Phyllis Ivy Rose

Female, #51276, born 4 June 1921, died May 2006
  • Birth*: Phyllis Ivy Rose was born on Saturday, 4 June 1921 registered at London, MDX/SRY, ENG.
  • Marriage*: She married Richard Owen Lynn Ansell, son of William Lynn Ansell and Daisy Gertrude Blewitt, circa May 1944 registered at Staines, MDX, ENG.
  • Death*: Phyllis Ivy Rose died in May 2006 registered at New Forest (Lymington), HAM, ENG, (May 2006 age calculated as 84 years and 10 months.)

Family: Richard Owen Lynn Ansell born 23 Nov 1918, died Apr 1992

Charles Oscar Pack

Male, #51280, born 24 June 1901, died after 1939
  • Birth*: Charles Oscar Pack was born on Monday, 24 June 1901 at Tonbridge, KEN, ENG.
  • He was the son of Frederick Pack and Frances Courts.
  • Death*: Charles Oscar Pack died after 1939.

Anne Elizabeth Pack

Female, #51281, born circa February 1904
  • Birth*: Anne Elizabeth Pack was born circa February 1904 at Tonbridge, KEN, ENG.
  • She was the daughter of Frederick Pack and Frances Courts.