Thomas Terry

Male, #50253, born before 1887

Family: Emily Puttick born c Feb 1864, died a 1911

Clement Frederick P. Heath

Male, #50255, born 3 April 1890, died circa February 1983
  • Birth*: Clement Frederick P. Heath was born on Thursday, 3 April 1890 registered at Chichester, SSX, ENG.
  • Marriage*: He married Katherine Ethel Amelia Clifford, daughter of Adolphus Clifford and Ada Marion Parsons, circa August 1942 registered at Chichester, SSX, ENG.
  • Death*: Clement Frederick P. Heath died circa February 1983 registered at Chichester, SSX, ENG.

Family: Katherine Ethel Amelia Clifford born 13 Jan 1896, died a 1942

Arthur Perry

Male, #50274, born 3 April 1871

Family: Mary Montgomery born 31 Dec 1872, died a 1939

Alfred James Perry

Male, #50275, born 4 November 1907, died circa August 1972
  • Birth*: Alfred James Perry was born on Monday, 4 November 1907 at Stoke by Nayland, SFK, ENG.
  • He was the son of Arthur Perry and Mary Montgomery.
  • Death*: Alfred James Perry died circa August 1972 registered at North Cotswolds (Moreton-in-the-Marsh), GLS, ENG.