Desmond Joseph Hand

Male, ID #30483, b. 26 March 1921, d. July 2003

Birth, Marriage and Death information

     Desmond Joseph Hand was born on 26 March 1921. He married Winifred Jane Mills circa May 1966 at Sutton registered, SRY, ENG. Desmond Joseph Hand died in July 2003 at East Surrey registered, SRY, ENG, at age 82.

Other information

     As of 2003, Desmond Joseph Hand and Thomas Mills lived at Redhill, SRY, ENG.


Winifred Jane Mills b. 16 Aug 1916, d. Jul 2004

Charles H. Wagstaff

Male, ID #30484, b. before 1922

Birth, Marriage and Death information

     Charles H. Wagstaff was born before 1922. He married Joyce May Glanville, daughter of Edwin George Glanville and Alice Louise Orchard Sharp, circa November 1942 at Chichester registered, SSX, ENG.


Joyce May Glanville b. c Feb 1908

female Dodd

Female, ID #30500, b. before 1918

Birth, Marriage and Death information

     Female Dodd was born before 1918.

Victor Raymond Ridge

Male, ID #30510, b. 4 February 1909, d. December 1994

Birth, Marriage and Death information

     Victor Raymond Ridge was born on 4 February 1909. He married Doris Ivy Glanville, daughter of Ernest Henry Glanville and Annie Williams, circa November 1967 at St Germans registered, CON, ENG. Victor Raymond Ridge died in December 1994 at Weston Super Mare registered, SOM, ENG, at age 85.


Doris Ivy Glanville b. 23 May 1920, d. c May 1979