Glanville Coat of Arms

Jottings during a holiday ramble in Cornwall
by Andrew Glanvill
September 28, 1853


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Page Created: 26-Oct-2001
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This is a transcription of the booklet, made by Jay Glanville in October 2001.
Grateful thanks to Richard Smith for providing the legible copy of the booklet.

The original was numbered up to page 16, each page being 10.5inches by 7.25inches (Executive size).
No attempt is made in this transcription to retain the original pagination.

Andrew Glanvill was a twice-married Devonian Accountant / Bank Cashier / Banker's Clerk and Bookseller who was born in Plymouth November 30, 1798 and who died in Exeter January 27, 1879 (in the presence of his 2nd wife and 12 of his 18 children).
He lived in Taunton, Somerset when an unordained Minister at the Octagon Baptist Chapel 1821-26; was lay pastor in the 1840s at Ide and Bradninch near Exeter, and pastor of the Baptist Church at Shaldon near Teignmouth 1861-64.
He worked for 44 years with the Devon and Exeter Saving Bank, and with his wife ran a bookshop in Exeter in around 1850.

The booklet may have been published by his son Andrew who was a printer / compositor in London.

Andrew (senior) was my 3rd great-granduncle, and summary information on his ancestors and descendants may be found from this page

It is probable that in the transcribing of this, a few mistakes have been made.
I am happy to have potential errors pointed out (via email) for me to check and hence improve the quality of the transcription for all.