William T. Pearce

Male, #45394, born before 1902

Family: Maggie Wynn born c Nov 1898, died a 1922

Elizabeth Pattenden

Female, #45396, born 27 March 1900

Family: Albert Edward Wynn born 17 Aug 1901, died c Nov 1968

Beatrice Helen Pullen

Female, #45397, born 21 January 1903, died December 1997
  • Birth*: Beatrice Helen Pullen was born on Wednesday, 21 January 1903 registered at Farnham, SRY, ENG.
  • Marriage*: She married Victor Wilfred Wynn, son of Peter Jesse Wynn and Susan Edith Dowlen, circa November 1932 registered at Steyning, SSX, ENG.
  • Death*: Beatrice Helen Pullen died in December 1997 registered at Worthing, SSX, ENG, (December 1997 age calculated as 94 years and 10 months.)

Family: Victor Wilfred Wynn born 28 Oct 1904, died Aug 1993

Edward George Windebank

Male, #45398, born 29 December 1915, died April 1987
  • Birth*: Edward George Windebank was born on Wednesday, 29 December 1915 registered at Southampton, HAM, ENG.
  • Marriage*: He married Kathleen J. Goff, daughter of Edward John Goff and Susan Stillaway, circa November 1940 registered at Southampton, HAM, ENG.
  • Death*: Edward George Windebank died in April 1987 registered at Southampton, HAM, ENG, (April 1987 age calculated as 71 years and 3 months.)

Family: Kathleen J. Goff born c Aug 1920

John Windebank

Male, #45400, born 9 March 1950, died April 1990
  • Birth*: John Windebank was born on Thursday, 9 March 1950 registered at Southampton, HAM, ENG.
  • He was the son of Edward George Windebank and Kathleen J. Goff.
  • Death*: John Windebank died in April 1990 registered at Southampton, HAM, ENG, (April 1990 age calculated as 40 years.)