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Drop Dead Georgeous

Clearly I am gorgeous ! , but equally certain (like Taxes) is the fact I will drop dead.

The ages at, and causes of, death of my ancestors will show me When and How my own end will come (unless of course I am run over by the proverbial bus - either accidentally or deliberately) ! !


Here is the summary of Age-at-Death and Cause-of-Death of those of my ancestors for which I know at least one of those... ... ...

Parents Deaths 2000 - 2017
86I(a) Malignant Neoplasm of Kidney. II Old Age
82I(a) Left ventricular failure (b) Ischaemic heart disease. II Peripheral vascular disease Diabetes mellitus
Average84 years

Grand Parents Deaths 1934 - 1986
471a Post-operative Broncho Pneumonia Sub-phrenic abscess and Empyema following Perforated Gastric Ulcer P.M.
89Carcinoma of Bladder, Cardiac Malfunction and Senility
741a Myocardial failure, b Thyrotoxicosis, II Diabetes Mellitus
861a. Retroperitoneal Haemorrhage 1b. Ruptured Atheromatous aneurysm of the abdominal Aorta
Average74 years

Great Grand Parents Deaths 1888 - 1967
791a Cardiac Failure, b. Myocardial degeneration, c. Chronic Bronchitis
24Phthisis 5 months [Jay: this can mean either a disease characterised by wasting away /atrophy of part of the body, or tuberculosis of the lungs]
82Pacchymeningitis Aneurolegion? following a fracture of his skull caused when he collided with a motor car whilst walking across the road. P.M. Accidental Death
831a. Coronary Thrombosis b. Angina Pectn? c. Arteus? schlero
82a. Carcinoma of Liver b. Primary unknown
881a. Carcinoatosis b. Carcinoma of Descending Colon
47Chronic Bright Supperative Peritonitis
89Ia. Cerebral Thrombosis b. Arterlo Sclerosis II Cholelithiasis and Chronic Cholecystitis,
Average72 years

Great-Great Grandparents Deaths 1866 - 1946
831a Cerebral Haemorrhage 2 Hypostatic Pulmonary Congestion Nc PM
681. Carcinoma Recti 2. Obstruction (Intestinal) General Carcinoma
57Disease of the bladder 18 months Extravarated urine and Exhaustion 5 days
70(1) Morbus Cortis
89I(a) Unaemia (b) Intestinal Obstruction (c) ArterioSchlerosis and Senility
851 Chronic Pyclonephritis & Cystitis 2 Senility
76Cerebral Effusion from excitement of an air raid & calcareous degeneration of the cardiac valves
75Carcinoma of Uterus (Fundus)
50Abscess in Liver
61Bronchitis 14 days
61Chronic Bronchitis Debility
47Phthisis (pulm) congestion of lungs
77(1) Senile Dementia (2) Acute Bronchitis
62Apoplexy 6 hours
Average67 years

3 x Great Grandparents Deaths 1838 - 1905
87Emphysema, Bronchitis 4 days
73Disease of heart and dropsy
60Chronic Rheumatism Bronchitis
83Paralysis 36 hours
83Heart disease, Senile decay, Syncope
78Senile decay
91Senile decay
80Senile decay
77Bronchitis 10 days, Oedema of lower extremities
68Pneumonia 6 weeks
48Inflammation of the Lungs
57Visitation of God
72Debility from old age; Suppression of Urine 3 days
78General Decay
58Tumor of breast 12 weeks, Excision of Tumor 14 days, Erysipilas 11 days
70Disease of brain, 6 months
54Bronchitis, 1 ½ year
75Acute Bronchitis, 5 days
61Inflamation of the stomach
67Paralysis 2 years
71Paralysis 3 months
76Decay of Nature
Average68 years

4 x Great Grandparents Deaths 1808 - 1872
71Old age
96Old age
77Pneumonia, 1 week
64Disease of the Brain
Average70 years

5 x Great Grandparents Deaths 1763 - 1831
Average76+ years

6 x Great Grandparents Deaths 1722 - 1815
Average56+ years

7 x Great Grandparents Deaths 1709 - 1817
Average67+ years

8 x Great Grandparents Deaths 1658 - 1719
Average56+ years

9 x Great Grandparents
No ages nor causes known

10 x Great Grandparents Deaths 1593 - 1641
52Hung himself in his barn
Average56+ years

Conclusions - When ?

A predicted age at death can be calculated using the following:
Half the average age of my parents, plus a quarter of the average age of my grandparents, plus an eighth of my great-grandparents' average age, etc.

This shows I will die on Valentine's Day, 2031. Not being so sure of the exact time of my birth it may be that I'll survive into the early part of the following day ! !

According to information published by the Office of National Statistics, for the years 2007-09 states for a person of my age, I should expect to live to the age of 81.
Of course, if I then made 81, I would expect to live nearly another 8 years, which with my Georgeousness factored in means I should comfortably reach my first Century, if not my second ! !

Moral: If I owe you money, make sure I repay you before the year 2031

Conclusions - How ?

A fair choice to choose from:
  • Dicky Heart
  • Clogged up Lungs
  • Wonky Waterworks
  • The Big C
  • Going Ga-Ga
  • Topped himself
  • Visitation from God
If I get a choice I think I'll take the Old-Man-With-A-White-Beard knocking at the front door, assuring me he's not not a J.W. selling "The Watchtower", but come to Visit and take me on a journey ! ! !

The Office of National Statistics published figures for 2002 which list that for men aged 65 to 84, the causes of death arising from Cancer : Circulatory System : Respiratory System fall in the proportions 37 : 48 : 15; and in the proportions 23 : 53 : 24 for those men dying aged 85+.

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