Ellen Elizabeth B. Weston

Female, ID #43437, b. circa May 1892, d. circa November 1966

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Ellen Elizabeth B. Weston was born circa May 1892 registered in Eton, BKM, ENG.
  • Marriage: Ellen Elizabeth B. Weston married Ernest Entwistle Cheesman, son of Charles Cheesman and Grace Lizzie Davies, circa August 1936 registered in Edmonton, MDX, ENG.
  • Death: Ellen Elizabeth B. Weston died circa November 1966 registered in New Forest (Lymington), HAM, ENG.

Family: Ellen Elizabeth B. Weston and Ernest Entwistle Cheesman

Dorothy Ethel Cheesman

Female, ID #43438, b. 27 October 1911, d. March 2000

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Dorothy Ethel Cheesman was born on Friday, 27 October 1911 in Paddington, MDX, ENG.
  • Marriage: Dorothy Ethel Cheesman married Herbert Willsher circa November 1942 registered in Paddington, MDX, ENG.
  • Death: Dorothy Ethel Cheesman died in March 2000 registered in Tunbridge Wells, KEN, ENG, (March 2000 age calculated as 88 years and 4 months.)

Census Appearance(s)

  • Census: Dorothy Ethel Cheesman appeared on the census of Sunday, 19 June 1921 in Paddington, MDX, ENG.

Family: Dorothy Ethel Cheesman and Herbert Willsher

Albert Edmund Uwins Waters

Male, ID #43440, b. 29 May 1902, d. September 1991

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Albert Edmund Uwins Waters was born on Thursday, 29 May 1902 registered in Southwark, SRY, ENG.
  • Marriage: Albert Edmund Uwins Waters married Kathleen Maud Cannell, daughter of Edward Cannell and Elizabeth Annie Maud Cheesman, circa November 1926 registered in Pancras, MDX, ENG.
  • Death: Albert Edmund Uwins Waters died in September 1991 registered in Windsor & Maidenhead, BRK, ENG, (September 1991 age calculated as 89 years and 3 months.)

Family: Albert Edmund Uwins Waters and Kathleen Maud Cannell


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