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To contact me please use Email, my address is
Emails over 10Mbytes in total size will not be received.

I get a great many daily emails, and even more Spam.
A meaningful subject, specific reference to a person, reference to a named page on my website all help me to help you.
Emails such as " So just when was John Smith born?" do not ! !

If your email program (such as MS Outlook) allows it, please use the "Send Email using plain text only" option.
I am sure your graphics signature is very stylish, the photo of the wife / mistress / toy-boy / gigolo and (grand)kids is lovely and SUCH an impressive velum background on which you have written - BUT it has not added one iota to the content, and has increased both your and my disk storage and email transmission times.
(If you have been foolish enough to follow Outlook's Tip of the Day and inserted a Sound into your message, then my response is a loud RASPBERRY!!)

And . . . and . . . and . . .
With all these viruses floating around in the ether, (and spammers looking for email addresses), confound them all by just Bookmarking my website in your browser and giving/posting my URL, and not sharing my email address to others nor posting it on message boards etc.