Edward J. Tams

Male, ID #46732, b. before 1900

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Edward J. Tams was born before 1900.
  • Marriage: Edward J. Tams married Caroline Emma Belcher circa May 1952 registered in Leicester, LEI, ENG.

Family: Edward J. Tams and Caroline Emma Belcher

Arthur L. Elsey

Male, ID #46733, b. before 1922

Birth, Marriage and Death information

Family: Arthur L. Elsey and Betty Grace Staden

Ronald Walter Broomfield

Male, ID #46736, b. 6 September 1902, d. December 1985

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Ronald Walter Broomfield was born on Saturday, 6 September 1902.
  • Marriage: Ronald Walter Broomfield married Sybil Grace Staden, daughter of John Thomas Staden and Annie Marie Erswell, circa May 1925 registered in Ringwood, HAM, ENG.
  • Death: Ronald Walter Broomfield died in December 1985 registered in Southampton, HAM, ENG, (December 1985 age calculated as 83 years and 2 months.)

Family: Ronald Walter Broomfield and Sybil Grace Staden


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