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Glanville Criminals

This page holds an index to criminal records created or inherited by the Home Office.
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Criminal Records 1791 - 1892, England & Wales

NameApprox BirthDate of TrialCounty
Alfd Glanville 13 Sep 1886Middlesex
Ann Screech / Ann Glanvilleabt 180326 Oct 1840Devon
Catharine Glanvilleabt 183221 Apr 1842Lancashire
Charles Glanville 16 Oct 1877Hertfordshire
Daniel Glanvilleabt 18308 Apr 1844Kent
Edgar Glanville 18 Oct 1858Oxfordshire
Edward Glanvilleabt 182824 Mar 1847Cornwall
Elizabeth Glanville 27 Jul 1881Cornwall
Elizabeth Glanville 30 Jun 1868Cornwall
Elizabeth Glanville Lent 1824Devon
Elizabeth Glanvilleabt 1817Jul 1834Middlesex
Ellen Glanvilleabt 182610 May 1841Middlesex
Frances Glanvall 14 Oct 1856Cornwall
Frances Glanvall 5 Jan 1858Cornwall
Frances Glanville 7 Apr 1874Cornwall
Francis Charles Glanville 20 Oct 1863Gloucester
Frederick George Glanville 4 Dec 1888Devon
George Cowen Glanville 14 Oct 1889Yorkshire - West Riding
George Cowen Glanville 3 Jan 1887Yorkshire - West Riding
George Cowen Glanville 6 Nov 1885Yorkshire - North Riding
George Cowen Glanville 8 Dec 1888Yorkshire - West Riding
George Glanville 2 Jul 1886Yorkshire - West Riding
George Glanville 2 Jul 1886Yorkshire - West Riding
George Glanville 27 Feb 1865Kent
George Glanville 27 Jun 1871Cornwall
George Glanville Lent 1826Devon
Georgina Glanville 3 Jul 1854Devon
Harold James Glanville 11 Nov 1889London
Henry Baptiste Glanvilleabt 182430 Mar 1844Suffolk
Henry Glanville 15 Oct 1883Devon
Henry Glanville Aug 1833Middlesex
Henry Glanvilleabt 181728 Nov 1836Middlesex
Henry Thomas Glanville 9 Apr 1855Middlesex
Hester Glanvilleabt 182825 Mar 1846Cornwall
James Glanville 27 Feb 1852Worcestershire
James Glanville 29 Jul 1875Cornwall
James Glanvilleabt 1812Lent 1834Cornwall
James Glanvilleabt 18138 Apr 1844Middlesex
Jane Glanville 2 Apr 1855Lancashire
John Glanvillabt 182423 Jul 1840Devon
John Glanville 15 Dec 1860Devon
John Glanville 7 Jul 1852Gloucester
John Glanville Apr 1824Gloucester
John Glanville Apr 1827Gloucester
John Glanville Lent 1825Gloucestershire
John Glanvilleabt 181230 Jul 1842Cornwall
John Glanvilleabt 182015 Apr 1846Gloucestershire
John Glanvilleabt 18224 Aug 1841Cornwall
John Glanvilleabt 182319 Oct 1841Devon
John Glanvilleabt 182414 Mar 1840Devon
John Glanvilleabt 182510 Mar 1841Devon
John Glanvilleabt 182625 Mar 1846Cornwall
Johnson Glanvilleabt 179727 Mar 1841Cornwall
Joseph GlanvilleOct 1820Devon
Joseph Glanvilleabt 18107 Mar 1836Buckinghamshire
Mary Glanville 27 Jun 1861Yorkshire - West Riding
Mary Glanville 3 Jul 1854Devon
Mary Glanville 5 Jul 1864Yorkshire - West Riding
Oliver Glanville 20 Oct 1863Cornwall
Rebecca Glanville Jan 1825Cornwall
Richard Glanville 16 Jan 1860Surrey
Richard Glanville Midsummer 1830Gloucestershire
Richard Glanville Summer 1833Devon
Richard GlanvilleJan 1820Cornwall
Robert Glanvilleabt 182410 May 1841Middlesex
Robert Glanvilleabt 182521 Aug 1843Middlesex
Robert Glanvilleabt 18256 Dec 1841Middlesex
Thomas GlanvillJan 1823Somerset
Thomas Glanville 2 Jul 1867Cornwall
Thomas Glanville 30 Jun 1868Cornwall
Thomas Glanville Lent 1825Devon
Thomas Glanville Midsummer 1831Cornwall
Thomas Glanville Summer 1826Devon
Thomas Rider Glanville 28 Mar 1892Sussex
Thomas Rider Glanville 28 Mar 1892Sussex
Thomas Rider Glanville 28 Mar 1892Sussex
Thomas Rider Glanville 28 Mar 1892Sussex
William Glanvill Jan 1829Devon
William Glanville 1 Jan 1872Devon
William Glanville 15 Oct 1883Devon
William Glanville Lent 1820Cornwall
William GlanvilleSep 1812Middlesex
William Glanvilleabt 18123 Jul 1837Surrey
Wm Glanville Lent 1811Devon


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