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If you have arrived at this page other than through Jay's Genes, I suggest you follow the link on the left hand navigation to Jay's Genes for my main genealogical information.


At the end of 2017 took down the Rootsweb Worldconnect Database website1 where a great many people host their research findings.
That meant the UK Glanvilles, Rels. at Rootsweb and Rootsweb Names links left and below would temporarily NOT work.

The database was restored in late January 2018, but the ability to EDIT and UPDATE has not been restored - hence the information held there whilst being searchable, cannot be updated with the result of further researching (adding details and people) nor corrected where new information changes that discovered to date.

However, I host my own pages, so the equivalent Ghosts of Glanvilles and Corpse Collection Catalogue remain unaffected - although there is more detail at UK Glanvilles than at Ghost of Glanvilles (the former contains ALL the information I hold on the individuals, the latter merely birth, marriage and death locations & dates)

1 Ancestry are a business with a subscription service to access their data. They took over the Rootsweb service which is free to users - hence although Rootsweb is very useful, it brings no revenue to Ancestry who run it - therefore fixing issues there is a low priority.


I have collected a significant amount of genealogical information.
I have structured it into two main databases, published at Rootsweb.

These databases may be searched separately through the links below.

One Name Study on surname GLANVILLE (and variant spellings)
UK Glanvilles (see Caveats 1) contains my information on Glanvilles born, married or died in the United Kingdom.
A summary of the same people is contained in Ghosts of Glanvilles. This is more up-to-date than Rootsweb, but omits the full details I published to Rootsweb last year.

My own relatives
Relatives in Rootsweb (see Caveats 2) contains my information on my own relatives, regardless of surname.
To facilitate indexing by Search Engines such as Google, the same information is in Family Group Sheets at the Corpse Collection Catalogue where it is indexed by Surnames. This is more up-to-date than Rootsweb.

Other people's research
... is published in Rootsweb Names. Searching this will encompass a search of all the data in the Rootsweb database. No updates will have been loaded in 2018.

Glanvilles in Old Records

I have created a Glanville Records page containing information about the occurence of the surname as found in various old records such as Trade, Residential and Post Office directories.

This includes instances of some of the various spelling variations.

I have not included the reference to the actual source documents used.

Caveats 1

Rootsweb Database: UK_GLANV

Purpose: This information has been gathered by myself in the process of researching my own ancestry.
It is published here until I have established proven links to my own relatives, when the data will be moved to the other database. Meanwhile I make it available for others benefit.

Content: The information is certainly incomplete so far, but I attempt to update the database each month with any new facts.
Hence (for example) it would be quite wrong to presume the baptism to be of the same-named individual as one who married 25 years later - another same-named individual may also have lived, but their information is not yet transcribed here.

It should be noted that the surname spelling variations (and some christian names) have all been normalised to GLANVILLE in this database, and are not reproduced exactly as found. This helps when searching, but does not reflect the original source information.
Thus it is as important as ever to verify information provided, to your own satisfaction.

I have no further information on these people other than what is published here - so by all means contact me with corrections, additional information or to see if I am about to publish more information - but understand that the likelihood is that I will have no further information available.

I am only attempting to hold information on Glanvilles who were born, married or died in the UK, and whose date of birth was prior to the year 1900.

Quality: I have linked together individuals into pedigrees in the absence of definite confirmation. Therefore it should be understood that although the linkage between parent and child at baptism, between father (but not mother) and children in a census, and between spouses at marriage can be relied on; motherhood of census-identified individuals cannot be certain. Nor can it be taken as proven that (even in the event of the name being unusual) only a single person existed in the case of a baptism and marriage in the same name - unless confirmed by something separate such as a census entry naming the relationship.
However, I have made such assumptions in this database and you should seek additional confirmation before accepting it as Gospel Truth.

In order to facilitate sorting births and marriages, I have presumed (where there is no information to the contrary) that births occurred 20 years or more before a known marriage, or birth of the first child (whichever came first); that marriages occurred 20 years after the birth of the mother and prior to the birth/baptism of the first known child. Clearly there are instances that prove this assumption does not hold true in every case, but it does provide a basic timeframe for the events.

Further to sorting by births, I have added a Birth when only a Baptism has been identified, presuming the same location and a date prior to the Baptisms. By no means all genealogists differentiate between the birth and subsequent baptism/christening, but I do.

I have added individuals such as male Glanville where census records show Glanville widows with no clues as to their former husbands' names, or where, say a Mariner's wife was head of the household and their husband was absent.

Finally, and this should be obvious, any transcription exercise carries the inherent risk of mistakes being made in the recording. I have found some myself through checking, but would be pleased to hear about those I've missed, so I can improve the quality for all.

Caveats 2

Rootsweb Database: JAYGLANV

Purpose: This is my database of my own relatives, published in order that others may identify common interests and make contact with me with a view to exchanging further details.

Quality: Where-ever I have had time and/or access to the appropriate records I have sought to verify the information myself.
Unlike the UK_GLANV database, I have not normalised any names to modern spellings, and in my own database hold all the variations encountered against each individual.
For all the information here I can provide a source in order that others may independently verify the work to date.

Content: The published database only contains summary information about individuals, and only contains information about deceased individuals.
Full information is freely available to people who are related to these people.

Page Created: 28-Nov-2000
Page Modified: 10-Nov-2018

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