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It is interesting to look at information not merely by lists of places, but with a spatial context and by timeframe too.
Mapping allows the pictorial representation.

Clearly the difficulty lies in choosing which events to represent and how. Too much information leads to an inability to see patterns; too little information and relationships cannot be seen.

I have taken the approach of only selecting Birth (or Baptism), Marriage and Death (or Burial) events, and selecting the people for inclusion in any single study based upon a relationship criterion.

Thus so far I have looked at :

  1. My direct ancestry (Maternal and Paternal)
  2. My own cousins
  3. The cousins of my children
  4. The blood descendants of some earliest-known ancestors (only UK events included here)
Clearly it will be necessary from time-to-time to revisit and include new people and events discovered since this was compiled.

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