Christopher Lush

Male, #42179, born 21 June 1901, died circa August 1975
  • Birth: Christopher Lush was born on Friday, 21 June 1901 at Bath, SOM, ENG.
  • He was the son of Edgar Henry Lush and Jessie Elizabeth Darby.
  • Death: Christopher Lush died circa August 1975 at registered Aylesbury, BKM, ENG.

Archibald Owen Painter

Male, #42180, born circa November 1909, died circa February 1929
  • Birth: Archibald Owen Painter was born circa November 1909 at Iwerne Courtney, DOR, ENG.
  • He was the son of William Henry Painter and Ada Lavinia Lush.
  • Death: Archibald Owen Painter died circa February 1929 at registered Blandford, DOR, ENG.
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