Helen Clements

Female, ID #49736, b. 15 May 1883, d. 22 April 1960

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Helen Clements was born on Tuesday, 15 May 1883 at Winchester, HAM, ENG.
  • Marriage: She married Harry Oscar Goff, son of Alfred Henry Goff and Elizabeth Maria Early, circa May 1910 registered at Winchester, HAM, ENG.
  • Death: Helen Clements died on Friday, 22 April 1960 at 43 The Broadway, Knaphill, Woking, SRY, ENG, (Friday, 22 April 1960 age calculated as 76 years, 11 months and 7 days.)

Family: Harry Oscar Goff b. c Aug 1879, d. 20 May 1966

Stanley William Key

Male, ID #49737, b. circa May 1904, d. circa February 1905

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Stanley William Key was born circa May 1904 registered at Coventry, WAR, ENG.
  • Death: He died circa February 1905 registered at Coventry, WAR, ENG.

Winifred Mary Dickinson

Female, ID #49738, b. 13 September 1907, d. November 1994

Birth, Marriage and Death information

  • Birth: Winifred Mary Dickinson was born on Friday, 13 September 1907.
  • Marriage: She married Geoffrey Nelson Monk, son of George Arthur Monk and Priscilla Kate Monk, circa August 1934 registered at Surrey North Eastern (Kingston), SRY, ENG.
  • Death: Winifred Mary Dickinson died in November 1994 registered at Merton, SRY, ENG, (November 1994 age calculated as 87 years and 1 month.)

Family: Geoffrey Nelson Monk b. 18 Jan 1911, d. 24 Jan 2008

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