Agnes Foulsham

Female, #18386, born 28 January 1863, died circa November 1941
  • Birth*: Agnes Foulsham was born on Wednesday, 28 January 1863 at Clerkenwell, MDX, ENG.
  • Marriage*: She married George Staden, son of John Staden and Maria Fletcher, circa November 1884 registered at St George Hanover Square, MDX, ENG.
  • Death*: Agnes Foulsham died circa November 1941 registered at Battersea, SRY, ENG.

Family: George Staden born 6 Dec 1861, died c Feb 1941

George Henry William Staden

Male, #18387, born circa May 1887, died 31 December 1962
  • Birth*: George Henry William Staden was born circa May 1887 at Pimlico, MDX, ENG.
  • He was the son of George Staden and Agnes Foulsham.
  • Marriage*: George Henry William Staden married Dorothy Eveline Hickman circa August 1920 registered at Fulham, SRY, ENG.
  • Death*: George Henry William Staden died on Monday, 31 December 1962 at 48 Palmerston Avenue, Worthing, SSX, ENG.

Family: Dorothy Eveline Hickman born c May 1891, died c Feb 1960

John Joseph Hall

Male, #18388, born between 1859 and 1860

Family: Maria Alexandra Staden born c May 1864, died 8 Feb 1937

Matilda Beatrice Hall

Female, #18389, born 23 October 1888, died February 1970
  • Birth*: Matilda Beatrice Hall was born on Tuesday, 23 October 1888 at Pimlico, MDX, ENG.
  • She was the daughter of John Joseph Hall and Maria Alexandra Staden.
  • Marriage*: Matilda Beatrice Hall married David Leonard Harris circa May 1912 registered at Cambridge, CAM, ENG.
  • Death*: Matilda Beatrice Hall died in February 1970 registered at Newmarket, SFK, ENG, (February 1970 age calculated as 81 years and 3 months.)
  • Cremation*: She was cremated on 27 February 1970 at City Crematorium, Cambridge, CAM, ENG.

Family: David Leonard Harris born 22 Aug 1883, died 14 Oct 1959

Agnes Gladys Winifred Gates

Female, #18390, born 7 October 1899, died 22 June 1982
  • Birth*: Agnes Gladys Winifred Gates was born on Saturday, 7 October 1899 at Cambridge, CAM, ENG.
  • She was the daughter of Arthur Wilfred Gates and Agnes Margaret Staden.
  • Death*: Agnes Gladys Winifred Gates died on Tuesday, 22 June 1982 at Cambridge, CAM, ENG, (Tuesday, 22 June 1982 age calculated as 82 years, 8 months and 15 days.)
  • Burial*: She was buried on Wednesday, 30 June 1982 at City Cemetery, Cambridge, CAM, ENG.