This is the main page for searching my published information in my One Name Study on the surname GLANVILLE (including common variants)

I am very open to corrections and additions to the information here, noting that it is the surname I am following so time precludes me researching and recording names of related people who through marriage have different surnames.

I have a separate database with records of all my own relatives, regardless of surname (see Content / Omissions below)

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   Content / Omissions

This database is searchable, but you need to understand how to search...
It contains all the names in my One Name Study on the GLANVILLE surname (and some variants) except people known to be related to me who are held in a separate (also searchable database) - for those navigate to Jay's Genes, and then to Corpse Catalogue (1 or 2) and search there. 

Unless someone born after about 1925 is known to have died, they are presumed living and will NOT appear here.
People named in newspaper transcriptions and/or obituaries may still be living, but their names are in the public domain already by virtue of the publication.

   Variant Spellings

Because prior to the 1800s records were written phonetically, even within a single family they may have have appeared as Glanvil, Glanful, Glantfill etc at different childrens baptisms, marriage, burial etc.   This makes it hard to know what to search for in source records.
Therefore I have standardized the name to GLANVILLE in these records, so search here using that surname. I have indexed & shown alternative spellings, to provide some clues if other people search the sources to confirm my findings. 
During the 1800s spelling started to standardize, and if a family or branch consistently used a spelling such as GLENVILLE, I have used that instead; if they were not consistent I have continued to standardize on the spelling GLANVILLE to aid searching here.

From 1900 onwards there has been virtually no change in spellings, so I have used the actual spelling found in the more recent records.

GLANFIELD, although deriving from the same source, appears to have crystallized into a different and consistent spelling (although sometimes GLANDFIELD, and mispelt GLANFEILD) before parish registers become established.  Therefore I am in the process of standardizing the Glanfield branches to use that spelling (alone) instead.
Note my coverage of Glanfield records is much sparser than my coverage of Glanvilles.