Sidney Christian Grimwood

Male, #45902, born 22 May 1913, died October 1993
  • Birth*: Sidney Christian Grimwood was born on Thursday, 22 May 1913.
  • Marriage*: He married Joan Sybil Chalk, daughter of Frederick Charles Chalk and Louisa Alice Elizabeth Ansell, circa November 1942 registered at Wandsworth, SRY, ENG.
  • Death*: Sidney Christian Grimwood died in October 1993 registered at Mid Warwickshire (Warwick), WAR, ENG, (October 1993 age calculated as 80 years and 4 months.)

Family: Joan Sybil Chalk born 11 Jun 1920, died c Aug 1969

Sylvia May Hollow

Female, #45914, born 16 May 1925, died June 2001
  • Birth*: Sylvia May Hollow was born on Saturday, 16 May 1925 registered at Redruth, CON, ENG.
  • Marriage*: She married Lewis George Ansell, son of Charles Griffin Ansell and Bessie Elizabeth Prier, circa February 1947 registered at Watford, HRT, ENG.
  • Death*: Sylvia May Hollow died in June 2001 registered at Watford, HRT, ENG, (June 2001 age calculated as 76 years.)

Family: Lewis George Ansell born c Feb 1918, died 18 Feb 1963

Ena Olga Muschamp

Female, #45923, born 23 March 1915, died October 1990
  • Birth*: Ena Olga Muschamp was born on Tuesday, 23 March 1915.
  • Marriage*: She married Charles John Rye, son of William John Rye and Elsie Ada Ansell, circa August 1939 registered at Hemel Hempstead, HRT, ENG.
  • Death*: Ena Olga Muschamp died in October 1990 registered at Bedford, BDF, ENG, (October 1990 age calculated as 75 years and 6 months.)

Family: Charles John Rye born 31 Jul 1911, died Jun 1989

Elvina Maud Styche

Female, #45928, born 23 August 1902, died April 1985
  • Birth*: Elvina Maud Styche was born on Saturday, 23 August 1902 registered at Paddington, MDX, ENG.
  • Marriage*: She married Edward Lighting, son of Clement Lighting and Mary Jane Summers, circa February 1926 registered at Marylebone, MDX, ENG.
  • Death*: Elvina Maud Styche died in April 1985 registered at Canterbury, KEN, ENG, (April 1985 age calculated as 82 years and 7 months.)

Family: Edward Lighting born 1 Mar 1903, died 21 Aug 1966

Alice Edith Matthews

Female, #45929, born 22 August 1910, died June 1997
  • Birth*: Alice Edith Matthews was born on Monday, 22 August 1910.
  • Marriage*: She married Robert Lighting, son of Clement Lighting and Mary Jane Summers, circa November 1934 registered at Hendon, MDX, ENG.
  • Death*: Alice Edith Matthews died in June 1997 registered at West Surrey (Guildford), SRY, ENG, (June 1997 age calculated as 86 years and 9 months.)

Family: Robert Lighting born 26 Jul 1906, died c May 1975