John David Charles Gilbert

Male, #50131, born 21 June 1898, died October 1990
  • Birth*: John David Charles Gilbert was born on Tuesday, 21 June 1898 at Tunbridge Wells, KEN, ENG.
  • He was the son of John David Gilbert and Emily Styles.
  • Marriage*: John David Charles Gilbert married Emily E. Ballard circa February 1924 registered at Tonbridge, KEN, ENG.
  • Death*: John David Charles Gilbert died in October 1990 registered at Gravesend, KEN, ENG, (October 1990 age calculated as 92 years and 3 months.)

Family: Emily E. Ballard born 10 Feb 1897

Emily Anne Gilbert

Female, #50132, born circa November 1899

Kate Gilbert

Female, #50133, born circa May 1902

Dorothy May Gilbert

Female, #50134, born circa February 1906

Henry George Gilbert

Male, #50135, born circa August 1911

Ellenore Jessie Puckeridge

Female, #50136, born 20 November 1885, died circa February 1952
  • Birth*: Ellenore Jessie Puckeridge was born on Friday, 20 November 1885.
  • Marriage*: She married William Robert Strudwick, son of Robert Strudwick and Ellen Puttick, circa November 1905 registered at Brighton, SSX, ENG.
  • Death*: Ellenore Jessie Puckeridge died circa February 1952 registered at Northampton, NTH, ENG.

Family: William Robert Strudwick born 16 Dec 1883, died c May 1955

John James Reginald Strudwick

Male, #50137, born 6 July 1913, died September 1984
  • Birth*: John James Reginald Strudwick was born on Sunday, 6 July 1913 registered at Leyburn, YKS, ENG.
  • He was the son of William Robert Strudwick and Ellenore Jessie Puckeridge.
  • Death*: John James Reginald Strudwick died in September 1984 registered at Brent, MDX, ENG, (September 1984 age calculated as 71 years and 1 month.)

James Strudwick

Male, #50138, born circa August 1918, died circa November 1918
  • Birth*: James Strudwick was born circa August 1918 registered at Northampton, NTH, ENG.
  • He was the son of William Robert Strudwick and Ellenore Jessie Puckeridge.
  • Death*: James Strudwick died circa November 1918 registered at Northampton, NTH, ENG.

Albert Hillman

Male, #50141, born 17 April 1915, died March 1999
  • Birth*: Albert Hillman was born on Saturday, 17 April 1915 registered at Cuckfield, SSX, ENG.
  • He was the son of Alfred John Hillman and Flora Ellen Dancaster.
  • Death*: Albert Hillman died in March 1999 registered at Haywards Heath, SSX, ENG, (March 1999 age calculated as 83 years and 10 months.)

John Hewison Ormerod

Male, #50153, born before 1917

Family: Dorothy Mabel Ashby born 7 Jun 1914, died Jun 1985

John Tester

Male, #50157, born before 1881

Family: Mary Ann Davey born c Feb 1876, died c Feb 1956

Frank Harrod

Male, #50158, born 20 July 1904, died circa February 1940
  • Birth*: Frank Harrod was born on Wednesday, 20 July 1904.
  • Marriage*: He married Amelia Violet Winifred Hoadley, daughter of Albert Hoadley and Ruth Reeves, circa February 1925 registered at Cuckfield, SSX, ENG.
  • Death*: Frank Harrod died circa February 1940 registered at Lincoln, LIN, ENG.

Family: Amelia Violet Winifred Hoadley born 15 Sep 1901, died Oct 1985

Winifred Irene Keidel

Female, #50159, born 9 May 1908, died March 2000
  • Birth*: Winifred Irene Keidel was born on Saturday, 9 May 1908 registered at Hawarden, FLN, WLS.
  • Marriage*: She married Frederick Hoadley, son of Albert Hoadley and Ruth Reeves, circa November 1932 registered at Epsom, SRY, ENG.
  • Death*: Winifred Irene Keidel died in March 2000 registered at Warrington, LAN, ENG, (March 2000 age calculated as 91 years and 9 months.)

Family: Frederick Hoadley born 14 Jun 1896, died 10 Mar 1965

Albert George Woolven Styles

Male, #50160, born circa February 1909
  • Birth*: Albert George Woolven Styles was born circa February 1909 at Worth, SSX, ENG.
  • He was the son of Alice Edith Styles.