Catherine Ellen Rand

Female, ID #38611, b. 25 June 1935, d. 26 July 1969

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Catherine Ellen Rand was born on Tuesday, 25 June 1935 in Clinton, ME, USA.
  • Death: Catherine Ellen Rand died on Saturday, 26 July 1969 in Albion, ME, USA, (Saturday, 26 July 1969 age calculated as 34 years, 1 month and 1 day.)

Mari Powell Wilkins

Female, ID #38616, b. 16 June 1964, d. 8 June 1996

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Mari Powell Wilkins was born on Tuesday, 16 June 1964 in Halifax, CO, USA.
  • Death: Mari Powell Wilkins died on Saturday, 8 June 1996 in Jacksonville, FL, USA, (Saturday, 8 June 1996 age calculated as 31 years, 11 months and 23 days.)

Nathan D. Bell

Male, ID #38619, b. 26 March 1967

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Nathan D. Bell was born on Sunday, 26 March 1967 in Murfreesboro, TN, USA.

Margaret Koechakian

Female, ID #38622, b. 8 September 1928, d. 12 December 2005

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Margaret Koechakian was born on Saturday, 8 September 1928 in Madison, ME, USA.
  • Death: Margaret Koechakian died on Monday, 12 December 2005 in Unity, Waldo Co., ME, USA, (Monday, 12 December 2005 age calculated as 77 years, 3 months and 4 days.)

Alfred Henry Arthur Briaris

Male, ID #38627, b. 12 January 1919, d. June 1990

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Alfred Henry Arthur Briaris was born on Sunday, 12 January 1919 registered in Southwark, SRY, ENG.
  • Marriage: Alfred Henry Arthur Briaris married Jean Rosina Pierpoint, daughter of Frank Martin Pierpoint and Freda Irene Hall Parks, circa February 1951 registered in Ilford, ESS, ENG.
  • Death: Alfred Henry Arthur Briaris died in June 1990 registered in Chelmsford, ESS, ENG, (June 1990 age calculated as 71 years and 4 months.)

Family: Alfred Henry Arthur Briaris and Jean Rosina Pierpoint

Rembert Etheridge

Male, ID #38631, b. before 1920, d. 1955

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Rembert Etheridge was born before 1920.
  • Marriage: Rembert Etheridge married Kate Ellen Spicer, daughter of John Spicer and Kate Alice Jones, circa August 1945 registered in Holborn, MDX, ENG.
  • Death: Rembert Etheridge died in 1955.

Family: Rembert Etheridge and Kate Ellen Spicer

Edwina Jane Mansi

Female, ID #38632, b. 25 November 1928, d. circa February 1992

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Edwina Jane Mansi was born on Sunday, 25 November 1928 registered in Islington, MDX, ENG.
  • Marriage: Edwina Jane Mansi married Thomas Edmund Cartmel, son of John Richard Hartley Cartmel and Kate Ellen Spicer, circa August 1946 registered in Islington, MDX, ENG.
  • Death: Edwina Jane Mansi died circa February 1992 registered in Islington, MDX, ENG.

Family: Edwina Jane Mansi and Thomas Edmund Cartmel

Alvin Marcus Buchanan

Male, ID #38639, b. 23 June 1924, d. July 2006

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Alvin Marcus Buchanan was born on Monday, 23 June 1924.
  • Marriage: Alvin Marcus Buchanan married Dorothy Eleanor Liddle, daughter of Frank Joseph Liddle and Ivy Caroline De Relwyskow, circa November 1982 registered in Worthing, SSX, ENG.
  • Death: Alvin Marcus Buchanan died in July 2006 registered in Worthing, SSX, ENG, (July 2006 age calculated as 82 years.)

Family: Alvin Marcus Buchanan and Dorothy Eleanor Liddle

Louisa Martha Pollard

Female, ID #38640, b. circa February 1860

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Louisa Martha Pollard was born circa February 1860 in Barcombe, SSX, ENG.

Census Appearance(s)

  • Census: Louisa Martha Pollard and William Browitt appeared on the census of Sunday, 5 April 1891 in Sydenham, KEN, ENG.

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