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Direct Ancestry

Of my own known direct ancestry, I have identified the known events in my maternal and paternal lines.

These are shown in the two maps below, using Red Spots for births, Yellow Stars for marriages and White Triangles for deaths.
Maternal Events
Maternal Events
  Paternal Events
Paternal Events
Location & Dates of Events: Maternal Ancestry
Sorted by Location
LocationEarliest - LatestCount
Ardingley, SSX159416914
Battle, SSX180118011
Beckenham, KEN193119311
Beddingham, SSX180518051
Beddington, SSRY195419541
Belvedere, KEN189818982
Bethnal Green, MDX184218442
Bishopsgate, LND183718403
Bletchingley, SRY175417542
Bolney, SSX154615983
Brighton, SSX191319754
Brixton, SRY181318131
Burton, SSX176317631
Carshalton, SRY198619861
Chailey, SSX157316412
Chalvington, SSX169016901
Chevening, KEN1733183710
City of London, LND180118647
Coombes, SSX159315932
Cowfold, SSX1564170612
Crawley, SSX194619572
Croydon, SRY187519193
Dulwich, SRY190119011
Dunsfold, SRY177417741
Edenbridge, KEN188418841
Fittleworth, SSX179718212
Fulham, MDX182518252
Godstone, SRY172817602
Hackney, MDX186518652
Hartfield, SSX176017602
Holborn, MDX177617761
Horley, SRY178518176
Horsham, SSX165918022
Ifield, SSX185519287
Kirdford, SSX176019016
Lambeth, SRY186819004
Laughton, SSX168516852
Lewes, SSX159618465
Nuthurst, SSX171717829
Otford, KEN176617661
Penge, SRY186318632
Petworth, SSX184318432
Reigate, SRY178018212
Shermanbury, SSX167816782
Shoreditch, MDX183318684
Slaugham, SSX169216921
Southwater, SSX170917091
Speldhurst, KEN183418341
St George in the East, MDX181018101
Stepney, MDX183118312
Thorverton, DEV178818727
Tonbridge, KEN184918491
Tunbridge Wells, KEN187918791
Twineham, SSX171317132
Wallington, SRY195019632
Wandsworth, SRY180718071
West Molesey, SRY184518452
Wisborough Green, SSX185719055
Withyham, SSX168017367
Witley, SRY179517952
Location & Dates of Events: Paternal Ancestry
Sorted by Location
LocationEarliest - LatestCount
Ashchurch, GLS174517451
Axbridge, SOM183818381
Bath, SOM184118412
Beddington, SRY195419541
Berrow, SOM181718172
Bristol, GLS184318733
Cardiff, GLA, WLS1863194115
Chorlton, LAN185018501
Clifton, GLS187018701
Edinburgh, MLN, SCT200020001
Hawkesbury, GLS185718572
Horsley, GLS183318331
Kings Norton, WOR180418041
Leicester, LEI193419341
Maidenhead, BRK197619761
Perry Barr, STS180518051
Plymouth, DEV177818184
Roath, GLA, WLS188818881
Shrewsbury, SAL182318232
Tewkesbury, GLS179218628
Wells, SOM181318131
Withington, SAL179617961
Woodchester, GLS182418241

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