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Chapman Codes



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Chapman Codes

Chapman codes are a set of 2 or 3-capital-letter codes used in genealogy to (originally) identify the administrative divisions in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

They were created by the historian, Dr. Colin R Chapman, in the late 1970s, and as intended, provide a widely used shorthand in genealogy which follows the common practice of describing areas in terms of the counties and countries existing in the 19th and 20th centuries.
They have no mapping, postal nor administrative use.

Being so useful at unambiguously identifying such places, and considerably shortening reports containing many place-names, they have since been extended to cover geographies beyond the original scope.


There follows a large table showing a great many Chapman Codes - not all by any means have been used in my own research.
Here they are not listed alphabetically by Code, but rather alphabetically by Country and Region for which a Chapman Code can be used.

Hence to discover the meaning of a particular Chapman Code found, use your Browser's Search facility on the Code on this page, to discover the Region or Country that it defines.

When complete, use your Browser's Back button to return to the page containing the unknown Chapman Code.

Chapman Codes - The World

Country State / County / Region Code
Australia   AUS
Australia Capital Territory ACT
Australia New South Wales NSW
Australia Northern Territory NT
Australia Queensland QLD
Australia South Australia SA
Australia Tasmania TAS
Australia Victoria VIC
Australia Western Australia WA
Austria   OES
Austria Böhmen [Bohemia] BOH
Belgium   BEL
Belgium Antwerpen ATW
Belgium Brabant BBT
Belgium Hainaut HNT
Belgium Liège LGE
Belgium Limburg LBG
Belgium Luxembourg LXM
Belgium Namur NMR
Belgium Oost-Vlaanderen OVL
Belgium West-Vlaanderen WVL
Bulgaria   BGR
Canada   CAN
Canada Alberta ALB
Canada British Columbia BC
Canada Manitoba MAN
Canada New Brunswick NB
Canada Newfoundland NFD
Canada Nova Scotia NS
Canada NW Territories NWT
Canada Ontario ONT
Canada Prince Edward Island PEI
Canada Quebec QUE
Canada Saskatchewan SAS
Canada Yukon YUK
Channel Islands   CHI or CHA
Channel Islands Alderney ALD
Channel Islands Guernsey GSY
Channel Islands Jersey JEY
Channel Islands Sark SRK
Czechoslavakia   CS
Denmark   DEN
East Prussia   OPRU
England   ENG
England Bedfordshire BDF
England Berkshire BRK
England Buckinghamshire BKM
England Cambridgeshire CAM
England Cheshire CHS
England Cornwall CON
England Cumberland CUL
England Derbyshire DBY
England Devon DEV
England Dorset DOR
England Durham DUR
England Essex ESS
England Gloucestershire GLS
England Hampshire HAM
England Herefordshire HER
England Hertfordshire HRT
England Huntingdonshire HUN
England Isle of Wight IOW
England Kent KEN
England Lancashire LAN
England Leicestershire LEI
England Lincolnshire LIN
England Middlesex MDX
England Norfolk NFK
England Northamptonshire NTH
England Northumberland NBL
England Nottinghamshire NTT
England Oxfordshire OXF
England Rutland RUT
England Shropshire [Salop] SAL
England Somerset SOM
England Staffordshire STS
England Suffolk SFK
England Surrey SRY
England Sussex SSX
England Warwickshire WAR
England Westmoreland WES
England Wiltshire WIL
England Worcestershire WOR
England Yorkshire YKS
England Yorkshire [East Riding] ERY
England Yorkshire [North Riding] NRY
