Violet Frances Murray

Female, ID #40790, b. circa February 1920, d. 2005

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Violet Frances Murray was born circa February 1920 in Brighton, SSX, ENG.
  • Marriage: Violet Frances Murray married William Earl Roblin, son of William Smith Roblin and Dorothy Elizabeth O'Neill, circa August 1942 registered in Brighton, SSX, ENG.
  • Death: Violet Frances Murray died in 2005.
  • Burial: She was buried in Atikokan, Rainy River District, ONT, CAN.

Family: Violet Frances Murray and William Earl Roblin

Charles Allan Boucha

Male, ID #40794, b. 19 September 1939, d. 25 November 1997

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Charles Allan Boucha was born on Tuesday, 19 September 1939.
  • Marriage: Charles Allan Boucha married Shirley Ann Roblin, daughter of James Francis Roblin and Ada Mary Elizabeth Williamson, on Saturday, 7 February 1970 (Saturday, 7 February 1970 age calculated as 30 years, 4 months and 19 days.)
  • Death: Charles Allan Boucha died on Tuesday, 25 November 1997 in ONT, CAN, (Tuesday, 25 November 1997 age calculated as 58 years, 2 months and 6 days.)
  • Burial: He was buried in Kenora, Kenora District, ONT, CAN.

Family: Charles Allan Boucha and Shirley Ann Roblin

John Speaker

Male, ID #40800, d. 1994

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Marriage: John Speaker married Florence Mae Barnard after 1936 in CAN.
  • Death: John Speaker died in 1994 in Fort Frances, ONT, CAN.

Family: John Speaker and Florence Mae Barnard


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