 1905circa Aug 1982Frank Douglas CooteFlorence Mary Glanvill
Elaine ElizabethCoote24 Apr 192825 Jun 1974Ralph CooteEthel Maude Bowers
Frank DouglasCoote13 Sep 18738 Oct 1945Charles Nurse CooteKeturah Elizabeth Daniels
FrederickCoote1871before 1958
LeonardCoote1901Frederick CooteAlice Mary Heness
MargaretCoote21 Jul 19321974Ralph CooteEthel Maude Bowers
RalphCoote6 Mar 18961989Frederick CooteAlice Mary Heness
Ranulf GlanvillCoote11 Apr 191313 May 1926Frank Douglas CooteFlorence Mary Glanvill
Ruth A.Coote1900Frederick CooteAlice Mary Heness
Lucy Agnes EllaCopeland6 May 1891circa Aug 1968
Alice Jane AnnCoppardcirca Feb 1863circa Aug 1898
Laura E.Coppard12 Jan 18981 Oct 1973
NellieCoppard16 Apr 189820 May 1984William CoppardFanny Pratt
WilliamCoppardbefore 1878
AlanCopping194128 Feb 2013
Albert Edwin J.Coppock26 May 1901Mar 1989
Barbara GillianCoppock29 Jul 1937circa May 1983Albert Edwin J. CoppockOlive Joyce Lewry
PhillipaCorbett16 Jan 198416 Jan 1984
Charles HenryCorcoran14 Sep 1888circa Feb 1949
Charles HenryCorcoran11 Mar 1921Charles Henry CorcoranRose Gregory
Harold E.Corcoran17 Jun 1927circa Feb 1955Charles Henry CorcoranRose Gregory
MargaretCorcorancirca May 1916circa Nov 1917Charles Henry CorcoranRose Gregory
Rose Beryl ElizabethCorcoran22 Oct 192412 Feb 2009Charles Henry CorcoranRose Gregory
Thomas EdwardCorcoranbetween 1863 and 1864circa Nov 1935
RonaldCorey4 Jan 193629 Sep 2009
LilyCorfieldbefore 1909
ElizabethCork / Cockbetween 1803 and 180416 Jul 1862
HarryCork9 Sep 1897circa May 1980
ElizabethCorkebefore 1815between 1847 and 1849
GeorgeCornishbetween 1847 and 1848
Katherine AnnieCornishbetween 1869 and 1870circa Feb 1945George CornishMary Ann Rogers
Rosa FlorenceCornish21 Nov 188313 Mar 1952
Beatrice MayCorps27 Dec 1900
Phyllis G.Cossins15 Sep 1915
SusannahCosstick20 Oct 182229 Jun 1908
Lawrence PhilipCote21 Jul 1916Jul 2002
Emma ClaraCotterillbetween 1880 and 1881
AnnieCottlebetween 1804 and 1805
Florence LouiseCottonbefore 1920circa Feb 1974
James WilliamCoucherbetween 1867 and 1868circa Feb 1920
AaronCouchmanJan 1843after 1861John CouchmanEsther Culley
Abner GeorgeCouchman26 Jun 185112 Jul 1939John CouchmanEsther Culley
AdolphusCouchman6 May 1849Apr 1850John CouchmanEsther Culley
AgathaCouchman1844circa Feb 1887John CouchmanEsther Culley
AlbertCouchmancirca Jul 1866after 1901James CouchmanFanny Austen
AlbertCouchmancirca Feb 1874after 1901Thomas CouchmanSarah Mitchell
Albert EdwinCouchmancirca Feb 1892circa Aug 1938Thomas Edward CouchmanHarriet Laws
Albert JamesCouchmancirca May 18631894John CouchmanEsther Culley
Albert R.Couchman22 Feb 1927Apr 1998George Vollam CouchmanHannah Louise Jones
Albert Thomas JamesCouchmancirca May 1892circa May 1954Albert CouchmanIsabella Jarrett
Albert WilliamCouchmancirca Aug 1863circa Aug 1863James CouchmanFanny Austen
AlfredCouchmanbetween 1865 and 1866Charles CouchmanElizabeth (?)
Alfred AmosCouchmancirca Feb 190027 Nov 1957Amos Sidney CouchmanCaroline Alice Johnson
Alfred ClarenceCouchmancirca Nov 1906circa Nov 1907Walter CouchmanEleanor Clara Tolhurst
Alfred EdgarCouchman26 Oct 189431 Oct 1965Abner George CouchmanIsabella Frances Hollebone
Alfred KitchenerCouchman6 Jun 191614 Apr 1992Henry Walpole CouchmanCharlotte Wilson
Alfred WilliamCouchmancirca Nov 1919Alfred Amos CouchmanHelen May Blackman
AliceCouchmancirca Aug 1867after 1881Thomas CouchmanSarah Mitchell
AliceCouchmancirca May 1900circa Nov 1900Walter CouchmanEleanor Clara Tolhurst
Alice MatildaCouchman29 Jan 189720 Jan 1962Abner George CouchmanIsabella Frances Hollebone
Alice Maud Conrid FannyCouchman4 Feb 1897circa Nov 1965Thomas Edward CouchmanHarriet Laws
AlonzoCouchmancirca Nov 1858after 1871John CouchmanEsther Culley
AlphonsoCouchman16 Jan 1861circa May 1951John CouchmanEsther Culley
Amos SidneyCouchman29 Dec 1869circa Feb 1944John CouchmanEsther Culley
AnnCouchman1834Mar 1839James CouchmanAnn Evans
AnnCouchman22 Aug 1890circa Nov 1973Alphonso CouchmanJane Harman
AnneCouchmanNov 1837after 1851William CouchmanSarah Gillham
Archibald ErnestCouchmancirca May 1856circa May 1882John CouchmanEsther Culley
ArthurCouchmancirca Feb 1867after 1918John CouchmanEsther Culley
ArthurCouchman13 Sep 1875circa Nov 1947James CouchmanFanny Austen