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If you have arrived at this page other than through Jay's Genes, I suggest you follow the link on the left hand navigation to Jay's Genes for my main genealogical information.


I have for a great many years published my researches to the Rootsweb WorldConnect Database, as that is freely available for searching.
At the end of 2017 (who host it) took down the website and when it was restored, updates are prevented. (This was due to information on living people becoming visible in some cases (NOT my own), and their difficulties in correcting that are still ongoing).

Therefore I am unable to update the information with my more recent researches, and it omits new findings and some corrections to earlier research.
I am unable to remove information at Rootsweb, so I can but merely point out here that information there in the databases named uk_glanville and jayglanv is no longer to be relied upon, and is superseded by the information below.
Note : take the information from the Rootsweb WorldConnect database and republish it for their subscribers - hence that information is now becoming out of date and inaccurate too.

I have addressed the problems by publishing my researches on my own pages here below, along with the information I have always published here


I have collected a significant amount of genealogical information.
I have structured it into two main databases.

These databases may be searched separately through the links below, and on the menu Jay's Data left.

  • My own relatives (Corpse Catalogue)
    This only includes Summary information (births, marriages and deaths) on people no longer living, arranged in Family Group Sheets as Corpse Catalogue where it is indexed by Surnames.
    The date of last update is listed at the foot of the page.

    I am happy to share ALL my information (fully and freely), through private email, with related people who are willing to reciprocate.

  • One Name Study on surname GLANVILLE and variant spellings (Ghosts of Glanvilles)
    This contains the FULL information I have about the individuals listed (i.e. not just birth, marriage and death info), again ONLY for people no longer living.
    Ghosts of Glanvilles is indexed by Surnames.
    The date of last update is listed at the foot of the page.

    I have standardized the surname spelling to assist in searching, but retained the variant spelling also. I have omitted many "variants" which are actually just transcription errors in publications.
    In order to approximate timeframes, I have made assumptions on dates for undiscovered records. For example, after finding a marriage I have assumed the parties had a birth "before {marriage year less 20 years}" unless I have also found their birth/baptismal information.

Glanvilles in Old Records

I have created a Glanville Records page (also see menu on left) containing information about the occurence of the surname as found in various old records such as Trade, Residential and Post Office directories.

These are structured by the source in which I found them.

They includes instances of some of the various spelling variations.

I have not included the reference to the actual source documents used.

Chapman Codes

I use Chapman Codes for Counties and many Countries, because they are a) Short b) Unique c) Standardised.

They are not, however the same as the more common English abbreviations (e.g. STS - Staffs - Staffordshire, MDX - Mddx - Middlesex) so if you are not familiar with Chapman Codes, here is a website that lists them.

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