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The Collection

There are 21,827 individuals and 9,056 families in this database.

This is a only subset of the total data, with information about individuals who are no longer living (hence the name of the page).
Furthermore, only summary information (birth, marriage & death) is published, as the purpose is simply to enable people to identify common interests and share fully through private correspondence.
I am more than happy to fully and freely share with proven family members (however distant the relationship), through email.

The data is held for both simple Name and Advanced searching in the Rootsweb Worldconnect Database which is updated on a monthly basis,

To facilitate indexing by Search Engines such as Google, the same information is periodically loaded into Family Group Sheets at the Corpse Collection Catalogue where it is indexed by Surname.

See also my Published Info page.

Chapman Codes

I use Chapman Codes for Counties and many Countries, because they are a) Short b) Unique c) Standardised.

They are not, however the same as the more common English abbreviations (e.g. STS - Staffs - Staffordshire, MDX - Mddx - Middlesex) so if you are not familiar with Chapman Codes, here is a website that lists them.

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