Alice Collier

Female, ID #31894, b. 7 August 1910, d. April 1988

Birth, Marriage and Death information

Family: Alice Collier and Arnold Frederick Glanville Josty

Grace M. Long

Female, ID #31898, b. 26 June 1898, d. circa February 1947

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Grace M. Long was born on Sunday, 26 June 1898.
  • Marriage: She married Robert Lionel Victor Prime circa February 1927 at registered West Ham, ESS, ENG,.
  • Death: Grace M. Long died circa February 1947 at registered Epping, ESS, ENG.

Family: Grace M. Long and Robert Lionel Victor Prime

Veronique E. Jackson

Female, ID #31899, b. before 1915

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Veronique E. Jackson was born before 1915.
  • Marriage: She married Horace George Gentry Dallen circa May 1935 at registered Uxbridge, MDX, ENG,.

Family: Veronique E. Jackson and Horace George Gentry Dallen

Ethel M. Stickley

Female, ID #31907, b. before 1896, d. before 1939

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Ethel M. Stickley was born before 1896.
  • Marriage: She married Charles Henry Maunder circa February 1916 at registered Southampton, HAM, ENG,.
  • Death: Ethel M. Stickley died before 1939.

Family: Ethel M. Stickley and Charles Henry Maunder

Edna Bennett

Female, ID #31908, b. 16 November 1920, d. November 2005

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Edna Bennett was born on Tuesday, 16 November 1920.
  • Marriage: She married Ralph H. Gillam, son of Jabez Gillam and Charlotte Knight, circa May 1948 at registered Christchurch, HAM, ENG.
  • Death: Edna Bennett died in November 2005 at registered Bournemouth, HAM, ENG, (November 2005 age calculated as 84 years and 11 months.)

Family: Edna Bennett and Ralph H. Gillam

Ann Eliza B. Pegg

Female, ID #31920, b. before 1854

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Ann Eliza B. Pegg was born before 1854.
  • Marriage: She married Charles Head Batte circa February 1874 at registered Bridgnorth, SAL, ENG.

Child of Ann Eliza B. Pegg and Charles Head Batte


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