England Yorkshire [West Riding] WRY
Finland   FIN
France   FRA
Germany East   DDR
Germany West   BRD
Germany post Wall   DEU
Greece   GR
Hungary   HU
Ireland   IRL
Ireland Antrim ANT
Ireland Armagh ARM
Ireland Carlow CAR
Ireland Cavan CAV
Ireland Clare CLA
Ireland Cork COR
Ireland Derry DRY
Ireland Donegal DON
Ireland Down DOW
Ireland Dublin DUB
Ireland Fermanagh FER
Ireland Galway GAL
Ireland Kerry KER
Ireland Kildare KID
Ireland Kilkenny KIK
Ireland Leitrim LET
Ireland Leix [Queens] LEX
Ireland Limerick LIM
Ireland Londonderry LDY
Ireland Longford LOG
Ireland Louth LOU
Ireland Mayo MAY
Ireland Meath MEA
Ireland Monaghan MOG
Ireland Offaly [Kings] OFF
Ireland Roscommon ROS
Ireland Sligo SLI
Ireland Tipperary TIP
Ireland Tyrone TYR
Ireland Waterford WAT
Ireland Westmeath WEM
Ireland Wexford WEX
Ireland Wicklow WIC
Isle of Man   IOM
Italy   ITL
Netherlands   NL
New Zealand   NZ
Norway   NOR
Poland   POL
Portugal   PRT
Scotland   SCT
Scotland Aberdeen ABD
Scotland Angus ANS
Scotland Argyll ARL
Scotland Ayr AYR
Scotland Banff BAN
Scotland Berwick BEW
Scotland Bute BUT
Scotland Caithness CAI
Scotland Clackmannan CLK
Scotland Dumbarton DNB
Scotland Dumfries DFS
Scotland East Lothian ELN
Scotland Fife FIF
Scotland Inverness INV
Scotland Kincardine KCD
Scotland Kinross KRS
Scotland Kirkcudbright KKD
Scotland Lanark LKS
Scotland Midlothian MLN
Scotland Moray MOR
Scotland Nairn NAI
Scotland Orkney Isles OKI
Scotland Peebles PEE
Scotland Perth PER
Scotland Renfrew RFW
Scotland Ross & Cromarty ROC
Scotland Roxburgh ROX
Scotland Selkirk SEL
Scotland Shetland SHI
Scotland Stirling STI
Scotland Sutherland SUT
Scotland West Lothian WLN
Scotland Wigtown WIG
South Africa   RSA
Spain   ESP
Sweden   SWE
Switzerland   CH
United Kingdom   UK
United States   USA
United States Alabama AL
United States Alaska AK
United States Arizona AZ
United States Arkansas AR
United States California CA
United States Colorado CO
United States Connecticut CT
United States Delaware DE
United States District of Columbia DC
United States Florida FL
United States Georgia GA
United States Hawaii HI
United States Idaho ID
United States Illinois IL
United States Indiana IN
United States Iowa IA
United States Kansas KS
United States Kentucky KY
United States Louisana LA
United States Maine ME
United States Maryland MD
United States Massachusetts MA
United States Michigan MI
United States Minnesota MN
United States Misouri MO
United States Mississippi MS
United States Montana MT
United States Nebraska NE
United States Nevada NV
United States New Hampshire NH
United States New Jersey NJ
United States New Mexico NM
United States New York NY
United States North Carolina NC
United States North Dakota ND
United States Ohio OH
United States Oklahoma OK
United States Oregon OR
United States Pennsylvania PA
United States Rhode Island RI
United States South Carolina SC
United States South Dakota SD
United States Tennessee TN
United States Texas TX
United States Utah UT
United States Vermont VT
United States Virginia VA
United States Washington WA
United States West Virginia WV
United States Wisconsin WI
United States Wyoming WY
Wales   WLS
Wales Anglesey AGY
Wales Brecknockshire [Breconshire] BRE
Wales Caernarvon CAE
Wales Cardiganshire CGN
Wales Carmarthen CMN
Wales Denbighshire DEN
Wales Flintshire FLN
Wales Glamorgan GLA
Wales Merioneth MER
Wales Monmouthshire MON
Wales Montgomeryshire MGY
Wales Pembroke PEM
Wales Radnorshire RAD
Yugoslavia   YU