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Generation One

1. Richard LINVILLE (3263) was born in 1653/54 at Fletching, SSX, ENG. He was baptised in 1654 at Fletching, SSX, ENG, but no baptism was found in the Sussex International Genealogical Index (IGI). He married Mary Hart (3269), daughter of Thomas Hart (3270) and Mary (--?--) (3271), on Thu. 28 Jan 1672/73 at Maresfield, SSX, ENG, when age calculated as 19 years.
He died between 1682 and 1683 at Delaware Co., PA, USA, when age calculated as 28 years believed to have died on the journey to the Penns Colony. He was buried; at Sea, Atlantic Ocean.
He was also known as Richard Linvill (3263). He was also known as Richard Linfield (3263). He and Mary Hart (3269) had 2 sons.
Land records suggest that Richard, Mary and 2 sons left Sussex and probably sailed to America abt 1683, after Penn's first voyage on the "Welcome". Land in Fletching was turned over to a Nicholas COX bef 1699 and then sold to him.

Mary HART (3269) was born on Sun. 24 Aug 1653 at Maresfield, SSX, ENG; or possibly Mayfield. She was baptised on Tue. 2 Sep 1653 at Horsted Keynes, SSX, ENG. She married Thomas Baldwin (3456) in 1684 at Chester, PA, USA, when age calculated as 31 years.
She died in 1713 at Chester, PA, USA, when age calculated as 60 years. She was buried at Chester, PA, USA. She was married 2 times.
She and Thomas Baldwin (3456) had 7 children.

The two known children of Richard Linville (3263) and Mary Hart (3269) were as follows:
  •     2.  i.   John LINVILLE (3273) was born on Mon. 24 May 1677 at SSX, ENG. He married Ann (--?--) (3278) in 1706 at Chester Co., PA, USA, when age calculated as 29 years.
    He died after 1733 at Conestoga Creek, Lancaster Co., PA, USA, when age calculated as 56 years some sources give circa 1750.

  •     3.  ii.   Thomas LINVILLE (3272) was born on Sat. 9 Dec 1679 at Omny, SSX, ENG. He married Dinah Richards (3274), daughter of Joseph Richards (3423) and Mary Condrun (3424), on Fri. 9 Feb 1714 at St Paul's Episcopal Church, Chester, PA, USA, when age calculated as 34 years and 2 months other sources quote 9 Feb 1713.
    He died after 1747 at Chester, PA, USA, when age calculated as 68 years.

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