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Welcome !!

Hello, my Home Page has now passed into its 21st year of existence,
- but I'm still trying to work out just what its purpose is . . . . .

My email address is found from the link top right of this page, and I prefer you to Bookmark this website and find my current email address from that, rather than adding my email address to your Address Book (for viruses to find)
... ... ...And please Never post my email address to Blogs, Message Boards etc.
That will reduce the chance of Viruses spreading and my getting indundated (again) in Spam.

If you are trying to contact me to offer me a job, please understand my CV (resume) is only a brief summary of the many valuable skills I can offer!
If you're a nubile young blonde lost from the Lonely Hearts pages, please understand I'm filthy rich, my photos don't do me justice, and I'm young, free and single (and incredibly honest!)
No doubt you'd like to know more about my fascinating life outside of work.
I've become interested in Genealogy and Family History following a visit to the French village from where my surname originates.
I'm actively researching my family connections and would welcome an approach from anyone with the same surname and/or information on potential relatives - find out about Jay's Genes here.
  Changes in the last Quarter . . .
New in Jan . . .
New in Feb/Mar/April . . .
  • Photos - Updated Photos of Jay
  • Drop-Dead Gorgeous - 10 additional causes of death added for my direct ancestors
  • Corpse Catalogue 1 - Updated and page Renamed. Summary list of my deceased relatives.
  • Corpse Catalogue 2 - New page. Duplicate of Corpse Catalogue 1 but presented in Family Group Sheet format
  • Ghosts of Glanvilles - Updated. Details of deceased people in Glanville One-Name Study
    These people are not my relatives
New in May . . .
  • Corpse Catalogue 1 - Updated. Summary list of my deceased relatives.
    This includes Baptisms/Cremations/Burials and more detail that merely town-names, compared to Catalogue 2, also it includes calculated ages.
  • Corpse Catalogue 2 - Updated. Same people as in Corpse Catalogue 1 but presented in Family Group Sheet format
    There is a discrepancy is the total number of people reported in Catalogues 1 & 2 but that is purely due to how each each counts people with multiple variants of their name.
    The same source records are used in both.

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